Submit a Request


I you are here, you probably like my work and have an idea for a story, so thank you so much for stopping by. Due to the recent volume of story requests, my procedure has changed slightly in order to streamline the process. Please read the entire page below to find out everything you need to know about submitting a story request.


If you are interested in submitting a story request, please send an email to with the title: Story Request. In the body of the email type a one-two sentence summary of your story idea. I will respond to that email with a link to a google document. This document will serve as our shared story outline for your request. There will be further instructions included in the document on how to proceed and how to continue our correspondence.

You should know...

Story requests will always be at the bottom of my priority list. I will use requests when I have nothing else to write, and if I really like the idea I will add it to my prompt poll for my subscribers to vote on. There is no guarantee that your story will get written and when I do write it, it will probably be short and sweet. If I get enough requests to write the same story or character, I will have my subscribers vote on a story.


Story requests are free.

Content Restrictions

I don't restrict the content of requests because I have no obligation to write them. I will say, anything with scat or watersports probably won't be explored unless there is an overwhelming number of requests.