Editing Service


If you are here, you are probably looking for editing of a written piece. Due to the recent volume of requests, my procedure has changed slightly in order to streamline the process. Please read the entire page below to find out everything you need to know about getting your work edited.

You should know...

The first thing you should know is, I'm not a professional copy editor. If you are looking for someone to go through your work and dispassionately remove spelling errors and grammar mistakes, there are tons of free services that do that. If you are just looking for peer review, I would highly suggest Scribophile for getting, grammar help and general writing feedback. This site requires you to critique others in order for you to be able to get critiques, which will ultimately make you a much better writer.

So then, what is the point of this? This service is for those that want me to treat their writing as if it were my own. I will go through your entire work with a brutally honest red pen. I will highlight your mistakes and change everything that needs to be changed in order to get it to my standards. This process might be helpful for those that want to see how I edit a final draft of my work, or would like to know the thoughts and reasons behind my changes. I will help revise overall story plot, scene structure, character design, and talk about ideas and thoughts for the future of the work. In most cases I will refer you to specific resources that will help you work on your weaknesses. 


There are two options for payment:


If you are interested in getting your work edited, please send an email to sexandsavagery@gmail.com with the title: Editing Request. In the body of the email, you can either post your work or send me a link to it. I will respond to that email with a link to a google document. This document will serve as our shared document for your edited work. There will be further instructions included in the document on how to proceed and how to continue our correspondence.

Content Restrictions

I will edit whatever you want but I wont be as useful on topics I'm not interested in like scat or watersports.