Chapter 2

I watched in stunned silence as she bounced up from the couch and slowly opened the door. A fit young man stood in my doorway and she pulled him in by his shirt.

My wife is small, only about five feet tall, and had to stand on her toes to kiss the strange man. She has a round ass and medium size boobs she always hides in blouses and sweaters. She pulled him to the couch and shoved him down on the cushions.

“Here’s how this works,” she said, and her tone was commanding. My cock throbbed. She had never, ever talked to me that way. It seemed like he was a stranger, I had so many questions. She started unbuttoning her shirt and continued, “My husband is asleep upstairs,” she pointed up to the balcony and my heart stopped for half a second but neither looked up, he was too focused on my wife’s now bare chest. “He’s a heavy sleeper but if I scream loud enough he’ll wake up.”

I thought this was probably a bluff for her own safety. People have had to throw water on me to wake me up and even that only works sometimes. Ashley thought I was dead once because screaming and slapping wouldn't even wake me up.

He nodded. I could tell from his profile he was athletic and young, probably lived on campus. We live in an active college town so I imagined there was no shortage of young men. He was visibly nervous and glanced up into the shadows of my lofted balcony with no surprise or alarm. “So wha’ you wanna do,” he whispered.

“You don’t have to whisper. What I want…” she pulled her arms out of her blouse and dropped it, “is to worship your big cock. From now until sunrise I’m your slave, your toy…” she paused and let her denim skirt fall to the floor, “your whore.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Ashley, my wife, was standing naked in my living room, in front of a complete stranger, commanding him to use her however he wanted. Our sex had always been so vanilla, so regular, missionary with some blowjobs. I wasn’t even sure she would be ready for whatever this guy would decide to do to her.

“No names,” she said. “Call me whatever you want, I’m going to call you sir, unless you’d prefer daddy or master.”

He thought for a second, tilting his smooth chin, then nodded, “daddy,” he said with a slow smile.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said and straddled him. She sucked on his fat lower lip and her pale ass looked small in his large hands. He was wearing loose jeans and an oversized shirt. “Tell me what you want daddy.” she said and he squeezed her ass.

He looked into her eyes, discomfort and nervousness replaced by a relaxed arrogance. “You said you want to worship.” He gestured down to his crotch with his chin. She grinned and climbed down to her knees in front of him. She undid his belt and my heart raced.

I wondered why I hadn’t intervened, but my cock was harder than it had ever been so I watched in a stupor as she pulled his pants and underwear off in alternating tugs. The length of his cock came into clear view then continued half way down his thighs until it bounced up, half erect. It was enormous and the look on my wife's face was so primal, I felt my first real stab of jealousy. She didn't even look at my cock, let alone hunger after it like a starving animal.

She took the massive flopping cock in both hands and squeezed it. Her fingers couldn't wrap around the shaft, but she ran her hands up and down in silent reverence before hugging it to her face. She smelled it and ran her cheek up it’s length.

“Suck my balls, slut,” his voice was deep but casual.

Anger flared in me at the insult, she hated dirty talk. I expected her to end the game, send him home. Instead, I watched as her thighs shook in pleasure at the command with an obedient, “yes, Daddy.” She inhaled another breath of his musk and grabbed his balls in one hand.

They filled her small fingers and she bent down to slowly lick her new Daddy’s balls. A small part of me wanted to stop the show, to claim my woman and send this kid packing with wet balls, but that part of me was getting smaller by the second. To my shame, I started stroking my own, much smaller cock

I can’t really explain why I didn't stop them, I love my wife more than anything. Maybe writing this out will help me understand.

I listened to her slurp her own spit that pooled in his scrotum and suck the smooth orbs before plopping them out of her mouth. She stuffed them both in her cheeks and stroked the obelisk of flesh that was slowly hardening. He closed his eyes and relaxed, as she washed his balls in her mouth. Then she began licking his length and eventually wrapped her lips around the wide tip of the monster. She sucked and licked with loud pops and wet slurps.

Her eyes were glazed over as she stroked the cock now dripping with her own drool. Her lips and cheeks wrapped around the entire head and quiet squelching joined the wet stroking. He gathered her blonde hair and made a handle on the back of her head, before pushing her face down hard on his massive spear. She squeaked and slapped his legs but he didn’t pull her off.

“Shh,” he said “open.”

She slapped harder but the toned muscles of his arm flexed. “Open your throat, bitch,” he said and shoved hard. My wife's head fell three inches down his shaft as he penetrated her throat before pulling her off. She gasped and mascara bled down her cheeks in long black streaks. He released her hair and gestured back to his cock, “You're just gettin' started.”

“Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy.”

She grabbed the solid cock in both hands and plunged it back down her throat. She gagged and coughed but shoved it down like it was keeping her alive. I watched as the front of her neck bulged with the tip of his cock and couldn't believe it could even fit past her jaw, let alone her esophagus. Watching her struggle with the huge cock, and listening to her cough and slurp before stuffing it back down her throat was the most beautiful I had ever seen her. More beautiful than our first date, more beautiful than the first time I saw her naked, she was more beautiful gagging and burping on that fat cock than she was the day of our wedding.

She sucked his cock for thirty minutes and another jab of hot jealousy planted in my heart. The longest blowjob I’d ever had was probably 10 minutes and she always made it seem like it was a chore. Not this cock though, true to her word she worshiped like it was Sunday morning.

When he finally did pull his cock from her sucking lips she looked like a baby who’s bottle had been taken.

He held it in front of her face, "spit on it."

She did, and her drool clung to the wide head.

“You want Daddy’s cock now?” he asked and grabbed her by the hair.

“Mhm…” She whined and nodded her head.

He threw her face-down on the couch. She got up onto her hands and knees and he stood behind her. He dropped his cock in the crack of her ass and it slapped against her back. My eyes widened, it rested halfway up the curve of her spine. He lifted his cock and pushed on her back, “arch it.” he said and she did. “I said arch it, bitch.” he pushed harder and her face fell to the couch, raising her ass higher. Her body folded under his pressure and her asshole pointed straight up. “Mmhmm, that’s a good girl,” he growled so quietly I could barely hear him.

He rubbed his tip up and down her opening, smearing her own slobber across her exposed pink lips. My cock dripped with precum as I watched him line his enormous cock up with my wife's tiny pussy.

He pressed forward and her glistening lips were forced open. The giant bulb disappeared into her as her folds engulfed the ridge of his cockhead.

"More," she moaned and he gripped her ass cheeks before pressing his cock further. She instinctively raised up to her elbows but he shoved her back down against the couch.

“Stay down.” he said, and she pursed her lips in pain, sucking air through her nose and squeezing her eyes shut. He pushed on with a slow but inevitable pace. Her soft walls were no match for his strength and girth.

“I’m cumming.” She said “oh fuck fuck fuck I’m fucking cumming already.” He didn’t slow his advance and I watched as my wife shook violently before belting a single note of pleasure in a violent exhale. Her forehead rippled and she tried to crawl away but he held her in an iron grip, continuing his insertion with slow determination.

My cock spurted and spammed as I watched him stretch my trembling wife's hole. A strong jet of cum painted the half-wall. My orgasm peaked and a single truth was known; he owned wife after a single insertion. I let go of my dancing cock and gripped the railing, watching the scene below as more cum streamed out of me.

He was half inside her and she looked up at him over her shoulder, her cheeks and quivering lips flushed bright red. She caught her breath before whispering a single word, "more."

He pulled out slightly and the skin of his cock glistened with her wetness before shoving it in deeper.

"Ooooooh, Daddy," she let out a worried moan, "it hurts, Daddy. It’s too big."

Hearing my wife say that for the first time re-stiffened my dripping cock and I rubbed the clinging strand of cum across my tender crown.

"Shh,” he whispered, “I know. You ready for Daddy's dick, bitch?"

"No… im scared," she shook her head up at him, pouting her face.

He dug his fingers into her hips and pulled her back into him as he thrusted, her outer lips pressed into her ass cheeks as he plunged to the base of his cock.

"Yes yes yes yes yes," She gasped in a breath and he began pumping long strokes into her. I could see the glassy reflection in her eyes as she drooled on the couch. White pussy cream began to coat the shaft that slid in and out of her until his balls clung to her clit with every thrust. It wasn't long before the sounds of a stranger’s sticky meat stuffing and slapping my wife’s pretty pussy echoed off my vaulted ceiling. My wife muttered something incoherent and her abdomen pulsed with another orgasm as he relentlessly fucked her.

I watched, helplessly stroking my small dick while my wife took every inch of her new bull’s horse cock. I came five times over the next several hours, which was nothing compared to how many times my wife reached a screaming climax. The longest Ashley and I ever made love was 20 minutes, tops. This wasn’t love making though, I didn’t know what to call it until my wife started begging loudly begging for him to breed her, and I’ll never forget it.

He said he was gonna cum and she started whining encouragement, “Dump your cum in me, Daddy, breed me like the slut I am. Fill my womb, make me carry your seed and I’ll make my husband raise your big dick bastard, fill me up!”

I learned then that she wasn’t making love, she was being bred. This was the final stab to my heart, she had always said she didn’t want children, always made me wear a condom because she didn’t want to be on the pill. I was angry, and hurt, and cumming again at how pathetic I was compared to the prime specimen possibly impregnating my wife.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I can’t put it into words but I began to change the way I saw myself that night. I was still Ashley’s loving husband, but watching her become a hungry cum hole for strangers, I learned my place. I was her provider, her stability, but I didn’t own her. She belonged to the cock buried deep inside her.

His sweat dripped down onto her ass cheeks as he fucked, his shirt was off by now and I watched his toned muscles flex as he hilted his giant sword. White slime from my wifes sopping cunt squished and dripped off his balls as he planted his hot seed deep in her virgin womb.

“Thank you, Daddy,” She cooed in appreciation.

I suddenly felt like I was going to be sick. I watched as he slowly pulled the entirety of his long cock free of her with a loud sucking squelch. I could see into her gaping depths from the balcony and my heart sank. Her once soft pink flower was now a dripping fleshy hole, she was ruined.

I turned away and walked back to the bed and laid under the blanket, listening to my wife suck him clean before sending him out of my house. She climbed the stairs and I felt a gust of cold air as she pulled the blankets off me. I laid perfectly still, terrified I would somehow give away that I was awake. She flicked my cock and laughed, “so pathetic.” She laid her head on my chest and flopped my cock around with her finger. “You should have seen the cock that just rearranged my guts, ugh,” she felt her stomach and sighed in delight, “I already miss it.” My sore cock began to stiffen, I legitimately didn’t know who this woman was, my wife was the kindest person that ever walked the earth. She didn’t swear or gossip, or make fun. She was a saint. “I think he put a baby in me.” I still didn’t know how I felt about that but my cock fully hardened. “I suppose it’s only fair to give your pathetic sperm a chance.”

She sat up and swung a leg over me, putting her hands on my chest and lifting herself above my cock. Warm fluid coated my cockhead and I knew it was cum. She sat down hard on me and her pussy easily engulfed me. It didn’t grip my cock like it normally did but it was soft, wet and warm. She leaned down and tucked her face into the crook of my neck as she began rolling her hips and whispering into my ear. “Can you feel my Daddy’s hot cum?” I could, it oozed out onto me, coating my balls and squishing loudly as my pathetic cock entered her. “He was so fucking big…” she moaned in my ear, “I almost cried when he split me. I came before he was even fully inside, ugh, now I’m gonna cry at how small your cock is.” If I hadn’t cum so many times I would burst right there, but this new sick part of me wanted to hear what she had to say.

She laughed as she continued. “I can barely even feel you in me right now, I almost felt bad about fucking a young stud while you slept until I felt this pitiful little cock again.” I started breathing faster and she pulled off of me just as my orgasm began to build. “Too late.” She said with a giggle and my climax began to fade. She straddled above my twitching cock as it desperately begged for her warm hole. I heard her sigh as she pushed the thick load of her bull out of her. It rained onto my cock and balls with loud splats and she laughed again before laying next to me.

I felt her fingers easily wrap my narrow shaft as she scooped up the cum and slowly stroked my throbbing cock with his still warm seed. Her breath was hot in my ear, “Did you really think I’d let your miserable seed anywhere near my womb? My son’s cock will be bigger than yours when he’s born.” She ran her fingers over my tender cockhead, coating me in his slime. “Every time you change his diaper, you’ll know in your heart he isn’t yours. You’ll watch his cock ripen to the size of an eggplant, and when he’s full grown, I’ll let him fuck me too.”

My cock tightened and spurted once before she released it with a disgusted sigh. It flopped against my stomach as my pitiful orgasm quickly died. She wiped her sticky hand on my cheek and rolled over, within minutes she was snoring. I laid awake until morning. When I got up for my doctor’s appointment I took one look back at her before going down stairs, she was smiling.