Gobbo Girls Have no Chill

Based on Gobbo Girls Have no Chill by JustSomeNoob

“I don’t get it, Doc, a gobbo’s a gobbo. What makes these little bastards so special?” The mercenary pulled a piece of fat from between his teeth with a dirty fingernail before flicking it into the jungle. He adjusted the strap of his heavy crossbow slung across his back and pushed a large leaf aside with his machete. 

“Well, Jaric, if the local folklore is to be believed, we could be on the cusp of an incredible discovery.”

“Well, Reginald,” the mercenary said with a thick sarcastic drawl. “I’m on the cusp of shitting my pants,” Jaric stabbed his machete into the dirt and squatted in the middle of the trail making himself eye level with the gnomish researcher. “That doesn’t exactly answer my… question. I know what we’re looking for, and I’m happy to take your money for a hike through the bush, but I can’t help but wonder.” He ripped one of the broad leaves off a bowing branch.

“Ahh… a fellow scientist,” Reginald pointed to the canopy above and his eyes sparkled.

Jaric looked up at the doctor as he wiped his ass and regretted his question. The last few days had been relatively quiet until Jaric asked about something. Then the old arcanist would get a twinkle in his eye and his mouth wouldn’t stop flapping until they stopped to sleep. Jaric pulled up his pants and fastened his belt as the familiar excited word vomit began spilling out behind him. At least he actually cared about this question, yesterday he had asked where Reginald was from, and was given a literal life story.

“Well, Jaric, as you probably know, the green-skinned bipedal semi-intelligent human subspecies Gobo Sapien are naturally hermaphroditic. In theory, they could multiply without the need of outside members of their greater species. However, their social structure forbids this, and only in the most desperate times will they use their own for reproduction. This results in their reproduction being dependent on the abduction and forced impregnation of unwilling hosts.”

“Just answer the question, Doc,” Jaric cut through another thick branch, grateful for something to swing a blade at. 

Reginald stopped and looked up at the armored mercenary with a curious expression. “What do you think I’m doing? Do you even understand a word I’ve said?”

Jaric turned on the researcher and towered over him. “Gobbos can fuck themselves but they don’t. See how I did that? That’s how you answer a question.”

Jaric turned back to the trail and Reginald cleared his throat. “My apologies, I thought I was talking to a fellow scientist. If you want me to put it in the terms of a – ” Jaric glared over his shoulder. “Layman… I will. There may be a tribe of true female goblins in this area. If we can find them, capture them, and introduce them to the goblins terrorizing civilized lands, we may be able to eliminate the goblin threat to civilized life.”

Jaric shook his head and chuckled. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The only thing slowing the gobs' growth is the fact that they have to work for their offspring.” His face darkened. “That, and the fact that most women don’t survive gobbo childbirth.”

“Well, Jaric, that’s a fine hypothesis but until we try, we won’t know.”


“Have you ever been in a den? A real goblin warren?” 

Reginald didn’t answer.

Jaric stopped walking and looked at his boots, biting his cheek. “I have, and it isn’t fascinating, it isn’t intriguing.” He thought for a second then turned back on the gnome. “If I shoot you in the heart with my crossbow, what will happen to you?”

Reginald scrunched his face in thought. “I’ll die,” he said slowly.

“Well, Reginald, that’s a fine hypothesis, but until we try – “

“That’s different,” Reginald interrupted, waving his hands. Jaric moved quickly, scooping the gnome up and clamping a hand over his mouth.

The gnome squirmed in outrage but Jaric tightened his grip. “Quiet! We’re being hunted.” 

Reginald went stiff as a board and the mercenary slowly lowered him to the ground. He sheathed his machete and silently unshouldered his crossbow, carefully fixing a bolt in front of the taut bowstring.

It was silent but as the gnome waited, he began to feel it too. There were unseen eyes on them. Slowly, he reached up and touched the tip of Jaric’s loaded bolt, whispering an incantation. The bolt crackled quietly and glowed blue with the new dweomer.

Jaric narrowed his eyes but nodded and motioned for the gnome to stay close. The two skirted through the underbrush as quietly as they could. Jaric found his way to a tight cluster of four trees. He put the gnome behind him and knelt, waiting for whatever was following them with a glimmering bolt pointed back from where they had come.

Even with years of training, the deep roar worked as intended, and Jaric hesitated. They weren’t being stalked from behind, but from above. Jaric’s muscles froze for less than a quarter of a second, then twitched and tried to pull his weapon upward but the great paw of a giant cat landed atop the weapon and sent it tumbling to the soft ground.

From there, Jaric did everything right. He fed the cat his plate vambrace and pulled one of his long daggers, designed to puncture. The cat raked his back legs down Jarics torso and one of the claws slipped through his scale armor. A line of searing pain ripped down from his hip to his thigh and he screamed through clenched teeth as he stabbed again and again, trying to work the knife through the ribs of the giant beast.

Reginald watched in horror, his heart beating like a scared rabbit. His eyes were glued to the discarded crossbow. He knew what was required of him but his body wouldn’t respond. “Fuh! King! Shoot! It!” Jaric grunted as he punched at the side of the beast with his blade. The gnome blinked and sprang into action. He slid past the two and turned the crossbow that was as big as him toward the melee. He braced the ballista against the dirt and pointed it at the big cat. Then hesitated. The bolt was gone.

The dagger-filled maw of the beast squealed against Jaric’s forearm, wrenching and tearing. Something popped in his shoulder and his arm went limp. The cat released the useless armored forearm and bared his ivory teeth, ready to plunge into Jaric’s exposed jugular. The snap of a bowstring and a wet thud filled the tense silence and Jaric’s muscles locked. The cat’s eyes went wide and his body jerked and twitched as a shock of electricity traveled through the entirety of their intertwined bodies.

Jaric’s metal armor glowed red and seared his skin, snapping him out of his daze as the electricity traveled out of them. He plunged his dagger into the beast’s ear. It scraped unpleasantly against the cat’s skull for a moment before the monstrous feline collapsed. Jaric shoved with his good arm and rolled his weight, pushing the carcass off him in one motion. 

“You did good,” Jaric said, and grabbed the wrist of his useless arm. He grunted and pulled it out in front of him. There was a wet crunch, followed by a sigh of relief.

Reginald wasn’t moving. 

Jaric slapped him on the shoulder. “You’re in shock. Sometimes knowing that helps. I need to check my leg – “ He stopped as he followed the gnome’s gaze back toward the trail. Perched on a fallen tree was a large eyed green skin girl, staring at the pair.

“Yoo big,” she said pointing a spear at Jaric. “Much coom!” She smiled and revealed a row of serrated teeth. Beneath her excited face, a strap of leather held large breasts together in front of her, and a skirt of leaves and small bones parted just enough to reveal the absence of a cock.

Jaric’s leather glove creaked as he squeezed the hilt of his long dagger. 

The goblin screeched into the woods behind her and high pitched hoots echoed back.

“Wait,” Reginald said, “Jaric, we’ve found what we came for.”

Neither took their eyes off the grinning goblin. “Okay doc, doesn’t do us much good if we’re killed and eaten.”

“Yoo coom! Make big!” She pantomimed having a large belly.

“Of course,” the doctor muttered. “They must only birth true female’s… that means they would need…” He looked at Jaric. “Drop your weapons Jaric, they aren’t going to kill us.” 

Two more goblins hopped up on the log, one holding a dagger, she shrieked in excitement as she saw the two. “Yoo big!” she said, pointing her weapon at Jaric. The other newcomer threw a looped rope over Jaric’s head but he severed it before it could be pulled tight.

“There’s only three, I think I can tek’em, even with my leg. I can kill two and we’ll take one with us.”

As if in direct response, more shrieks erupted all around them, and small green faces peeked out from the bushes and trees. Jaric sighed and dropped his weapon.

The goblins led the pair through the jungle, chanting “coom, coom, coom!” pulling more and more goblins from the trees until they arrived at a wooden wall as tall as Jaric. It was constructed with wooden logs tightly staked into the ground and sharpened at the top. They even had a working gate. 

Inside the palisade, there were small huts built leaning against the outer wall. In the center of their village rested a large flat stone surrounded by various bones, picked clean and bleached by the sun. They stopped near the stone and the goblins circled the two outsiders. There were about twenty of them. They all wore loincloths or skirts of some sort, some made of grass, others of leather. Some of them wore straps to keep their large breasts pulled tight against their bodies but some of them let their heavy breasts hang freely.

“Whaddaya think doc, they gonna eat us?”

One of the goblins struck Jaric in his bleeding thigh with the but of her spear. “Yoo no tak! Yoo gib peepee!”

“I don’t think so…” Reginald said.

The goblins closed in on them and started pulling at their clothes. Half of them took Reninald into one of the larger huts. The other half removed Jaric’s armor, quickly unfastening the small hooks and belts with their small hands.

“Now hold on, I can undress myself if that’s what you want.” He reached for his shoulder clasp but they slapped his hand away, forcing him to his knees so they could reach.

“Yoo no tak,” they screamed. 

Once he was naked they prodded him onto the flat stone about the size and shape of a tavern bed. He tried to inspect his wound but the goblins grabbed his head and forced him to lay on his back.

A circle of green faces grinned down at him. Jaric chewed the inside of his cheek, wondering if he should risk speaking again. 

One of them climbed up onto the stone slab next to him, her green breasts hung freely and swung over his face as she reached for his cock. “Gib coom!” she said, and jerked his half-hard cock roughly. 

“Oh coooom…” he said, finally realizing what they were after. He sat up and a halo of spear tips circled his head. “If that’s what yer after, I can show you how to get it, but these spears aren’t helpin’ any.” He put his hand on one of the weapons and slowly pushed it downward. The others followed and he chuckled. “Normally I can’t give this stuff away, look now,” he grabbed the base of his cock and slowly ran his hand up to the tip. “You have to stoke it.” The goblin on the slab grabbed his cock and began jerking furiously.

“No!” said another goblin, and hopped up onto the slab. “Dum dum no get coom,” she slapped the goblins bouncing hand and grabbed the cock with her own. 

The new goblin girl crawled between Jaric’s legs and shoved her face into his crotch, sniffing and licking his balls as she squeezed his hardening cock. “Yep,” Jaric said, leaning back. “That’ll do it.”

The goblin girls shrieked in excitement and danced around him as his cock hardened fully. The one licking his balls stopped and stood above him with one bare foot on either side of his hips. His cock brushed up against her inner thigh and he opened his eyes as she yelled down at him, “yoo gib coom now,” then threw her leather skirt off in one swift motion. 

He stared in dumb disbelief at the three foot tall goblin standing above him. Her green skin shone in the sunlight and as she pulled off her leather breast strap, her tits bounced above him, dark nipples hard and soft at the same time. Besides the wild black mane that framed her face, she was entirely hairless. Her inner thighs were already slick with juice and his cock ached to be inside her.

He didn’t have to wait long. She half wrapped his cock with her tiny hand and sat down hard atop his throbbing cockhead. She slid down the entire length of his cock with ease and he watched her stomach bulge outward as her insides made room for his girth. He had never entered a full size woman this quickly or this deep, let alone a half-pint. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her upper teeth dripped with saliva and flowed freely onto her tits from her lolling tongue. The other goblins touched his muscled body, some grabbed his balls, others rubbed his chest. One of them took his hand and forced him to knead her soft breast fat.

Jaric didn’t complain. His cock ached from the tightness. Someone was squeezing his balls, pulling them in different directions. It wasn’t wholly pleasant but with his cock buried to the hilt in wet warmth, he couldn’t help but lay back and enjoy the moment. 

In the hut, the old gnome had wasted no time. His seed already dripped from one satisfied goblin and he was laboring over the backside of another. His secret theory had proven correct. Like their male counterparts, goblin females had one prime directive; breed. He smiled to himself as he stuffed his gnome cock into the goblin’s hot sex, this one had been a virgin.

“They laughed at me, you know,” he said between slurping sucks of a goblin’s thick tit. “Said I was chasing the goose!” He laughed in delight and latched onto the dark green nipple again as he fucked. His balls tightened and he moaned into the heavy breast. His cock twitched and spasmed, dumping his second load into the goblin beneath him.

The door opened and a nude goblin girl swept into the dark room carrying a wooden cup, sloshing it over the brim in her excitement. “Yoo drink! Moar coom!” She held it out to Reginald and he pulled his cock free of the goblin, who turned and licked his cock and balls clean in a wild frenzy. He sniffed the cup of steaming liquid and pulled his head back as the smell assaulted his nostrils. The aroma was thick and pungent. He held up his hands but another goblin pressed a knife to his throat. “Yoo drink or stab stab!” 

Reginald took the cup of scalding slime and put it to his lips. It was hot and his mouth burned at the touch. He blew across the top of the mug and steam parted before his breath. “It’s too hot.” He said and the knife pressed harder. He huffed an annoyed sigh and choked down the thick liquid. It burned his tongue and his throat but he decided he was glad he couldn’t taste the mixture, the smell was bad enough.

As soon as the mystery muck reached his stomach he began feeling the effects. His heart raced and a warmth bloomed in his groin. He dropped the cup and grabbed his testicles. They burned in his hand and began to bulge, his fist began to open as his scrotum doubled, then tripled in size. By the end he was holding two ripe peaches and as he looked down at his new manhood his eyes widened in delight and shock. 

Gnome cocks aren’t usually anything to write home about. While some of the smaller races like dwarves and goblins usually have bigger cocks than one might think, gnomes don’t get many shocked faces when they finally reveal their manhood. But whatever those goblins had just force fed him had changed Reginald’s innocuous pecker into what could only be described as a cock. He grabbed his new toy and his small gnomish hand couldn’t even fit around it. Never had he felt so powerful.

He grabbed the hand of the goblin holding the knife to his throat and swung her around in front of him. She landed on her back with her legs open, her grass skirt crumpled beneath her and she held out her stone knife. Reginald ignored the threat and shoved his new cock between her open thighs.

The mouth of her cunt resisted. Her labia bunched against her thighs and her eyes widened in delight. She dropped the knife and grabbed the gnome by the hips, pulling him deeper, past the tight entrance of her slick cunt with a squeal of primal delight. The gnome leaned forward, buried his face in her breasts, and snaked his arms around her wide hips, grabbing two handfuls of her round ass. He readied himself to destroy a tight pussy for the first time in his life and his heart pounded. Reginald had arrived, and he wouldn’t be going home any time soon.

He would tame these goblins, he would make them into his own personal concubines. A harem of coom starved green skins for him to breed at his leisure. He would have to get rid of Jaric of course, there wasn't enough to share, but that couldn’t be too hard. 

Outside the hut Jaric coughed and sputtered. The disgusting potion burned his tongue and throat. He seriously hoped this wasn’t what the goblins ate on a regular basis. Then his transformation began. The goblin riding him looked like her eyes were going to bulge out of her head and his balls felt hot, then heavy. His heart pounded and his load released into the girl above him.

His cock spurted the usual three flexing pumps of cum but something else was happening. His balls began tightening, lifting and falling rhythmically. He could feel his cock roiling and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Never had he had an orgasm last longer than twenty seconds but now his cock wouldn’t stop spewing. The girls cheered and sang around him as he sank his fingers into the riding goblin’s thick thighs. He gyrated his hips in the rhythm of his pulsing cock and he soon noticed the stomach of the goblin growing.

He breathed heavy panting breaths as his balls worked and more cum dumped into her, load after heavy load. When it finally stopped, the small green-skin looked pregnant. She waddled off of him and a white trail of thick sticky strands clung to the tip of his now enlarged cock. He stared in disbelief. His throbbing pink cock stood straight as an arrow and more cum oozed from his tip. It was at least twice the size it was before, there was no way a gob –

His thought was interrupted as the goblins descended on him, licking and sucking the thick strands from his tip and balls. They were like hungry animals, shoving each other out of the way to get at his dripping cock. Another muscled through the frenzy and climbed atop him, hissing at her sisters. “My coom!” she said and sat herself onto Jarics swollen glans, facing away from him. 

She looked over her shoulder and made an unpleasant face. She grunted and wiggled her ass. Jaric watched in a half-drunken stupor as the thin membrane of her inner pussy slowly stretched over his turgid tip. Her hungry cunt made a wet slipping sound as it devoured his cockhead and she vibrated in pleasure. Her legs shook and Jaric watched her asshole flex and wink as she orgasmed on his giant cock. Then, slowly, she began sliding down the length of him. Her round ass bounced with its own weight in front of him and he couldn’t help but squeeze. 

He sunk his fingers deep and something animalistic came over him. He grabbed her hips as she was about halfway down his shaft and shoved himself deeper. She screamed and it awoke something primal in him. He sat up, pushing her forward onto her hands and knees. He pulled her fully onto his cock then watched her pussy desperately stretch and grip as he pulled her off. He thrust in again and the other goblins watched, silent now. 

He got to his knees and took her narrow waist in his strong hands. He heard his audience hold their breath and he smiled a cocky smile. “You want my coom do you?” he asked under his breath, then slammed his cock viciously into the black haired goblin beneath him. He pinned her hips in place and fucked her so hard the loud slapping of her ass against his pelvis bounced off the walls of the goblin camp. 

His balls began to bulge again and jolts of pleasure sprang up and down his cock. The girl in his hands had gone limp but he hammered harder as his climax built. He felt like a god, ruining the tiny goblin as he pummeled her womb with his new cock. He didn’t want to stop, he didn’t want to let go of his seed. Then he remembered the tribe of insatiable goblins waiting for their turn and he relented. His hot cum spilled out, his thick shaft plugging her hole tight as he surged more seed into her womb with every heavy pulse of pleasure.

More green hands groped his muscled torso and shoulders as he came and he released the goblin’s hips, stretching his arms out wide. He wanted to seed them, all of them. He didn’t just want to father a goblin, he wanted to breed an army of coom hungry green-skin sluts. He just needed to get rid of the gnome.