How Half-Orcs are Made

Based on How Half-Orcs are Made by owusyr

The manacles bit into her ankles and wrists. The ropes around her thighs had rubbed the skin raw and the corners of her mouth chafed at the ball gag tied tightly around her head. A small bubble of cum expanded out of one nostril and popped as she caught her breath. She sat in the darkness, leaned against the wall, listening to the tat, tat, tat of cum dripping from her exposed holes to the floor below. 

Samantha had known the risks traveling through orc territory, she hadn’t anticipated being alone though. Nor that the orcs would be at war with the elves, scouts combed the hills day and night, they burned every copse, every shrub, every blade of grass, leaving the countryside barren, a hellscape for an elf but a haven for the worg riding orcs. She was surprised she lasted as long as she did.

Now she was chained in a small closet of an orc tavern, her holes weren’t even being sold. She was free relief for the orc soldiers, and there were so many. The door opened just as her breathing returned to normal and another warty cock gleamed in the lantern light of the room beyond. She looked up at the shadowed face with her green eyes, pleading for so many things.

She didn’t expect to be let go, but she needed food and water, and held onto the hope that one of the orcs would go easy on her. His bulky shoulders barely fit through the door frame and she quaked in fear at the sheer size of him. Her knees had been pulled back and fastened to the low wooden shelf, giving her a view of her own ruined cunt. She had no choice but to watch as the monstrous, knobby cock stretched her hole slightly wider than the cock before.

The dripping of cum turned to loud splats as more seed was forced from her holes. She wrapped her teeth around the thick leather gag and bit down hard as the lumpy cock tore through her once tight walls and rammed into her cervix. The thing she had learned about orcs is that they couldn’t cum unless they thought they were hurting you. So stubborn Samantha was stuck between a rock and a hard orc cock. 

Did she submit, and squeal like a virgin so it was over sooner? Never. If they wanted to cum they would have to earn it. The orc grabbed her by the cheeks and forced her to look up at him, pulling her eyes away from the hammering pillar of meat. She couldn’t make out his features but his eyes glowed dimly as he looked her over. She knew she was filthy, she could feel the warm cock spend still dripping down her forehead and cheeks, there was a small pool of it between her heavy breasts and her pubic mound. 

Another heavy thrust into her depths pulled a small grunt from her throat and she narrowed her eyes at him. A row of white gleaming teeth appeared in the gloom and she knew it was about to get worse. The wet pulling of sticky strands soon accompanied the loud slaps of balls against asshole as he picked up his pace. His strong hand fell to her chest and he filled it with her fat breast. Her nostrils flared and the sound of her heavy breaths filled the small closet. He pinched her nipple hard and she bit into the gag, sinking her teeth into the wet leather. Another hard ramming of her depths caused a squeak to leave her and a tear rolled down her cheek.

She hated the green skin sadistic bastards, but the shame at what was building in her was overwhelming. Her squeaks and grunts weren’t of pain, but of pleasure. She had begun to take pride in the fact that she could fit an entire orc cock in her. It had only been a week but she was already anticipating the stretch of the insertion followed by the long dragging of the warty meat through her tender insides. It didn’t matter which hole. She wanted more, and the thought itself sent more tears streaming down her cheeks as her orgasm continued to climb with every heavy impact of the orc’s giant balls against her dripping asshole. 

She had seen pregnant human and elf girls serving the orcs of the tavern before she was locked in her room. They weren’t restrained. In fact, they looked happy. She knew that was her fate. Soon she’d be pushing out mongrel half-breeds with the others. The orc pinched and twisted her clit wickedly and she puffed a laugh out her nose as the stimulation sent her careening over the edge of pleasure.

She reached for his giant muscled arms but her chains pulled taught. Gods, she just wanted to feel the solid curves of their dark green bodies. Her hands balled into fists and she breathed a muffled, hoarse moan past her gag. The orc took her flexing muscles as rage and his cock bulged inside her. Her orgasm heightened as she felt the hot seed fill her womb, she wanted it. She wanted to birth his strong children. She wanted to feel them grow inside her.

Her legs shook violently as her orgasm faded and the lust began to expire, it soured back into a dull hatred and she relaxed her arms, new tears welling in her emerald eyes. His knobby cock slowly pulled free of her sucking hole and she shivered in disgusting pleasure. He closed the door and she sat in the darkness, leaned against the wall, listening to the tat, tat, tat of cum dripping from her exposed holes to the floor below.