Moo Got Gobbo'd

Based on Moo got gobbod by Nayuru

Lyra the holstaur began her day like any other on the ranch, she was milked, fed, watered and bred. From there she was left to wander the pasture, keep the farmhands motivated, or her personal favorite; milking the bulls.

The warm summer breeze cooled her sweaty breasts and she decided she would use the opportunity to move from one shade tree to another, closer to the bullpens. She had been daydreaming for most of the morning, wondering what life would be like outside the monotony of ranch life. She wasn’t discontent, and had no real intentions of leaving, but she couldn’t help notice the grass seemed slightly greener on the other side of her pasture fence.

The farm had a steady flow of adventurers coming for the holstaur milk and other potions sold by the ranchers. Her milk had slight healing qualities, could improve stamina regeneration, and just a cup could keep a busy farmhand fed for a day, it made sense why adventurers would want holstaur milk. The bull cum also provided incredible strength for a time when ingested.

Seeing the groups come and go, Lyra noticed how happy they always seemed and a small part of her envied them. As she walked in circles, trying to find the perfect patch of shaded grass to lay, she noticed a glint of light from the wire fence. The fence was eight feet high and made of sturdy corded metal. She had seen a bull try to get through it once but the wire only bent, never broke.

The shiny tip of metal caught her eye though and she moved closer to inspect. The bottom three wires had been severed and pried open, some wires pushing out, some pulled inward. She knelt down and inspected the broken fence, sniffing for clues. She smelled a familiar scent and her nose guided her to a small tuft of brown fur caught against the sharp metal. She recognized the shade of brown immediately and her head swiveled around to inspect the large pasture.

“Bruma,” she whispered. “What have you done?”

Bruma was one of the older holstaur girls who claimed she had been an adventurer before being captured and sold to the ranch against her will. Nobody believed her of course, all the girls had been born at the ranch, and the ranchers were kind hearted people who loved their cattle. They would never do something so cruel as keep holstaurs against their will. She didn’t see Bruma in the yard and she nodded to herself as her suspicions were confirmed.

She turned back, inspecting the hole again. She knew she should tell a farmhand, but her curiosity nagged at her like a biting fly. Her tail swished. “Maybe I’ll just go take a look. See if I can find her,” she said, and couldn't help but grin at the idea of leaving her pasture for the first time.

She looked through the wire fence and sunlight rained through the leaves of the forest beyond. It looked magical, her eyes brightened at the possibility of exploring the unknown, finding hidden treasure, and meeting new friends.

She knelt down and popped her head through the opening, carefully maneuvering her white horns so they wouldn’t snag. Her heavy breasts dragged in the dirt and she wiggled one arm through, then another. She grabbed two tufts of grass by the root and pulled with a grunt, but her full breasts were too fat to squeeze through. She reached her hand under one breast and flopped it out of her tight top and through the gap, then the other, and crawled forward again. The fence rattled and she grunted, looking down at her wide hips. “Too big,” she said with a huff. She planted her hooves and grit her teeth, pushing with all her might. The fence bowed against her weight, then she burst through the hole, landing hard on her hands and furry knees. 

She stood quickly and brushed the dirt from the fur of her legs. She was tucking her breasts back into her black and white top when she heard a twig snap. The holstaur girl froze, suddenly terrified. The safety of the fence was something she had always taken for granted. The trees of the forest now hid terrible monsters in her mind and she rubbed her bare arms as a shiver danced down her spine.

“Bruma…” she called, but her voice cracked and she took a trembling step forward. Her nostrils flared as she smelled something carried on the summer breeze. She knew that smell. It was the sweat that dripped from the taint of one of her bulls when she milked them. She imagined a wild bull and her mouth watered, the image of his rippling muscles and large swinging cock spurred her on and she entered the endless woods, guided by her nose. 

The smell became stronger as she tripped through the dense foliage, her hooves loudly clomping on every stone and dead branch. After half a day’s walk she stopped by a stream. The cool water refreshed her and she wiped her mouth before pulling a breast from her top. She sucked on her own tip and moaned at the taste of herself.

She stopped and her eyes snapped open. Her nose wrinkled as she sniffed the air. The smell of sweaty taint was very close. She let her tit flop out of her mouth and looked around. Beady eyes peered out at her from the bushes and she stood, nervously looking around to see small green forms emerging from behind trees.

“Hi,” she said, with a nervous smile. “I’m Lyra, a holstaur from Goodmilk Ranch.” She touched her chest, then blushed as she tucked her large breast back into her top. “I’m looking for my friend Bruma. She looks like me, but with brown fur on her legs,” she gestured to her furry thighs. 

The little green humanoids grinned at her and the gleam in their eyes wasn’t something she had ever seen. It was like when someone told a joke, but more severe. “Do you speak common?” she asked, then swallowed as they closed in around her. The closest of them was wearing a dirty loincloth that was pushed aside as his hard cock straighted past the leather. She knew from experience that when a cock was hard, it was her job to alleviate it, but she didn’t know these little green men and her heart started to pound.

“We speak common,” the one with a hard cock said. “And we know where your friend is.”

Lyra sighed in relief. “Oh good! Can you take me to her please? We aren’t supposed to be this far from the ranch and I’m worried about getting back before the sun sets. What’s your name, sir?”

“Name’s Benny, Benny the Boss.” He bowed low and his long ears flopped. “I’m a goblin slaver.”

Lyra’s brow knitted, she had never heard of a goblin slaver, but was always happy to make new friends. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Benny,” she said, and reached out her hand.

The goblin looked at her hand, then her breasts, then her hips, then her face. He took her hand with a shocked expression, then raised it to his green lips, kissing and sniffing the back of her hand. 

Lyra laughed as his sniffing nose tickled her skin and pulled her hand away. “Can we hurry? I want to get Bruma home soon.”

“Of course,” Benny said. “Right this way.”

Lyra followed the goblin and while her disappointment at finding the source of the intoxicating scent wasn’t a wild bull, she was happy to have found new friends who could lead her to Bruma. She was amazed that a group of goblins could survive in the forest, and hoped they would have proper food wherever they were taking her. They eventually arrived at an old ruin that had been mostly reclaimed by nature. Its tan stones had cracked under the strength of ancient vines and the roots of a giant tree, its branches reaching toward the sun above. 

The troupe of goblins stopped at a stone archway in the side of the structure with stairs leading down into black depths. Lyra looked down into the darkness. “She’s down there?”

Benny nodded.

Lyra felt something she had never felt. The hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up. Benny took a few steps down the stairs and looked up at her, his eyes glowing red in the blackness. Something wasn’t right. “You comin’?” Benny asked, holding out his hand. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you. I can see in the dark.

Lyra took his hand and felt relieved, at least she wasn’t going into the dark alone. She took a deep breath and followed Benny down into the darkness.

Lyra’s hooves clopped against the stone and she had to grab the wall a few times to keep from falling. Thankfully, the light of a torch could be seen near the bottom of the stairs. Benny led her into a large torch-lit chamber and Lyra gasped. Roots hung from the stones of the ceiling, stained black from burning torch pitch. The entire room felt muggy and the air was thick with the smell of body odor and burning pitch. But that wasn’t what Lyra had noticed. Her eyes had fallen on the motionless body of a naked woman.

Every ridge of the woman’s bones could be seen through her skin, that had stretched thin over the girl’s bones, she was staring toward the door and a goblin dismounted her as the group entered. Her bony hips slumped down as the goblin released her and she laid prone. Her eyes flicked to Lyra and their gazes locked. Lyra released Benny’s hand and ran to the woman’s side, kneeling before her. She turned the woman to her back and cradled her head, forcing her nipple into the woman's mouth. “Drink, you must drink.” Lyra looked at Benny who was watching her curiously. “She is starving nearly to death.” The woman sucked from Lyra’s tit and her tired eyes widened. She grabbed the soft fat of the holstaurs breast and began pulling desperate mouthfuls. Lyra mooed quietly in pleasure as the woman’s lips clamped down on the soft nub of her tit.

“Shhh… it’s okay. We’ll get you fed,” Lyra whispered, and brushed the brown hair from the girl’s face. She was sickly thin, but she could tell she was beautiful. “My milk will heal her and give her life, is she a friend of yours?” She looked up at Benny expectantly.

Benny smiled. “Yeah, she’s a… friend.” The goblins behind him snickered. “Tell me more about this milk.”

Lyra stoked the forehead of the woman as she drank. Color was returning to her cheeks and Lyra sighed in relief. “Holstaur milk has fortifying properties, it heals, nourishes, energizes. A holstaur can survive on her own milk indefinitely, given she has enough water.”

The goblin. Stroked his chin. “How much milk can you produce?”

“Eight gallons a day,” Lyra said proudly.

Benny slowly rubbed his hands together and walked up to Lyra, their eyes level. “Could you help feed some of my other friends?”

Lyra looked around the broad stone room. “If you have bucket’s you could just milk me, my milk stays good for weeks if the container is clean.”

Benny’s eyes glittered. He barked a few orders in a guttural language she didn’t understand and the goblins exploded into activity. They ran down connecting hallways and returned rolling large barrels and carrying wooden buckets. Two of the goblins grabbed the woman from Lyra’s breast and dragged her away. 

Lyra positioned herself over one of the buckets on hands and knees, flopping her other breast free of her top. “I can milk myself but it goes quicker if you do it. Here, I’ll show you.” She nodded her head at Benny and he approached. “Grab my nipple in one hand and my breast in the other.” He did, and her heart quickened. Her nipples were extremely sensitive, and the milking process was usually intimate, but she wouldn’t mind being vulnerable for her new friend.

“Now squeeze with one hand and pull with your – ” She let out a soft, high pitched moo as the goblin greedily squeezed the fat of her breast with one hand and milked her plump nipple with the other, spraying thick milk into the bucket below. He squeezed again and her dripping tit sprayed another stream, splashing milk up the sides of the bucket. Her cheeks flushed and she panted, freely mooing with every new pull of fresh milk. She watched his cock harden quickly and mooed again in satisfaction.

She loved making the farmhands hard as they milked her, then relieving them after. She wondered if the goblin would want her to relieve his pressure, and as he milked her, she found herself hoping he would.

The milk soon sloshed over the rim and the goblin stopped milking. Lyra sat back on her ass and caught her breath, her black panties were soaked through efter being milked by someone she had just met and she pouted her lips at the goblin. “Would you mind if I…” she looked up at him bashfully and blurted out the rest of her question, “Sucked your cock?” 

She regretted the question as soon as she had asked it. The goblin stared at her in disbelief and she knew she had been too forward. “I’m sorry,” She said. “I shouldn’t have asked, it’s just, I’m usually bred after I’m milked so my body is used to some form of – “

“I can breed you.” Benny said. “I mean, if that’s what you want.”

Lyra blushed a dark purple. “Oh… I mean. I was just trying to help your…” she motioned to his rock hard cock. “It’s just that I’ve only ever been bred by a holstaur bull.” His excitement faltered and she instantly felt bad for getting his hopes up. “I mean if you want to.” She said, then closed her eyes tight. Had she just offered a new friend to breed her?

The goblin sprang into action. She moved back to her hands and knees and he positioned himself behind her. Her raised hips came up to his chest. “You’ll have to lay down,” he said. “So I can…” She didn’t want him to say it. She couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

She lowered her hips to the cold stone floor and Benny climbed atop her, pulling her black panties to the side. She grabbed one nipple between her thumb and finger and her eyes suddenly crossed in pleasure. “What are you doin – ” she started to ask but let the words fall away as his long tongue began slithering between her large cheeks. His small goblin hands sank into the soft flesh of her ass and spread her wide open, letting his wet tongue drag freely across both her openings. She had never felt anything like it. Her breeding sessions were always three hard thrusts before a hot jet of seed surged into her.

This stranger’s tongue sliding across her holes was more erotic than anything she had ever imagined. Her eyelids drooped, her breath came in short panting bursts, she couldn’t even moo. She slid her knees against the floor, raising her ass into his face slightly as he licked and sniffed behind her. She wanted him to – The thought was interrupted as he forced his tongue past the tight rim of her ass and she released a long, loud moo of pleasure. “Yes,” she hissed “Deeper.”

Who was this little green man with a magic tongue? Was this love? She had heard the word but never thought much about it until his thick wet muscle began stretching the depths of her asshole. He pulled his slurping tongue from her and she lowered her hips again, just as he pressed his cock into her breeding hole. This too, was different. His cock was much smaller than a holstaur bull but her pussy still squeezed it as it surged into her. Then he pulled it mostly out of hher before thrusting back in.

Lyra waited for the explosion of warmth after the third thrust but it didn’t come. Instead the goblin pumped his cock in and out of her, repeatedly stretching her opening over the girth of its head and fat center. She was close to something, but she didn’t know what. Her breathing picked up and her long moos turned to high pitched whines as her pussy spasmed with pleasure, climbing ever higher toward some promised release.

Benny labored above her, his cock now rapidly plunging in and out of her in such a steady rhythmic way that her entire body pulled in on itself. Her muscles tensed, her jaw tightened, one hand pinched her nipple, the other clamped down on the side of the full milk bucket. Her throat vibrated with a hoarse moaning moo but she couldn't hear it. Her entire world had become the ceaseless sliding of the goblin’s fat cock into her depths. She was fully wound, and ready for release.

The cock slammed fully into her, she felt the heavy slapping of balls against her oversensitive clit and her mind exploded in pleasure. The cock pulsed within her, filling her womb as the walls of her pussy milked and pulled, tightened and released. Her toes curled and she moaned Benny’s name. He pressed his thumb past the rim of her ass and she felt her hole repeatedly grip at the digit. “More!” she begged and Benny thrust his thumb deeper.

Her skin vibrated and her mind buzzed. A string of drool connected her lips to the dirty floor and her eyelids slowly fluttered. She didn’t know what had just happened but she knew she wanted it to happen again. Benny’s cock pulled free of her still flexing pussy with a wet sucking sound and a torrent of warm seed oozed out of her.

Lyra couldn't believe the day she was having, and hoped Bruma was having a similar time.