The Fall of Carinthia

General Andel's dirty face was covered in dried blood as he walked across the plain. He had lost another company of a hundred warrior elves to the centaurs. Every time they established a forward camp, it would be overrun. What was worse, the horse cocks were pushing back, raiding border villages in retaliation for the elven intrusion.

And for what? So Her Majesty can have another vineyard? More land to give to her entitled noble friends? She hadn't been queen a month, and he had lost more soldiers to her foolish conquest than in the previous ten years. He looked around at the five fighters that remained standing, but all he could see were the faces that weren't still with him. Would he return to these plains with another hundred? His heart ached as they walked in silence.

Then he heard it. The unmistakable beat of heavy hooves on dirt. His elves turned to face the sound. It was a single centaur, bearing town the bluff towards them. Her large slapping breasts could be heard over the heavy rhythmic pounding of hooves.

Andel tried to shout an order, but she was upon them with impossible speed. She raised her curved blade high before they could take proper formation, bringing the broad dao down beside her as she rushed past the group. Andel watched as the blade sheared two elves in half like a sickle through long grass.

She turned hard and low, her empty hand tracing a curved line in the dirt. Then she sprang into motion again, her equine muscles bulging in the sunlight.

"Wedge!" Andel yelled to his men, "Brace spears!" But she was on them again, faster than any animal he had ever seen. Her wicked blade took the head of another elf. She turned again, and Andel fell in next to the two remaining men with spears pointed at the murderous creature.

She waited a moment, her well-endowed chest barely heaving. The centaur had killed three men and wasn't even breaking a sweat. Then she charged headlong into the spear wall. She leaned forward at the last instant, slapping the spears aside with her blade, but Andel had seen this move before. He pulled his spear back as she swiped and then thrust it in her path.

She kicked and trampled and screamed a savage cry as she collided with the line. Andel's spear had gouged into her hip. He heard the crunch of skull under hoof, and another spray of his comrades' blood covered his face as she opened the throat of the elf nearest him. She hacked at the spear that had stopped her momentum, and Andel saw the one opportunity he would be granted. He sliced as he drew his own curved blade, removing her sword hand.

She kicked at his face, but he spun away from the hoof, bringing his sword around to sever a weight-bearing back leg. She screamed and flailed, but he stayed in motion. Stepping lightly up onto her back as her horse-like body fell to the ground, he took his sword in both hands, swinging and screaming with all his strength and rage.

Her warcry was cut short, and a wet spray of gurgling blood poured from her neck where her head had been.

He barked a breathless order, "Report!" There was no response. He dismounted her, looking around at his dead men. The general yelled, "Fucking report!" He stabbed his blade into the dirt and fell to his knees as quiet sobs rolled out of him.

Five of his men to kill one scout…he shook his head in dismay. He couldn't do it anymore, he wouldn't, not for her. General Andel picked himself up and walked back the way he had come, deeper into centaur territory.


Queen Carinthia giggled as her newest toy licked the fleshy flower between her legs. He was half-orc, and his small tusks pressed on either side of her soft opening, causing her legs to kick and twitch in delight. She loved the way his tongue licked and slurped the petals of her little flower, but she wanted him to fuck her more than anything. She had tried getting his cock into her, but she was just too small for his girth.

She grabbed another handful of his thick black mane and furrowed her brow in concentration when the door to her tea chamber opened. She kept her eyes closed and moaned, steering the large head in slow circles.

A man walked in and cleared his throat. It was Edwin, her advisor. He held a scroll of parchment. She squeezed one of her small breasts, and a shrill squeal of glee ended in another laugh as the tusks tickled her again.

The man cleared his throat again, louder. She huffed an exhale, "Yes, Edwin, I heard you." Her blonde hair flipped as she looked over her shoulder at him, "Can't you see I'm busy? You can watch if you want, but please be quiet; I'm trying to finish."

"Yes, my queen, of course, thank you. It's just that... It's from Andel. The front lines have sent news."

She looked up at him, her face a perfect portrait of an impetuous teenager. "Has he done it? Does he have my land? What does it say?" She looked down at the half-orc "Lick my asshole."

Edwin glanced over the parchment briefly and then read aloud over the wet lapping of tongue on taint. "My Queen, I fear we are no match for the centaur. They outmaneuver us, outnumber us, and we have no trees to fight from in the open plains. I beg you again, end this foolish campaign before-"

"Enough!" Edwin and the half-orc stopped and looked at her. "Not you," she said, "pushing the black mane back between her legs."

"I want a new general, Edwin! Find me someone that can win this war!"

Edwin stood straight, wringing the parchment in his hands. "My queen, there is no war; if we leave their lands, they will not-"

"My lands!" She screamed, correcting him. "Bring me Andel's head!"

He sighed, disappointment settling on his brow. "As you wish, my queen."

She settled back down into the sofa with a smug smile, looking into the eyes of her new toy. "Make me cum now," she said with a pouted lower lip.


Weeks passed without word from the front lines. Her newly appointed general left with a garrison of two hundred elves, and she was starting to worry. In the meantime, the queen was finding more and more extreme ways to occupy her time and distract her thoughts.

"Okay, now fuck... her," Carinthia said, pointing to her handmaid. Her half-orc was breathing heavily, sweat dripping down his muscled chest and the cheeks of his toned ass. He was kneeling on the dining hall table, mounted atop a sobbing chambermaid.

"My queen," the handmaid said in a placating tone. "I am… engaged to be wed. You know this."

"Was I speaking to you?" The ladies of Carinthia's court laughed at the patronizing question. They had all gathered in the dining hall and were enjoying the spectacle. Unfortunately for everyone, the queen hadn't yet managed to fit the giant cock in her royal cunt, so she had resorted to watching him fuck the servants.

"No. But... my queen... please." She knelt beside the queen's chair. "You have been my friend since we were but young girls."

Carinthia laughed, and her ladies laughed with her. "Is that how you see us?" The queen looked hurt. "In that case, let me remind you," her face turned hard, and she made a gesture to her toy, "that you are nothing more than a servant." A large pale green hand grabbed the handmaid's hair and dragged her up onto the table.

The ladies of the court exploded in a chorus of humiliating laughter. "She thought they were friends!" One of them said incredulously as the others giggled.

The half-orc threw her on her stomach and then grabbed her hips, pulling her to her hands and knees. "Not like that! I want her to see you," the queen said. The orc held her hips and slowly turned her in his giant hands. "Don't worry, dear, we won't tell your fiance. Your secret is safe with us, right girls?" Half the seated girls laughed; the others were too engrossed in their anticipation of what was coming.

The helpless woman's hips were off the table, her back arched, and her shoulder blades lay flat against the wood. The orc tore the skirt of her dress away, leaving only a modest corset. Her mound was lightly covered with short brown hair that led to her pink opening, and he pressed his cock-head against her soft outer lips, letting a long glob of saliva fall to land where they met. The head of his massive cock made her look like a miniature woman.

He held her hips in both hands and his fingers pressed into her soft pale skin as he began pulling her onto him. Her pretty pink pussy tried to open for him but strained against his girth. The girl gave a worried moan, trying to inhale and exhale the pain away.

"You have to relax, dear," Carinthia said, sipping a small cup of tea.

The orc pulled back and pushed in again, trying to ease his way into her, but it wasn't helping; the elf girl was just too small.

"I said fuck her, not make love to her, beast!" The queen said, rising from her chair. She leaned over the girl's face and whispered, "I want to see your face when he ruins you."

A tear rolled down the maid's temple. The girl's brow furrowed as she exhaled a puff of panicked breath. Her eyes squeezed shut, and a whistling scream seeped through gritted teeth.

"Deeper!" The queen commanded. The large fingertips sank further into the girl's shapely hips, and he impaled her halfway down his enormous shaft.

Her eyes snapped open, her neck and chest flushed red, and she lifted her head to slam it against the table, refusing to cry out. Tears now rolled down her face and her nails dug small lines into the table. "Fuck!" The maid yelled, and the ladies of the court gasped a few nervous laughs.

"I think she likes it!" The queen said, looking around the table. Most of the ladies had stood now to get a better look. The half-orc finally pulled his cock back for his second thrust, and the dark green shaft glistened with her wetness. "You're doing better than she did," Carinthia said, gesturing to the sobbing girl at the end of the table.

The handmaid's eyes were closed, and she breathed quick, shallow breaths, trying to prepare herself for the subsequent insertion. She felt his hands tighten around her now bruised hips again, and she gritted her teeth. His cock entered her easier now, her cunt having surrendered to its fate, and he began thrusting.

The bulge of his cock could be seen through her raised stomach as he pushed deeper with every thrust. Carinthia put her hand on the maid's bulging abdomen and laughed. "Gods, feel the way it presses through!" The ladies crowded around, all trying to feel the orc cock through the handmaid's torso.

He was deeper now and fucking her with fervor. The tiniest moan escaped the maid's clenched lips, and the queen put her ear to the girl's mouth, "what was that? Did I hear a squeak of pleasure?"

The girl's eyes narrowed and closed slowly. Her lips opened, and a huffing moan hissed through her open mouth. The queen smiled, dabbing sweat from the girl's head with a kerchief. "You fucking whore. You're engaged to be wed, and here you are, loving every inch of this beast's cock. Your poor fiance," she feigned a look of sadness as the maid's moaning mouth opened, filling the chamber with whimpering cries of ecstasy. "He'll never be able to please you again now that you know what a real cock feels like."

The half-orc's balls began slapping against the girl's ass, marking every long stroke of his cock entering her completely. He leaned over her now, still holding her hips above the table. He fucked her so hard sweat rained down from his nose and chin onto her exposed cleavage.

The orcs laboring breaths rose in the dining hall as the loud slapping balls came faster and more regular. He lifted her hips higher and she grabbed his wrists for support as he bucked into her.

The handmaid's eyes closed in pleasure now, and a smile tugged at her open mouth. "That's enough!" The queen said. And the slapping of skin stopped, the large cock buried in the girl. The ladies' hands were grabbing at the mound it made in the girl's stomach. Carinthia pushed the half-orc away, and he dropped the girl on the table with a hollow thump. Carinthia's teacup rattled with the impact, and his cock made a wet squelch as he pulled it free of her.

"Finish him, will you? The queen waved a hand to her ladies, and they gathered around the half-orc, excitedly stroking his cock"

The girl lay on the table. Tears welled and broke down her face. The queen looked at her in disgust. "Had I known you were such a loose whore, I wouldn't have let you play with my toy. What will your fiance think when he hears you were caught using the queen's pet. And you can't deny it now; your man will know the next time he enters you that something isn't right." she leaned close, licking a tear from the girls face, "Call me your friend again, and I'll let the horses fuck you… now go. Clean yourself up and be back before I run out of tea."

The girl took one deep breath to steady her trembling body and rolled off the table. She walked from the dining hall wearing only the corset of her tattered dress, small purple bruises painting her ass and hips.


The queen lounged in a large tub of steaming hot water. Her handmaid was feeding her slices of a fresh peach when Edwin burst through the doors, slamming them into the walls as they opened. The maid jumped, her nerves on constant edge after the dining room incident. A peach slice tumbled into the bathwater with a small plop.

The queen looked down at the sinking slice of fruit in sudden anger. "Edwin, you drunken fool, this is a palace, not a fucking tavern. Try to at least pretend you understand basic decorum."

"I am sorry, your majesty, but it is urgent. Andel has returned." Edwin said, his brow covered in sweat.

The queen's face bent in a wicked smile. "Good! Bring me his head; I want to watch my pet skull fuck him." She giggled, and her handmaid gave a nervous, placating laugh.

"My queen, he is alive, and he brings a host of centaurs. Their leader is among them; they have agreed to bend the knee and wish to discuss their terms of surrender." He balled his fists and then wiped the sweat from his palms.

"I knew Andel would succeed if I put pressure on him. I'm a brilliant strategist, you know," she said to her maid, who smiled, raising another peach slice to the queen's lips. Carinthia slapped it out of her hand and stood from the tub, her petite elven body dripping water onto the floor.

The handmaid grabbed the queen's robe and draped it over her shoulders as she walked toward Edwin. Carinthia put a wet hand to his cheek and said, "Don't look so nervous, Eddie, we've won. Gather my court; I want them to watch as I dominate these savages."

Edwin nodded, "yes, my queen."

"I'll wear my new dress,'' she said, clapping excitedly. "Servant, dress me." She said, extending her arms and letting the robe fall to the floor.

The queen walked down the palace steps wearing a heavy golden crown and holding a small scepter tipped with gemstones. Her dress was frilled and cinched at the waist, then billowed out around her legs and trailed behind her; the end was carried by her loyal handmaid.

Carinthia was the very essence of royal extravagance. She walked confidently down to her general, who waited at the bottom of the stairs. Andel took her delicate fingers in his own, bowing low as he kissed the lace of her gloved hand. "We've done it, my queen."

She smiled at Andel, "Well, I've done it." She said, holding a hand to her chest.

"You have, my queen, I am only honored that it is I who gets to bestow this honor upon you. You truly have deserved it." He hooked her arm and walked her through the small garden path to the staging grounds of the palace.

They rounded a tall hedge, and Carinthia gasped, laughing in glee. The centaurs were the biggest creatures she had ever seen. They towered on enormous hulking equine bodies. Their muscled human torsos were more defined than the sculptures found in the royal gardens. At least fifteen males were standing on the opposite side of the large yard.

She could tell they were male by the dark, leathery sacks hanging between their hind legs. As they approached closer, she felt a tinge of fear seeing the swinging balls and menacing cocks, half tucked in their natural sheaths. She felt an urge to try one but knew if her half-orc couldn't fit in her, there was no chance of these monstrosities entering her tiny cunt.

She walked through a circle of fully armed elven soldiers. Inside the ring, her court sat in a half-circle of chairs, surrounding the host of monsters. Her court cheered as she walked up the stairs to the large stage. It must have been constructed for this very ceremony, she thought.

She wasn't at eye level with the creatures but knew she soon would be when their bodies bent under her opulence. She might even let one lick her cunt, she thought. She looked up at their obvious leader. He was slightly bigger than his brothers, and she could tell these creatures valued strength and size above all.

Each centaur wore a large curved blade at their hips, and she leaned into her general. "Why have you not disarmed these savages, Andel."

"All my soldiers gathered here today couldn't disarm that centaur," he said, pointing casually to the big one in front of her.

She swallowed hard, feeling less than perfect confidence for the first time in her entire life. "Are you sure we're safe?"

"Oh yes, my queen. We couldn't be safer in the presence of Kortos." He said, gesturing to his soldiers. "He and I have become great friends. We have much in common; both of us have suffered needless losses of our people, we are both natural leaders, and-."

"Well," she interrupted. "I'm glad you two could work it out. I would have watched you all die for me to get what I want."

The general gave the centaur a knowing look.

She spoke up to the centaur slowly and loudly as if he couldn't understand the common tongue. "Are you ready to hear my demands, savage?"

Then he spoke. His voice rumbled and cracked like a great splitting of the earth, and his rolling countenance was commanding and sure. He made no errors in his speech, and his word was unquestionable law. She had never heard a true king speak, but there was no mistake; Kortos was born to rule. She quaked like a child first hearing thunder. She had never felt so small. "We have one demand, King Andel. Surrender this elf and all those who support her to me and my hoof. In exchange, we will leave your lands in peace."

Andel's grip on her arm tightened, and in that moment, Carinthia knew fear. "I accept your terms, Chief, and look forward to a long and prosperous peace." He said, bowing low.

A fit of anger sparked in Carinthia, "Guards! Kill the intruders!" She looked around the yard, pointing at the centaurs. None moved. Peasants and servants began gathering around outside the ring of soldiers. The ladies of the court stood and backed away from the stage but bumped the solid wall of Andel's company.

King Andel issued his first decree, "Now, we make an example of those that don't value the lives of elves." The mob of peasants and soldiers cheered, and carpenters began pulling large stockades onto the stage. Tall, sturdy frames extended above the stocks, and Carinthia trembled in fear as the intention of their design began to dawn on her.

The soldiers got to work, roughly collecting the noble men and women of Carinthia's court. The holes of the stocks began to fill with hands and heads. The soldiers tore through silk and lace fabric until the queen's friends were bare. Most of the royal ladies pissed themselves as the centaurs began clopping onto the sturdy stage.

Carinthia watched in horror as the centaurs began mounting the stockades, the wooden frames creaking as the weight of their front hooves leaned against the tall support beams. They positioned their horse-sized cocks behind the crying nobles. Screams broke through the yard as the centaurs began forcing their way into noble cunts and asses.

Andel pulled Carinthia's arm, leading her to the stocks. She shook in rage and fear. "You'll pay for this, Andel; I'll have your fucking head."

He looked at her with a sad smile, "you tried that already." Then he looked her up and down. "I think I'll let you wear your dress for this. I want you to look pretty for the chief."

Tears rolled down her face as Andel pushed her head down into the stockade positioned in the center stage. She began to panic as her situation became more and more real. But when she heard the click of the lock, sealing her wrists and neck into place, she suddenly couldn't breathe. She huffed terrified breaths before the frame of her own stocks groaned, and the chief centaur mounted atop her.

"You have to relax, dear." Carinthia's heart sank as she heard the smug voice. She felt the fat cock slap the insides of her thighs as Kortos got settled atop her. Her chambermaid came into view holding a small chair. The girl set the chair down in front of Carinthia and sat down, smiling.

"What the fuck do you want?" Carinthia spat as the cock began to slowly saw against her clit, the large strokes beginning to pick up speed.

The girl leaned forward quickly, licking the tear from Carinthia's cheek, "I want to see your face when he ruins you." She swallowed the tear, breathing a sigh of delight, then spat in the queen's face.

Kortos's cock found its mark. Its flat, flared tip pressed against the entrance of her tiny cunt. The cock bent slightly against the weight of the centaur, and she felt the pressure building. Her shoulders pushed painfully against the stocks, and then something gave way, the horse cock straightened, surging into her depths. Her frightened scream of anguish left her throat raw when it finally ended. The tears dripped freely from her face and her blurred vision focussed to reveal her handmaid's shit eating grin.

The giant cock tore her walls wide. The horse-cock pushed further, and she tried to breathe, but her breath caught as he rammed her cervix deeper and with greater ferocity. She could hear his heavy breathing, and she hoped he was reaching climax, but he was just finding his rhythm. The entire stockade structure tipped with his endless thrusting. The measured knocking of wood against the stage was her only indication of how long she was fucked but, she had lost track long ago.

Her handmaid began pulling the fingers of her lace gloves, slowly removing them from Carinthias dangling hands. "I'm going to wear these at my wedding. You're invited!" She said in mock excitement, then cocked an eyebrow. "That is if the centaurs are done with you by then," she finished pulling off the white gloves and laughed as she walked off the stage.

Carinthia's eyes rolled into her head, and she hoped she would just pass out from the pain. Instead, she felt a hand lovingly caress the back of her golden-haired head. Her eyes opened to see Andel sitting in the small chair left by her handmaid, "you know, I'm not really into this type of thing, but I think my dead men would really get a kick out of you sucking my cock." He stood below the hooves of the centaur and opened his trousers. "Time for you to finally have 'my head,' your majesty."

She could barely focus on his words as the huge cock filled her cunt with hot seed. She felt the surging wave push deeper into her as Andels cock shoved through her lips and jabbed the inside of her cheek. A loud splattering on the stage below her could be heard over the moans and wails of her court.

Andel slowly pumped his cock into her mouth, and a cheer of elven soldiers erupted from the audience now surrounding them. Black streaks of her makeup stained her face, and she tasted the snot and tears that dripped down onto Andels cock. He began fucking her throat roughly, and she gagged and gasped for breath, but he didn't stop.

He pushed deeper into her throat as the centaur dismounted, his cock flopping from her gaping hole. Another torrent of centaur seed splattered loudly over the wet squelching of her throat. Andel was fucking past her tongue, and she couldn't breathe. She tried to inhale as he began to cum, and she choked on his cum.

She coughed and sputtered as he sprayed the back of her throat, and she hated that she could taste his salty seed. He pulled out of her, and both her holes dripped with runny cum. She imagined how it must look, but couldn't bear her humiliation. How would she return to court after this?

The people would never let her live this down. She tried to spit Andel's dripping seed from her mouth, but it clung to her tongue and lips stubbornly. She screamed in rage, and the pearly strand vibrated between her open lips. She stared down at the pool of cum between her knees and began to plan her rise back to the throne, happy this ordeal was finally over.

But it wasn't over. She felt a cock push into her ass, and a fat stomached farmer replaced Andel, shoving his short cock into her mouth. He pumped her face for seconds before she tasted his cum as it dripped off her tongue. Her ass's invader pulsed cum deep into her also, but it didn't even hit the stage before another took his place. She tasted the warm seed of five more before the sodomy came to an end. A stableboy came up next, and she almost suffocated with the deep throat fucking he gave her. She had no choice but to drink the boy's slime as another centaur mounted her stocks. She broke into loud moaning sobs as he easily entered her.

A line had formed behind the queen. Soldiers, peasants, servants, and centaurs, even Edwin fucked her ruined holes a few times. Young men lost their virginity to the queen, and old men delighted in the use of her young mouth.

The people held a three-day feast, consummating the peace between the centaurs and elves with the mass fucking of the deposed queen and her court. Neighboring towns even came to share in the festivities. In fact, it was such a roaring good time that torches had to be brought out in the evenings for the people to continue through the night. The line behind Carinthia didn't end until four days later, when centaurs took her back to their lands, never to be seen again.

The End

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