Chapter 2

The young woman sat across from him in the tub, her purple hair pulled up and wrapped around itself in a tight bun. She held a pair of small metal tweezers and pulled tiny shards of wood from his hands, still humming.

Streaks of blood occasionally seeped and rolled down his massive shoulder into the water. He leaned his head back and listened to her song while her gentle hands worked. "I still have to teach you how to fuck," he said.

She stopped humming and glared at him but a smile quickly broke and she laughed in a single breath. "That's quite the pickup line, dwarf," she said, sliding her feet under his heavy balls. "But I already know how to fuck." She kept her lips parted and stared Salazar in the eyes.

"Is that right?" he eyed her suspiciously. "And who taught you how to do that?"

She raised her chin to the side and looked down at the dwarf smugly "The blacksmith's apprentice," she said matter of factly. She looked at the dwarfs' thick biceps as she spoke, "He had strong arms..." She let her gaze fall to his hand, "and big hands.'' She pulled his hand underwater, guided it between her thighs and he pushed his stubby middle finger between her tight lips.

She leaned back and he felt the soft soles of her feet on either side of his stiff cock. He pushed his finger in deeper and she moaned, letting the tweezers fall to the floor. Her feet stroked his cock and she put both her hands on his, pushing and pulling his finger in and out of her.

"Tell me about it," he said, letting her guide his hand as she flopped his cock around between her feet.

"Well,” she closed her eyes and took a long breath. “My father owned the bakery next to the smithy so, once I was old enough I would go with him to bake in the early hours of the morning. Once the bread was prepared he would send me to school where I learned womanly chores like mending seams," she glanced at his shoulder, "and washing clothes." She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, pushing her thick thighs together on his hand, "Gods, that feels good."

"I don't care about any of that, tell me how you learned to fuck."

She laughed and pushed herself forward onto her knees, straddling him and waving her large puffy nipples in his face. "It's my story, Sal, maybe if I give the baby a bottle he'll be a little less cranky." She pulled his head and he latched onto one of her breasts, loudly sucking and squeezing with his lips, his finger still inside her. She let her hair down and it fell around his head like a purple veil.

"As I was saying," she continued over his loud slurping. "One morning the blacksmith's apprentice had come early to finish a project. He was a blue eyed, dark haired boy with a good work ethic. Once he started hammering," she moaned gently. "He didn't stop until the job was done. He was walking into the side door of the smithy as I was walking out of the side door of the bakery and we literally bumped into each other. He was tall and his lips, fuck… his lips..." She wrapped her arms around the dwarfs head as he sucked on her nipple and they both moaned.

"He told me I had flour on my nose," her voice cracked. Salazar looked up at her, and saw a single tear running down the front of her cheek. His face stretched wide over a forced smile.

"Have you cried since the destruction of your home and the murder of everyone you know and love?" he asked. She shook her head and her eyes glossed over. "Ok," he said, pushing her off of him. "I don't think this thing is good for you right now," he roughly tapped the metal band around her head and stood. He looked down at her sitting in the bath with a confused look on her face. I'm gonna take this off you and try my hand at some balverine steaks. You're going to feel very sad but don't fight it. Take as much time as you need and join me when you get hungry." He pulled on a fresh pair of trousers and his utility vest before leaning down and pulling the metal band from around her head. Her hair flowed like violet silk through the circlet and then dropped behind her.

The floodgates opened and tears poured freely down her cheeks, accompanied by heavy, body shaking sobs. She hugged her knees and wept as the dwarf walked out into the night.

He headed back to the tree line where his wood gathering had been interrupted and was glad to outrange the girl's sullen sorrow. He piled the wood into a large stack and scooped his arms underneath. A chill ran down his spine and he left the endless woods as quick as he could.

When the young woman finally emerged from the tent she looked relaxed and clean. She wore long white thigh high stockings that hooked under her feet leaving her toes and heels bare. A green silk shirt that barely covered her large breasts was tied around her neck and back with thin straps. Her purple hair draped down past her shoulders and framed her pretty face. She walked through the soft grass and stopped at the edge of the dwarf's fire pit.

"Thank you for pulling me from that well, Salazar. I haven't officially pledged myself to you so let me do it now,” she cleared her throat and straightened her back. “A life debt to you is owed and what is owed is owned, I am yours until your dying day or until the debt I do repay." She bowed low and the dwarf grunted his acceptance, not looking away from the crackling fire pit. "Could I make one request?" Salazar looked at her silently. "Please don't force me to wear the headband. That girl… the carefree girl who hums pretty tunes and dances to music, she’s gone, and it only hurts to remember her." She looked down at her hands. "It hurts like like the screams of my dying friends and family. Can you understand that dwarf?"

Salazar turned to watch the large balverine leg sizzle and blacken on the cooking spit. His eyes bore into it as she asked her question. He reached out to her and she came to him, sitting on his lap and leaning against his large chest. "Wear it or don't, girl, it's your choice. But I won't have you moping about. It's bad for business."

"What exactly is your business?" She looked into his deep brown eyes.

"I procure exotic slaves and other curiosities to be sold or rented in exchange for coin." His practiced tone told her that he had answered the question a thousand times.

"That explains the ridiculous clothing in your drawers. Why aren't there any pants or panties? Am I supposed to remain bottomless in your presence?"

"Ridiculous? You look good enough to eat, girl. I could sell you for 50 silver in that outfit." He squeezed a handful of her breast as she curled up against him. She stroked his white beard, trying to decide if the dwarf's appraisal should be taken as a compliment or an insult.

"Time to eat girl, get that moonshine," he swatted her bare ass cheek with a quiet smack and she jumped to her feet. They ate quietly by the fire, enjoying the succulent meat of the horrible creature. The food seemed to put the young woman in better spirits and the few swallows moonshine probably didn't hurt. They wobbled to the tent and Salazar shed his vest and trousers as if they had angered him.

"Did you see that fucking balverine, girl?" The dwarf swayed as he kicked his pants off his foot. "I killed it with my bare… fucking 'hic' hands."

She crawled onto the bed, arching her back and wagging her ass in his face with a playful smile "Hmm," she thought aloud, "balverine? I remember you killed a small dog that was harassing your campsite." She grinned devilishly.

He looked at her, stunned and drunk. "Oh, so you get your headband off and now you're smart, and cruel. I miss the dumb girl that happily sucked my cock this morning," he said with a grin.

She shot him a flirty glare and flopped onto her back, legs closed. "Oh, so you get a little moonshine and all of a sudden you're flirty and fun?" She pushed her hands under her breasts and squeezed them together under her shirt. "I miss the grumpy old dwarf that wouldn't let me play with his toys."

"Oh, you wanna play with my toys, do you girl?" He grabbed the base of his cock and balls, still grinning and swung them around in a vulgar display.

She stared at his flopping genitals and nodded. "I do," she said, and opened her thighs. As she did, her lips parted slowly, revealing her soft wet opening.

He climbed up onto the bed in front of her. "Finish your tale," he said, caressing her inner thighs. "About the boy with big hands and stupid lips." He squeezed her legs hard. "And get to the good part girl. I don't need your life story."

She closed her eyes. "We had eyed each other before. Sometimes I'd come to the bakery and he would be..." Salazar slapped the girl's pussy with his hand and she squealed in surprise, closing her legs around his huge fingers, her eyes clenched shut.

"The good parts, girl!"

She recovered from her shock with a smile, breathing heavily. She opened her legs and looked up at him, her eyes blazing. "Do that again."

"Oh, you like that do you girl?"

She nodded and her cheeks reddened. She untied her neck strap and let her tits flop over her shirt. She grabbed her nipples in anticipation.


"Mm," she squeezed her nipples as she moaned and closed her legs in pleasure and pain then quickly opened them again.


"Mmmm." Her high pitch squeal of delight was muted through her tightly pressed together lips. She opened them again.

"Open your mouth when you moan. A woman's moans are sweeter than any music. This time keep your legs open too."

Her eyes narrowed and she looked at him unsure but determined.


"Oh, Saaal," her voice sang a pure note of pleasure, heightened as she fought to keep her legs open. He moved his hand in a small circle after the slap and her knees vibrated.

"The good parts!"


"Ooooh… kay..." Her breathing was heavy and her nipples were flushed. "He took…" she caught her breath. "He took me into the workshop and pushed me against the door. He forced his tongue into my mouth and I couldn't believe I was actually touching his lips with mine. I sucked on his tongue and those perfect lips as long as he let me but eventually he shoved me to my knees." Salazar kneeled in front of her and started stroking his cock.


"Oh fuuuck. He shoved his cock, sorry-" she looked up at him, her mouth open and her eyes wild with pleasure. "His penis, into my mouth and I didn't know what to do. I had never sucked a penis before so I just spit all over it, sucking and licking. I just really wanted him to feel good." She squeezed her nipples and winced in anticipation as Salazar raised his hand again.


"Fucking fuck!" Her eyes rolled up into her head and he saw her asshole clench as she squirmed, her fingers sunk into her soft tits and her fat nipples bulged.

"Did you cum?" He was up on his knees, stroking above her.

She watched his cock, a line of drool fell from her open mouth and she slurped, laughing. "I'm about to."

"You better fucking not, girl" he said. "I own you remember?"

The middle of her brow raised, "Please, Sal!"

"You'll cum when I say you’ll cum, not a second sooner. Finish your story. When does he fuck you?"


She looked him dead in the eye as her knees shook violently. She swallowed hard and breathed deep, desperately trying not to cum. He raised his hand again and she blurted out words. "Workshop. I sucked him off and then… he picked me up with his big arms and sat me on the large black slab of iron they used as an anvil. He kneeled in front of it and I pulled my dress up."

Salazar spit on his hand and swirled it around his cock. He moved between her legs and set his tip against her entrance. "Keep talking, girl."

"Well, he shoved... it into me" as she said 'shoved' Salazar plowed his cock into her. She put her hands on the dwarf’s biceps and continued, "I grabbed his huge muscled arms and held on for dear life. He fucked me so hard Sal!"

Salazar grabbed her by the waist and thrust into her hard and fast.

"Keep talking," he said between grunting thrusts.

"Sal you have to slow down, I… I can't..." Her nails bit into his biceps and she tried to focus on anything but her cunt being rhythmically stuffed full of the dwarf’s thick cock.

"Finish your story girl, then you can cum."

She focused on her words and the story, trying not to picture the beautiful apprentice and his steely blue eyes. She closed her eyes tight, and remembered, "his balls started to slap against my ass and I lost myself. I moaned loudly and he didn't stop me. As soon as he heard my voice he shoved deeper and filled me with his warm seed. I could feel it drip down my legs as I walked to school. I hugged my teacher and my thighs slid together with his wet cu-"

Salazar leaned over and kissed her as he pounded into her. His bushy mustache tickled her nose but she found his tongue and worshiped it. He stopped thrusting and she looked up at him, eyes pleading.

"Ok," he looked down into her eyes, "we cum together."

She gave him a sexy smile. "But Sal, you haven't heard the best part. At night I liked to pretend I was asleep and listen to my parents pillow talk, sometimes I even heard them have sex. That night my dad said the blacksmith's apprentice had a new girlfriend. Said he heard her moaning.”

Salazar’s face twisted, "You're fibbing."

"Am not," her face was dead serious. "It gets better," she looked down at his cock, lodged in her, "Something wrong with it? You want to hear the story don’t you?"

He huffed out his nose and started again, slower.

"He even said it turned him on. The next morning, after helping my dad, the apprentice was already waiting for me. This time, you'll be glad to hear, he didn't bother with all the kissing, and eye gazing. He had felt my honeypot and wanted more. This time he sat on the anvil and I sat atop him, showing him my ass. I bounced on him and my moans bounced too. Then he stood up with me still riding him and he pushed me over a table. I practically screamed as he fucked me and after he came I walked on wobbly legs to school. Again my father whispered about the moaning from the blacksmith but this time he said he got himself off, listening at the door."

Salazar had picked up the pace again and they were both breathing heavy, but she continued through labored breaths.

"Everyday... I fucked that boy and everyday my father unknowingly came to the sound of his daughter getting fucked. Sometimes... he would tell my mom all the dirty things I'd say and they'd quietly fuck, reenacting their daughters sex as she listened and masturbated under her covers."

She didn't even notice she had started rubbing her clit and Salazar spoke in his deep rumble of a voice, "Cum girl. Cum for old Sal’. Cum for your parents and cum for the lucky bastard that taught you how to fuck."

She slid her hand from her clit down to wrap it around Sal’s cock. She pumped it as she came and pushed her body down onto it as they both moaned in ecstasy. Her pussy grabbed his cock like a vice and she pushed his head into her tits, hoping he would suck on one and he did. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself further onto his cock. She could feel his cum pumping into her and she thrust her hips into him, pulling his cock half out and then pushing it as deep as it would go. She loved the way it filled her and her legs spasmed as her orgasm climaxed. A loud wailing moan escaped her throat that was so bestial, it would have frightened children.

She trembled under him. She was almost twice as tall as him but she felt like she was just fucked by a giant. He tried to roll off of her but she rolled with him and straddled atop him. He looked at her confused. His softening cock still in her. "What are you doing, girl?"

She made a mocking face and quietly imitated the old dwarf, "If I hear you let a man's seed go to waste I'll make sure it's the only thing you eat for a month." She laughed at herself as she slowly pulled off his cock. Her pussy made a quick sucking sound as the thick meat flopped out of her. Still half hard, it folded and rested on his pubic mound. Then loud, splatting sounds accompanied large globs of cum from her dripping cunt. The torrent of milky slime covered his cock and balls like a frosted sweet roll. She wiped her pussy with her hand and spread her fingers. Long strands of cum stretched like spider webs and she ran her tongue through the gaps, licking herself clean as she sucked down the liquid.

Then she moved down to his cock. "Gods, that's a huge load Sal, it covers your whole penis and then some." She picked up his cock and the slime around it formed another web of sticky strands. She took the whole thing in her mouth and the cum bubbled up around her lips as she loudly sucked it clean. The strands from his cock stuck to her chin and she greedily slurped up a pool of it that settled in his hip divot with three laps of her tongue. She moved down to his balls and managed to pull them both into her mouth. She gently sucked and cleaned the large orbs before returning them to their rightful place.

After his balls were clean she did a once over with her tongue, finding a few globs she had missed, then polished her lips with her lithe tongue. She was about to make some witty joke but she heard quiet snoring and she looked up to see the dwarf fast asleep. That's not all she saw though.

The attention to his balls and surrounding area had erected his cock again. She poked it and giggled as it swayed in front of her. He continued snoring. She looked at it thoughtfully for a moment and then wrapped her hand around it. More snoring. She pressed her tongue to its head and licked as she squeezed its girth. A few drops of cum dripped out and she found herself hungrily swallowing them.

She wanted more.

She wrapped her mouth around it and let saliva rain down on it as her hand ran around the base. He snorted but continued his rhythmic breathing. She closed her sopping maw over its prey and lost herself in the act. She stroked as she sucked and she sucked as she stroked.

She felt her drool running down to his balls and she cupped them with her other hand, spreading her slobber across his huge sack. She rhythmically sucked until her arms and neck were tired but the cock didn't release its prize. All the while Salazar snored peacefully.

"Ok you little prick," she said, talking to her new friend. She squatted above Sal and lowered her tender pussy onto the head of the large cock. She slowly bounced, dipping the tip past her lips over and over again. She was starting to get a good rhythm when her weight fell slightly too far forward, pulling his cock from her. She leaned back but over-corrected and felt the sturdy cockhead force its way into her asshole. She yelped and then froze.

The sleeping dwarf didn't even flinch. She watched his chest slowly rise and fall. She was still frozen in an awkward pose. She had one arm back by his legs and her torso was off center, her legs bent in half squat. His cock was an inch buried in her ass. She didn't have anything to grab onto and so, she had to lower herself to get her legs underneath her. Slowly but surely, she lowered herself another inch until she was able to successfully squat above him again, but she didn't raise herself up. She lowered herself another inch, and another, taking half his length into her asshole. She slowly adjusted her feet, changing to a kneeling position and then started to raise and lower her ass, going slightly deeper with every thrust. She did this until she sat comfortably on his hips. His cock completely gobbled by her hungry hole. She just wanted to sit there, feeling his cock push against her insides but she remembered her mission.

She raised and lowered herself on his cock, her sphincter stretching and contracting as Sal's big dick forced its way in again. She pulled all the way off his cock and slipped it into her wet cunt. Then she pulled it out and stuffed it back into her ass. She alternated like this about ten times before his cock began to twitch and his balls tensed.

She crawled down him and shoved his cock in her mouth, tasting her ass and licking her white pussy juice from its base. Her head rotated around with it lodged in her throat. She felt it shudder and pulse. She rested his cockhead on her soft tongue as his load spurted out into her mouth. Victorious, she closed her eyes and savored the taste of his cum as it dripped down her throat.

Exhausted, and with a stomach full of cum, the young woman laid her head on Salazar's barrel chest, gripping her new toy as she drifted off to sleep.