Chapter 1

The dwarf spurred his donkey through yet another smoking pile of rubble. The war party he followed was exceptionally thorough; of the five villages he'd been through not a single structure remained. "Such a waste," he said to himself as he gulped a small mouthful of brandy.

He tucked his silver flask away in one of the many pockets of his vest and ran a huge hand over his white widow's peak. His mule clopped its way toward a stone well that remained mostly intact. "Always the clever girl aren't you, Missy," he said as he hopped down from his wagon and walked up to the well. There was a wooden handle that worked as a crank to raise and lower the water bucket.

The dwarf climbed onto a broken section of the well's protective wall and peered down into the blackness. He reached up to the handle and tried to rotate it. It held fast against his muscled arm and the rope leading down was taut. "Hmm," he scratched his bearded chin. He walked over to his wagon and unhooked a small step ladder along with a length of rope.

He felt around in his vest pockets, eventually pulling out a large three-pronged fishing hook and a lure weight. He tied the two to the end of the rope and stepped up on his stool. Using his makeshift grappling hook, he ensnared the top of the long rope.

He walked the other end of the rope over to Missy's harness and tied a quick knot. "Okay, old girl, this way." The mule stubbornly planted her feet. "I know dammit, I'm thirsty too but we need the bucket if we want any water." The dwarf's voice had a low growl to it that sounded like he was always on the edge of rage but his rosy nose and cheeks that sat atop his wide silver mustache and beard made him seem rather jolly in contrast. He pulled an old apple core from his vest and coaxed Missy away from the well.

After about thirty feet, he walked back to the well. The large bucket was now at the top of the stone wall but there was a young woman with one foot in the bucket, clinging to the rope. She wore a white night dress and was shivering as the icy water dripped from her. He climbed up his ladder and looked her over. He couldn't see her face but she was well fed and athletic.

Her head jerked toward the dwarf as he spoke. "Can you climb out of there, girl? My mule and I need some water." She reached a shaking hand to the stone wall. The dwarf was curious to see how she would do with this test. Climbing from a shaky bucket, then up and over the small stone barrier after hours in freezing cold water would be a good indicator of her health.

If she could make it, he'd take her. If not, well… he chuckled to himself. She fell from the bucket and the dwarf cringed, waiting to hear a splash, but none came. He craned his neck to see over the edge of the small wall and she was hanging just below the top ledge, one hand on the cobbled stone and one still holding the rope. "Come on girl, we're thirsty up here." He leaned back on his stool and waited.

He watched as her forearm slapped onto the top of the wall. Then her other arm and her head peeked over. She swung a toned leg over and rolled her body down onto the cobblestone. He climbed down the ladder and stood above her. "Well done, girl." he said, pulling a wand from a long, thin pocket in his vest. "Now let's get a look at you."

He used his wand to pull the blonde hair from her human face. "Hmm, not bad.” He traced her breast with the tip of his wand. A large dark nipple showed through the wet fabric, "Great breasts. Perfect thighs. Good hip to waist ratio. Hm. This'll do. I'll have to fix that hair though, too basic."

He walked over to his wagon and started pulling out drawers. He grabbed a small ink bottle of rich purple dye and uncorked it. Carefully dipping his wand into the dye he began humming to himself. He walked back over to the girl who was now sitting up, taking in her surroundings. "Alakazap!" He said, pointing the wand at her theatrically. He took great joy at shouting wizard nonsense whenever he cast simple prestidigitation spells. She flinched and purple sparks rained down around her. Where the sparks landed on her blonde hair and white dress, a purple splotch appeared and then grew until all the splotches connected and her hair and dress were a bright, royal purple.

"What in the…?" She pulled her hair in front of her face to inspect it.

"Oh, you can speak." He said, and walked back over to his wagon. From another drawer he pulled two thin iron bands. He walked toward her, but she scooted away, pressing her back to the stones of the well. "Relax girl, it's just a necklace," he said, as he stepped over her legs. She held her hands up but he reached past them and clasped the collar around her neck. He held his wand to it and it glowed brightly as if heated, then dimmed to a normal iron band. "There we go. Try now."

She moved her lips but no words broke the silence. Her brow twisted in confusion. "That's better," he said, "I've found it's best if we don't get to know each other. "Now," he looked her in the eyes. "I need to know how well you can suck," he wrestled with his belt buckle, but she pushed against his chest and he stumbled back.

She crawled away from the well into the dirt of the narrow street. "Well, that's gratitude for you," he said with a huff, but didn't move to follow. "You're going to ruin your dress," he called over his shoulder. She crawled another twenty feet and then stopped as if someone had jerked on her neck. She turned on her butt and tried to slowly inch away but some invisible force pushed against her head. He looked at her bare knees through the fresh holes in her night dress and cursed loudly. "Dammit girl, I told you. Now look what you've done." He walked up to her holding the other iron band in his hand. He clanged it against a band on his wrist and the metal sang through the ruined street.

"See this bracelet girl, that shiny necklace has to stay within range. It doesn't care if your head stays on your body but I'd reckon you do. Understand?" She nodded slowly, tears welling. "I'll have none of that girl, I saved your life, you know what that means?" She nodded again and her shoulders fell. "That's right. 'A life saved, is a life owned’,'' he said, reciting the law of the land. "Now this band here is a little something I call an attitude adjustment." He waved another thin iron band in her face. "I put this on you, and you're as cheery as the day is long but you lose some of your wits. I'm gonna go ahead and put it on now so you don't cry through your first few clients but eventually, you'll have to do without it."

She closed her eyes in despair and he set the band over her head, pulling her hair through. "There, keeps your hair free of that pretty face too." He grabbed her chin between his index knuckle and thumb. She opened her eyes and they sparkled in the sun, a smile spread and she looked genuinely happy to see him. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing happened. She stopped and then laughed silently.

He thought for a second and then touched his wand to the necklace, it glowed again and then dimmed. The end of her laugh bounced happily through the pillaged town. "It tingles when you do that." She said with a broad smile. "Did you see I tried to talk? I forgot about the necklace." she laughed at herself and sighed happily. "Such a dummy… Sorry about my dress." She rubbed her knees. "I don't know what I was so afraid of, it's not like I've never sucked a penis before, I'm actually pretty good." She said with pride. "Wanna see?"

"That's better." The dwarf said and he unclipped his belt buckle as she got to her knees. She was slightly shorter than him now and he looked down into her eager eyes as he flopped his cock out. She laughed in delight and the dwarf snapped at her. "Never laugh when a client pulls his cock out. I know you're excited but men turn deadly when you insult their manhood."

She stopped laughing and thought. "I've just never seen a dwarf penis and I expected it to be smaller. I'll try not to laugh but penises are just funny to me." She poked it watching it harden, then giggled again.

"Don't say penis it makes you sound-" he stopped himself, and looked her over, "actually do say penis. How old are you anyway? You know what, don't tell me." He rummaged through his pockets.

"Whatever you say, you're the boss, um…" she stopped "you haven't told me your name." He began packing tobacco into a little wooden pipe and he gestured to his wagon that was adorned with a bright red painted sign "Salazar's Bazaar of Oddities," she read aloud. "Salazar then," she smiled up at him as he held a lit match to the pipe, stoking it gently. "I like it!" she said. "My names- mrph umph"

He had grabbed the back of her hair roughly and shoved his cock into her open mouth. "I told you already girl, it's best if we don't get to know each other. Now show me what you can do." She wrapped her hand around his Dwarven cock as she began to suck the tip. It was stout and sturdy like him. She started to stroke and he slapped her hand away. "I'm already hard girl, men don't pay for hands, they already have those. Use your wet holes to get me off and remember, we get paid by the customer so the faster the better."

Salazar watched her take half his cock into her mouth and he let out a comfortable sigh, smoke pouring from his nose. She reached up for his cock again and he slapped her hand away without looking. She settled both hands on his thighs and began to suck loudly. The wet slurping and squelching was a good sign the dwarf knew but she wasn't going deep enough. He pushed her head onto his cock and her hands squeezed the fabric of his trousers. She coughed and gagged as he pulled his cock out, dripping drool into the dirt below.

"You can cough and gag, some customers pay extra for that, but if you wretch on a client I'll sell you to an orc tribe, understand?" She took a deep inhale and nodded her head. "Ready to try again?" She looked up at him, her eyes watering and she coughed a laugh. He grabbed her head and she stuck out her tongue, opening her mouth wide.

He shoved his cock back into her throat and this time she pulled on his trousers, trying to go as deep as she could. Once he felt it push past the back of her throat he knew he would cum. She wasn't particularly skilled but she had enthusiasm. She wanted him to cum, he could see it in her eyes, and that made all the difference.

He reached down and grabbed a handful of her large breast and, as his fingers sunk into the fleshy fat, he released his load with grunting and thrusts. He held her forehead as he pulled out his cock. "Show me," he said. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue over her cupped lip and his sticky cum dripped from her top teeth to pool on her smooth pink tongue. "Good girl," he said and ran his hand down the back of her head, scratching the base of her neck like a dog. She closed her mouth and moved to spit into the dirt but he grabbed the back of her head and forced her to look at him again.

Her eyes were squinted and her lips were pressed together tightly. "Swallow it," he said looking into her eyes. She whined and her eyebrows furrowed. "Now!" he commanded. She looked up at the sky and he watched as her throat bulged with two loud gulps.

"Ehg," she let out with a sigh, “tastes like an old shoe.”

"If I hear you let a man's seed go to waste I'll make sure it's the only thing you eat for a month." He tapped out his pipe and tucked it into one of his many pockets.

"I guess it's not so bad," she said, trying to convince herself.

The dwarf pulled water from the now functioning well. He watered his mule and filled his own waterskins while the girl rambled on about all manner of things. He knew her incessant chatter would eventually wear through his nerves but her voice was pleasant, and her happy tone put him at ease after a long week of silent travel. He listened to her as they rode, occasionally stopping for a smoke or a drink.

As the sun began to set. Salazar could see the black trail of smoke from another burning village ahead. He guided Missy to an open clearing and walked to the back of his wagon. He unlocked the padlock with a key from around his neck and stepped inside. The shelves of his wagon were full of what appeared to be children's toys. There were barred wagons with little prisoners inside along with tents and buildings with all manner of little decorations.

The young woman had silently moved into the wagon behind Salazar and he jumped as she spoke. "Pretty toys, Sal," she reached over him, grabbing one of the wagons full of prisoners and held it in front of her face. "They look so real,'' she said.

"Put it back girl, my things are not to be touched." He grabbed for it, but she raised it out of his reach, obviously amused. He glared at her.

"Ok, grumpy," she teased.

"If you must touch everything, grab me that tent," he said, jabbing a stubby finger toward a cubby with a tiny miniature tent. She lifted it and inspected it. It looked like a large, family tent but was smaller than the palm of her hand. It felt like fabric, but was stiff and inside there was a large bed, a wash bin and a little dresser. "Give it here then," he held his broad palm out and she placed it gingerly in his hand. "Alright, out with you."

He shooed her from the wagon and locked the padlock. He walked to the middle of the clearing and set the small toy on the ground. He took about ten paces then turned, wand in hand. He muttered something under his breath and the tent made a loud 'flump' sound as it instantly grew to the size of a large, family tent.

The young woman clapped in glee and Salazar stepped inside, hanging his vest on a small hook stuck in the tent wall. He removed his shirt and dropped it on the floor, then sat on the edge of the bed and stripped his boots and pants. He sat naked and took a long contented breath. The young woman walked into the tent with her mouth agape.

"How in all the sixteen hells did you do this?" She was touching the entry flap of the tent as if she didn't believe it was real.

"My clothes need washed and a fire needs started for dinner. Can you cook?"

She pulled away from the tent flap and looked around the large room whispering to herself. "But it was just a toy. How did…"

"Did you hear me girl? Can you cook?" His voice snapped her from her reverie.

She looked toward the dwarf and a warm smile flooded her face. "I love it in here. It's so cozy. Do you mind if I take a bath?" She pulled her dress over her head and her breasts dropped and swung.

The dwarf ran a hand over his face in frustration, but he couldn't help but stare at her large pendulous breasts. "Gods bless human women," he said in a whisper through his thick white mustache. "Fine. But, girl..." he waited for her to make eye contact, "wash my clothes while you bathe or bad things will happen. I'll get wood for a fire and you'll make us a stew."

She nodded her head like a child who just had a stern talking to, then scooped up his clothes and threw them in the steaming tub.

Salazar took a loincloth from his dresser and quickly tied it around his waist. He grabbed a heavy chopping axe and paused before walking out of the tent. The young woman had knelt and began scrubbing his clothing while humming a pleasant tune. Her breasts bounced against each other, swaying and rippling as she scrubbed. "Gods bless 'em," he smiled and walked from the tent.

The sky blazed a burnt orange as the sun began to set over the horizon. Salazar walked toward the treeline, letting his balls air out in the evening breeze. He stopped suddenly and looked down at the metal band on his wrist. The device was actually two bands, one set firmly into another.

The slavemaster's bracelet was a marvel of modern artificery, the thin set band had numbers that coincided with the paces your banded slave could go. Using the bracelet you could, so to speak, give your slave a longer invisible leash. He turned the dial to '150' and continued to the treeline.

He found a fallen log and set his axe to work. A loud 'thunk' echoed through the woods, bouncing from tree to tree. He swung his axe again and again. Soon, he had a small scattering of logs. As he began gathering them in a pile, the hairs on his knuckles stood tall. He stopped and listened but heard nothing - no insects, no birds, not even the wind dared to breathe. He grabbed his axe handle and slowly backed toward the treeline. He slowed his breathing, relaxed his muscles.

His eye caught a silver streak of motion and his practiced arm responded before his mind could catch up. His axe blade raised as a razor toothed maw launched towards his throat. The large white beast slammed into the dwarf as it clamped down on his axehead. Its huge claw raked across Salazar's shoulders. The impact sent him tumbling across the ground and his stout body slammed against the trunk of a tree, shaking loose dead branches and pine needles.

He still held the shattered wooden handle and watched as the monster struggled to free the embedded axe head from the roof of its huge mouth. It was covered in white fur and stood upright with long arms. It had a large muscled body thrice the size of an orc and atop its massive shoulders was the head of a wolf with long sabertooth-like teeth. "Balverine," the dwarf said coughing as he regained his breath.

He threw the axe handle and ran to the treeline adjusting his bracelet. If he turned the smaller band past its max range it reversed the polarity. Instead of the neck band being pulled to the bracelet, the bracelet would be pulled to the neck band. He broke through the brush and clicked the metal dial, setting the distance to '1' and gritting his teeth.

His head whipped back violently as he lurched forward, his banded arm extended. His legs drug across the huge field as the bracelet threatened to tear his arm off. He desperately tried to reach the bracelet with his other hand. The tent was surging towards him and just before he collided he managed to get a single finger on the dial and spun it. The pull of the bracelet stopped and he was left with his momentum. He tried to roll but ended up tumbling ass over head.

He heard large branches breaking in the woods behind him. He scrambled to his feet and raced to the wagon gripping the key around his neck tightly. He unlocked the padlock with shaky fingers as the beast roared at the treeline and began violently lunging across the field. He threw open the door and riffled through his cupboards, sending miniatures and tools clattering to the floor. He finally found what he was looking for and ran outside. The beast was halfway to him, its white fur gleaming through the darkness as it bounded again and again as gracefully as a giant, man-eating deer. He tossed his miniature to the ground and instinctively reached for his wand, but he didn't have his wand, he was naked save for an old leather loincloth.

He could hear the beast's heavy footfalls and snarling breaths. He looked towards the tent. 'I'd never make it,' he thought. And something jabbed into his bare foot. There was a small branch half buried in the ground. He stomped his heavy foot and the thing splintered. He grabbed the stick and rubbed it across his bleeding shoulder, covering it in his blood. He pointed his makeshift wand and spoke the command word. Nothing. He stabbed the stick half an inch into his palm and sprinted toward his miniature shouting the command word. The beast leapt the last twenty five paces and Salazar felt the warmth drain from his arm as the bloody stick channeled his power.

With a loud creaking of wood and metal the ballista grew to full size. The dwarf grabbed the handles, pulled the counterweight down hard and shoved the release lever. The pointed metal rod that launched from the front of the siege weapon was as tall as a human and weighed as much. It pierced the chest of the beast and spun it in midair.

The monster crashed into the ballista with a heavy splintering of wood. The dwarf rolled and then jumped atop the flailing creature's head. He felt a warm squish as his thumbs crushed the beast's eyeballs and the thing flailed about madly, sending Salazar sprawling onto the grass. It tried to stand, slashing wildly in its blind rage but its movements were clumsy and awkward with the spear halfway through its torso.

Salazar grabbed a large shard of wood from the ruined ballista and charged the beast, shouldering into it, knocking it to the ground again. He climbed onto its bloodstained chest and stabbed into the thing's roaring mouth. He felt splinters bite into his hands but he pushed further until the beast coughed blood up and around the large stake.

The whole affair was over in less than a minute. Salazar sat atop the creature, his breathing heavy. The madness of combat still raging in his wild eyes. The young woman came from the tent, naked and clean. "I heard a crash, is everything…" she trailed off, or Salazar stopped listening. He looked down at the lifeless creature and started to chuckle.

His chuckle turned into a roaring fit of laughter that caused him to roll from the beast. He jumped to his feet still laughing and hooted, then hollered. He punched the air in front of him as if fighting an invisible foe. The young woman slowly walked up to him and the monster in a wide circle as he continued laughing and flexing his arms. "Is that a… I didn't think they were real," she said as she walked up to him.

He wiped the tears from his eyes as his wild laughter died down. "Neither did I girl, neither did I." He grabbed a large handful of her ass, roping her in with his muscled forearm. She knelt to hug him and he buried his face in her large plump breasts, sucking, licking and squeezing them as he started laughing again. "I've wanted to do that since I first saw these beauties," He grabbed her chin and kissed her mouth then looked into her pretty face. "I'm the greatest dwarf there ever was, did you know that?"

She looked at him, excited and joyful by proxy. "You're… the greatest dwarf I've ever met. That's for sure" and she hugged him again, nestling his head between her tits. After a long while, he pulled away and walked to his wagon.

"You'll have to get these splinters from my hands and stitch me up," he said over his shoulder. "Are you any good with a needle?"

"I've mended seams," she said as he entered his wagon, being careful not to step on any of his miniatures.

He snorted, "Well, I've got some seams that could use mending, girl." He grabbed a bottle of moonshine that he'd bought off of some gypsies, a bone needle and a spool of fishing line.

She was still standing over the beast when he locked the wagon door and headed for the tent. "Come on girl. He's not going anywhere."

She followed him into the tent and he let his loincloth fall to the floor before stepping into the steaming tub. She closed the tent flap and danced over to kneel next to the bath, she had started humming again and Salazar noticed that he was starting to very much like the sound of her voice.

He took a swig from the bottle of moonshine and coughed before taking a slow breath. "Pour this on my wound girl, and get to work with that needle." She dumped a generous amount of alcohol across the three deep gashes that lined his shoulder and his muscles tensed in pain.

"I'm sorry," she said, regret etched into her voice as she quickly tied the fishing line to the hooked needle.

"Keep humming that pretty song, girl. And gimme another slosh of that poison." She handed him the bottle and her melodic tones filled the tent, though they were regularly interrupted by his loud Dwarven curses.