This story is based on a series of art by Sabudenego, and a piece of art by Adoohay. The Salazar character is owned by Sabudenego and I've taken some creative liberties with his personality and mannerisms so for Sabu's universe this probably isn't canon. Like most of Sabu's work though, the character fits so well into Yore, I couldn't resist giving him a story in my own world. Posted with permission.

Summary: A traveling dwarven slaver is following an army, hoping to catch up to them and do some trade. He comes across a woman stuck in a well as he stops in a ransacked village, to water his donkey. By saving her life, she is bound to him and joins him on his journey. 

Warnings: There's some cnc sex, mind control, blood and gore, forced prostitution, and graphic sex.