Chapter 1

The sun warmed Joy’s fair skin as she burst through the upper canopy. Her naked body glistened in the morning rays as she caught her breath. She could feel the quick rhythm of her heart, pounding with the same swift beat of her gossamer wings. Her golden hair danced in the breeze as she scanned the treetops.

Her pointed ears twitched. They were right behind her.

She darted along the tops of the branches and leaves, weaving in and out as her pursuers closed the gap. She couldn’t help but let a small smirk edge her mouth, if there’s one thing faeries love, it’s a good trap. She ducked a branch and lit atop a bed of soft purple moss, graceful as a falling leaf.

A figure moved behind her, then another. She couldn’t see them but knew they were there. She could feel their eyes, hungry for her. She played the part, walking lightly atop the moss, her wings still humming as she swung her hips with a smooth hypnotic gait. An apple hung from a low branch above the fragile floor, the limb drooped with the weight of the shining red fruit and she feigned interest.

She reached for the ornament and the hunters closed on their prey. Had they not been so focused on the sway of her feminine curves, they would have noticed the flutter of her delicate wings, keeping her aloft. But, like all things cursed with a blood-sucking leech between their legs, their brains lacked the blood flow for proper development.

She turned just as her prey fell into the net of vines beneath the flimsy blanket of moss. She took a bite of her apple and the clear juices ran down her chin as she spoke to her prey, “I swear, the bigger the cock, the dumber the fae.”

“I suppose that’s a compliment.” groaned one of the faeries tangled in her net.

The weight of the two males had cinched the opening and she flitted down to the bag of fae now hanging beneath the branches. They had toppled atop each other awkwardly and Joy let out a quiet giggle as she took another bite. The bottom fae lay on his stomach, his back arched by the weight of the other atop him. His cock had fallen through the netting and Joy stroked it lovingly with her free hand. “Oh it is, dear Perry,” she kissed the flaccid member and pulled his balls free of the net to hang like ripe fruit, “for when it comes to the opposite sex, the bigger and dumber, the better.”

She pressed her nose into his sack and inhaled, smelling his wild musk before wrapping her tongue halfway around his extending shaft. “You know if you let us out, we could show you how big and dumb we really are,” the other fae said with a grunt, trying to get himself upright.

Joy laughed and uncurled her tongue, “How often do the two of you have me at your mercy, Briar? I think it's my turn to have some fun at your expense.” She pulled the hanging cock deep into her mouth and Perry breathed a soft moan. She gripped the hanging testicles and squeezed the base of his scrotum, pulling the fleshy balls while she sucked. Briar managed to sit more comfortably atop his companion and folded his arms.

Joy stopped and glared up at him, “Oh you’re going to pout? How sexy,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Here.” She shoved the half eaten apple through the net and he took it, taking an angry bite.

She took Perry’s shaft in her hand and began milking the neck of his pink cockhead while she dipped his balls into her sucking mouth. He purred in pleasure and Joy’s own arousal began to flower. She slithered her tongue between his testicles and sucked loudly at the hanging sack, preparing her mouth for his cock.

She could hear Briar crunching into the apple again and her eyes squinted in a smile at his jealousy. She released the hanging orbs and planted the throbbing cock in her wet gullet with a hard shove of her head. She loudly slurped, sucking her own slobber off Perry’s cock before letting her throat squelch at her rhythmic bobbing. She wanted Briar to hear what he was missing.

Slobber dripped off Perry’s balls and she rubbed the drool across her large chest as his moans grew to long groaning exhales. She gripped his slippery shaft and squeezed, hardening his rigid tip even more as she built suction with her sucking lips before releasing it with loud wet pops. She licked the underside of his firm glans between heavy sucks and his sack began rising and falling with a building orgasm.

She grinned and released her iron grip on his shaft, gently taking his twitching cock into her soft mouth as he began spurting seed against her teeth and tongue. Her mouth became a dripping mess of warm fluid and she moaned as her work paid off. She stroked the underside of his scrotum as it slowed its flexing expulsion of warm cum. Her throat too rose and fell with the motion of regular gulps as she drank from him until his breathing calmed.

She pulled his cock free and sucked the sticky slime from the inside of her mouth, letting it rest on her tongue before sliding the slime down her throat. She flicked her tongue at his sensitive tip and he flinched and winced as she tortured him.

“Damnit Joy, let us out,” Briar said with an edge of real anger.

Joy wasn’t listening. She was watching Perry’s face as she teased his sensitive nerves with an impish grin.

She dropped her softening toy and frowned at Briar. “So serious…” she said, disappointed. She moved up the net and pressed her face against the net. “Why don't you ask me nicely?” she asked and picked up her heavy breasts in each hand, pressing her nipples through the fist size gaps in the netting. He stared at her from below his curly brown locks, before moving to comply. She pulled her breasts away and laughed in pure merriment, heightened by his irritated scowl. “Perry has to help,” she said matter-of-factly.

Briar sighed and she watched with glittering eyes as the two faeries adjusted until they were sitting side by side, pressed together by the walls of their constricting cage. She pressed her breasts against the net again and each of the fae took one of her soft nubs into their mouth. Perry grabbed her tit meat and kissed her nipple before flicking it with his thumb, watching it bounce back into place.

She cooed in delight and pulled Briars hand through the net, guiding it to the dripping lips between her thighs. He pressed a strong digit into her sex as he sucked the tip of her breasts. Her wings purred behind her, sending her long blonde hair into a floating mess of golden tendrils.

She closed her eyes and the two fae sucked and licked at her as Briar began slowly dabbing his finger against her opening. She could feel him slowly pressing her lips apart, probing curiously at her opening and she ached for something deeper. He rubbed in small circles, carefully avoiding her clit and her eyes opened to burn a hole through him.

His charming face smirked knowingly. It was his turn to tease, and she knew he could be ruthless.

“If you’re comfortable here, I can bring you apples every few days,” she threatened.

His smirk held. “So serious…” he mocked, and curled his finger up into her. She pulled Perry’s head against her chest as Briar began slowly fingering her entrance and girlish squeaks accompanied her long exhales. She grabbed a handful of Briars tangled curls and forced his mouth back on her other nipple as the muscles in her abdomen began tugging and jerking.

She mouthed a silent moan and held her lovers heads in each arm as her sex tried to swallow Briar’s curling finger. Her eyes rolled and her lips moved, puckering and tightening with the slow build of pressure. Then her fingers gripped the backs of their beautiful heads and her toes uncurled. Her wings flickered furiously and her flutey moan bounced through the trees of the endless wood. The soft walls of her inner flower squeezed and released, the flicking tongues against her tender nipples sent ripples of pleasure down her body as his burrowing finger sent opposing waves back up.

She collapsed and the fae caught her in their arms as her wings went limp. She could still feel Briars finger slowly massaging her pulsing sex as her orgasm quieted to gentle pulses of pleasure.

She caught her breath and released her husbands. They found a place where solid moss had connected a series of sturdy branches and she let them take what they had waited so patiently for. They lay sweating and breathless as Joy sucked the last few drops from Briar’s stiff cock. Then she mounted Perry, sliding his half hard cock into her. She lay atop his chest, hardening his cock in case he wanted more.

“We should head back soon,” Briar said, grabbing Joy’s chin and kissing her.

“Just a little longer,” Perry said. He was thrusting his hips near imperceptibly but Joy could feel him slowly pressing into her tender depths.

Joy fell into the kiss, worshiping Briar’s lips as Perry slowly massaged her inner walls. She agreed with Perry but Briar was always right.

The faeries’ ears twitched in unison. Joy pulled her lips away and Briar’s face told her he had heard it too. Her wings came to life and she lifted herself off Perry. “Screams on the wind,” she said, tilting her head in the direction of the far away sound.

“We should go,” Briar said, and stood, walking to the edge of their bed away from the sound.

“It could be fae!” Joy said, looking to Perry.

Briar sighed, also looking to Perry, “don’t,” he said, pleading with his eyes.

Perry looked between the two. “We could just look.”

Briar shook his head and laughed “Even with an empty cock you can’t think straight,” He conceded the vote with a heavy sigh and raised himself into the air before silently flying toward the sound.