The Harpies of the Wood

James was fixing his fathers plow when he first heard it. A crisp and full melodic voice carried on the evening breeze like the call of a songbird. Like a long forgotten lullaby, the song felt familiar and comforting. He stopped working and glanced toward the treeline. The enormous trees towered over their small farm on the edge of town. Their corn field sat between him and the woods, unplowed and unplanted. On the far side of the field he saw a flicker of movement.

He caught just a glimpse of naked, pale skin before it disappeared into the dark green and brown mosaic of the treeline. He looked around to see if mother was sitting on the small porch or if father was coming up the hill from the tavern but it was quiet save for the bouncing rhythm of the mysterious music.

He thought about calling for his mother when he heard another voice join the soothing song. This voice was dissonant to the first and made the song sound ominous and foreboding, a chill ran down his spine and he decided it was time to go inside.

He stood, but couldn't get himself to take a step. He felt the song drape him like a heavy cloak, his small hairs stood tall as the music moved in closer, it seemed to have a presence of its own. It was under his clothes now, brushing his toned stomach, chest, and arms. It slithered to the base of his skull and wrapped itself around his brain stem like a snake.

He could feel the alluring music begin to put his fears at ease and he looked toward the treeline again. He dropped his father's tool as he saw the creature in full view. Well, creatures rather, as he was looking at not one, but two bare bodied women with large blue feathered wings. They were kissing each other deeply, one stroking the other's face with a finger that ended in a long black claw. A third voice joined the choir and he took an involuntary step towards them.

He watched them kiss and felt the blood rush to his groin as he took another step. He had never seen a woman fully bare and had definitely never seen one kiss another so passionately. They turned in unison and their eyes glowed yellow in the evening light, each reaching out a spindly arm revealing their bodies. They were both thin but one was older and had large hanging breasts. The other was smaller and petite all around, her breasts clung to her and pointed slightly upward. He took a third step and a twig cracked loudly, snapping him from his trance. He felt the thick spell scatter from him like a bird spooked into flight.

He turned away from them, sweat poured off him as he felt the song fall atop him once more like a wet blanket. His instincts screamed at him to run, there was something very wrong here. He pushed his fingers into his ears and ran as fast as he could. He opened the door to his small cottage and slammed it shut behind him leaning against it. His mother was crocheting in the corner and looked up at him in surprise. She dropped her yarn and came to him.

"Oh, James dear," she looked him over and put a worried hand to his forehead. "What has you so bothered?"

"Th- th- the woods. They s- sang to me."

Her face darkened. "Did you see them?" She looked down at his groin, his pants drawn tightly over his hardened cock. "Of course you did," she said, and turned away from him muttering. She looked out the window, her brow furrowed as she whispered to herself.

"Them?" He asked, "You kn- know what these are?"

"Speak nothing of this to your father."

As she finished the words James felt a hard thud against his back and his father forced his way through the door.

"The hells you standin' in front of the door for boy?" His fathers voice was a drunken growl. He had returned from the tavern early, which meant he was out of coin.

James straightened to his full height and even though he was slightly taller than his father, he always felt like a child in his presence. "I'm… not a b- boy! I'm a man now fathe-"

His father grabbed him by the jaw and roughly pulled his face close to his. James knew what was coming and tears began to well. He could smell the sweet aroma of mead on his fathers breath as he looked into his dark, glassy eyes. "You cryin again, boy? Is that all you know how to do?"

A tear dripped down his cheek and he quickly wiped it away as his father laughed in his face. "I uh, s- sm- smashed my thumb with a hammer," he lied.

"I sm- sm- sm-," his father mocked as he shoved James's face away. "A man!" He shouted laughing as James clattered to the floor. His mother rushed to help him up but his father pointed at her, his mirth replaced with a deadly glare. "You did this. You made the boy soft!" he punctuated his last word with a hard kick to James's abdomen.

James wheezed and coughed as his mother ran to a small chest on the banister. His father chased her like a predator chasing a fleeing animal. She whirled around and held out a small silver coin. He stopped and looked at it. She was shaking and her words trembled as she spoke, "I was saving this to buy a new plow but our boy- I mean, James fixed it today so we won't be needing it. Why don't you go buy yourself a drink."

He grabbed the coin and looked at it, then at her, his eyes narrowed but he slowly turned toward the door. He acted as if to kick his son again and laughed when James flinched. "A man…" he chuckled to himself as he walked out into the night.

She fell about James and tried to lift his head and shoulders onto her lap. His breathing was almost regular and she whispered into his ear, "Come James, let's get you to bed." He pushed himself up and hobbled to his room. He tried to fall onto his bed but his mother stopped him. She turned him around and pulled his shirt up over his head "sit down," she said pointing to the bed.

Mother had been a healer and he knew better than to argue when he was injured. He did as instructed and she kneeled in front of him, gently touching and inspecting his tender abdomen. He winced but didn't stop her. Her soft hands felt good against his naked stomach. She pushed and prodded for a few minutes. "Lie back, you should be fine. Is the plow fixed yet?" she asked.

James rested his head on his pillow and winced again as he straightened himself out on the bed. "Not yet. Just need a few n- nails."

"We can get nails tomorrow. You get some sleep. And James..."

"Yeah ma?"

"Tomorrow we're gonna have a talk. Don't you leave this house for any reason until we talk, do you understand me?"

"Yes, ma'am"

She leaned and kissed him on the forehead before leaving him in the dark moonlit room.

He laid on his bed awake but exhausted, staring out his bedroom window. He could see the field, the trees, and the moon. He thought about the bare breasted women, how their lips played upon the others and how he longed to kiss someone even half as beautiful. He imagined them still standing in the field, kissing and caressing each other. Curious, he slipped out of his bed.

He quietly crept across his room and looked out the window. The moon bathed the field in a pale glow. Across the palid plain the high trees of the forest loomed dark and foreboding. He quietly unlatched the window and it swung open on its oiled hinges. As the cool evening breeze brushed his cheeks he heard the ominous lullaby once again. He tried to close the window but the music touched him deeply, its somehow familiar tune instructed him to climb out onto the long grass. It carried him across his father's unplowed field and allowed him passage past the first towering sentinels of the treeline.

The music stopped and he stood shirtless and shivering in the impenetrable darkness of the endless wood. The forest seemed to swallow him. He had no bearing on which direction he had entered and he heard rustling above and around him. The scraping of claws on ancient bark filled his ears. He heard a low, steady growl and the sounds grew closer and closer. He sat down and grabbed his knees squeezing his eyes shut.

He could feel them closing in, he could hear their chattering and hungry moans. Unseen eyes bored into him and just before the unseen horrors reached him, he sat up in a cold sweat, looking around his room.

His mother was sitting on the edge of his bed and she grabbed his shoulders. "It's ok James, honey. It's me, it's Mama. Mama's here." He fell into her embrace and smelled the lavender oil she always used. He closed his eyes and relished the nostalgia and comfort of his mother's embrace. His broad chest heaved and sweat glistened on his thick arms in the morning light. She held him at arm's length again and her look was serious.

James felt uncomfortable. "Where's f- father?" He asked, looking past her into the living room.

"He didn't come home last night and probably won't for some time. A silver piece goes a long way at the tavern."

James suddenly remembered and his eyes went wide and then narrowed. He was afraid to ask but his curiosity forced the question. "Where did you get it?"

She looked at him, kissed him on the forehead, and then looked into his eyes. He looked back into hers and saw her love for him. Two deep emerald pools of undying devotion. She closed them as she spoke. "Your father has done nothing but make enemies in this town. I've learned that many of them will pay good money to fuck his wife." She opened her eyes again to see shock painted across James's face.

"Mother, you d- didn't!" He looked hurt and betrayed, and angry.

"You're a man now James!" She said fiercely, her green eyes blazing "Do you know what that means?"

He felt small against her fury. He had never heard her speak with such passion and it rattled him. "It me- me- means, um, it... I..." He tried to gather his wit, to think of something deep or insightful but he couldn't lie to his mother. "I don't kn- know," he said and shame reddened his cheeks and neck. His head sagged and he felt tears welling in his eyes again which brought more shame. His embarrassment quickly soured to anger as he tried to think of someone to blame. His ire settled on his father. He felt his anger begin to boil to a rage and then his mother's hand was on his.

Her delicate fingers laced with his and his heart beat began to steady. He could smell her lavender perfume and then her voice pacified any storm brewing within him. "It's ok, James. You've never had anyone to teach you, but I will." She grabbed his chin and forced him to look into her eyes again.

James thought of his father doing the same the night before and the welling tears pushed streams down his cheeks. "What does it mean?" He asked.

"It means many things James." She wiped the tears from his face. "You will learn them in time but for now you will bear this secret with me."

James loved the tender touch of his mother. They sat in silence as James thought about what she had said. He imagined her whoring herself to people who hated his father and anger slipped back into his heart, or was it jealousy, he wondered. His gaze had settled between his mothers large breasts as he thought about how they must look when freed from her clothing. He wondered what they felt like to squeeze.

His mother's gentle laughter broke his reverie and he looked up at her, his face reddening. She gestured to his lap where his cock stood to attention under his linen trousers. "That's another thing we need to talk about. Most men need to learn to control their sexual urges but for you, it will mean life or death." Her smile faded and her face took on a grave expression. "The harpies will try to-"

James interrupted "Harpies?" He searched her face for clues.

"The harpies are wretched creatures. They aren't women James, they only look like women to lure their victims. They would sooner gut you than fuck you, you have to know that. Nobody knows why or how they choose their victims but once they do they don't relent until they have him."

"Him?" James's erection had begun to relent as fear slowly crept down his spine.

"They always choose a male just entering manhood, they lure them into the woods never to be seen again. The men who have gone after them have been found mutilated, ripped apart and hung in the treeline like grim trophies. I think they choose young men because they are easy to lure. They don't have control over their sexual desires." She looked back to his crotch placing a gentle hand on his package and he jumped.


"Do you know how to pleasure yourself?"

He sat frozen, she firmly cradled his cock and balls in her hand through his trousers and his cock was beginning to stiffen.

"James. Do you know how?"

"Uh y- yes ma'am" he said, not looking at her.

"Good, then I won't need to show you."

James inhaled as if to amend his previous statement. He wished he had lied. He wondered if she really would have shown him. He tried to think of something to say but she interrupted his thoughts.

"Everyday, before you leave the house I want you to take care of yourself sexually. That will give the song less hold on you. Go ahead and get yourself ready. We leave for the blacksmith soon." She released his now rock hard member, stood and left the room.

It didn't take James long to spill his seed thinking of his mother's gentle but firm grip on his cock. He could still smell her perfume and he thought of her cleavage as he came, alone in his room.

They went to the blacksmith and bought a sack of nails on what mother called "credit," The large dark skinned blacksmith gave her a knowing look. James tried not to think about what the exchange meant but he knew. He fell a few steps behind his mother on the walk home and imagined the large frame of the blacksmith plowing into his stout mother. He watched the curve of her ass sway in front of him as they walked and felt the jealousy creep into his heart again.

He had begun to look at her differently. He knew she was beautiful, he had always loved the way her dark brown hair had bounced down around her shoulders. Her face was round but not overly so. Without her big cheeks, her plump lips would look out of place. In fact 'round' and 'plump' were perfect words to describe all of his mother. Her breasts were round and plump, her ass was round and plump, her legs, her arms, even her small stomach. She was just soft, as if you could sink into her. He found himself wondering about her nipples when he bumped into her, his now hard cock jabbing her in the lower back.

"S- sorry ma!"

"Quiet!" She snapped, and held her hand up.

He listened and heard the faint but steady rise and fall of beautiful tones drifting from the woods. They were almost home now but James took a step toward the music. Just one step and his mother's vice-like hand clamped on his arm.

He grimaced in pain as her touch pulled him from some kind of unnatural stupor. "I'm sor-"

"Come dear, let's get you inside." And she practically dragged him up the hill.

The door closed behind her and her cheeks were flush from exertion and worry. "Go to your room and take care of yourself. We need that plow fixed. We're already behind the planting schedule and gods know your father won't be doing it."

James did as he was told and returned to the kitchen, his mother was looking out the window towards the treeline.

"Are you ok, ma?

She turned and gave him a forced smile "Of course dear. You did as I said? She handed him the sack of nails.

He nodded.

"Good boy." She cupped his cheek. "Quickly now, get that plow fixed and we can start planting."

James headed out to the old plow and grabbed his father's hammer from where he'd dropped it the previous day. He worked through the afternoon. He ended up having to take the thing apart and replace most of the wood. The song came and went a few times and when he felt the arousal in his groin he would methodically rub one out and get back to work. The song seemed to prey on his sexual urges and as long as his sex drive was momentarily pacified, he found he could shake off the smothering music. As the sun started to set though, he would catch glimpses of blue feather, yellow eyes, or pale flesh in the trees.

He spent more and more time watching the treeline and eventually the first one walked out into the field, halfway to him. It was the thin one he had seen the previous evening, her perky breasts glinted in the light of the setting sun and her feathers made the dying orange light dance around her. Another joined her, it was the older one again and she turned her back to him, revealing her brilliant blue wings and round ass.

She dropped down to all fours and thrust her ass into the air. The younger one knelt beside her and started licking her asshole with a large long purplish tongue that snaked out of her mouth and dripped slime across the other's ass cheeks and small cunt. She would beckon James to join them and then plunge her tongue into the other. He heard the song of the unseen harpies ring out across the field and he felt his cock begin to stiffen. He wondered if he could fuck one and make it back home. They were in the middle of the field after all and he was strong and fast.

He watched the way the younger one's thick tongue spread the soft fleshy opening and his cock ached to enter that glistening hole. He took a step towards them and the song intensified. He knew he shouldn't but his throbbing cock needed to feel the smooth wetness. He wondered if the thoughts were his own or if the song had already taken root. He didn't care. He needed to know what it felt like to take a woman, to be a man.

He faintly heard his mother screaming over the chorus as he took another step. He was about half way now, close enough to hear the wet squelching as the younger harpy repeatedly stuffed her tongue into the other. He continued walking and began to untie his trousers, his anticipation quickening his pace.

He was about ten paces from the winged woman and she pulled her dark purple tongue from the other's cunt with a loud sucking slurp. He saw that her tongue had a small opening at its tip that dripped a syrupy slime down onto the cheeks and hole of the other harpy's ass. She cocked her head and stood, taking a step closer to him, and drawing her long tongue into her wicked mouth. Her jaw seemed to unhinge to accommodate her oversized tongue and her serrated teeth flashed through the dim light.

He fixed his eyes firmly on the two holes presented by the harpy on all fours. He tried to take another step but there was a hand pressed against his chest. He pushed it away but it replaced itself. As he looked to see what obstacle had appeared between him and his prize he was surprised to see his mothers round face, tears streaming down her cheeks. She appeared to be screaming something at him but he couldn't hear her. She had one hand on his chest and the other outstretched toward the harpy, father's hand crossbow pointed directly at the feathered woman, the tip of the bolt not two meters from the creature's beautiful face.

The harpy tilted its head in a quick jerk and let out an ear-splitting scream. James felt weak against the shriek and covered his ears but his mother didn't seem to flinch. She pushed his chest and took a step away from the thing. The creature spread its wings fully and James marveled at its enormous wingspan. The feathers glittered with sapphire light as the last rays of sun glinted off the reflective surface.

His mother pushed him again, moving both of them several steps away from the dangerous beasts. The harpy didn't follow. She shoved James all the way across the field and as they reached the door of the farmhouse, James saw the two dark figures silently ascend into the night.

Once inside James fell to his knees. The song had seemed to slow his thoughts and remove his inhibitions. Slowly he felt like himself again and he realized how close he had come to dying. He heard the small crossbow thud against the floor and his mother knelt down to embrace him. They sat huddled on the floor for what seemed like an hour. Then his mother stood and looked down at him. "Did you take care of yourself like I asked?"

"Y- yes! Three t- times today!"

"Did it help?" She crossed her arms.

"Yeah at f-, at fir- first. But then I saw them. And the mu- mus-" his face twisted in frustration and he took a steadying breath as his mother grabbed his hand. "Music was too much, I'm we- weak." He started to cry.

She hugged him tight. "It's not your fault, we can beat them. The magic is in the music but the temptation is natural. I have an idea. Get some sleep."

She pulled him to his feet and he walked to bed, his head low. That night he dreamed of walking into the woods again. Again there were horrible sounds and unseen eyes upon him but he didn't sit down and cry. He kept walking. He walked deep into the endless wood until light began to stab through the trees. He saw feathered shapes above him clinging to trees, he heard the music, felt the sun on his face and a peace washed over him.

He awoke to the smell of cooking meat. It had been some time since they had the money for fresh meat and the smell carried him into the kitchen. What he saw stopped him in his tracks. His mother was cooking meat at their small range wearing a brown apron, only a brown apron.

She hummed a tune to herself as she cooked and her large cheeks swayed as she did. He never imagined her ass to be that big under her dresses, it was almost perfectly round and tucked tightly against her large thighs. She turned holding the skillet of cooked meat and stopped. Her cheeks reddened slightly but she smiled an embarrassed smile. "Like what you see?" She did a little curtsy and a few strands of dark hair fell down in front of her face.

James didn't know what to say. He was looking at her chest. The apron stopped half way down her breasts that bulged out the sides. "I… y- yes. Wh-"

"Have a seat dear. I made your favorite, fried ham." She pulled his arm and emptied the skillet onto a plate. Eat up dear. You're going to need your strength today. Once you plow we will have to start planting.

She turned and started cleaning up the range. He took a slow bite of his meat as he watched her ass sway with the motion of her scrubbing and wiping. At one point her breast broke free of the apron and he saw her nipple briefly before she tucked it back in. He was surprised to see that it was brown instead of pink like his own. Once he tasted the seasoned meat he devoured his breakfast in a few large mouthfuls.

She leaned her elbows on the table across from him as he finished, her pendulous breasts swaying, barely covered by the apron. James looked at them and then looked down at the checkered tablecloth, embarrassed.

"Look at them, James." He looked up again and she stood up, pulling the strand that tied the apron behind her neck. It fell to her waist and her bulbous breasts swung slightly as the tight fabric released them.

James's eyes went wide. His cock throbbed. His mouth watered. They were large and round, her areolas were puffy but her nipples were small nubs. He wanted to squeeze them. He wanted to suck them. He didn't know how, but he wanted to fuck them.

"I told you I had an idea James. If I can keep your sexual needs met, I think I can protect you from the sirens of the wood."

Somehow James's cock hardened further and he sat, not knowing what to do.

"Well? Say something," she said, self consciously covering her exposed torso.

"It's a g- good plan. S- so are we going to uh…"

"We aren't going to do anything," she said, pulling the strap that tied the apron around her waist. It fell with a soft flumpfh. "You're going to satisfy yourself, and you're going to use me to do it. Every time you feel an urge, a want, a desire, you will use me to pacify that urge. Don't ask, or hesitate. My body belongs to you now." She stood on the other side of the table entirely nude. James could see her small tuft of pubic hair and his curiosity and sexual desire began to buzz as his heart pounded.

"S- so like, right now?"

"Is that what you want?"

James nodded dumbly.

She walked around the table and pushed his chair back. She straddled him and put both hands on his shoulders. She ran her fingers up the back of James neck and head, tilting it back to look into his hazel eyes. She pushed her soft lips against his and he felt her wet tongue invade his mouth. His hands grabbed her hips and his fingers sank into her. He pulled his mouth away from hers, a worried look on his face. "What do I do?" He asked.

She reached down between them and untied his trousers. "Don't listen to your thoughts," she pulled his cock free and let a long strand of saliva drip down onto his cock head as she squeezed it. "Listen to this," she rubbed her thumb gently over the head in slow circles, "It knows what it wants."

He leaned forward suddenly and put his arms under her ass. She released his cock and grabbed his neck with a startled little squeak. He stood and held her with one arm. With the other he swiped his wooden plate off the table, it clattered off the floor and into the wall as the table groaned with the weight of his mother.

He stood eye level with her and they stared into each other's eyes, his erection pressing between her legs. The tip of his cock felt hot and wet. He closed his eyes and felt the soft fat lips of her mouth press into his. He pushed his tongue into her as he thrust his hips forward. He felt wet warmth engulf his tongue and his throbbing cock as he sank into her the way he had always imagined he would. He moaned and she continued kissing him. She kissed his neck and his chest and, as he inhaled her lavender perfume, his balls tightened and the base of his cock sent jolts of pleasure racing up to his tip. He felt the pressure build and release as he unloaded his seed into his mothers warm cunt. "Good boy, James," she purred into his ear.

His moans turned to heavy breathing as she grabbed the back of his head again and pulled him in. He let his lips slip between hers as he slowly pulled his cock out of her. His stomach tightened as her cunt squeezed his over-sensitive cock-head and he heard his seed loudly splatter on the floor. He was mindlessly sucking on her bottom lip as she pulled it from his mouth. She kissed his forehead and pushed him away, "are you satisfied?"

He opened his eyes and looked at what he had done. His mother was sitting on the edge of their kitchen table, her thick legs spread and bent at the knees. Small globs of cum still dripped occasionally from her wet cunt. He watched a stream run down the plaid tablecloth and join the pearly pool on the floor. He nodded, still catching his breath.

"Good!" she said cheerily and hopped down from the table. She walked over to the counter and grabbed two small objects. James had sat back down on the chair and she stood in front of him holding the mysterious little things out to him. They looked like little little nipples but they were white and wrapped with cloth.

"What are they?" His nose scrunched as he picked one up.

"I made them last night. Cotton stuffing wrapped in cotton. I'm going to seal these into your ears while you work. If you can't hear their song you'll only have to worry about managing your urges, which I think we've found a solution for." She winked and leaned down swaying her breasts in his face and bouncing his still hard cock with her finger.

"Now," she started, "shove these into your ears and come into the living room." He tried to push them into his ears but they were too big. He squished one down and twisted it then stuffed it as deep as it would go. Once inside the cotton plug regained its original shape and fit snugly in his ear. He put in the other and then followed after her.

He was disappointed to see his mother had put on a robe. She gestured to his fathers chair and said something but all he heard was a muffled murmur through the cotton. He sat down and she pulled one of the plugs from his ear. "This is going to burn dear but it won't do any permanent damage." She stroked his head and then leaned back to his ear. "Once I seal your ears, we won't be able to talk but remember, don't hesitate," she looked into his eyes, "Use me."

He looked up at her and his love beamed out of him. "Thank you, ma."

She twisted up the plug and put it back in his ear. She tilted his head onto its side and he saw her pick up a lit candle. He realized her plan and gritted his teeth. He felt the hot wax drip onto his ear and he stifled a moan of pain. Then she poured enough wax to fill the small cup of his ear. His muscles tightened and his eyes snapped shut but he held himself still. She let it harden and then did the other side.

He touched the smooth seal now firmly rooted in his ear and his mother's mouth moved silently. It was a strange sensation, it wasn't entirely silent but more like he was deep underwater, he could hear his own heartbeat but there wasn't even the muffled tones he had heard before when his mother spoke. "I th- I think it's working."

His mother laughed and pushed her finger to his lips. He laughed too when he realized he had yelled. She brought him a shirt and guided him towards the door. He stepped out into the morning sun and headed for the large plow as he pulled his shirt over his head and shoulders. He hammered the final few nails into place and pulled on the leather shoulder straps. It was hard work but his sturdy frame made the task fairly simple.

It was about midday when he realized he hadn't heard the music. He glanced up toward the treeline and saw nothing but the swaying trunks and branches of the wood. He felt slightly disappointed. He wouldn't mind the view of a naked woman right about now and then he heard his mothers voice in his head, "Every time you feel an urge, a want, a desire, you use me to satisfy that urge." He removed the straps and walked toward the house.

He smelled fresh baked bread and knew where he would find her. He walked around the back of the house and sure enough, she was pulling bread out of the large stone oven he had built last summer. She put the bread on a large table in their backyard and removed the large blacksmiths gloves she used to handle hot pans. He watched her grab a fresh loaf of dough in another pan and place it in the oven before closing it. She smirked when she saw him and her eyebrows raised in surprise.

He walked toward her but stopped suddenly. He didn't really know what he wanted. His cock was hard and it was demanding flesh. Besides that, he had no idea what he was doing. He stood awkwardly in the long grass behind their house and his mother came up to him. She was wearing a dress that showed her shoulders and a small amount of cleavage.

She pulled her dress down and her breasts bounced over the fabric. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her chest. He squeezed and kneaded and let her puffy nipples fall between his thumbs and index fingers before squeezing hard. When he did she pushed her chest into him. He couldn't hear her moan but felt it vibrate through her chest. He grabbed her head and kissed her roughly, pushing his tongue entirely into her mouth. She pushed him away and shook her head. Grabbing his cheeks, she gently put the tip of her tongue into his mouth and swirled it around the tip of his.

Then she pulled away and fell to her knees. She untied his trousers and quickly pulled them down to his ankles. She gently clamped down on the tip of his cock with her mouth and looked up at him. She stared into his eyes as she slowly slid his cock into her wet mouth. He could feel the underside of his cockhead as it slid down her smooth tongue. He watched as his girth stretched the edges of her mouth.

He couldn't take it. Just the thought of his cock in his mothers mouth was too much for him to handle. His asshole tightened as he tried to hold his cum, but the flood of pleasure couldn't be held back and he immediately released his load into her mouth. She grabbed the base of his cock and started to pump the cum out of him. She opened her mouth and he saw the last rope of cum get added to the thick pool of white liquid already filling her cheeks. She wrapped her lips around his sensitive head and sucked before drinking down her prize.

She pulled up his pants and tied them tight. Then she stood and brushed off her knees, bouncing her tits wildly before putting them away in her dress. She put her large mittens back on and took the hot bread inside as if nothing had happened.

He returned to his plow and finished about one third of the field before the sun started its descent. As the light began to wane he saw the familiar forms begin to take shape. Glimpses at first followed by figures leaving the forest and walking out into the field. This time there were three. The newcomer wore a feathered headdress and her body was exquisite. The other two began their lewd display while the newcomer walked forward. She was different from the others.

She had an athletic build with slightly defined muscles. Her breasts were the same round shape as mother's but slightly smaller. Her mouth was open and he could tell by her posture that she was singing. A hand was to her chest and he noticed this one didn't have the deadly talons at the end of each finger. He smirked thinking about how clever his mother had been with the wax. Their forms were impressive, but not compared to mothers soft round body. The sexual show didn't have the same effect on him as it had yesterday, even without the music he would have been tempted, but he now had easy access to a warm cunt. She really had outplayed these sirens.

He watched the show with interest. This time the younger harpy was alternating her huge tongue between the older one's asshole and cunt with every stroke. The new harpy had stopped singing and was watching James curiously with her yellow eyes. She walked over to the other two and began sucking the younger one's tongue like a cock, then she shoved two fingers into the cunt of the older presenting harpy. Seeing her suck and watching the wet hole stretch around her fingers made his cock swell slightly and he decided it was time to go inside.

He walked to his house without looking back and when he entered, his mother greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. He sat down in his father's chair and she pulled the wax from his ears. The sounds of the world rushed back into his ears. "It worked mother! It w- worked! I couldn't hear their song and they couldn't t- tempt me."

She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief. "That's great news dear but we must remain vigilant. Here, eat." She shoved half a loaf of bread into his hands and he tore at it ravenously.

"Tomorrow I'll start planting what you plowed today. If we get an early start we should be nearly done before sunset. Why don't you go get some rest, I'll make you a plate of salted potatoes for breakfast."

"Thanks ma," he stood and she kissed him on the cheek but he grabbed her by the waist. He gave her a long singular kiss on the lips and his cock twitched excitedly. He thought about it, but knew he was too tired for anything more tonight.

As he lay in bed he thought about fucking his mom in the kitchen, he thought about filling her mouth in the backyard. He remembered the fat tongue of the harpy, and wished he had a tongue like that to fuck his mother's asshole with. He surprised himself with his last thought. His mother had quickly become the sexual object of his world and he wondered if she was making a sacrifice by offering her body to him, or if she was as pleased as he was. He was just about to fall asleep when he heard a slow tapping on the glass of his window.

He opened his eyes and saw a dark outline of a feathered headdress against the pale glow of the moon, and two golden eyes gleamed through the gloom. He scurried back into the corner of his bed thinking the thing was in his room. As he looked closer he saw it was staring at him from outside the glass. It wasn't moving, just staring at him. He slowly moved off his bed and walked to the window.

He could see its features were different from the others. The first two he encountered had beak-like noses and narrow heads. This one had a slightly rounder face and its nose was more in line with James's. It put its palm on the glass and spread its fingers. James did the same. Their hands lined up together and James heard her begin to hum a melody. The haunting tune was muffled slightly through the glass. It reminded him of a music box a tinker had once shown him.

She hummed, and James obediently unhooked the latch of his window. She climbed into his room with the fluid grace of a feline, first perching on his sill and then gingerly stepping down in front of him. His heart raced and fear gripped him but her song had taken root deep at the base of his skull, he couldn't cry out or run. Somewhere, buried deep in his mind, he knew he was going to die. She was going to lure him into the woods and the harpies were going to eat him. They would string him up, turn his insides out and then dance in his blood.

She walked around behind him and inhaled his scent, first his neck and then his hair, she traced a long tongue up the lobe of his ear and he thought he might wet himself in fear. She came back into view and he saw her long slender tongue snake back into her mouth. It wasn't nearly as thick as the other's.

She looked him up and down, still humming the tune. He could see her blue wings tightly pressed against her from her shoulders to her muscular ass. She touched his shirtless chest and he felt himself relax. Her touch wasn't savage or painful, it was gentle and tentative, perhaps she was playing with her food. He flexed his muscles against her magic in a futile attempt to break free of her spell. As his muscles bulged she jumped back toward the window. Was she… afraid of him? He wondered. She cautiously approached again and pulled the string holding his trousers. They fell to the floor. She looked down at his cock and ran a finger from the tip to the base, stiffening it, despite his lingering fear.

Her other hand still on his chest she pushed him back and he was forced to sit on his bed. She climbed atop him and put her hands on his shoulders, pushing him onto his back. He couldn't help but admire her beauty. Her face was still birdlike in a way and as her eyes flicked over his body, her head cocked and tilted. His thoughts were interrupted when she lowered herself onto his cock. Her cunt was much tighter than mothers. It was smooth and slick but not as hot. Mothers cunt was hot like an oven but this one was pleasantly warm. He was trying to decide which he prefered when she started raising and lowering herself.

She seated herself atop him and started grinding her hips against him. Her haunting tune had turned to something slower and more sensual. She leaned down over him and hummed the tune into his ear quietly as she labored over his cock. He could feel her breasts dragging over his chest, her thighs gripping him and his cock thrusting deeper into her cunt that seemed to get more wet with every thrust. He laid under her in ecstasy. He hadn't lasted more than a minute with his mother but his stamina was bolstered by the two previous fucks.

She rolled her hips and he felt her breath against his ear as her mouth opened. Her humming had stopped and he felt control of his mind and body return. He grabbed a handful of her ass and tucked an arm around her waist, under her wings. She breathed heavy in his ear and her sweet voice came through faintly as she reached up and placed a gentle hand against his cheek. She lowered her face to his and licked her tongue across his bottom lip. The small opening in the tip of her tongue released a liquid, moist at first, then wet and slick. He felt the slime drip down his lips and into his gums, he opened his mouth and she ran her tongue across his. He let the taste fill his mouth and moaned in pleasure. It was sweet as honey and smooth as melted butter. He swallowed and pushed his lips into hers, kissing and licking her mouth.

Then he felt it. A faint presence took shape in his mind. He stared into those glowing yellow eyes, inches from his own and he could suddenly feel her thoughts, her emotions, her pleasure. The experience was too overwhelming to do anything but lay there with a stupid look on his face so that’s what he did. As their minds began to meld, the barrier between his experience and hers evaporated. He could feel her body as if it were his own as well as hers. He could feel his own cock thrusting into... himself as he rode harder and faster.

He tried to fight the feeling, to take control but, as he tried to maneuver her body, her gyrations became less fluid, the pleasure began to wane and he decided, or she decided, that it was time for her to take full control.

He released his body. He felt his arms reach out to either side. He felt her hands squeezing her breasts as she sat atop him, he felt her cunt stretch against his girth and he felt their orgasm begin to grow in them both. She released her nipples and linked their fingers, pulling their hands above their heads. She thrust his hips with every impact of her hips against his and he could feel his cock pressing deep inside her from both perspectives. She kissed his lips and he felt her cunt spasm in pleasure as he unloaded into her. Their toes curled and her nails bit into the back of his hands. He felt her release control and he thrust into her as his cock dumped more cum into her with every pulsing spasm.

He lay in her arms, breathless and mindfucked. He had so many questions he could feel her trying to answer but his exhaustion won over and he slept more soundly than ever before.


He awoke as his mother came into his room. "Oh hello there!" She said as she tapped his morning erection. It bounced and bobbed as she grabbed his pants from the middle of the floor. "Want me to do something about that?"

He stretched and groaned "mmmm, yes, please."

"Let's close this," she went to his window and closed it. James looked at her and then at the window and then at the pants in her hand. "What is it dear?" She came and sat next to him, her hand encircling his cock at the base.

"Oh," he said, startled by her firm forceful grip "uh, n- nothing. I just had a really w- weird dream."

She laid down next to him, slowly stroking his cock and whispered in his ear. "Oh, really?" She said with sex obviously on her mind, "was I there?" She started stroking faster and began kissing his neck. "Come on honey, give mommy her breakfast." His cock twitched hard and he came, thinking about his mom eating his cum for breakfast. She laughed and moved to catch the next few strands of shooting cum. He felt her lips close over his cock-head and he bucked his hips in pleasure. His seed dripped past her lips and down the side of his shaft. she swallowed as he came and then licked the base of his cock where the cum had pooled. She moved up to his chest and skillfully lapped up the stream she had missed. "Mmmm, that's a good boy," she whispered, and gave him a big, wet, cummy kiss on his cheek. He wiped it off and she jumped out of bed. "Time for your breakfast, get up!" She threw his pants and shirt onto his face.

He ate his breakfast, got his ears waxed and then headed out to plow. A few minutes later his mother joined him with a large bag of seeds.

He watched her for a second and it occurred to him how out of place she looked. He knew she didn't own a pair of pants so she had instead worn a sturdy quilted dress with the sleeves cut off. He imagined it would be hot to work in but it probably protected her knees better than anything she had. She had a big floppy hat that would protect her from the sun though he doubted she needed it. Her complexion was slightly darker than his and she would tan easily.

He got back to work and plowed through to midday again. He saw his mother look around nervously a few times and he knew the woods were singing for him. She brought him a loaf of bread and he watched her plant while he ate. It was quite a sight. A woman on all fours in the dirt, sweat soaking through the back of her dress. A breeze carried her lavender scent and he knew what he had to do.

He walked over to her and pulled her dress up over her, exposing her naked ass. It glistened in the sun as beads of sweat dripped down her round ass cheeks. She went down on all fours and then down onto her elbows, forcing her ass higher than her shoulders. He saw her mouth move but he couldn't tell what she said.

He kneeled behind her and put one hand on each round cheek. They were slick with moisture and he pushed his face between them, licking a small trickle of sweat that ran down over her puckered asshole. She squirmed as his tongue tasted her salty hole.

He let the underside of his tongue run down her crack, parting her lips and then stopping on her clit. He had never seen a cunt up close and he put two fingers on each side of his mother's puffy labia. He spread her open and saw the soft pink hole beneath. He continued exploring until he found her hooded clit. He squeezed it gently and she squirmed again. He took it in his mouth and sucked it. He went back to the soft pink hole and started digging it out with his tongue, fucking it as he had seen the harpy do with her tongue.

He shoved his tongue deep into her cunt and scooped. He did this again and again until his chin was dripping with white slime from his mothers sopping hole. His nose would bury into her ass every time and eventually the smell of it was too good to ignore. He licked her asshole with ravenous intensity. Eventually he felt her go limp. Not even on her elbows anymore she was just laying on her knees and her face in the dirt, rocking with his frantic licking.

With her holes wet and his cock stiff, he grabbed her hips and watched in boyish delight as his cock sunk into his mother's wet cunt. As he pulled it out her lips grabbed his cock, begging it to stay. He began thrusting, and with every thrust he would circle her asshole with his thumb. As his thrusting intensified he noticed her ass loosening and he applied more and more pressure. He began long slow thrusts into her and when he pushed his cock in, he would also worm the tip of his thumb deeper into her.

She put her hand back on his hip and looked back at him. She looked hot and uncomfortable. Her dark hair stuck to her dirty red cheeks and forehead. He knew what the look meant but he remembered what she had said, "Don't ask or hesitate. My body belongs to you now." He smiled at her and pushed her dress down further, covering her face and arms but exposing her breasts.

He wondered how this must look if someone were to come up the hill from town, bare legs, ass, and tits seemingly coming from the dirt while the farmer's son fucks away. He smirked to himself and thrust again, spitting on the divot where the tip of his thumb was pushed against her asshole. He forced his thumb past its first knuckle and she kicked her feet, but kept her knees planted. He wished he could have heard the sound she made when he finally got his thumb in her ass. And then something strange happened.

Her ass started to pull his thumb deeper, her greedy hole gobbled up his entire thumb. He could immediately feel the hardness of his cock with the tip of his thumb through the thin fleshy membranes of her asshole. He grabbed her ass with his remaining free fingers and pounded away at his mother’s cunt, feeling the ridge of his cock-head bump against his thumb with every thrust. He was amazed at how long he could last, sweat poured off his nose and brow, raining down onto her ass and back. He must have fucked her for a good ten minutes before he pulled his thumb free. He gripped two big handfuls of ass and leaned over her, panting and sweating and fucking in the midday sun.

He reached down and grabbed her two swinging tits, they filled his hands and spilled out the sides. He was up off his knees now fucking her like a dog. He let go of one sweaty breast and pulled her dress back. Her face was in the dirt and her eyes were glossed over, half closed. She was bright red and covered in sweat. She lazily looked up at him and he felt her push against him as he thrust. He put his hand on her head and pushed her further into the soft dirt. He squeezed her nipple hard with the other hand and hammered his cock into her like a railroad spike.

His breathing was ragged when he finally came, he sat up and watched the base of his cock pump cum into her. It oozed out the sides as his cock continued to spurt. Her cunt gripped him tight and the insides of her thighs were coated again by more dripping seed. He pulled his cock free and painted her puckered hole with the last few drops of cum. He gave her ass a little spank before gathering her dress and setting it right. He could see her face, panting in the dirt.

She sat up in a daze. She looked around and one side of her face was covered in dirt. She brushed it off but it was still filthy. The front of her dress and her hands were also covered in dirt. She caught her breath, and then got back to planting. He watched her plant for a time, imagining his cum seeping out of her and running down her legs.

James finished plowing two thirds of the field just as the sun was going down. He went to his mother and helped her plant. She saw the harpies before James did and she grabbed his hand, pulling him inside.

Once inside she pulled the wax from his ears. "I think I've earned a bath, don't you?" She looked at him with a strange coy smile and James thought back to fucking her in the sun and the dirt, his cock stiffened.

"Yes ma- ma'am, I'll get the water and the st-," he took a deep, steadying breath. "Stones."

He went to the pump behind the house with two buckets and began pumping water. He filled the large buckets and poured them into the metal basin in his father's room. He dropped a warming stone into the tub and walked back out to the pump. He felt eyes upon him as he filled the second bucket. He turned and the headdressed harpy, the one that had visited his room in the night, was standing less than two paces from him.

He started and spilled the bucket he was filling, sloshing water onto the ground. "Wh- wh- what do you w- want?" He asked, trying to sound commanding despite his stutter.

The bird woman took a step closer and sniffed him again, the way she had done the previous night. She kissed him and he returned the kiss, not really knowing what to do. He could feel her naked breasts through his shirt. She reached down between his legs and gently fondled him. He breathed a long sigh of pleasure before pushing her away. "I can't right now." He said firmly, and grabbed the spilled bucket to resume filling it. She started to hum quietly and he put a finger to her lips. "No!" She stopped. "I'm busy. If you want to fuck around come back later." She looked at him surprised and he had surprised himself. He wasn't sure why, but he had no fear of her and he felt confident and strong. Her face twisted into either anger or sadness, he couldn't tell but when he finished filling the bucket she was gone.

He brought the buckets in and mother was already in the half filled basin. "What took you? I thought I would have to bathe myself," she said with a sly smile.

"I sp- spilled a bucket."

He poured the cold water into her bath and watched her nipples pebble as it chilled her. She grabbed a small bar of soap from the table next to the basin and handed it to him. He looked at it and then looked at her. "Well, get to work." She raised her arms and wiggled her torso, pulling her breasts out of the water and shaking them. "And take off your clothes. I want to see how much I'm torturing you."

He removed his dirty clothes and kneeled next to the basin. He dipped the soap in the water and rubbed it between his hands. Lukewarm suds began to form and he spread them across his mothers breasts. He washed the crease under them and lathered the sides of them, squeezing and rubbing. He scrubbed her armpits and arms all the way up to her hands. His cock bobbed against her and she giggled. On the way down her arms he massaged them and she moaned, leaning her head back against the bath. He went back to her breasts and massaged them as well. "Mmm, now my feet," she said as her toes wiggled in the air.

He moved to the other side of the tub and rubbed her feet with the soapy foam. "Gods, planting is hard work," she said with a sigh, "I haven't worked that hard in years. And we aren't even done."

"Only a li- little more tomorrow any we'll be pl- planted" he watched his cock rub between his mothers soapy calves as he rubbed her feet. Her head was leaned back over the side of the tub.

"After my bath you can-" the front door slammed and they looked at each other in panic. "Pants" she said and he grabbed his trousers desperately trying to pull them up. She grabbed his shirt and covered her breasts just as his father walked in the room, his heavy boots shaking the wooden floor.

"What in the hells are you doin' in here?" He stared at James with hard eyes.

"We were talking." His mother said.

"I didn't ask you." He said without breaking eye contact.

"Momma p- planted today so-"

"You had to have a woman help you plant? You really are a worthless piece of shit!"

"We're behind schedule!" She said, but he didn't hear her.

"This is exactly what I've been talkin about. You've babied this little bitch long enough. It's time I showed him how to be a man." He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of the tub. Water splashed and flung about the room.

James's adrenaline surged as he heard his mother cry out in pain. His father threw her to the floor, face down between him and James. He unbuckled his belt. "You know why there aren't more fuckups like you running around here?" he asked, letting his pants fall to the floor. He spit on his hand and quickly greased his already erect cock. He climbed onto her and James could see his cock flailing as he began to hump her. He pulled her hair, whipping her head back and forcing her to look at James. Her teeth gritted and her eyes squinted when his cock found the hole it was looking for, he moaned and grunted, "It's cause I stick it in her ass."

"S- stop!" James said, his voice cracking.

His father moaned and started to fuck her rythmically. He looked up at him and a grin spread across his face. "Or what? You're gonna c- c- cry?" He screwed up his face as if he were crying and then laughed as he fucked her harder. She let out a grunt and her face twisted into a snarl. "See? This is how you treat a woman, boy."

James turned to leave.

"Get the fuck back here, I'm not finished yet, you want to be a man dont you?" James turned to look and saw a dark figure standing outside the window, two yellow eyes glowing against the darkness. He stared into them, he could hear the slapping of skin on skin but he refused to look. His mother's grunting moans chopped through the room but he stared into the glowing eyes. His fathers moans turn to shouts. "If you don't watch, I won't finish."

Slowly, James looked down at his mother, her eyes were closed and she grunted with every thrust. His father laughed again and James felt the first seed of hate take root deep in his heart. He knew then, as he watched his father sodomize his mother, that someday he would kill the old man.

His father stiffened and moaned a theatrical, over the top performance as he came. Her asshole made a wet sucking sound as his father stood and James saw more cum drip from his father’s cock onto his mothers ass and thighs. A single tear of hatred rolled down James’ face and as he turned to leave, he heard his fathers laughter echo through the depths of his soul.

He closed the door to his room and felt the cool evening breeze. The harpy was already waiting for him. She took three hurried steps to him, grabbed his hands and held them to her chest. He saw tears on her cheeks. She embraced him and he sobbed. He cried long and hard. She took him to bed and held him in her arms, stroking his hair and kissing his forehead. "I'm sorry I didn't do anything." He didn't know if he was talking to her or himself or his mother. "He was a soldier. Even piss drunk he could kill me in a hundred ways. I don't even know how to throw a punch."

She looked at him and cocked her head as he spoke, her curious yellow eyes studying him. "You must think me a coward." He said. She held his head in both hands and kissed him once on the lips. His chest heaved with another sob and he hugged her, his fingers sinking into the soft feathers of her folded wings and she began to hum quietly. The song washed over him and he felt the floodgates open. His sadness and shame poured out of him until there was nothing left, and then he slept.

He awoke to his father slamming his door against his wall. "Wake up! Your mother told me you couldn't even finish plowing last night so you'll have to do it now. I don't wanna hear any whiny excuses. Get your ass out of bed and get it done."

James pulled himself out of bed and dressed quickly. He went to the kitchen and there was a plate of food ready for him. He grabbed the chair to sit and his father kicked it over. "You can eat when you're done, if you aren't going to pull your weight then you aren't going to eat my food. This house doesn't need any freeloaders." James thought of the irony in his statement and looked around for his mother. "She went into town, said she owed the blacksmith for the plow nails and needed to see the butcher about his meat, I never did like that guy and his smug, fucking face."

"Which one?" James asked, hatred edging his voice.

"What?" His father asked.

"The blacksmith or the butcher?"

His father looked out the window, annoyed "Both. Smug fucks…"

James wanted to tell him. He wanted his father to know that they were so smug because they had probably just fucked his gorgeous wife.

"Don't worry mamma's boy, she said she'd be back before noon." His father walked to the mantle in the living room and took up his hand-crossbow.

James looked around for his ear plugs and found the two cotton nipples his mother had made. He grabbed them on his way out and stuffed them into his pocket. He was nervous about today's work. The side of the field that needed plowing was closest to the treeline and without his mothers help, he would be vulnerable to the vixens.

He stuffed his ears as best he could and grabbed the seed bag. He started planting and eventually heard the siren's music. Faint at first but then louder. He tried to stuff the plugs deeper into his ears but he could still hear it. He went behind the barn and tried to jack himself off but all he could think about was his mothers anguished face from the previous night. He punched the barn hard and walked back to the house. His mother was inside when he returned and he ran to her.

"Momma I'm s- so- so sorry." His voice cracked but she interrupted.

"Quit cryin dear! What happened, happened to me, not to you. It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. I can handle rough sex from your bastard father but what I can't handle is losing you to these godforsaken woods. Now, Have you taken care of yourself yet?"

He shook his head and his shoulders fell.

"Come here then, I'll give you a rub while you eat your breakfast." She took his hand and led him to the kitchen chair.

"What about f- father?" He said sitting in the chair.

"Oh, he's outside shooting that stupid crossbow. He doesn't even know I'm back yet." She knelt down next to him and untied his trousers.

"What if he c-comes back? What if he c- catches you?" Panic raised his voice as he remembered the previous night.

"We don't have a choice James, the harpies will be back this afternoon and this evening. We have to get you ready. I got more coin from-"

The back door to the kitchen swung open and James heard the heavy footfalls of his father. His heart dropped. He looked down to his mother but she was gone. "What in the hells are you doin boy? Didn't I tell you not to eat till you were done?" He held his hand crossbow in one hand and a handful of bolts in the other.

"I am d- done." He lied. And forced himself to take a bite of cold potatoes.

His father looked out the kitchen window towards the road. "Where's your whore mother? She should be back by now, my sword needs polishing." He grabbed his crotch and laughed.

James felt the plaid tablecloth push up over his lap. With deft hands his mother had his cock out and he felt the warmth of her mouth. He stiffened in his chair, his eyes glued to the weapon in his fathers hand. His fork shook violently as he took another bite. His father glanced over.

"Fucks the matter with you?"

"N- nothing."

"Are you that much of a coward? You shake like a lamb in my presence?" He sat down across from him and James's mother took his whole cock in her mouth. He took a deep steadying breath. She lovingly stroked his cock and he stopped shaking slightly.

"N- n- no."

"It's ok if you're afraid of me. Fear is a powerful motivator, boy. Here, I'll show you." He skillfully pulled the bowstring on the hand crossbow and it clicked into place. He placed a sharpened bolt atop the mechanism and locked it into place, pointing it at James.

James's heart skipped a beat and he almost choked on his food. He looked at the glinting iron tip of the bolt and gripped the sides of the table. He could feel his mothers drool dripping down his balls and soaking his ass.

"I want you to say 'I plowed and planted peppers, picked them and pickled them.' If you stutter or stammer or if I see one single tear I'll shoot you in the arm." His mother stopped sucking. He reached down and she squeezed his hand. "Don't worry, you said we're done planting and it should be healed by harvest."

James could hardly focus. He took a deep breath "I… plowed" he decided he would say each word in one breath. "And… planted…"

"Start over! Say it faster!"

James closed his eyes. He thought of his fathers grin as he fucked his mother. He felt his hatred and fear like a ball of molten lead behind his sternum. He thought of the harpy's touch as she held him, he could smell the trees on her, the endless woods.

"Say it!" His father stood and pointed the weapon down at him.

He released his mothers hand and grabbed the back of her head. He could see the glowing yellow eyes in his mind. He pushed her head onto him and felt her tongue and lips slide down his cock. He looked into his fathers eyes. "I plowed and planted peppers," his hatred dripped from every word "picked them and pickled them." He grabbed her hair and began to use her mouth roughly. "I plowed and planted peppers, picked them and pickled them." His breathing quickened and he shoved his cock deep into his mothers throat. "I plowed and planted peppers, picked them and pickled them." He scooted forward on his chair and opened his legs wide, straightening his back as he glared into his fathers eyes, a smirk forming on his lips. He could hear spit dripping onto the floor so he yelled "I plowed and planted peppers, picked them and pickled them." His father lowered his crossbow and his mouth also curled into a cocky smile. He pulled her fully onto his cock and slightly thrust his hips as it tensed and pulsed. He shouted. "I plowed and planted peppers, picked them and pickled them." He practically moaned the last two words and relaxed in his chair. If one were listening for it, quiet gulping could be heard under the table. James was listening for it and his eyelids drooped in pleasure as he looked up at his father. He understood why men paid good money to fuck that bastard's wife.

His father walked toward the door with a look of disappointment and James realized he had actually wanted to shoot him. "I might make a man of you yet," he said, and stepped out the door.

His mother scooted out from under the table. She caught her breath in one big huff and began fixing her hair. His father returned behind her, dropping a small bundle of firewood.

"Uh, ma" James said, pointing to her face and chest. A strand of cum was dripping from chin to cleavage. She quickly scooped it up and sucked it off her fingers, she showed him her tongue, coated with his cum, and winked.

"Good you’re back, my sword-"

She grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss. He grabbed her ass with both hands and James saw her push a tongue full of fresh cum into his fathers mouth. He sucked her tongue clean and pulled her toward their room but she stopped him. "James didn't end up needing all the nails so Smith gave us some coin back," she pulled a small leather purse from her cleavage.

He looked at it, and then at her. He snatched the purse and poured it onto his open palm, his thumb sorted through the coin, counting it.

"Wouldn't you rather fuck Darcy or one of the young tavern girls?," his mother asked, almost pleading.

The atmosphere in the small kitchen was tense. His father looked at James and then at his mother, then at the coins again. He put them back in the purse, staring at her, his brow furrowed, his eyes narrowed, then he left.

James and his mother both sighed audibly. She looked towards the window. "The sun is setting, quickly dear" she motioned for him to sit on the living room chair. He pushed the cotton into his ear and she began to pour the hot wax. She stood next to the chair and his arm brushed the back of her calf. He caressed it, then slid his hand up the outside of her leg. He felt the crease between her thigh and her ass.

She exhaled a small moan as she worked and he began squeezing and kneading her thick ass cheek. She walked around to the other side of the chair and he tilted his head the other way. This time he ran his hand up the inside of her thighs and felt her soft lips waiting for him. She opened her legs slightly as the sounds of the world were suffocated once again by the warm wax.

He pushed his middle finger into her warmth and she spread her legs wider. He made a fist with the rest of his hand and slid his finger into her again and again until he felt warm juices run between his fingers. He sat up and looked at her but her eyes were closed. He pulled out of her and stood. He turned her around and unbuttoned the back of her dress. The smell of lavender wafted up from her bare shoulders and he buried his face in her neck kissing and smelling her. He let her dress fall to the floor and admired her curves through her thin white slip. He turned her around and guided her to the chair.

She spread her legs and pulled her knees up. Her slip stretched against her legs and raised out of the way, revealing her naked cunt and stomach. James dropped to his knees and leaned over her. He slowly licked the crease between her thigh and her cunt. He felt the short soft hairs against his tongue as he moved to her outer lips. He loved the way they bulged together, like tender peaches hiding away his mothers forbidden fruit. He sucked her lips and occasionally flicked his tongue between them to tease the small fleshy nub hiding beneath.

He pushed his middle finger back into her as he licked and sucked. He could feel the drool building up in his mouth and he spat it across her cunt. With his other hand he spread the fresh slobber around, opening her lips fully and revealing her small swollen clit. He pressed his lips around it and sucked gently while his tongue slithered back and forth across it. He could feel her gripping his finger tighter and tighter as he rhythmically fucked her. He began to shove his finger into her forcefully and then slowly pull it out as he gently closed his wet lips over her clit. Her legs began to close on his head but he forced them open with his other hand. He sucked and fucked as her thigh began to vibrate against his outstretched hand.

He felt the tightness in her cunt relax and then her back arched and her cunt squeezed his finger with an iron grip. He pushed past her seizing hole and felt the soft wet walls close in on his finger. He wanted to feel this on his cock he knew and he pulled out his finger to untie his trousers. He pushed his cock into her and she squeezed his bulging arm with her hand. He looked at her face and her lips were parted, her forehead creased and her eyes closed. Her lips looked so soft he couldn't help but lean over and kiss her, pushing his cock further into her tightening cunt. She didn't even try to kiss back, she had grabbed both of his biceps and was gyrating her hips against him, her face frozen in what looked to James a mix of pleasure and pain.

Her whole body shook against him. He felt her heels above his ass pushing him deeper as she raised and lowered her hips. He finally felt her cunt relax but her body still spasmed against him. She lay in the chair, trembling. He wrapped his arms around her and began to slowly thrust his cock into her soft limp body. She eventually kissed him. She grabbed his head and sucked his big lips. He continued thrusting. He didn't really have an urge to cum, he just loved feeling his mothers body against his and enjoyed exploring her cunt with his cock.

He felt a shudder through the floorboards. His mother's look of horror confirmed his immediate suspicions and as he looked towards the front door he took a large boot to the face. His body sprawled across the living room floor and he watched his fathers figure move toward the mantle, a small bag of nails in his hand. His mother grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him to his feet. She pushed him toward the front door and shoved him hard. He stumbled onto the front porch and fell, rolling to his side as he pulled up his pants. He looked back to see a bolt lodged into the door frame. He crawled off the porch and ran into the open field.

He slowed to a walk and then stopped, turning toward his father. He knew the man could hit a target half his size at twice the range. His father stalked across the field, confident and sure. Crossbow in hand he began to speak. James couldn't hear him but he knew what he was saying. He was saying how much he's always wanted to do this. How James was always worthless and that killing him would be blah blah blah… he looked past his father to the house and saw his mother laying on the porch, unconscious or dead.

"Just do it already," James interrupted. His father stopped talking but kept walking. The killing gleam in his eye told James it was time to pray. He didn't. He just watched as his father leveled the crossbow. He saw his father's cockshure smirk, and then darkness.

A shadow engulfed James and he thought maybe he was dead. A glimpse of two glowing beads of light cleared his confusion. She had come to him. She slumped against him and he knew instantly something was wrong. He wrapped his arms around her and felt the end of a bolt protruding from her back. He looked past her and his father was loading another bolt. That wasn't what James noticed though. James saw his father's face, a face of pure joy. He could tell his father was enjoying this, the same way he looked when he was raping his mother. Pure. Joy.

Something deep inside James broke then. It was the dam that held his rage. The anger he felt at his mother for whoring herself. The rage at the butcher and the blacksmith and whoever else had paid to fuck her. The furious hatred toward his father for the abuse of him and his mother. He dropped the harpy and rushed his father, screaming. His father finished loading and tried to raise his weapon but James was too fast.

He punched the crossbow from his father's hand and sent his other fist into his father’s surprised face. His father whirled and kicked James' feet from under him. James rolled as a heavy boot tried to crush his skull and he got to his knees as his father looked around for his weapon. Blood poured from his nose and James tackled him, trying to mount atop him. His father rolled to his hands and knees and James punched the side of his head. An elbow smashed James in the temple and his vision flickered and narrowed.

He was on his back now and his father stood over him. He kicked James in the face and James felt his nose crack. He opened his eyes and saw a tangle of wings and limbs struggling beside him. He rolled to his side and saw the wooden handle near him in the dirt. He quickly crawled for the weapon and turned back toward the fight. His father stood above the woman laying in the dirt. Her large wing flapped useless and his father grabbed it, stomping his boot into it.

James didn't hear the crack of the wing but he saw it snap in the shock and pain on her face. He walked up beside his father with the weapon outstretched. The old bastard turned to face James just as the mechanism lurched. The bolt entered just above his eye and his head jerked violently before his body fell limp atop the suffering harpy.

James knelt down and looked into the panicked eyes of the creature, her other wing flapped pitifully as she gasped for breath. He felt hands on his biceps, they hooked under his shoulders and he watched as his dead father and the dying harpy became smaller. His fathers house and field came into view then, as he was pulled higher and higher into the sky.

The End

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