Chapter 9

Cassia looked around the now dark cavern, the glowing amber eyes of the goblins stared down at her but her gaze settled on two luminous golden orbs. It was another woman, her blonde hair stood out against the gloom and her glowing eyes gave away her elven heritage. The light from the sun elf’s eyes illuminated her dark face and Cassia could see the girl’s delicate features twisted in disgust.

She found herself embarrassed by her current state. How must she look to this elf, caked in a thick layer of drying goblin excrement? She had stopped being able to smell the oversweet aroma of old shit but she knew the experience was probably a fresh horror for this golden haired beauty.

The goblins led them into the lower holes and Cassia found it harder and harder to squeeze through the tiny goblin tunnels that intersected randomly in the darkness. She tried to keep a mental map of the crawlway until their tenth turn down one of what seemed to be hundreds of intersecting corridors. So she crawled blindly in the dark, following the hunched figures until the smell of sulfur filled the air that seemed to get more and more humid the deeper they went.

They finally stopped and Cassia felt warm sticky air. One of the goblins lit a torch and the flame illuminated the cave. Cassia blinked as the sudden light burned her eyes. She looked around a large rock cavern with great stalagmites hanging from the ceiling, their ends dipped into a wide pool of steaming hot water that accounted for about half of the large cavern. Cassia crawled up to the pool and dipped her hands in the water. It was hot, but not scalding. 

She watched the dried shit wash away from her pale hands and drift away towards the far wall. A thin crack in the rock seemed to pull the water away to another unknown place and a trickling waterfall of fresh water seeped from the porous stone beside her, constantly refilling the pool. She loosened and removed the rope around her neck without thinking and plunged into the water. It burned her eyes and her skin warmed to an alarming heat but she quickly grew used to the hot bath. The floor of the hot spring was worn smooth and she knelt in the water drinking large thirsty mouthfuls, then layed on her back floating in the pool with her eyes closed.

A hot bath was the last thing she ever expected to find in the pits of a goblin warren but she sighed in unexpected bliss. She could get used to this.

The water splashed beside her and turned to see the golden haired elf had been pushed into the water. As her face emerged Cassia saw the features of the woman for the first time revealed in the light. Cassia had never seen an elf in person, and like all who see an elf for the first time, she was in awe. 

The elves of Yore are renowned for their beauty, but not in the way one would expect. They aren’t exotic like a human from the isles of Andar, they don’t have exaggerated features or any exceptionally beautiful characteristics. In fact they are perfectly plain, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, just like everyone else Cassia had ever seen. The difference, Cassia decided, was that the features of an elf are like the work of a master artisan. There are no blemishes, no oddities, no impurities. Their beauty comes from a simplistic perfection, and Cassia found herself speechless. The elf’s mahogany skin gleamed in the torchlight and as she stood in the waist high water her bare chest crested the surface.

Their eyes locked and Cassia stood as well. They stared at each other for a long time and Cassia moved closer, mesmerized by the shape of the dark skinned elf. Cassia could see the pain and anger in the girl’s eyes and she touched her cheek, but the elf pulled her face away. Cassia knew that look. She could feel it too, bubbling back up inside her, then she had an idea.

She waded to the edge of the pool where the goblins stood, bickering about something in their sharp tongue. She grabbed Her First’s hand and he pulled it away, startled by the sudden touch, then looked down at her and his hard eyes softened. She pulled him down to sit on the edge of the pool and he turned away from the group, who watched silently. She tugged his loincloth to the side and his cock was already half lifted, drooping over steaming water.

She turned to the elf and held out her hand. The elf didn’t move but her head twitched in an almost imperceptible refusal, tears rolled down her cheeks and Cassia went to her. She wrapped her arms around the elf who began to shake in silent sobs and she breathed a soothing whisper into her pointed ear, “Shh… you have to drink. Trust me. What’s your name?” 

The elf pulled back from her slightly and their breasts rested against one another. The elf sniffed and blinked looking at the ceiling for a moment then sighed. “Telani.”

Then Cassia surprised herself, she leaned forward and kissed the elf. She kissed her the way Her First would kiss her, she forced her tongue into Telani’s beautiful mouth. The elf didn’t return the kiss but Cassia didn’t care. She sucked her perfect lips, she felt her perfect tongue, she pulled her close and their wet bodies slid against each other. 

Cassia lost herself in exploring Telani’s mouth with her own. Somewhere deep down Cassia knew why she was kissing her but she didn’t want to admit it to herself. So she lied, she told herself it was to give the elf some love and tenderness in the new world she was about to experience. Then Telani kissed back, she smooched cassia’s sucking lips once and Cassia released her.

She pulled the elf toward Her First, his cock now pointed up at them, it was smooth and green with a pink tip and Cassia’s mouth watered at the sight of it. She tugged the elf to her knees beside her in the water and they both looked at the rigid green member. Cassia looked into the glowing red eyes of Her First and slowly took the tip into her puckered lips. She slurped and kissed, knowing his seed would set everything right for all of them.

She ran her tongue down to the base of his cock and began cleaning his dirty balls, smelling his musk and sucking the filth from him. She held the base of his shaft in her hand and pointed it at the elf but the girl didn’t move. Cassia spit the smooth balls from her mouth and looked up at the stubborn elf. “Drink,” Cassia said and shook the cock in her face. 

Telani swallowed, then slowly took the tip into her mouth. Cassia smiled and looked up Her First. He pat her on the head gently then pushed her back down to service his balls. She pulled them into her mouth and rolled them around her tongue, sucking and pulling on his scrotum as the elf’s drool began to drip down to her. She lapped it up and kissed the base of the cock, loudly slurping up the elf’s drool as the girl found a sucking rhythm. 

Cassia pulled back from the two and watched the beauty work. She found herself feeling pride in Her First for capturing such a gorgeous pet. Cassia put her hand on the back of the elf’s head and pushed her slightly further down on the green cock. She let Telani lift off the cock then she pushed her down harder than before. Telani gagged and her body lurched as if she would spew but Cassia could tell she wasn’t going deep enough. She grabbed the base of the cock with one hand and the back of the elfs hair with the other and used the elf’s mouth to please her master.

Loud squelching, coughing, and retching filled the cavern but Cassia held the elf to her task. She felt the elf’s throat finally give way and she removed her hand. She stood behind the elf and grabbed her head with both hands, pulling her entirely off the throbbing cockhead. Sticky strands of thick spit stretched from the tip and tears poured down Telani’s face. Cassia leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You have to swallow all of it.”

Telani shook her head and started to speak but Cassia shoved her forward, pressing the elf’s lips against Her First’s pubic bone with his cock lodged firmly down her throat. Cassia pushed the elf’s head in short thrusts before pulling her off of him. She gasped loudly and Cassia shoved again, wet squelching, and rough goblin moaning filled the cavern. She pulled her off again and the elf spit a mouth full of saliva down her chest. “Please,” She begged but Cassia shoved her forward, she could practically feel her master’s cock sliding down the elfs throat as she pushed and she could tell by his face he was close. Her First grabbed the back of the elf’s head and his legs began to shake. Cassia knew the elf needed air but pressed her further into his groin as his cock began to pulse. The elf flailed and jerked but Cassia held her firmly in place.

“Shh…” Cassia said, “just drink.” She reached one hand under the elf’s chin and could feel the cock bulging and flexing in her throat. The elf began to gulp from the spilling cock and Cassia smiled, she had done it. She had helped the elf and pleased her master at the same time. She waited as long as she could then pulled the elf off the source of her medicine, throwing the girl into the water behind her.

She wrapped her lips around the dripping cock and slurped up the thick drool of the elf. The throbbing cock dumped another load across her tongue and she savored the thick slime before another throb filled her mouth entirely. She gulped it down and waited for another, milking the cock for all it was willing to give. She drank another mouthful then stood and pushed her master back against the hard rock of the cave floor, his feet still dangling in the warm water.

She straddled him and grabbed his twitching cock between her legs. She pressed his dripping cockhead to the mouth of her sex and pushed her weight down atop him. She groaned as his uneven cock stretched her open, then slammed her large ass down atop his pelvis. The cockslime quickly took over her senses and she felt at home again, cum drunk and cock filled. She grabbed for Smiles who didn’t hesitate stuffing his cock between her fat lips and she sucked him like a hungry animal.

The twins splashed into the water and Cassia’s sucking mouth curled into a smile as the elf whimpered and begged. She rode Her First hard and fast, finally free of her constraints, she was able to fuck as she pleased. She climbed off Her First and layed on her back. She curled a finger at the toe sucker and he waddled up to her as the two goblins remounted her.

Her First situated himself as he had when he first fucked her, Smiles climbed up onto her head  and shoved his cock down her throat, humping her face into the cave floor. Her First entered her at the same time a slimy tongue slid between her toes and Cassia’s body tightened in the promise of an orgasm. Her First rammed his way through her cunt and she moaned, vibrating her throat and mouth around Smiles’ cock.

Smiles grabbed the sides of her head and began skull fucking her as her master’s claws sank into the flesh of her inner thighs. She moved one hand up to squeeze the base of Smiles’ scrotum and her other down to slowly strum her engorged clit. Her cheeks and neck were soaked with her own saliva and she wiggled her toes for Toe Sucker. She squeezed the walls of her cunt tight around Her First and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the three goblins had their way with her.

She didn’t question the pleasure, for the first time in her life, she had a purpose. The thought of that purpose being the goblin’s fuck toy and mother tipped her over the edge and her toes tightened around the wet tongue. She grabbed the ass of the goblin fucking her mouth and pulled herself deeper onto him. He moaned and his cock bulged as her own orgasm coiled tighter.

Her First thrust deep into her and as his warmth filled her she released her tension, swallowing a stomach full of seed while her entire body shook in ecstasy. She melted into the cave floor and let the goblins fuck her to completion. Smiles pulled his cock from her throat with a wet squelch and she gasped for air. He kissed her and she kissed him back. Her First pulled free of her and flopped his sopping cock onto her pubic mound. She lay with her eyes half open, trying to catch her breath.

Then something strange happened. Smiles stood and walked between her legs, replacing Her First. She shifted her hips slightly to give him access to her ass but he entered her tender cunt without hesitation. She looked up at Her First, eyes wide. He straddled her stomach, took her nipple into her mouth and sucked. He sucked again and ran his tongue over his teeth. Cassia looked up at him, bewildered. Did he not know Smiles was breeding her?

He leaned forward and held her face in his hands, before kissing her deeply. She returned the kiss, locking their lips and sucking his tongue. Their body rocked with the fucking of her but Her First didn’t seem to mind. He looked into her eyes and Cassia saw nothing but a deep love. He stood and flopped his wet cock against her breast bone. He lifted one tit and then the other and Cassia understood what he wanted. She held her large breasts together, wrapping his cock with her oversized tits.

She still wondered about Smiles but decided to enjoy his cock filling her as Her First fucked her chest. Sweat began to drip down onto her face as he titty fucked her and she closed her eyes, reveling in the rhythmic rocking of her body, and the slow splatter of goblin sweat across her face and chest. She could hear the pitiful moans and sobs of Telani as the twins worked her and she hoped the elf could find the joy she had found.

Smiles grunted and filled her womb, then left her alone with Her First. She opened her eyes and his face was twisted in goblin pleasure as her chin was sprayed with the first powerful gush of his climax. She opened her mouth and released her tits, grabbing his cock and guiding it to her parted lips. She drank from him, then scooped the errant seed and licked her hands clean.

Thrice spent, the goblin layed down atop her and she held his small body against her rising and falling chest. She stroked the side of his head and he eventually fell asleep watching the twins and the tiny goblin breed the elf in the steaming pool. 

Eventually another goblin entered the cave, his eyes glowing brightly in the gloom of the lower tunnels. Cassia noticed him first and didn’t recognize him, but then the long limbs of Lanky came into view and she smiled at the familiar goofy face. Something was different though, his eyes weren’t the usual amber or deep red glow of a goblin, they were the same golden gleam of the sun elf and her eyebrows knit in confusion.