Chapter 7

Cassia forced the goblin's thick slimy spit down her throat. She didn't know when she would get water next and had to conserve what little she had access to. She rolled back her eyes in pleasure as another goblin rammed her asshole. She had learned that she preferred her raw ass to be fucked hard and fast, the slow drag of goblin cock was torture to her ravaged hole. She had started giving her captors names in her head, and Lanky seemed to enjoy her ass the most and she knew by his excessive drooling over her tits that he would feed her soon.

There was a sick irony to it, hoping the goblin sodomizing her would feed her his spent seed. She felt disgusting and wrong, but if she was going to die, it wouldn't be from dehydration, of that, she was sure. That, and the goblin cum seemed to make everything more bearable. She knew it was poisoning her mind, breaking her down, but she preferred the medicine to the alternative; being raped into despair with her sanity bowing until it snapped. At least this descent into madness wasn’t so jarring.

The goblin mounting her chest hopped down and wiped his wet cock with his hand. She felt a mix of her own slobber and sticky seed smear across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose as he used her face to clean his hand. She let the few drops that slid down her face fall onto her waiting tongue, wetting her mouth again. 

Lanky suddenly pulled free of her ass, and the cool air of the cavern stung her over sensitive hole. There was a commotion behind her, and she heard goblins giving orders, then the frantic padding of feet. 

Someone was trying to untie her, and a small weak hope began to rise, only to be crushed when she saw the newest goblin sprawl in front of her. He was the one that had just fucked her throat sore. She called him Smiles because he always smiled down at her between kisses and rough face fucks. Then he was there, Her First. He was the creature that had stolen her innocence, tainted her soul forever with his filthy goblin seed. 

She hated him, but her hatred was like a pit of snakes. It writhed and twisted upon itself in a confusing way. The way he looked at her, she knew he owned her. The others could have her other holes, but only he was allowed to breed her. It was how it should be; he was better than them… It always went this way. Her thoughts would tangle and betray her, defending her captor, worshiping him one second, and then wishing he would die in front of her. Her body would quake in ecstasy at his touch, and she was beginning to take pride in her skill at sucking off goblins. Everything had turned upside down over the last couple of days, and then it would turn right-side up between feedings, only to be dumped again as the intoxicating slime set everything right. 

She was losing track of herself, her compass spun wildly, trying to reorient on anything that felt right. It started as a stubborn sense of pride that she could endure her cruel treatment, but she didn't know if she was surviving, or playing right into their hands. She wanted to fight, resist, refuse, but when she looked into the eyes of Her First, she wanted his baby inside her. She looked up at the arguing goblins, at their lean small muscled bodies, their swinging cocks, she wished these two would fuck her at the same time, then felt sick at the thought.

The next thing she knew, she was being untied, and her thoughts came alive in a wild, terrified frenzy. What was happening? Had she done something wrong? She always did what they wanted! Was she being punished? She stretched her legs straight for the first time in days, and the pleasure of her lengthening muscles relaxed her fear somewhat, but she needed to know what was going on.

She was then dragged by her arms to the edge of a dark pit. Her First straddled her and put his face very close to hers. The blue light of the cavern glowed in both their eyes. He said something, and his tone was reassuring but sad. Then he kissed her, and to her own horror, she kissed him back. Not just a kiss, though; she grabbed his lips in hers. She sucked the tip of his pointed tongue gently before pressing her lips hard into him. Loud wet smacking filled the cavern, and she suddenly wanted him inside her, but he pulled away. She could feel his hard cock against her stomach, and she ached for it.

Instead, he put one finger over his lips, stood, and the two goblins rolled her into the pit. 

She flailed her arms as she fell and landed with a splash. Her arm sunk into a deep sludge, and she felt her naked body being pulled into the gelatinous stinking mire. She lay on her back and tried to spread out her limbs, but her head and shoulders quickly began sinking. Cassia tried to right herself, but the quick sucking slime had already devoured her to the waist.

She looked around, frantically searching for something to hold on to, and she spied a thick root jutting from the dimly lit wall. She reached for it but fell short. She tried to swim through the substance, but it only made her sink faster. She felt her hand touch the solid wall of the cave, but it was below the root, and she was still sinking. 

She was up to her shoulders now. She was going to die, and she knew it. Tears welled in her eyes as her chin went under. She wasn't crying because she was dying; it was her final thoughts that caused her grief. She took a deep breath and sank past her nose. Did she think of home? Of a happy time in her life? Of being a carefree child? She closed her eyes, and the fetid ooze seeped into her hair and over her head. Of course not; she thought of him, Her First. She cried because he really did own her, and she was being thrown away like garbage. It was one thing to fail at being an adventurer, but could she really fail at being a goblin’s fuck pet? She felt the slime begin to congeal all around her, a stinking tomb of sewage.

Her hand felt something hard protruding from the glowing cave wall and she squeezed it reflexively. It was another root below the surface. She pulled with all her might and felt the cave air on her forehead. Her lungs and muscles burned in protest, but she continued pulling. 

The sludge sucked at her legs and body, but she kicked and thrashed wildly as she tried desperately to wrench herself free. Finally, her other arm broke the surface entirely, and she shoved it forward, reaching blindly for the higher root as she pulled. Her eyes broke the surface and she could see the other root now; it was closer. She grabbed it with one shit-covered hand and then the other. 

As her mouth crested the surface, she inhaled large lungfuls of fetid oxygen and hoisted her torso out of the filth. She lay on her back, breathing in through her nose, keeping her upper half afloat with one hand on the root. Maybe she wouldn't die today. 

Then she started to chuckle. She thought about how her last few days had gone, and she couldn't help herself. When she was in trouble, her dad would say, you're in deep shit now, Cass. Oh, gods, that hit the spot; she giggled until she laughed and laughed until she cackled.

She wiped the tears from her eyes, still bursting puffs of laughter from her chest, "Oh, dad," she whispered. "If only you could see me now. You thought Trent was bad, let me introduce you to… Well, I don't actually know his name, but I'm pretty sure I'm his broodmare!" She couldn't finish her own joke without her wild laughter filling the cavern again.

She didn't know how long she laid in the muck. She heard the sounds of battle, the roar of some great beast, and the screams of what she could only imagine was another innocent pregnant woman being raped to death. Just another day being a hero. 

A hero. The thought of the word drowned all previous mirth. What is a hero? A week ago, she would have said, "A shining beacon of light in a world of darkness," or something equally naive and childish. No. The world is much too dark for something like that to actually exist. A real hero is lucky to be a single, flickering flame before it's snuffed out at the bottom of a literal shit hole. She considered releasing the root, letting her own light be snuffed in the vile well of putrified excrement.

Then, something splashed against the surface of the slime. Her head lolled lazily, and she saw a small mass slowly sinking into the sludge. She reached for it curiously, and her finger felt five tiny individual digits. It was the small hand of an infant goblin. At that moment, a realization was made. 

The bolt of understanding had struck true, and her heart began to bleed for an entire race. Goblins aren't evil. They were thrust from a dying womb into a world of darkness and shit. They are vicious children being led by more vicious children; why? Because they don't have what they need. They don't need a bone-covered mystic or a savage colossal brute. They need a mother, no, a broodmother. 

The hand suddenly squeezed her finger, and she was ripped from her revelations. The babe had slipped beneath the surface, and only its tiny clawed clinging hand remained visible. She released the root and grabbed the creature, scooping it from the slime as she sunk again to her shoulders. She held it above her as she climbed the roots one-handed, to the surface.

She leaned back slightly, catching her breath and cradling the newborn in one arm while holding the root with the other. The baby was covered in blood and shit, its wounds were monstrous, and she knew it would die soon, but it wouldn't die alone. Its eyes drifted open, and she gasped.

Two beautiful blue, glowing orbs stared up at her. She tried to wipe the grime from the dim wall but only managed to smear blood against the smooth glassy surface. 

The light of the arcanium vein swirled and pulsed; it flickered and glowed. Then it concentrated its light behind the blood, causing a blazing beam, so bright Cassia had to look away. Finally, the wall dimmed to a white-hot glow, and the blood sizzled and popped before vaporizing into thick black wisps of smoke. 

The dark mist seemed to be drawn to the baby in her arms, and Cassia watched in confused terror as the smoke expanded and grew, then poured into the tiny creature's wounds like a smooth liquid. As the last of the inky substance entered the large gash in the baby's neck, it seemed to heal. The goblin babe was covered now in softly glowing blue scars, and they seeped, not blood, but a dark wispy substance. The gossamer shadows pulled from the child and faded like steam. 

It began to breathe, and its eyes opened, revealing two dazzling deep blue seas of swirling mist. The babe squirmed and nestled into the crook of her arm before latching onto her breast. She wasn't producing though and the babe fussed and fidgeted, then it was gone. 

The babe didn't exactly vanish. Instead, its image was ripped into shadow like when one waves a hand through thick smoke. She looked down at her empty arm, and her laughing fit came on again. "That's it," she said in bewildered amusement, "I'm a wide-eyed loon." Her chuckle was cut short when the baby reappeared, clinging to her arm, its blue eyes wide with terror. 

She grabbed the shaking creature and whispered sweet words to it. She didn't know any alternative, so she just followed her instincts. It caught her nipple again with its mouth and fell asleep, a puddle of drool forming where its cheek met her arm.

She stayed clinging to the root and the infant for what felt like another day. A few goblins had come by to dump waste, and each time the blue-eyes babe would wisp away to whatever mysterious place it had access to. One goblin came to take a piss, and the stream fell onto her chest and shoulder. 

She thought about trying to catch the urine in her mouth for what little sustenance it would provide but decided she might wait another day before resorting to that. She wouldn't last much longer, though, she knew. Her strength was failing her, and if she fell asleep, she would surely sink to her death. 

She was beginning to worry for the baby. Each time it returned, it would hungrily suck and pull at her nipple, desperate for milk. She willed her body to produce. Begged it to let her give what little life-force she had to the little beast, but nothing yet came forth from her heavy, useless breasts. 

Many more hours passed, and then more after that. She was starting to drift in and out of a waking dream where she was sinking into a pool of shit, deep in a goblin cave. Then she would wake from that dream and allow herself an uncontrolled string of giggling. The blue-eyed goblin was spending more and more time away from her now, and she couldn't blame it. She had failed it as a mother, just as she had failed at everything else in life. 

Then she awoke with a start as the goblin appeared again. She had sunk to her breasts, and she pulled herself up weakly as the creature chittered excitedly. In its hands, it clutched a small writhing, hairless rodent, black as pitch. It wasn't much bigger than a mouse, but it looked huge in the arms of an infant. It held the small animal out to her.

She looked at it and spoke, "Thank you, Blue-Eyes, but you should eat, not me." She decided she would call him Blue-Eyes and immediately regretted it. She was certain she would watch this creature die horribly, and thinking of it as anything more than a creature would only make the pain worse. It was too late, though; this one act of selfless kindness from something not even two days old was enough for her to fall in love. Blue-Eyes looked at her expectantly, then, with one swift motion, tore the rodent's throat open. Blood ran down his tiny hands, and he pressed the dying creature to Cassia's lips. 

Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and felt the warm blood of the hairless mouse run down her chin and then fill her mouth. She opened her lips and Blue-Eyes shoved the still writhing carcass in her mouth. Her teeth sunk into the naked flesh, causing blood to gush and bones to snap. She could feel its feet still twitching in its final throes of death. She crunched again and swallowed the mouthful of juice it produced, trying not to think about what that juice contained. The warmth filled her mouth as she chewed, again and again, trying to ignore the cracks of bone and squelch of flesh. Finally, she swallowed, and her new baby beamed at her.

She really was touched. Assuming what she had just eaten wasn't poisonous, it might sustain her if she had enough, but did she ever want to do that again? No, she didn't think so. Then Blue-Eyes vanished, and a looped rope splashed into the pit. Her heart soared with hope, and her exhausted fingers released the root, desperately grasping for the rope, all else forgotten.

Her chest and legs were dragged against the muddy wall as she was pulled from the mire. At the top, she felt a set of hands under each arm pull her over the ledge. She lifted her head to identify her heroes, and her eyes misted. It was her boys, Her First, Smiles, Lanky, and even the toe sucker. She recognized them all and wanted to embrace them and please them. 

Instead, a rope was secured tightly around her neck, and she was led out of the pens. Was she angry as she was paraded out of the now dark cavern like a dog on a leash? Was she sad she was probably about to be fucked a hundred different ways? Was she hateful? Happy? Grateful? Honestly, she didn't know, and she didn't care. She decided somewhere in that pit that she would stop thinking about how she should feel and just be what she was always meant to be; a beacon of light in a world of darkness.