Chapter 6

Tricks panted and wheezed, trying to catch his breath. He had been stuffing his cock into Fatass's mouth for the last hour, and this most recent face-fuck had been especially satisfying. He couldn't seem to get enough of her juicy lips wrapped around his shaft.

He straddled her chest, shoving his tongue into her soft mouth and pressing his ugly lips into hers. Her head was pulled back, and he let his drool drip down into her mouth as he pulled away from her.

By the increased rhythm of her bouncing, he could tell that Hob was close to filling her ass again, moron. "Remember, 'feed your seed,' Hob, I even made it rhyme so you wouldn't forget."

"Move then, Tricksy" Hob said, breathless, but Tricks stayed where he was.

“I suppose I should get to work,” he grabbed her cheeks and squeezed, “before I lose access to these fat lips.” He gathered the saliva and remnants of his own seed he had pulled from her mouth and spit it back between her open lips. She grimaced and gagged once but swallowed. He smiled, looking down at her perfect features in the soft blue glow. Rope had either trained her well, or she was a natural-born breeder. Either way, he wanted more than her mouth.

He hopped off her, wiped the dripping seed from his cock, and smeared it across her face. As he walked toward the gate, he heard screams of pain and terror coming from the main hall.

His heart skipped but his calculating mind began to tick like a well oiled clock, something was in the lair, and it was between him and the safety of the lower holes. Hob jerked his cock out of Fatass, "Fuck was that?"

Rope came running around the corner, breathing heavily. "Hob, all fighters to the main tunnel, there's something big coming this way. Tricks, come with me to check traps." Hob pulled his knife from its sheath and ran into the darkness, but Tricks grabbed Rope's arm.

"Fuck the traps," Tricks said in a hissed whisper; he ran to Fatass and began untying her ropes.

"The hells are you doing?" Rope shoved the small goblin to the floor, but tricks stood quickly, their angry faces inches apart.

"Saving your breeder! And when I do, she'll be our breeder, understand?" It was clear Rope didn't, so Tricks quickly explained. "You said it was big, whatever's hacking this way. Means the traps won't matter, and when Hook kills it, Dust will have to give the dog a bone." He gestured to Fatass.

"There's no time to hide her," Rope said, his face a pale green as realization dawned.

Tricks looked across the pen. The gleam of glowing blue arcanium snaked its way up from the hole against the far wall. "Throw her in the shit-pit, get one of these sows ready for hook, let him nail her to the wall." He pointed at Hooknail's breeding hook halfway up the cavern and turned to leave.

"You aren't helping?"

"I just did," Tricks called over his shoulder as he ran out of the pen.

He followed the sounds of dying goblins and eventually found the melee in full swing. Brute and Thumbs were on either side of the large human with an outer ring of smaller, unarmed goblins. Tricks found what he was looking for and took position.

The human swung his mace in a blind fury, screaming something repeatedly like some kind of war chant. Tricks mouthed the sound and committed the foreign phrase to memory. A wet crack echoed once down the main tunnel as Thumbs stepped too close to the savage. He fell to the floor in a heap.

Hob replaced him, his dagger drawn and Tricks cringed. Three gobs were already dead at the man's feet. Hob was one of Fatass's guards, Tricks didn't want to lose him. Then came the moment he'd been waiting for; Hooknail roared and the air vibrated with savage ferocity. His heavy feet rumbled the cave floor. All turned to face the approaching giant, all except Tricks. He had positioned himself just behind Rocks, and as the roar cut through the cavern, Tricks shoved with all his strength.

Rocks gave a surprised yelp as he stumbled to the feet of the human. The man didn’t waste the opportunity and grabbed the startled goblin. He foolishly held the ugly goblin in front of him like a shield as Hooknail's massive body parted the ring of goblins.

Hook charged with an old wagon axle that had been sharpened on one end. The bugbear put his full momentum behind the makeshift lance, and in an instant, the tip protruded from the man's back. Hook kept running until the lancehead dipped and stabbed into the dirt floor.

Rocks gave a few pitiful moans before his death rattle, but the man was struggling to fight, even with a skewered goblin atop him and the lance staking him to the earth. Hook palmed the man's head, and even the goblins turned away from the wet wrenching of his neck, back and forth. Eventually, Hook managed to remove the head from its shoulders, and the goblins cheered.

A faint rattle of bones from the black tunnel sent a wave of fear through the goblins and all were still. The pale human skull that served as Dust's helmet gleamed in the darkness. His eyes glowed orange beneath the hollow sockets. His voice an angry rasping whisper, "Where. Is. Rope?"

All eyes went to the floor, but tricks answered his sire. "Probably checking traps," he lied.

The tip of Dust's staff shook, causing the small animal skulls to knock against one another. His rage was palpable as he looked upon the dead goblins littering the tunnel. "Hook," he said without moving. The brute handed the head to Hob, who obviously didn't know what to do with it. "You have done this clan a great service once again. Please take the dead human to Meat, and then I have a gift for you." He walked up to the towering creature. "You may choose one breeder of your choice from the pens, fuck her to death if you like, but Rope must watch."

A serrated grin spread across Hook's face, and he pulled the lance from the bodies.

"The rest of you may help yourselves to a treat I’ve prepared in the kitchen." The goblins cheered, and Hob raised the severed head in victory. Dust grabbed Tricks' arm, "Not you. I need you to find out why two desperate men came into our lair and killed four of our brothers."

Tricks frowned, his eyes flipped sidelong as he thought, then he snapped his fingers. "Yes, chief."

"Good lad," He said, laying a gentle hand on Tricks' shoulder.

Tricks ran toward the lower holes. As he walked into Dirt's hole, he quietly repeated the phrase he heard the man-pig yell. He always marveled at Dirt's hole. It didn't even feel right calling it a hole, but Tricks couldn't think of any other word to describe a living space.

He looked around the main room and detected no signs of life, then he smelled it, something sweet, something fresh. He skulked through the rooms until he got to Dirt's breeding chamber. A small naked human lay sleeping on her stomach, one leg straight, one bent at the knee. Like all things in Dirt's hole, she was clean, and Tricks followed his nose, until he had crawled above her on the stone bed.

She didn't even look real, like she was some figurine Dirt had expertly carved from stone. But she smelled real. He pressed his nose between her posterior cheeks and inhaled. His mouth watered, her taint smelled of some delicious fruit he had never eaten, and she squirmed in her sleep. He slowly ran his long tongue from the top of her mound to the crack of her ass, parting her lips as he tasted her perfect sweetness. She awoke with a scream and a quick kick to the goblin's face.

He snarled in rage as his eye began to blacken. She was shouting at him in such a shrill tone he winced and covered his ears. He tried to calm her, but the siren wailed on, enraged and terrified. He bolted the way he had come but crashed into a large solid chest, framed by two boulderous shoulders.

He fell to Dirt's feet, whimpering apologies. Dirt addressed the girl in her own tongue, and she calmed some, squeaking out a response. "I could have your tongue for what you've done. Wouldn't that be a trophy?" He knelt down and pushed his bearded face into Tricks', grabbing him hard by the back of his neck. "I'd carve a plaque and have it mounted. It would say, 'The World's Trickiest Tongue.'"

"Please, I'm sorry, Dirt. It was just a taste, I swear." He continued babbling, but Dirt pulled him to his feet, still holding his neck.

"Why are you here, Tricks?"

"I... Dust... He wanted…" Tricks trembled as he spoke.

"Relax, gob. You can keep your tongue but stay away from my breeder. She's not to be touched, even by me. I have plans for her." He stared at her and his eyes smiled.

Tricks swallowed and nodded, accepting the cryptic response. "I need a pig-squeal translation." Tricks said, gesturing to the human girl, "The battle earlier was a man-pig trying to cleave his way through the main tunnel. He was yelling 'whar es shay' over and over. What does it mean?"

Dirt took a long thoughtful look at his breeder. "It means Rope is in a lot of trouble. He was looking for my breeder. Rope delivered her not long before the fighting started."

"Dust is already punishing Rope, must have guessed he had something to do with the man-pig. He said Hook could have any breeder in the pen."

Dirt's face darkened. "Losing his breeder before she's birthed won't just crush Rope; it will turn him."

"That's why I hid her," his face gleamed in devilish mischief. "Well, we threw her in the shit-pit. If she stays quiet, she should survive."

Dirt laughed, "She's got you too, huh? The whole tribe will be bowing before that sow's ass if we aren't careful."

"She's not like other sows, Dirt."

"So I've heard," he said, stroking the wiry hairs of his chin with a broad hand.

"I'm making a play for her next litter." He turned to leave, rubbing his hands as he always did when his plans came together.

Dirt chuckled and sighed, watching him go, "Oh, to be a gobling again." Then he turned to his young breeder, "We start again," and he put his hand to his chest. "Dirt," he said in goblin.

Tricks raced back to the pens. He had to make sure Fatass was unharmed. The enraged roar from the pens didn't give him much hope. The small chair splintered against the wall as Tricks entered the cavern.

"Where is she?" The giant beast's deep voice reverberated in Tricks' chest, and a chill ran down his back. The massive bugbear had Rope held against the wall by his throat.

Tricks had to think fast and hope his lie didn't contradict anything Rope had already told the stupid bugbear. "Heya Rope, how's it uh... hanging?" He risked a light-hearted laugh. Rope's eyes bulged, and his face was turning dark green, but he managed a weak thumbs up. "Good, good," Tricks continued casually, "Dirt wants to know if you need any adjustments to your breeding hole. Does she fit ok?"

Rope had gone limp, and Tricks held his breath. Then with a rumbling growl, Hook dropped the goblin, who fell to the muck-covered floor with a wet splat. He coughed and sputtered, but he would live.

Rope had tied one of the breeders into position on the floor beneath Hooknail's hook, and the brute walked over to her. Her knees were looped, and the rope was joined behind her back, forcing her bent legs up and open, framing her pregnant belly. Her hands were bound, and Hook grabbed them, forcefully lifting her body off the floor as if she were a child's doll.

Tricks grimaced as he heard her shoulders loudly pop from their sockets, and a blood-curdling scream left the pregnant breeder's horrified mouth.

Hook dropped the rope binding her hands onto the rusty hook and let her hang. Her anguished cries could have been heard outside the den, but it was about to get much worse for her, Tricks knew. The tip of Hook's flared cock-head found her opening, and Tricks couldn't look away from the horrible sight.

The bute shoved forward, and her lips spread wide and tight around his girth, her hole somehow making room for the giant's cock. She squealed in her pig language, her moaning sobs drowning out her desperate begging. He pushed deeper. The middle of his shaft was wider and barely fit between her open thighs, let alone inside her. Then her litter began to stir.

Her stomach wriggled and writhed with gobling limbs as Hooknail began slamming her against the wall, driving his fleshy club deeper still. A torrent of birthing fluid forcefully sprayed out around his cock, but he continued rhythmically fucking her deeper and harder.

Tricks watched as the liquid dripping from the bugbear's fury balls turned pink with blood, His cock was more than halfway in her now, and he grunted as he tried ramming it to the hilt. Finally, the breeder's head lulled, and she moaned in the resignation of her plight.

Hooknail exhaled a guttural sound of hideous pleasure as he thrust deep into her one last time. His cock pulsed as it pumped her full before he pulled it free of her bloody, ruined hole. His seed poured from her and splattered into the pool already below her.

Tricks moved closer, "Pull her down, Hook, I think she's birthing." The brute lifted her, and she sobbed a loud moaning cry before he dropped her in the filth. He then snorted a rough laugh and stomped out of the pen. Once he was gone, Rope walked over, rubbing the pain from his throat.

They watched as the birthing process began. She lay on her back with her legs forced open, and her filthy breasts heaved as she tried to get her whimpering breaths under control. The breeder's arms lay useless above her head, her shoulders protruding at unnatural angles.

Her stomach was an undulating mass of goblings, all fighting for the exit. Finally, a tiny arm burst through her opening, then another. They watched as its claws sank into her thighs and her blue eyes widened in horror as she felt the creature pull itself from her womb. Her cheeks were a web of clean skin where her tears had washed away the months of grime.

She raised her head and spoke then, barely a whisper, but they both heard it, "kell… meh…plaes." Tricks looked at Rope and shrugged. Then she threw her head back and screamed again as a second gobling pulled its way free of her. This one was born in blood, a good omen. It meant the others were trying to claw their way out from the inside. It was said some goblings succeeded at the task, but neither Rope nor Tricks had seen it done.

They leaned over the weeping sow with excited interest as the newborn goblings began climbing their way to her tits, their claws leaving shallow gashes across her legs and belly. There were two arms now protruding from her, and it appeared they were from two different goblings fighting over the entrance to their new world.

A head emerged and blinked up at the two onlookers, its eyes shone bright blue in the light of the pen, and they both took a step back in disgust. The gobling dug his sharp nails and began to drag himself free but stopped and was pulled back into the breeder, its claws rending a trail of deep wounds back to her opening. The blood flowed from the many gashes and cuts between her legs. The breeder's incessant sobbing finally slowed, and then stopped all together. After a few tense moments, a gobling began to emerge. The breeder's hole stretched over the dome of its head, and when its eyes opened, they saw the familiar dim glow of burnished orange. An audible sigh of relief escaped them both.

They waited for a second, then Tricks reached into her, grasping a little arm and wrenching the gobling free of her in a torrent of blood. He held the pitiful figure up by its arm. It was covered in deep wounds, one particular on its neck still seeped life-force.

He set the gobling down and reached in again, looking for any sleepers, but her womb was empty. He pulled out the after-birth and the suckling babes attacked it in a frenzy, devouring their first meal.

The pair walked over to the shit-pit, and Tricks tossed the unmoving gobling into the dark hole. They could barely make out Fatass's figure in the dim blue glow of the natural cave light. "How we gonna get her out?" Tricks asked.

"She's safe for now. Let's bring Dust the new litter; that always cheers him up."

Tricks held up a hand, "One more thing, Rope, I want every second litter."

Ropes eyebrows rose in genuine surprise, and he almost laughed, "Not gonna happen Tricks. Look, I know I owe you big for this, but-"

"Not just for this," Tricks interrupted. "I need you to promise that if I can get rid of Rocks for good, you'll let me have half the litters."

Rope scoffed and gave a dubious look. "Even if you could kill Rocks, which you can't, it ain't worth half my sow, don't be a wet-head."

"Ok then, I'll go confirm Dust's guess that you had something to do with the man-pig, I'll tell Rocks you laugh about killing his breeder, and I might even let slip to Hook that Fatass is hiding in the shit-pit."

Rope chewed on his lip, cursing himself for ever approaching Tricks. "Fine, but rocks has to die, and I have to see the body, no fucking tricks."

Tricks spat in his hand and held it out.

Rope hesitated, spat and shook.

Tricks grinned as he felt Rope's wet saliva mix with his own. "Follow me, partner."

Rope let out an annoyed, resigned sigh as he grabbed one of the dead breeder's feet, "He's already dead, isn't he? God's damn you thrice, Tricks." and together, they dragged the dead breeder out of the pen.