Chapter 5

The two goblins flipped cassia onto her back. She craned her neck, stretching the stiffness from being forced cheek first into the floor for hours. Her throat was raw from sobbing and her knees were scraped and bruised but the new position was a great improvement. The goblin that bred her in the forest had left her in the care of two goblins that had taken turns sodomizing her in the blue glow of her new cave.

Her lower lip trembled as they adjusted her bindings, moving the ropes tied to her knees from her wrists to her elbows. She flexed her hands and wrists, but the new position had pulled her knees even higher, exposing her holes to the two goblins. “Please,” she begged, but she knew it was no use.

Even if the pair could understand her, she could see the gleam in their eye. It was the same gleam in every man’s eye when he looked at her but less hidden, and hungrier. She quickly realized they had turned her over so they wouldn't have to take turns.

One of them was sniffing at her sex and she grimaced as he plunged his tongue deep into her. She could feel him probing and licking her insides before the other pulled him free of her with a sharp reproaching bark. He made an irritated sound but climbed up her. He mounted her chest and rubbed his hideous cock between her soft breasts, drooling down onto her as he ran his knobby flared tip up and down her cleavage.

One of the goblins pushed into her well used asshole and her chest heaved with fresh sobs. “Please…” she whimpered again and pulled against her ropes piteously. The goblin above her leaned forward, dragging his wet bumpy tongue up her cheeks as she cried, lapping her salty tears.

She shook in pain and anger as the duo freely used her body. She could feel the uneven, lumpy cock in her as it dragged through her bowels and she tried to think of anything else. Her thoughts betrayed her though as she remembered the face of the goblin that had taken her innocence. She jerked her head away from the goblin licking her face and he grabbed her cheeks in one clawed hand, puckering her plump lips before pushing his tongue through the soft opening.

His wet tongue spread her lips as its girth forced its way into her unwilling mouth. She could taste her own sex on his tongue mixed with the stench of goblin breath and her stomach threatened to to turn as she gagged on the rough tongue. She thought about biting it but remembered the sharp clinks of metal against her teeth. Her first had silently warned her what would happen if she decided to get bitey, and she knew it wasn’t a hollow threat.

The tongue finally slithered out of her mouth after fully exploring her tonsils and she caught her breath after choking down the thick residue left behind. Her body now rocked with the rhythmic pumping of her ass, her limp hands and feet bouncing uselessly. The goblin atop her climbed up her and grabbed the top of her hair with one hand, his flopping cock in the other.

She looked at the large warty slab of green meat in her face and tightened her lips unconsciously. He shoved it forward and she squinted as it prodded her cheek. She had already sucked her first goblin’s cock but this one was bigger, uglier, and she knew from the rough ass fucking that he wouldn't be gentle, as her first had been.

He pulled her head back and spit in her face, spraying her cheeks and the bridge of her nose with wet dripping saliva. She blinked one of her eyes that wasn't covered in the slime and his red eyes glared down at her behind his angry cock. She sobbed again and slowly opened her mouth.

His cock forced her teeth open as he muscled it through her tight lips and across her soft tongue. She could taste the filth of her own asshole in the damp folds and crevices of the gnarled head and shaft. her priority became to clean the thing so she wouldn’t have to taste her own blood and shit.

She began washing the cockhead as best she could, spreading globs of saliva around in her mouth with her tongue. She tightened her lips around the shaft and pulled, swallowing the smegma and grime as she sucked and licked. To her shame, the cock was eventually cleaned and the only taste was the steady stream of salty precum that dribbled out of the goblins knobby cockhead.

As she drank from the fleshy spigot, her thoughts began to swirl and her cheeks began to flush. She blinked her eyes but the motion was slow and fluid. Her sucking also slowed and the goblin grabbed her head in both hands, fucking her mouth and throat roughly as she swallowed more precum in regular gulps.

The constant stinging pain of her ass began to dull, her cuts, scrapes, and bruises also melted away and she found herself gulping desperately, swallowing her own spit that now dripped down her chin as the goblin loudly fucked her face.

Her hands instinctively reached for his cock, pulling her knees up higher so she could wrap her hands around his shaft. She began stroking and pumping the source of her sudden relief. The goblin stopped fucking her head and let her work, hissing a moan as his balls began to lift and bulge.

She whimpered as the warm fluid surged across her tongue and began filling her cheeks. The thick musk of the mouthful caused her stomach to tighten in the beginnings of a gag but she swallowed hard, pushing the slime down into her stomach before another twitch of his cockhead dumped a fresh load.

As soon as the first swallow hit her stomach, a wave of lethargy washed over her. She drank from the cock until his balls stopped flexing, then sucked mindlessly on his cockhead as the blue light of the cave danced behind her closed eyelids. Her anger and pain were gone, replaced by some euphoric indifference.

She didn’t want to be raped by goblins in a dark cave, but at least she was alive. She could feel the distant warning bells of her mind at the thought. Something was desperately wrong with her being okay with her situation, but the logic couldn’t seem to break through her new veil of apathy. All she knew was her pain was gone, and the bumpy cock planted in her face didn't seem quite as ugly as it had previously.

Surely she would rather embrace her sudden inexplicable numbness than suffer in agony. So she spent the next few hours drinking copious amounts of the intoxicating slime. The two goblins didn’t seem to get tired or run out of seed to feed her. Eventually more goblins showed up and she took the opportunity to sleep as they argued in their ugly grunting language.

She was awoken by two fingers probing the soft folds of her sex. It was him. She locked eyes with the one that had forever changed her. She remembered her hate and rage for the goblin but couldn’t seem to conjure it in her pacified state. He held a waterskin to her lips and she drank, staring into his amber eyes.

He pushed a cut of unseasoned meat between her lips and she chewed obediently until the entire bowl of food was finished. Then he assumed the position of her first breeding and slid into her. She panted as he began fucking her, the fullness of her sex felt good after the constant stretching and pounding of her ass.

She couldn’t help the arousal. She had been fucked for hours, drinking the infernal cock-slime that addled her senses. She was exhausted, too weary to fight back against the blooming heat of her cheeks and chest as Her First slowly slid his length in and out of her. They stared at each other until one of the impatient goblin’s interrupted their gaze.

Cassia let her head hang back and Her First began to fuck faster and harder. She pressed her trembling lips together as an orgasm washed over her. Even in her current state, her pride wouldn’t let him know his thick tapered cock had brought her to the summit of pleasure twice now. His cock responded to her crushing walls with its own strength, flexing and throbbing as warm seed seeped into her womb once more.

She knew what would happen to her, she had seen the other women huddled in the corner, bellies ready to burst with more goblin offspring. A single tear left her cheek as the softening cock pulled free of her, bathing her gaping asshole in a torrent of fresh cum.

She lifted her head to watch him go. He barked a few commands and left with another. The four remaining goblins turned their glowing red eyes on her and she sighed. For the next few hours cassia felt the slithering of a wet goblin tongue between her toes while the other three alternated her ass and mouth, fucking and feeding their new toy.