Chapter 3

He knew where he would find Dirt's new breeder. He had scouted the small homestead many times. Dust had said the farms were off-limits, but Rope was desperate. Besides, what could one old farmer and his son do against a lair of their numbers?

The sun hadn't quite started its descent as he approached the small farm, but the colors of the sky had begun to bloom. The family here had a small half barn with two cows, and a small coop of chickens. The old farmer was hauling a bushel of something into the house. His daughter and son played with wooden swords amidst the chickens.

The daughter wore a white dress and was a head taller than rope. The son was twice his height, a muscled lad nearing adulthood. Rope waited. The siblings finished their sword duel and the boy began ushering the chickens into the coop. His sister danced, twirling her white dress in the wind. Rope used the breeze to hide his approach through the tall grass, and as the boy rounded the coop, Rope dropped his lasso around the girl's neck and sprinted for the treeline, swift and silent.

She hadn't seen him, hadn't smelled him or sensed any danger. She picked the rope up from her collarbone and looked at it in confusion just as the rope tightened with hellish momentum behind her. Her petite body made a quiet thump on the soft ground. Then all was silent, save the wind in the grass.

Rope braced his feet against a stump and reeled in his catch. He quickly loosened the rope from the girl's neck and slapped her face. She didn't move. Rope feared he had broken her neck. Her eyes fluttered, and she took in a wheezing breath.

His heart skipped with excitement and he hoisted her over his shoulder, running back to the cave. As he drew nearer the cave, his worry rose. If Dust caught wind of his trespass, he could find himself with no breeder, or worse. He needed to hide her somehow. His stomach growled in hunger, and an idea came to him.

He went to the clearing where he had captured Fatass. He found the body of Dench and laid the girl next to him. They were about the same size, the girl slightly taller but thinner. The girl sat up, and he moved to strike her, but her sudden voice stopped him. She was saying something in her ugly language that Rope didn't understand. It didn't sound like begging, though. It almost sounded like a command. Her chin was high, and she spoke quickly, her voice was hoarse from the rope, but she looked down her nose at him.

She didn't seem afraid. Rope didn't like it, his hand found a rock, and he quickly dashed it upon her head. She fell silent and still. He stripped her white dress and walked to the river embankment. He came back with two handfuls of mud and began spreading the filth across the girl's naked body. He did the same with Dench, and they looked virtually the same, Dench much uglier. He picked up Kurgs corpse and stuffed it in the carriage with the dead humans, that meat had long gone bad and he doubted anyone would open it until they desperately needed wood.

He went back to the muddy forms, slinging her over his shoulder first and then Dench atop her. His feet sunk into the soft dirt slightly, but he managed a reasonable pace back to the cave.

Dust sat in the entrance hall with one of his breeders. She was feeding a litter of four goblings, one on each breast while the others played with Dust.

"Where have you been?" Dust asked flatly.

Rope moved closer to one of the shadows and gestured with his head to the two forms on his shoulder. "It was my breeder who killed Kurg and Dench. I should be the one to bring them to Meat.

Dust accepted this with a tilt of his head. "We need to talk."

Rope's blood went a little colder, but he kept hobbling toward the kitchen. "If you want a go with Fatass, she's all yours, chief." He tried to force a smile, but he felt the girl fidget on his shoulder. He readjusted the weight, trying to hide her movement. Thankfully, Dust was looking down at a gobling that was busy gnawing on his hand.

"Rocks found his breeder dead today, and the boys guarding your new sow said you saw Hooknail kill her, said he used his swinging cock to do it."

"It wasn't swinging, chief. Hook impaled the girl. I think I heard her skull crack too, but he definitely ripped her a new asshole."

"He says he doesn't know a thing about a dead breeder, that when he was done with her, she was still breathing. Did you kill Rock's sow to keep your own safe from Hook?"

Shit. He really didn't need this right now. "I ain't that clever, Chief."

"I'd believe that, Rope, if you weren't from my own cock-sack."

Rope sighed. "I did think about it after. Knew it was fuck dumb for him and that it would be good for me. I didn't think about it looking bad on me, though," he admitted. He hoped Dust would see his honesty and not his worry.

Dust looked him in the eyes and nodded. "Better tend to your breeder, I'll deal with Hooknail, but if he wants her…" he let the statement hang.

"I know, Chief." And he turned to leave. As he rounded the corner toward the kitchen, the girl began to squirm. He dropped Dench at the door to the kitchen. It sounded like most of the tribe was eating, which was good. He hurried down to the lower holes with the girl still over one shoulder.

She kicked and began to squeal, but he clamped his hand over her mouth. He arrived at the carved threshold of Dirt's hole just as the large gob had finished eating. Rope entered the room, still catching his breath.

He dropped the girl on the stone floor like a sack of dirt. "There, so you agree then? I find five diggers, and you dig my hole into somethin’ nice?"

Dirt looked at him through narrowed eyes, then at the girl. He stood and walked to her, standing her up. She was rubbing her shoulder, and she began speaking. This time she was much more upset, yelling at the old goblin as tears welled in her eyes.

"What's she sayin' anyway?" Dirt had studied the human tongue to learn more about crafting and construction. It had come in handy before, but Rope worried she would say where she was from.

"She warns us of her kin coming for her. Did you not kill them?"

Rope looked ashamed. "I didn't have time. I was alone."

Dirt chuckled. "Of course you were, rope. Always alone. You didn't get her from somewhere you shouldn't have, I hope."

Rope didn't answer.

"Why is she so dirty?"

"I've got to feed my guards, Dirt. You got your breeder fresh and untouched. Do we have a deal?"

Dirt circled the girl once, then nodded. “We start as soon as you get me five diggers, but ten would be better.”

Rope sprinted from the half-dwarf's hole for the second time that day and found his way back to the kitchen. Meat had prepared the breeder Hook killed, but her good bits had already been taken. He piled fresh thigh meat as high as he could in a wooden bowl, grabbed a waterskin, and headed back to the pens.

He found three gobs arguing with his guards when he got there. Hob, Rat, and Foot. "Gore, you lazy fuck get that sticker out of my face before I gut you with it." It was Hob, talking. Hob was believed to be half hobgoblin. He was the tallest of the tribe, besides Hooknail, with lanky arms and skinny legs. He wasn't especially muscled, but his reach was dangerous in a fight.

"We was there, wet heads. We get a share of the ass." Rat's voice was a constant whine. He was small and true to his name. He always hung out with Hob, rope assumed for protection.

Rope closed the wooden cage door behind him loud enough for the others to hear, and everyone started talking at once.

"Alright, alright, shut the fuck up all of ya. Foot, the fuck do you want?" He asked, already knowing the answer

Foot was short, fat, and dumb. Somehow he'd been alive longer than Rope. "They wouldn't let me at her feet. What's the harm in that Ropey?"

"There's no harm, Foot, but nothin's free. I need diggers. When you aren't sucking her toes, I need you with Dirt, understand." He nodded his big dumb head.

He walked between Gore and Hob, handing Gore the bowl of food. Gore held it to Gash, and they dug in. "Save some for Fatass, I mean it. We need to keep her healthy."

"You boys want your turn? You can have her mouth once each, you're pay for helping today." He said to Hob and Rat. Both grinned and moved toward her. "Or," Rope said, putting a hand on Hob's chest, "You can have her ass and mouth as much as you want." They stopped and waited for the catch. He pointed to Hob first. "I need one more guard for a full rotation. And I need you to help dig," He added, pointing to Rat.

They looked at each other and then at Fatass, then back at each other before wicked smiles broke across their faces. "Done," they said in unison.

A smile crept across Rope's face. "Let me check her, feed her, seed her, and she's all yours." Rope grabbed the bowl from the doubles and walked to his breeder.

She was on her back now. They had moved her bindings so her elbows were now fastened to her knees. Her hands hung limply by her shoulders, her heels resting on her thighs. She appeared to be sleeping. He took in the beauty of her face and could see dried seed on her chin, neck, and chest. He put two fingers in her quim and was happy to feel it was mostly dry. The pool around her cheeks told him her ass had been used, though. He expected this and was grateful, it appeared the brothers could be trusted.

Her eyes had opened at some point during his examination, and they locked with his. He held the waterskin to her full lips without breaking eye contact. She took a long deep pull. His cock twitching to attention. He grabbed a piece of meat from the bowl and pushed it between her plump lips. She chewed and swallowed, so he fed her the rest of the bowl, her eyes never blinking.

He put his hands behind her knees, checking the restraints as he did, and pushed his cock into her. He was surprised to feel that she was now very wet. Her eyes closed and then slowly opened, he saw the usual sadness, pain, and humiliation of a breeder, but there was something else. Something he had never seen, and he couldn't place it.

"Would you hurry the fuck up, Rope?" Hob's sharp barking voice pulled him from her emerald eyes. When he looked back, her head was leaned back. He felt as if a connection had been severed, and it angered him. He fucked her hard and fast until she was bred, taking his frustration out on her soft cunt. His seed filled her hole, and he pushed his twitching cock deeper, closing his eyes and sighing in pleasure.

He pulled free and walked toward the gate. "Ass and mouth, you fucks. And don't waste the seed. We need to keep Fatass well-fed." The three goblins grinned and snickered as they moved to play with their new toy. "Gore, get some rest. I want at least one guard on duty at all times, but two is better." Gore looked relieved. He handed the large knife to Gash and headed towards the lower holes.

Rope took the bowl and walked to the kitchen, suddenly exhausted. He needed at least three more diggers and one more guard, preferably. In the kitchen, he saw Rocks sitting alone at one of the makeshift tables.

He refilled his bowl and took a seat across from him. Rocks had bulbous features; his lips, his cheeks, and his nose all bulged off of his skull. His face looked like a pile of large stones, hence his name. He glared at Rope from under his thick overhanging brow.

"The fuck was I supposed to do Rocks? You had no guards, and even if you did, what could we do? Hook could kill all of us if he wanted to, besides Dust."

"I was gonna have my own litter Rope." The look of betrayal surprised Rope. The gob actually thought Rope would kill a breeder with a full litter for his own gain. Rope was a lot of things but the clan comes first, Rocks should know him better. He tried to be sympathetic.

He tried to be sympathetic. "I know, Rocks. If you help me dig I-"

"Help you? You kill my sow and then ask for my help while you eat her in front of me?" The calm rage in his voice spilled over like a cauldron of boiling piss. "You should know, I'm saving my loot to pay Hook. The next cunt he fucks to death won't be your pretty breeder. It'll be you."

Rope took the hint and stood to leave, taking the small stool with him. He could see in Rocks' face it was no use trying to convince him of his innocence. Now that he had his own breeder, he could understand Rocks' pain. Losing Fatass would devastate him. Just the thought refocused him, and he headed back to the pen, his still empty stomach grumbling.

He would need three more diggers for Dirt, and he would get them. Then all he had to do was wait.

Rope returned to the pen to see the three still in position. Rat had climbed up onto her chest and was using her head as a fucktoy. Hob was slowly pumping her ass while fondling her breasts, and Foot was curled around her ankle, slithering his tongue between her toes.

He walked up to Gash, "Get some sleep," he said, reaching out for the knife. Gash handed it to him and started toward the holes. "Send me any diggers you see. Tell them how sweet her ass is." He nodded without turning. Rope set the little stool against the wall and dozed to the sound of wet slapping flesh and labored grunts.

When he awoke, Rat was gone. Foot had fallen asleep sucking on Fatass's big toe. Rope kicked him, and he woke with a frightened grunt. "Go see Dirt. Tell him I'll have his diggers by the end of the day and see what you can get started on." Hob stood by the gate, flipping the dagger and trying to catch it, mostly succeeding.

There was movement in the three breeders across the pen, and Rope saw green legs sticking out from beneath two ass cheeks, a small cock sliding in and out. Rope walked over to see the straddled goblin was Tricks, a tit from the other two sows in each hand as he sucked from the left. Milk dribbled down his chin as he pulled away from it. The bulges of breasts and pregnant bellies nearly covered him entirely. "Rope." He said from under his mountain of flesh.

"Tricks" Rope grabbed the head of the girl riding the tricky gob, and her matted hair reminded him he would need to bathe Fatass. He shoved his cock in her mouth through a disgusted muffle. He knew Tricks was no digger. Smart goblins didn't dig, but he could still be useful.

Tricks went back to suckling, and they both enjoyed wetting their ends in silence for a few moments. Rope spoke through a grunting sigh as the breeder's lips wrapped around the shaft of his cock, "I need to know if Rock plans on coming after me for his breeder. Find out what you can." He shoved his cock fully into her mouth.

"You don't make demands of me Rope, a fat ass sow and a few idiot guards doesn't make you poop king of the shit hole." Milk sprayed up at him as the goblin spat his refusal.

He was right. Rope had assumed everyone would want a piece of Fatass, but little Tricks seemed more than content in a pile of free milk sows. He pulled his cock free of her mouth, and the sow gasped for air. He knew Tricks, though. The crafty fuck couldn't resist a good ploy. He let the breeder suck the tip of his cock, and he spoke. "You're right. I don't think it would work anyway. I need someone to get close to him and be my gob on the inside. If he does make a move, I'd need someone I could trust that could sabotage his plans for me. It would have to be a gob exceptionally…" he let the sentence drift as if he were looking for the right word. "Tricky," he finished.

Tricks frowned, trying to fight the tempting offer as he gulped mouthfuls of milk from the sow's tit. Rope's balls tightened as he filled the girl's mouth. "Fine! But I get to feed your sow her next meal, and I do this my way. I won't have your lordship giving me orders, and I'm not digging or guarding, understand?"

Rope had the sow by the base of her skull and pumped his seed down her throat. He nodded and exhaled as his body jerked in pleasure. The little goblin pushed his way out of the pile, practically skipping towards Fatass. Rope knew he had been bluffing, probably set up the whole charade just to get a better deal. Tricks wanted her as bad as any gob who laid eyes on her, tricky bastard. Tricks was a gob worth recruiting, if for the sole purpose of not having to work against him in the future, the wrong side of Tricks usually ended in some unexplainable accident.

He worried Fatass would have little time to rest with all this attention, but he couldn't ignore Rock's threat. With Tricks' loyalty paid for, he could refocus on getting his diggers.

By the end of the day, he managed to get his team assembled. Root, Stink, and Kreg had come at various times for free cunny; it turns out goblins would dig all day for Fatass's fat ass. If things went smoothly from here, all he had to worry about was guarding his breeder.