Chapter 10

Something wasn’t quite right.

As Hob walked behind his brothers, he couldn't help but notice the sun's warmth against the back of his neck. Usually, the light of day was an unforgiving glare that could only be escaped in the comfort of a dark wet hole. 

Rope ordered Gash and Gore to grab boxes from the caravan of wagons. Hob followed the blood ragers until they reached the mouth of the lair, but stopped at the line of shade cast by the rocky threshold. He furrowed his brow as his brothers disappeared into the darkness. The cave had always felt so inviting. 

Hob looked back toward the small clearing, removed his chain shirt, and walked into the midday sun. The green skin of his chest and torso drank in the rays and the sensation sent vibrations of heat through his skin, and seemed to warm his bones. He took a long deep breath and slowly opened his eyes, looking directly at the brilliant orb of light in the midday sky. 

Every gobling had dared a look at the sun at least once, only to partially blind themselves for a few minutes as their sensitive eyes were overwhelmed by the brilliance. But now, Hob found himself staring directly into the beaming eye of the sky without pain. In fact, his eyes pulled in the radiance as if filling some unknown well of warmth within him.

Then the goblin blinked. He didn’t know how long he had been standing in front of the cave, staring up at the sun. He knew he was full though, of what, he was unsure, but his body was satisfied with whatever the sun was feeding him. He looked around to make sure no gob had seen him and quickly picked up his armor before walking into the cave.

As he rounded the entrance to the burrow, loud slaps of flesh echoed from ahead. The large breeder was on her knees in front of Dust who was slapping her repeatedly across the face. The old chieftain stopped disciplining his sobbing sow as Hob entered the room. Dust glanced at Hob, then walked up to the lanky goblin and grabbed his face roughly with one hand.

Hob’s heart pounded in his chest. He suddenly felt shame for his time with the sun. He worried Dust could sense it. He tried to remain calm but his voice trembled. “Hiya D-Dust,” he said.

The goblin chieftain’s eyes glowed red in the darkness, illuminating the sockets of the half skull he wore over his face. His eyes bore up into Hob for a long moment. “Hob?” he said, but his voice curled as if it were a question.

Hob swallowed but didn’t move.

Dust released Hob’s chin and walked to a dark corner of the cavern. He returned with a bowl of cold meat and handed it to Hob. “Come, sit.” He motioned to a long smooth ledge where one of Dust’s many breeders was breastfeeding a gobling. Dust took the suckling green babe from the pregnant sow and grabbed her by her dripping tit.

Without a sound the well trained breeder stood and waited for her next command. Hob sat on the ledge and began shoving the meat into his mouth. Dust made a motion to the breeder and she knelt before Hob, taking his balls in her mouth and cleaning them thoroughly.

Hob sighed and allowed her to service his balls as he ate, grateful to his chieftain for the bath. 

Dust sat beside him as the girl sucked and slobbered, cleaning his scrotum with meticulous attention to detail. The bone clad goblin sat next to Hob and said in a flat tone, “you’re going to tell me exactly what happened today. If you leave out even a single detail, I’ll know, and you will be punished.” 

Hob wandered from the pens to the lower holes, looking for his group. He liked his new friends. Before Fatass, it had just been him and Rat, scavenging what they could and sharing a hole hardly big enough for the two of them. He knew Dust ultimately owned him, and all the gobs of the cave, but until now he had never felt like he really belonged, his freakish height didn’t help matters. He was always the odd gob out. He guessed that's why Rat and him had taken to each other.

He entered Dirt’s hole and was surprised to see a very small breeder reading a book in a chair. She had roughly cut, shoulder length blonde hair and was nude save for a small white quim cloth. She looked up from her book and squawked a sharp word Hob had never heard, then darted into a side room. Dirt lumbered into the room and Hob waved at the stout goblin. “Hiya Dirt,” he said with a good natured grin. 

“Hob,” Dirt said stoically. He was polishing a small wooden horse figurine. “Haven’t seen them.”

Hob’s ears flopped as he tilted his head, “Who?”

“Rat’s been digging for Rope, figured you’d be involved, heard there was quite the acquisition today, that you?” 

Hob wasn't sure what an acquisition was but he nodded, he always felt uncomfortable around Dirt. The gob had a knack for knowing things he shouldn’t. Gobs told dirt everything, when you're the best digger in the holes, everyone wants to be on your good side. 

“They’re probably at the baths, it’s the only hole big enough for a group that isn’t claimed. When you see him, tell him he can’t stay. The baths are for every gob and his hole won't be done in time with his current digging crew.” He stopped and looked up at Hob, then took a step closer and squinted his burnt-orange eyes, “you feelin’ okay?”

"Uh yeah," Hob said, suddenly worried the broad shouldered goblin would somehow know about his time in the sun. "Thanks Dirt," Hob said, and quickly left the well carved living hole. 

He followed his nose to the baths, then followed his ears as the sounds of the sobbing moans echoing through the warren. His cock twitched.

Rope was laying atop Fatass, Tricks was sleeping on the edge of the bath. The twins and rat were having their way with the elf and Hob’s cock began to harden fully at her squealing. Fatass looked up at him and hesitated before reaching out to him. He allowed her to grab his cock and he fell to his knees next to her head. She kissed and licked the underside of his cockhead, spitting and licking the soft skin of his glans before pulling it into her mouth.

Hob sighed and thread his fingers through her red hair as she sucked him. He had missed Fatass, her lips, her hair, her hips, her asshole. His cock hardened further and she grabbed his balls, pulling him deeper into her mouth. His cock slid across her smooth tongue. He grabbed her head and fucked her face faster. She squeezed the base of his shaft and it bulged and tightened. He squelched his cock into the depths of her throat and she coughed once, disturbing the sleeping Rope atop her as Hob pumped cum into her. She gulped and swallowed obediently, stroking the base of Hob’s long cock lovingly as he finished in her gulping gullet.

Rope turned his head and hugged one of Fatass's huge breasts to his face. “Hob?” He looked up at the goblin, then sat up, straddling Fatass’s stomach.

“Hiya Ropey,” Hob said, catching his breath. He wiped his dripping cock across Fatass’s lips and tongue, then squirted a strand across the bridge of her nose.

“You, uh… feelin’ alright there?” Rope sounded worried and Hob tilted his head.

“Why do gobs keep askin’ me that?”

Rope hopped off Fatass and grabbed Hob’s wrist. There were small puddles of water around the cave and Rope guided Hob to one. He motioned to the pool and Hob looked down into the shallow water. His breath caught in his throat as his own golden eyes widened in horror. “How, why?” He looked at Rope, “I don’t wanna die, Ropey!” 

Rope put a hand on his shoulder, “I don’t think you’re gonna die Hob.” He motioned to the rippling pool where the elf was still being ravaged, “She must have done something to you, some sort of trick when she saved you.” 

Hob's shoulders fell and he shook his head. Great, he was already a freak, now he had collected yet another oddity. He thought back to the warmth of the sun, he wanted to feel disgust and shame for the joy he took in his basking, but he found himself craving it. “Maybe she can turn me back,” he said hopefully, burying his worried thoughts.

Rope shrugged. 

Hob sat staring at the glowing orbs reflecting back at him until his brothers finished with the elf. Fatass slipped into the pool and held the elf as she cried. Hob was glad the breeders had each other, breeders always lasted longer when they weren’t alone and Hob wanted the elf to survive as long as possible.

Rat hopped up beside Hob. The tiny goblin looked up into Hob's eyes but Hob looked away, too ashamed of his new deformity to look his brother in the eye. Rat and Hob didn't actually speak to each other much. The two had spent most of their entire lives together and at this point they shared silent understandings.

Rat sat next to Hob on the ledge close enough for their thighs to touch. Hob was grateful to have a friend like Rat, someone to comfort him when he was at his lowest. Hob took a deep breath, then slid into the pool and waded toward the embracing sows.

The golden hair breeder had her back turned, she was sobbing into Fatass's arms. The sound of the broken down breeder didn't even arouse Hob, his eyes flared in anger and he grabbed her by the shoulder, spinning her around. 

Fatass released her embrace and the blonde elf turned, her face was tear streaked and sullen, but that was nothing compared to her anguish at seeing Hob's glowing golden eyes.

She grabbed Hob hard by the face and stared down into his eyes. Her head shook in disbelief and her mouth hung open in horror. She shrieked as if in pain and fell to her knees in the pool, crying and moaning in despair. 

Fatass tried to comfort her but the elf breeder shook off the redheads gently caresses. As much as hob enjoyed his breeder's sorrow, her reaction to his strange new eyes unsettled him. He wished he knew how to ask her to take the foul curse back.

He had hoped to breed her alone but her wailing was exciting the twins, and Hob didn't feel like contesting with them. So, the lanky golden eyed goblin waded back to the edge of the pool as the cunt thirsty blood ragers splashed toward the tantruming elf.

"Dirt said we can't stay here, Ropey," Hob said as he leaned against the rocky edge. "Says the baths are for the brothers and that we don't have enough diggers."

Rope looked into Hob's eyes, seemingly unaffected by his new condition. "That's why we're here, Hob. Gobs with their own breeders don't need to go to the pens," Hob didn't fully understand, "which means they haven't seen Fatass, or the elf. Now that we're in the holes we can use their holes to grow our followers," he pointed at the pool. Fatass had stepped up to intercept the twins. They didn't argue, and started fucking ass and mouth.

Hob nodded in understanding, he was always amazed at how well Rope's brain seemed to think. He wondered if his brain could think as good. Then wondered how he could think about his brain thinking. 

"You following, gob?" 

Hob blinked, then nodded. "Good plan Ropey." Hob decided he'd leave the good thinking to the good thinkers. His balls were wet and they itched, so he scratched them. 

Since the elf wasn't being used he waded back to her. She struggled, but her long silken hair made an excellent leash. Hob pulled her to the edge of the pool. He climbed out of the steaming water and pulled her up onto the ledge, worn smooth from years of flowing water. 

The elf rolled onto her back and her dark wet skin absorbed the torchlight. Hob couldn’t believe how beautiful his breeder was. Her soft features almost smoothed her sullen face, her lower lip had a sharp ridge and Hob surprised himself, kissing her roughly. She tightened her lips and rolled her head away from him but he could still taste her. He dragged his fat goblin lips across her cheek, down her neck and chest, then puckered them around her brown nipple, sucking and licking at the firm nub as she trembled in disgust.

The more she pulled away the harder Hob’s cock throbbed. When a single sob rocked her body Hob’s heart skipped with excitement and he scrambled between her legs. The underside of his shaft slid between her soft lips and she looked up at the ceiling of the cave. He sawed his cock across her clit, pushing her legs back to watch her labia grip his shaft as he thrust across her exposed sex. His throbbing glans dripped milky precum onto her pubic mound but he couldn't  take his eyes off her spread pussy lips, kissing his cock with wet smooches as he skated across her opening. 

Hob’s eyelids drooped as more slimy lubricant bubbled up out of him. He’d never had this much time alone with a breeder, let alone his very own. The elf stopped moving. She closed her eyes as Hob slowed his steady thrusts. The muscles of her jaw bulged as she clenched her teeth. Hob knew his cock would spew the second he entered the beautiful elf and he wanted this to last as long as possible, so he watched her face as he used her clit and gripping lips to massage his cockhead.

Her exhales were coming in uneven bursts and Hob’s cock twitched at her obvious pleasure. He stopped to keep from spilling and she opened her eyes. Her golden orbs blazed up at him and he was reminded of his time with the sun. The elf’s head tilted and her eyes widened. She leaned forward and grabbed Hob’s head in her hands. He jumped at the sudden movement but his muscles relaxed as their eyes locked.

She continued her momentum and pushed Hob to his back. He didn’t resist, transfixed by the brilliance of her gleaming gaze. He could feel the well of unknown warmth within him slowly being drawn out. He panicked and squeezed his eyes shut, cutting the flow of energy between them. There was a second of still silence. Fatass could be heard servicing the twins over the quiet babble of running water. 

Hob felt soft lips press against his own. The hands on his face loosened, one of them gently caressing his cheek while the other moved down his chest and stomach to wrap around his long cock. He kissed back, smacking his large lips against the elf’s and shoving his tongue into her mouth. She lifted herself slightly, then his sensitive tip split her hot sex and his eyes opened.

Their noses touched, she kissed him and rolled her hips atop him, but her eyes didn’t blink. He relaxed and allowed the strange warm sensation to freely flow between them. She moaned in pleasure for the first time and Hob couldn’t hold back. She pressed her groin firmly against his hips and his cock spurted into her depths. She sucked his lips and tongue, cradling his face like a lover but never breaking eye contact.

Her face was a mask of lust, pleasure, and desperation, she rode him hard and fast, milking his cock as her ass slapped into his upper thighs. Even in his wildest dreams, Hob hadn’t received willing passionate sex from a breeder. Fatass enjoyed his attention he knew, but this was something different. The elf was taking control.

The other goblins watched the display in stunned fascination. The elf had gone into some sort of sex frenzy atop the lucky Hob, who laid there with a dumb smile on his face while the elf drained him of everything he had. 

Then it was gone. His well of warmth was empty, his balls were drained, and her hips slowed to a stop. She looked down at the goblin and her usual sullen countenance returned. Hob didn't notice though. His cock was still twitching deep inside her. His eyes dimmed slightly and the last thing he saw before drifting off to sleep were the glowing golden orbs of his breeder.

He dreamt of her. They laid together in a grassy field, their dark skin basking in the sun. They were happy and free. Free to fuck and flirt and spend time alone. She was pregnant and Hob knew it was his brood within her. He even had a name for her. He called her Sunshine, and she was his.