Chapter 1

Four companions stood at the base of an old but well maintained tower made of solid stone with a single wooden door. After their last success they vowed to take on every quest the bounty board had to offer, so here they were, at the base of an old tower, guided by their trusty rogue. 

“What exactly did the flier say, Ben?” Jean asked. The athletic fighter looked up at the large singular turret the rogue had brought them to.

“Eeh!” Ben shrieked. The halfling rogue was as mysterious as he was cunning. The red bandit mask he wore made his expression hard to read but the twinkle in his eyes told his beautiful companions all they needed to know, treasure lay ahead of them. 

Rizella, the dusky skinned elf knelt down in front of her short friend, the curve of her full breasts showing clearly through her deep blue robe. Her voice was like tinted glass, dark and beautiful, “So the witch who lived here hasn’t been seen in weeks, and the town wants us to investigate?”

“Eeh!” Ben replied confidently. He patted the belly of his bright blue shirt.

“Half the treasure? Just for looking around an empty old tower?” Fey smoothly shouldered her bow and skipped up to the door, blonde hair bouncing under a giant green bow.

“Wait,” Rizella said, then cringed as the fair skinned archer reached for the iron looped handle of the sturdy door.

The blonde’s lithe body was catapulted over her three friends as a defensive ward activated. A shock wave of energy followed and the other three party members turned their heads against the invisible force.

Jean ran to the sprawled archer but the girl was already springing to her feet, bow in hand. “I’ll show you!” Her arrow tip gleamed in the sunlight and she focused her power into an explosive shot. 

The missile screamed free of Fey’s bow and Rizella wrapped Ben in her arms, whispering a quick shield spell as the arrow exploded behind her. Ben’s face rested comfortably between Rizella’s soft breasts and he nuzzled his face deeper into the cushioned bosom. The dark skinned witch patted Ben’s head as he burrowed deeper. “Fey, dear, could you try to control that temper of yours enough to at least keep your friends intact?”

A muffled, “eeh!” came from the folds of Rizella’s robes.

Fey smoothed her green skirt and straightened her matching bikini shirt. As always, her temper cooled as quick as it flared.

Jean walked up to the tower as the smoke from Fey’s attack cleared. She pulled her red hair into pigtails as she always did before a potential fight. “It doesn’t look like it had any effect,” she said, tightening her hair. 

The swarthy wizard released Ben and walked up beside Jean. She put a single finger against her plump lips as she thought. “Do you know why witches and wizards prefer towers, Jean?” 

Jean shrugged, and Fey answered instead, “because they think they are above everyone, why else would they find the tallest hill before building an impractical stone cock to live in?” 

Rizella let out a long affectionate chuckle. “Some of that might be true, but we also enjoy a good view.” She looked out toward the small town at the bottom of the hill. “Most importantly though,” she knelt, and her wide brimmed hat hid her face as she motioned to a series of blackened lines in the dirt. “Enchanting a building requires a circle of reagents encompassing the entire footprint of the structure.” She pointed, tracing the burned circles around the curve of the building. “Take this beautiful stone cock for example, a diamond dust enchantment has rendered every stone of the building indestructible, even the wooden door could take a battering ram without a dent of damage. A wider building would require five times the materials.” She looked up at the two women standing over her with a gleam in her eye. “You see, Fey? Those gifted in the arcane don’t think we’re better, we know it, and have proof.”

Jean spoke quickly, “Can you get us past it, Riz?” She put a calming hand on Fey’s shoulder before the fuming blonde could think of a response.

Rizella stood. “I can do anything, darling, but the enchantments shouldn’t be a problem, they render innate effects to the tower. We just need to get through a ward and a lock.” She closed her eyes and her dark indigo hair began to steadily lift as arcane energy charged the air around her. She took slow confident steps toward the door and the ward began to glow in warning. Her eyes snapped open. She held the tip of her staff toward the glowing ward and brilliant light gathered in the crystal-tipped walking stick before beaming into the now visible runes of the vibrating ward. The three companions behind her shielded their eyes until a loud crack silenced the hum of power.

The three blinked the stars from their eyes and saw their elf companion confidently leaning against the door.

Fey scoffed. “Showoff,” she muttered, and walked up to the door. She pulled the handle but it held fast.

“Stand back,” Jean said, and slung her shield over her shoulder, she picked up Ben and walked up to the door, holding her halfling companion up in front of the keyhole. Ben’s lockpicks flashed in the morning sun, his fingers worked for a few seconds before the lock clicked and the door swung open with the quiet squeal of unoiled hinges. Jean patted Ben on the head and set him down.

The four adventurers stood in the sun, looking into the dark entrance of the open door. “Right then,” Jean said. “I’ll go first.” She drew her sword and shield and stepped through the threshold.

The entry room of the tower was little more than a storage room full of boxes and sacks. A wide staircase reached up the edge of the circular room into the darkness above.

The crystal tip of Rizella’s staff glowed and she lifted the front of her robe as she took the first few steps. “Shall we then?”

Jean followed the witch up the stairs with Fey right behind her. The blue glow of magical light cast irregular shadows over the tapestries and paintings lining the outer wall of the staircase.

Fey watched the eyes of the portraits as they followed her every move and her skin prickled. Jean stopped ahead of her and the archer bumped into her companions back, then Ben bumped into hers, at least he would have if he wasn’t half her height and on a stair lower, instead his head lifted her short skirt and his nose pressed between her bare ass cheeks.

Fey’s cheeks flushed hot and she spun on the rogue, “Ben!”

“Quiet!” Jean hissed.

Fey huffed and pushed the rogue in front of her. “I’ll watch our backs,” she said glaring at the perverted rogue. 

“There’s something ahead of us,” Jean whispered. They had stopped on a flat landing. A door to their left was propped half open, sounds of movement came from ahead and above. “Can you give us more light, Rizzy?”

The light of the elf’s staff glowed brighter, she launched the brilliant orb above them like a flare. The sounds of quiet shuffling grew louder, and not just ahead of them, but behind them as well. A set of red eyes appeared above them, then another, then hundreds of tiny glowing eyes shone in the darkness as Rizella’s light lifted into the dark crevasses of the stairway’s high ceiling.

“Bats!” Jean screamed and bolted up the stairs as dark forms began dropping from the ceiling.

Fey bolted for the half open door as the screeching bats began dive bombing the group. She held the door for a moment but closed it as she heard her friends frantic footfalls retreating further up the stairs. She fumbled in the darkness of the room until her hand brushed a smooth glassy surface. Light beamed from the orb and she backed away from the sudden brilliance. The magic brazier illuminated the door she had come through and she turned to take in the room.

Plush purple pillows covered most of the floor and the aroma of incense and oils reminded Fey of an expensive bathhouse she had once visited. A large purple curtain was drawn over what she assumed was a window. She walked to the tasseled drawstring and pulled back the curtain. Her eyes glittered. It wasn’t a window the curtain was hiding, it was a set of shining, golden plate armor, a head taller than her with broad shoulders and a second set of arms sprouting from the armpits of the first. 

She drooled at the potential value of such a grand set, then frowned, her eyes had stopped on a curious object attached to the cod piece of the plate armor. A purple cock pointed straight out at her, she arched an eyebrow and flicked the tip of the violet phallus affixed to the armor. It was surprisingly fleshy and beneath the thin layer of rubbery skin were small beads that caused the surface to have a rough wavy quality. The strange cock bounced back to its original position, flipping a single drop of liquid toward the girl from the tip. 

“What in the?” She caught the glob of thick slime and rubbed it between her fingers, it was gooey and thick but slippery. Her instincts suddenly screamed at her to run but they were too late. One of the armored gauntlets grabbed her by the wrist and she let out a startled yelp. 

Jean lowered her shoulder and crashed through a door at the top of the stairs. She held it open as Rizella and Ben followed.

“Eeh!” Ben shrieked and Jean sighed, before slamming the door shut just as a wave of tiny bat bodies slammed into the wood.

“How many times do we have to tell her, don’t split the party!” Jean leaned against the door. 

“She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself,” Rizella said. She brushed off the shoulder of her robe and looked around the well lit room. The walls of the circular room were covered in bookshelves, completely stuffed with old tomes and scrolls. In the center, was a large banquet table with what looked and smelled like freshly cooked meat and vegetables. The table was littered with sides and desserts, and cups, and plates full of every kind of food one could want. “Jean, wait…” the elf started to say but Jean was already sprinting toward the food.

Jean had never seen such a feast. It was the type of meal she imagined kings and queens would have prepared by a fleet of servants. She grabbed the leg of some roast bird and ripped the moist meat free. It dripped with greasy juice and she shoved the drumstick into her mouth with an almost sexual grunt. “Omph, gods Rhizz.” Her eyes rolled up into her head, and the redheaded fighter groaned with a mouthful of succulent meat.

Rizella sighed and walked up to the table. Her eyes narrowed at the cooked bird that was already regrowing its leg. “This very well could be a trap, Jean.”

Jean had taken a seat at the table and was scooping food onto her plate with the greasy drumstick still firmly lodged in her mouth. She muffled something through her mouthful of poultry and continued shoveling.

The witch chuckled at her friend and swept her keen eyes over the table, tilting her head as she wrapped her fingers around the handle of an ornate metal mug. She sniffed the liquid and her heart soared, “Mead!” She tipped the cup back, throwing her worries out the window. She slammed down the empty cup and wiped her dark lips on the sleeve of her robe. As she did though, the cup made a sloshing sound. She raised it and the cup was already half full again. She smiled darkly and jumped into a seat next to Jean, kicking her feet up and leaning back on two chair legs with a giggle of excitement. 

Fey twisted her wrist and kicked the animated armor in the chest, but the golden golem held fast. Purple eyes burned in the darkness of the hollow helmet and Fey looked around for a possible escape. The brute lifted her easily by her wrist and she kicked again, only to have her ankle caught by the armored hand of his lower arm. With one of the free hands, the armor tore away her green top in one fluid motion. “Hey,” she yelled indignantly. Her perky breasts bounced to attention as her clothing and quiver fell away. She flailed her free arm and leg but they too were soon restrained by one of the four golden hands

It pulled her four limbs in opposite directions and she quivered in its strong grip. “What do you…” She stopped and her eyes rolled back in her head as the brute pulled her close to its chest, the purple cock began sawing between her bare labia, its rough surface slowly rumbling across her clit. “Let me… go…” She said weakly, but her muscles slowly unflexed against her captor. The fleshy cockhead slid from her clit to the crack of her ass as the strong hands pulled her legs further apart.

She felt weightless. Her hot breath fogged the shining breastplate. Her legs and arms went limp. She knew she should fight, or struggle, or at least protest, but she didn’t want it to stop. Her pussy had begun to drool and the steady rubbing turned to wet slipping. She could hear it, as her pussy moistened the ribs and ridges of the cock loudly skated across her soaking sex. Her eyelids hung lower and her lips parted as her panting breaths quickly turned to panting moans.

Jean had eaten two entire plates of food. She leaned over a third, her hand gripped tightly around a greasy sausage. She hadn’t tried the sausage yet. She stared at the meat longingly but feared there wouldn’t be room. Against her better judgment, she slowly opened her mouth and sunk her teeth into the juicy meat. Maybe just a taste then? She chewed the perfectly seasoned meat and was again lost in the bliss of having her mouth stuffed full. She chewed and swallowed, then shoved the rest of the meat into her cheeks.

Rizella watched her friend struggle with the sausage with a laugh that ended in a hiccup. Her normally dusky cheeks were a reddish brown and she slowly flapped her long eyelashes. “You're going to, hic, overstuff yourself, darling.” Rizella hugged her never ending cup of mead and pulled another long drink.

Something behind them clicked and the scraping of stone pulled their attention. Ben stood next to one of the bookcases, its shelves had turned inward to reveal a hidden passage. “Eeh!”

“He’s right,” Jean said, and slowly stood from the table. “We should investigate.” 

Rizella let her chair fall back to four legs with a hollow knock. “He’z always right, that one,” she said and stood, leaning heavily on her staff. She finished the cup once more and sighed as she slammed it on the table. “Lez go!” She pointed to the ceiling and took a wobbling step toward the secret door.

Fey’s body rocked. She had planted her forehead against the giant’s breastplate and sweat beaded on her temple as the animated armor continued assaulting her clit with the length of its knobby shaft. She let a worried squeal escape between lusty whispering moans, “I’m gonna… I’m close… go faster… don’t fucking stop…” She adjusted her hips as the beast thrust faster between her dripping lips. Her stomach tightened and her ass cheeks clenched around the tip of the strange cock. She opened her mouth to scream but all she could manage was another hot breath against the foggy breastplate as her orgasm broke against her like a wave.

Fey pouted her lips and her eyes rolled back as her puckered asshole repeatedly kissed the tip of the cock lodged between her sweaty cheeks. She slammed her forehead against the armored chest once as she rolled her hips back and forth across the beaded cock. Her legs quaked and her toes uncurled as the orgasm began its gentle aftershocks. “Okay… that’s too much…” she said through heavy breaths, but the golem didn’t seem to understand her. 

His cock continued to saw against her sensitive sex and she writhed atop it, trying to get away from the bumpy shaft but the golem pulled her legs down harder, pinning her gushing cunt to his thrusting cock. “You have to stop,” she pleaded, but despite the pain of over-pleasure she felt a familiar pressure building in her loins once again.


“Keep the light steady, Riz,” Jean said as they walked up the narrow stairs.

“I’m sorry dear,” the witch giggled and the light pulsed with the rhythm of her laughter.

Jean turned and looked down at the elf who had doubled over in a cackle. “Are you drunk?”

Rizella stood up and made a straight face. “If I wazz… drunk…” She stopped to think for a second, “could I do thiss?” She snapped her fingers and a small spark of electricity flew from her thumb. “Wait,” she snapped again but nothing happened. She snapped a third time but Jean had already started back up the stairs, eyes rolling. “Jean, wait!” Rizella called and took a step up the stairs, but forgot to lift her robe and tripped over her own skirts.

Jean pushed open the door at the top of the stairs. There were no windows but the high pointed ceiling told her this was the top most floor of the tower. The walls were smooth stone besides three small archways embedded in the walls. Each doorway seemed to lead to solid stone, all at a different tip of a triangle painted on the floor. On the wall across from the door sat an ornate chest. 

Jean held out her hand in sudden worry, “Ben, wait!”

The daring rogue was already halfway across the room. He waddled up to the chest and pressed his hands against its richly decorated surface. As he did, he felt the tingle of arcane power at his back. He turned to see the faint glow of a magical barrier, trapping him against the curve of the wall with the chest.

"Eeh!" Ben said, and placed his palm against the semi translucent wall of his new prison.

"Don't worry buddy," Jean said, "we're gonna get you outta there."

Rizella crawled up the last step, sweating and out of breath. “I am… far too drunk for these stairs.” She rolled to her back and her well endowed chest heaved with every breath.

“Um… Rizzy?”

The elf waved off the fighter, “not now dear, I think I’m going to have a little rest.”


The panic in the fighter’s tone caused the witch to sit up and look around the room. The strange stone archways began to glow with runes of power, a pink gemstone the size of a fist brightened next to each door. Swirling mist began to pour from the openings and something flew from the thick fog. It was small and black. Its leathery wings scattered the billowing smoke and it soared across the room before perching on the opposite portal. It was slightly shorter than Ben, and much thinner than the stout rogue. Its face was angular and its large genitals hung below the edge of its perch like a sleeping bat.

“An imp!” Rizella said. She looked at Ben and understanding brightened her already jolly face. “Ben must have triggered a portal trap. until we can close these gateways, we won’t be able to get to the treasure, or our charming Ben. Don’t worry, darling,” she yelled to Ben, “Imps are very weak creatures, they really only pose a threat in large numbers." As she finished her sentence, three more imps tumbled out of the first portal, then two flew out of the second.

“You were saying?” Jean yelled, and drew her sword as more shapes emerged from the mist of the third portal.

Fey’s forehead gently bumped the chest piece of the animated armor. Drool ran freely from her mouth and a tear ran down her cheek as her tenderized clit bloomed with her third orgasm. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed to think of something. This golem had obviously been designed with pleasure in mind, but she didn’t know any of its commands. “I want… to suck… your cock.” She managed to say between long thrusts against her groin.

The grinding stopped and Fey sighed in relief. The hands holding her legs released her and she fell to her knees on the cushioned floor. Blood flowed back into her legs and her feet tingled as they regained their feeling. Her wrists were still held tightly by the brute. She looked up at the purple cock bouncing in her face, it was slick with her own juices, and the thick scent made her mouth water. A long strand of the mysterious slime slowly dripped from the tip of the purple penis and she craned her neck forward to catch it. 

The smooth liquid spread across her tongue and she smacked her lips a few times, tasting it. “Strawberries?” she asked, and looked up at the sentient suit in surprise. His lower set of hands reached for her head and she licked the tip of the dripping cock. More of the mysterious precum dribbled down her lip and she slurped it up with a hum of pleasure. 

“Hmmph!” Fey squirmed as the gauntlets took her head in both hands and shoved forward, popping the cock between her lips. Her arms were spread wide and her head was gripped tightly, but her battered pussy dripped with arousal at her predicament. The metal hands gripped tighter and her jaw and throat were forced open as the suit began rhythmically skull fucking the blonde girl with little preamble.

Loud squelching and squealing grunts filled the cushioned room as Fey’s mouth was made into a sex toy for the gleaming pleasure suit, Her pussy gushed with more dripping grool and she stopped wondering how much she could get for the golden armor, and how much one would cost her.

Jean swung her sword in a lazy arc as an imp swooped low. Why had she eaten so much food? She bashed her shield forward into the face of an oncoming imp as more of the little fiends poured out of the portals. “Riz, can you please do something?”

Rizella was still propped on her elbows, normally a swarm of hell spawn would sober her up, but she had lost count of her bottomless cups. She wasn’t exactly worried, these were imps, what harm could they do? But, she supposed she could do her job when called upon. “Do you see the crystals near the portals, dear?”

Jean’s eyes shot to the nearest portal as she ducked another imp. She hadn’t noticed the crystals before but now they were glowing a bright magenta, each portal had a similar gem and she sprinted toward the closest.

“Don’t – ooph!” one of the imps slammed into the witch’s face. His wings flapped wildly as he mounted her head. The little beast grabbed the elf’s pointed ears and shoved his cock between her oversized lips.

Jean looked back toward Rizella and tripped over an imp tumbling out of the portal. She sprawled forward and lost her grip on the hilt of her sword. The blade slid into the mist and she cursed, “damn dirty imps!” One of the creatures pounced on her raised ass and began humping her with animalistic enthusiasm, his cock pressed against the thin fabric of her tight pants, sliding between her ass cheeks. “Stop!” She yelled and rolled to her back, slamming her shield into another of the creatures. The humping imp darted and latched onto her shield while another pinned her free hand to the ground. A third imp mounted her face in a similar fashion to the one that had started face fucking Rizella. It grabbed Jeans fire-red pigtails like handlebars and forced its fat cock into her mouth, filling her cheeks with its girth.

Rizella’s staff glowed with a spell but was wrenched free of her hand by two imps who cackled in evil delight. She didn’t necessarily mind a good face fuck, but nobody touched her ears without her permission. She grabbed the imp by the base of its flapping wings and pulled it free of her lips with a wet pop. “We have to get the crystals from the other side of the portals and bring them out, then destroy them both to close each portal,” she yelled to her companion, who she saw was now being similarly mouth fucked. “Well if you’re just trying to have some fun Jean, why didn’t you say so.” The imp in her hands was thrashing wildly and still had a tight grip on her ears. She sighed and released the imp, opening her mouth and leaning back on her elbows.


Fey surrendered her throat to the giant purple cock, she realized the sentient armor wasn’t going to let her be a willing participant and her frustration was quickly turning to a newfound sense of erotic joy from being nothing more than a fuck toy. Since she had no say in the matter, she was able to fully let go of any thoughts or desires that came to mind, her job was to make the best out of what her new golden god decided to do to her. 

The forceful shoving on the back of her head was getting harder and harder and the deep thrusts into her gullet were lasting longer and longer. Her body coiled and her arms flexed as she tried to take a breath past the fleshy object lodged in her throat. Her bare chest dripped with her own slobber and as she strained to take a breath her mouth watered even more, splashing more saliva onto her hard nipples.

Then the cock pulled free of her and she coughed and sputtered. She looked up at the glowing purple eyes, her open mouth a mess of drool and precum. The brute released her arms and her eyes widened as the two gauntlets joined the others on the back of her head. “Wait…” she said meekly, but the great suit of armor didn’t wait, it shoved her head forward with four strong hands, pummeling the back of her throat with such savage hammering, Fey felt her mouth warm from the friction.

Fey’s blonde bangs bounced, her body hung limp as her head was used as a wet hole. Her jaw was sore and her throat was tired but the brute carried on for minutes. The archer’s eyelids drooped until the thrusting finally slowed and Fey felt the cock begin to bulge and flex between her lips. She grabbed the cock instinctively and stroked the nubby shaft as she sucked and worked her throat muscles around the pulsing cockhead.

Its first spray of thick fluid practically bucked her head as the rigid rod flailed in her mouth. She swallowed the first large spurt and the hands on the back of her head relaxed slightly. The taste of fresh strawberries touched the back of her tongue and she pulled her head back an inch, causing the next great spurt to land squarely on her tongue. She moaned in delight as she swirled her tongue, wrapping the cock in its own delicious slime as it came again and again. Her cheeks bulged slightly and she swallowed half of the mouthful. The cock finally calmed and she swallowed the second half with a satisfying gulp. She kissed and cleaned the cock, expecting it to soften as she licked and slurped, but it stayed as rigid as ever.

She looked up at the plated construct and his hands fell away from her head. He dropped to his knees in front of her with a heavy impact, even through the pillowed floor. He grabbed her by the neck with one hand, the two lower hands grabbed her thighs and forced them apart, lifting her in front of him, the fourth supported her lower back as he leaned her back at an angle.

Fey didn’t bother arguing, she knew what was coming as the thick cockhead gently opened her labia. She knew this sex construct was going to fuck her harder than she had ever been fucked and she was tired of struggling, her body wanted this. The armored fingers dimpled her thighs and she looked up into the faceless void of the golden helmet with a devilish glint in her yellow eyes. “Okay then big boy, if you’re going to fuck me, fuck me.”

“Mph mph mph mph.” Rizella’s muffled moans echoed around the room as an imp violently hummed her face. She untied her sash, opened her robes, and spread her legs revealing her skimpy dark panties and bare chest to the horny devils. It didn’t take long for them to notice her plump pussy lips peeking out from behind her black thong. An imp landed between her thick thighs and humped at her covered hole in frustration.

The elf only moaned louder at the attention as the fat cock rubbed her clit and lips through her thin cloth panties. She could feel the moisture of her hungry hole seeping into the fabric with every thrust against her sex. Another imp began licking and sucking the tip of her heavy breast.

Meanwhile, Jean groaned in irritation. She had released her shield and had one arm around the torso of the imp desperately trying to hump her face. His cock slapped wetly against her cheek and chin, flinging precum across the bridge of her nose. Another had crawled between her legs and was licking her groin through her pants. “There’s too – ” The imp managed to get his cock planted in her mouth and she released him with a grunt of frustration. 

She knew he couldn’t last long, and he didn’t, her mouth quickly filled with warm thick fluid. The white slime dripped down her chin and onto the exposed cleavage above her breast plate as he dumped more and more cum into her mouth. When he finally finished she spit the cock and its bounty from her dripping mouth, “ – Many of them,” she finished but another imp took up the position and she huffed an annoyed sigh before he mounted her face. The imp between her legs tore through her pants with his teeth and Jean squealed through a mouthful of cock meat as a thick tongue pushed into her wet pussy. 

“Harder!” Fey screamed as the brute repeatedly pulled her onto his cock. His initial thrust had stretched her to an extreme but her pain quickly blossomed into a pleasure she had never known. Her ass cheeks slapped loudly against the golden plates and Fey’s moans had turned to screams, egging the golem on to a roughness Fey herself wasn’t sure she was ready for. He squeezed her throat with both of his upper hands now as his lower arms tossed her lithe body forward and back. Fey let out another squeal of high pitched delight through her quickly closing throat as the suit squeezed tighter still. 

Her pussy quaked and quivered at every heavy thrust, she felt light headed from the lack of oxygen but she knew one thing, she was going to cum. Her hands went to her exposed nipples and she squeezed hard as her body bounced like a ragdoll. She smiled and her eyes rolled back. She couldn’t moan, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think. All Fey could do was let her brain flood with endorphins as her pussy squeezed and her asshole spasmed. Her body was on fire, her lungs burned, and her vision began to blur. She decided there were worse ways to die, and pulled hard on her nipples, riding her orgasm like a steed into the great beyond.

Jean spit another mouthful of the creamy cum across her chest. Rizella had said she needed to get the crystals from inside the portals. The imp pinning her hand to the floor had started fucking it. “Better than my mouth,” she said and wrapped her fist around the cock. His genitals slapped into her hand as he fucked and she grimaced as his cock tightened and spewed thick cum across her palm. Jean looked toward Rizella and gasped. The fighter knew now why she wasn’t being swarmed by horny imps, the witch had exposed herself, her robe was open as if she were offering her body to the demons. 

“She’s giving me an opening,” Jean whispered in sudden realization. She wiped the sticky strands from her chin and looked down between her legs. The imp was stuffing his tongue as deep as he could into her but she needed to get to the portal. She grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him up so his cock aligned with her pussy. “Hurry up, you filth, finish and be done with it.” The imp took no further encouragement. His cock slid into her and she closed her eyes, it was much bigger than she thought and a quick gasp left her lips as his entire length nested in her guts. She squeezed her eyes shut tighter and waiting for it to be over but he fucked her for a full minute without slowing.

“Cum, damn you,” Jean begged and squeezed his cock with the strong walls of her cunt. The imp slobbered down on her, his head flailed, his face a mask of wicked glee as he fucked a human girl for the first time. Jean winced at her own thoughts, then looked up at the slobbering imp, “Give me your cum, breed me like I’m your filthy imp whore,” She didn’t think the imp would understand her, but he doubled over her and his cock pulsed out a gout of warm seed. “Eck,” Jean grunted as she felt her plan work and hot liquid fill her. He flopped his cock free of her and the warmth oozed out, bathing the tight hole between her ass cheeks in a warm sticky bath.

Rizella swallowed another mouthful of imp cum. After she opened her robe the little beasts swarmed her and she was suddenly drinking imp spend as fast as she could swallow. The imps were small but their cocks were large and they spilled alarming amounts of seed. The elf’s teased clit had had enough, she reached down and pulled her panties into the crevasse between her thighs and labia. She grabbed the throbbing cock that had been rubbing her to near orgasm and guided the thrusting girth to its warm wet home.

The witch leaned back against the floor as the cock entered her and hummed in pleasure. “Okay, who’s next?” she asked and reached up to wrap her hands around two hard cocks of the imps surrounding her. One of them mounted her face and began humping her head into the floor, she chuckled and opened her mouth, servicing four imps at once.

Fey dreamed she was floating in a pool of some unknown substance. She raised her hand and a clear fluid clung to her. Long sticky strands pulled at her arm and as she opened her fingers, a web of slime connected her individual digits. Something swam in the pool with her, a long snake-like creature brushed its smooth body against hers and her nipples hardened at its touch. It wrapped her body with its own and its head pressed down between her legs, then pushed deeper. It spread her open and she moaned as her eyes snapped open.

Fey was drenched in her own sweat. Her head and shoulders rested against plush pillows but her lower half was held aloft. She wondered briefly how long it had been fucking her unconscious body. Loud wet slapping accompanied the rough jostling of her and she looked up to see the four-armed golem laboring over her. It pounded into her like a gnomish steam piston, knocking painfully against her cervix. She grunted and whined with every impact but the colossal golem didn’t slow, in fact, once her girlish mewling began, the great armored beast picked up his pace.

The tight muscles of her depths slowly began to relax. Her cheeks burned hot and she wondered how much more sex her body could bear. She ran a hand down her toned stomach and unclipped her skirt, letting the cloth fall to the pillows below. She cupped her pubis and let her middle finger gently rest on her clit. It was soft and fat, engorged and agitated. She slowly ran her finger across the hood, pulling it back slightly before running two fingers over her sensitive bead.

Like plucking the cords of a lute, she sent reverberations through her body, and played herself a song of pleasure as the tireless construct beat her cervix into submission. Every impact sent a wave of nauseating pain through her that lessened with every heavy thrust. She could feel the mouth of her womb being pushed deeper. The edges of her stretched hole pressed against her inner thighs, her depths were being pushed to their limits, her sore cunt was at full capacity, and yet, her lips moved, and she spoke, “More,” she whispered. 

She pressed three fingers to her moaning lips and spit a large glob of saliva. She spread the fresh lubricant across the soft flesh of her clit and continued skating her fingers around her hooded pearl as she moaned her request with passion, “More!” 

Rizella felt another hot load being dumped into her sopping cunt and moaned through a mouthful of cock. Her face and chest were covered in a thick layer of sticky cum, the newest ropes of seed dripped down her cheeks and chin but she was always quick to catch them with her tongue or fingers before the bulk of her warm treats went to waste. An imp dismounted her face and she glimpsed her red-headed friend darting toward one of the portals. She used the opportunity to roll to her hands and knees, the tips of her heavy breasts brushed the floor and she arched her back, pointing the dark ring of her asshole to the ceiling and wagging her wide hips as more imps poured from the portals. “Come my darlings, momma’s ready for you,” she said with a sultry chuckle. 

Jean tried not to think about what might lie on the other side of the swirling mist. Her friend was sacrificing her body so she could save them, she wouldn’t waste the opportunity. The fighter grit her teeth and ran headfirst into the purple smoke. As her vision cleared, her eyes widened. The room was an exact copy of the room she had left, stone floors, pointed ceiling, and three portals, but it was darker, and pink smoke drifted through the air. That wasn’t the source of Jean’s shock though, in the center of the room was a woman with brown hair lying on her back, her legs were spread, knees bent, arms holding her massive pregnant stomach.

The woman’s eyes shot to Jean and her face twisted in worry, “Flee! You must leave this place!” Jean eyed the pink crystals next to each portal. Imps sat hunched atop the archways like gargoyles, their wings flapped nervously, as if they eagerly awaited a command. Jean took a tentative step toward the girl but stopped as a voice cut through the room.

“Why would she want to do that?” Jean’s skin prickled at the voice. It was deep but feminine, its harsh edges rounded, like someone speaking through a mouthful of smoke. Jean turned to see a woman slightly taller than her with dark skin, obsidian black. Her hair was white and teased, a curly nest from which two curved horns sprouted. Her hooves knocked against the stone and her large breasts bounced under a silk bikini top with every step. Jean’s eyes tumbled down the womanly curves and flat stomach to a silk loincloth that did little to hide a large swinging cock bigger than any the fighter had ever seen. Its tip flared like that of a horse and she swallowed as her cheeks burned hot. There was something about this woman that Jean could not deny.

“Close your ears! She is a succubus, do not listen to her words!” the woman in the center of the room pleaded.

“Come,” the succubus commanded, and Jean obeyed. The demoness held out her hand and Jean’s fingers reached out, interlacing with the smooth fingers of the strange woman. Jean could smell the woman now, like an evening breeze carrying the smell of wine and roses. She pulled Jean in close and the redhead gave an unexpected yelp of surprise. “Dance with me,” The dark skinned beauty said.

The succubus pulled Jeans hand up by their heads and wrapped a hand around Jeans lower back. Jean’s eyes half closed as she inhaled the woman’s delicious musk, she looked up into the demon’s bright eyes. They glowed hungrily, Jean knew she was in danger but her natural senses were being smothered by the wet blanket of desire. Their bodies began to sway and the pointed tail of the succubus slowly climbed the inside of Jeans thigh.

The golden suit of animated armor was quick to obey her request this time and the cock surged deeper. The blonde girl lay on her shoulders, slack jawed and wide eyed as the brute split her further. Her fingers worked frantically now and her body tensed so tightly, she pulled herself up, working the fingers of her free hand into a crevasse of the armor. She looked down past her bouncing hand and realized the cock was almost entirely inside her. She slammed her ass cheeks harder against the armored thighs and felt the cock inch deeper. Her body rolled into a tight ball and she released her twitching clit, pulling herself with both hands onto the throbbing cock as she climaxed. 

The cock bulged inside her. It flexed and straightened, pulsed and squirted. Her lips parted and a low cooing moan grew into a banshee’s wail. “More!” she screamed and the amor obliged, pressing his smooth metal groin into hers as more and more of the thick cum pumped into her. Fey’s legs shook and her orgasm ran free as her depths stretched even further to accommodate the huge amount of sticky liquid that dumped into her. She panted like a whore and her stuffed pussy squirted out the slime around the rigid cock. She continued riding and moaning until strands of wet webbing connected the two fucking figures as more gooey slime slopped out of her.

She hugged the golden armor and her entire body trembled with the tremors of after pleasure. The hands released her and she felt her feet settle on the floor. She was still impaled by the kneeling giant’s cock and her eyes rolled back as she raised herself to her tiptoes, trying to pull the long cock out of her. Large globs rolled down her thighs and loud dripping splats could be heard as the cock flopped free from her sucking cunt. She sighed in relief and looked up at the glowing purple eyes of the hollow helm. “Satisfied?” She asked with a breathless chuckle.

The eyes flared and the hands spun her violently, “Wait!” Fey squealed, “I have to find my friends!” She was suddenly on her hands and knees, facing away from the brute, two hands spread her sticky ass cheeks wide and she felt the tip of the fleshy cock rest against her puckered asshole. “You can’t be serious,” Fey said, her tone worried.

Jean had closed her eyes, there was no music, but she was lost in the graceful movement of the succubus. They danced like lovers, the demon’s breasts pressed into Jean’s lightly armored chest and the hooved woman’s large cock occasionally slapped into Jean’s thighs. Their cheeks rested against one another’s and Jean could feel hot breath against her neck, then hot lips, then a hot tongue. The wet warmth explored Jean’s neck and then her earlobe before a sharp pain sent a jolt of excitement through Jean’s body. 

“Ouch!” Jean yelped and held her hand to her ear. They stopped dancing and the taller woman looked down at her, face unreadable.

The succubus stroked Jean’s cheek, “Did you feel it?”

“You bit me, of course I felt it!” Jean looked at her fingers and saw a few drops of her own blood.

The succubus took the fighter’s fingers and slowly licked the blood from them. “I mean did you feel the pleasure,” the succubus unclipped one side of Jean’s breastplate, then the other. The armor fell to the floor with a single metallic thud and Jeans breasts pressed against her low cut undershirt. “It should have started here,” the demoness ran a sharp painted pink fingernail from Jean’s earlobe down her neck, “and gone all the way…” She traced the curve of the fighter’s athletic breast, and continued down the ridges of her muscled abdomen. Jean’s breath caught and her back stiffened as the long painted nail found the valley of her lower stomach that led to her groin.

The succubus flipped the hook on Jeans belt with practiced efficiency and the fighter’s hip and thigh armor fell free. Under her armor, Jean wore thin black leggings. The groin was torn by the imps and the fabric was already soaked with imp drool and cum. The succubus began her slow journey over Jean’s pubic bone when the girl blurted, “I felt it!”

The demoness stopped and chuckled darkly. Jean looked down as something bumped her inner thigh. The long silk loincloth that draped between the woman’s legs began to form around her hardening cock as it slowly hardened. Jean’s mouth pooled with her own saliva and she swallowed hard.

A thick stream of creamy white cum clung to Rizella’s flopping tongue as her body rocked with the motion of an imp fucking her big round ass. Her hole hadn’t been stretched like that since the party stayed with the farmer and his son. She moaned at the memory and felt another surge of heat as her squeezing butthole milked the cum from another imp. She looked up to see another dark cock awaiting her attention and she opened her sopping maw obediently.

She was glad she hadn’t eaten, her stomach was now more full of cum than it was mead and it sloshed below her fat swinging tits as she swayed with the movement of her assailants. Another tip squeezed into her ass and she felt an imp trying to climb beneath her. She spread her legs further, lowering herself down atop him and his thick imp cock pressed into the already gooey mess of her soggy sex. 

The thighs of the imp below slapped against her as he plowed up into her. Her plump ass cheeks rippled with the impact of the new imp fucking her ass and her cheeks bulged as she wrapped them around the girth about to feed her another load. Even sober, Rizella would relish having every hole repeatedly stuffed and filled, but with a belly full of mead, and now cum, she was truly living her best life.

She moaned and sucked and fucked, she drank and slurped and swallowed, still more imps came. As soon as a dripping hole was empty, another would fill it. She could feel the warmth filling her womb and stomach. Her belly hung lower and lower, eventually swaying with her swinging tits as the family of imps bred her face and ass and cunt. As turned on as she was, the constant starting and stopping was ruining any hope of an orgasm. She needed a new approach. 

Rizella had always raved about anal sex but Fey had never actually tried it. The archer wasn’t too keen on the idea of her pooper being used for sexual purposes. But here she was, face pressed firmly to the floor with her ass raised high. Strong hands gripped her by the hips and her heart beat like a scared rabbit. She knew resistance was futile against the armored golem, she tried to relax. She looked up between armored fingers at the brute. “Please… go slow…”

Then her eyes screwed shut and she huffed a few worried breaths. The cock pressing against her sphincter began to advance. Its pace was glacial but unwavering, her hole began to push inward and she was suddenly grateful for the slime coating her holes. She felt her tight rim begin to open for the massive cockhead and she yelled up at the brute, “Slower!”

Fey would have thought the cock stopped, if it wasn’t pushing through her unstretched asshole. It inched forward, even slower than before. Her stubborn hole pushed deeper into her as the tight sphincter began to open for the massive cockhead and Fey tried to breath through the pain. She panted and squealed and tears ran down her cheeks but the cock continued, pressing into her until the ring of her ass finally gave way, snapping over the tumid tip, and gobbling up the shaft as it tried to retake its original shape.

She breathed a loud moaning sigh but the cock continued, now pressing her much more sensitive, inner sanctum. It was as if she had a second asshole inside her, this one much more stubborn and tender. The cock continued its constant assault with dogged persistence and Fey let out a whimpering squeal. She knew her ass wasn’t ready for the girth of such a cock, but she also knew it wouldn't stop. 

A cold sweat covered her, goosebumps crawled across her arms and legs and she gripped the pillows on either side of her. Her hand closed around something hard, an arrow from her discarded quiver had fallen into the cushions. Fey grabbed the arrow and pulled it closer.

Jean had forgotten her mission, she looked into the beautiful demon’s eyes. As she stared into the stunning pink orbs, nothing else seemed to matter. The imps, the pleading girl, the glowing crystals, it all fell away. All she could think about was how much she wanted to kiss the dark lips of the horned woman in front of her, so she did. She leaned in, and as her lips locked with the perfectly plump lips of the succubus, Jean’s skin tingled, and her hands instinctively cupped the barely covered breasts of the gorgeous woman in front of her.

Their tongues met and battled for ground, dancing and playing in each other’s mouths. Jean squeezed a handful of breast and pulled the woman’s hand to her own chest. The succubus didn’t squeeze though, she pinched the fighter's nipple hard through her tight shirt and Jean breathed a heavy sigh into the demon’s mouth.

“I’m going to keep you here forever.” The succubus whispered. Jean stopped and looked curiously at the half naked woman. Something about what she said was wrong, but it felt so good to hear it.

“Tell me more.” Jean said. She needed to hear something else, something that made sense. 

The succubus purred a moan and grabbed Jean by the chin, turning her face and licking her cheek before whispering into her ear, “you see that girl there?” Jean nodded. “You’re going to be just like her.”

Jean looked down at the girl who had stopped trying to convince her to leave. Her face was now pulled into a frown of anguish.

“Looks like you’re just in time,” the succubus said, and her face spread into a delighted smile.

Jean watched as the woman’s pain became too much for her to bear, she wailed and screamed and a small arm popped out between her legs. It gripped her thigh with a clawed hand and pulled. Its triangular head distended her gaping hole slightly then emerged with the slosh of clear fluid. It pulled it’s other shoulder free, and the woman screamed in agony as her gripping pussy stretched around the imps folded wings and torso. Its legs slid free of her and it tried to stand, but slipped on its own birthing fluid. 

The woman was drenched in sweat and looked up at Jean with desperate eyes. “She births another of my children every few hours, the ones we don’t eat grow into healthy sons.” The succubus said, and smiled at Jean, then frowned when the smile wasn’t returned. “She came here trying to do the same to me, you know, she wanted my children to guard her treasure. Isn’t that terrible?”

Jean nodded her head, but didn’t know why. She was confused. She didn’t want to talk anymore, she just wanted to kiss the pretty woman. She leaned in to kiss her again but the succubus put a finger to Jean’s lips. “We’re done with the foreplay dear.” Her face suddenly turned hard. “Get on your knees.”

The command sent a violent quake through Jean. Her nipples hardened and her pussy drooled. Her metal knee pads slammed against the hard stone and she looked up at the woman, awaiting her next command. The succubus gently grabbed her silk loincloth and pulled it to the side. Jean’s stomach tightened, her face flushed hot and her hands reached for the giant cock, only to be slapped away.

“You haven’t earned the right to touch it, understand?”

“Y-yes, – “

“Yes what?” the succubus asked in an authoritative tone.

“Um… yes…” Jean looked up at the demoness in confusion.


Jean swallowed and nodded her head, “Yes Mistress.”

Rizella’s thighs dripped with hot seed, her asshole bubbled with fresh cum, sticky strands clung to her teeth and tongue. She gulped down yet another mouthful and loud dripping splats echoed off the stone as she was repeatedly bred and force-fed. 

Most of the imps had fucked her twice by now, and the spent devils lay in a pile around her, some sleeping, others catching their breath. “Jean should be out by now,” she said to herself. She sat up on her knees, petting her swollen stomach like an expecting mother. An imp landed behind her and shoved into her ass as she studied the portals with concern. “And where in the world is Fey?” 

The blonde archer buried her face in the pillows and screamed, the cock was halfway buried in her sphincter, well past her inner rim, and still it pushed deeper. She focused her mind and gripped the shaft of the arrow in her hand. The tip began to smolder, a thin trail of smoke wisped off the arrowhead and she turned her torso up and around, striking like a viper. The arrowhead stabbed into the faceless void of the helmet and exploded with thick white smoke.

Jean looked up at the enormous cock, its length drooped almost to the demon’s knee. The tip flared out in such a way that Jean wasn’t even sure if she could get her mouth around it. She wanted to please her mistress though, so she reached up to grab the long shaft, only to have her hand slapped away again.

“What did I say? Hands flat on the floor in front of you or you’ll be punished.”

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress,” Jean said sheepishly, then leaned her head closer, trying to get her mouth around the fat bulb as she spread her hands on the floor between her knees. 

The succubus sighed in frustration. She grabbed her cock in one hand and swung it like a club, slapping Jean across the face with a loud fleshy smack.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” Jean whined, holding her bright red cheek, “it’s too b – hmph” The succubus grabbed just below the half-hard tip of her cock and shoved it into Jean’s mouth. The fighter’s cheeks bulged out around the massive glans but her cheeks snapped over its bulging girth. Her mouth instantly watered as she tasted it, spilling drool down onto her exposed cleavage. 

Loud slurping filled the room as she tried to suck the irregular cockhead, it was hard without the use of her hands, but she managed to get a rhythm of letting the giant head bulge out of her lips before sucking it back in. The cock slowly hardened and Jean felt a great pride at arousing her mistress. 

The succubus grabbed the back of jeans head in one hand and stroked her long shaft lewdly as Jean sucked. “Spit on it,” the succubus commanded, and Jean obeyed, she let the cock flop free of her sucking mouth and gathered a mouthfull of drool before spraying it across the wide shaft. The demoness spread the slobber across her cock in long wet strokes, then shoved the cock back between Jean’s glistening lips, deeper this time, and the redhead coughed, spraying more spit out around the shaft of the great cock.

“Have you never been throat trained?” the succubus asked, looking down at Jean in surprise. 

Jean flopped the cock out of her mouth. “No,” she answered honestly.

The Demon’s eyes flared and she swung her cock harder than before turning Jean’s head with the heavy, wet impact.

“No Mistress,” Jean corrected quickly, then reached her tongue for the cock but the succubus glared down at her and pulled it up and out of reach.

“Observe,” the demon said, and her hooves clopped as she walked over to the woman still recovering from giving birth. “Open,” she commanded.

“Yes Mistress,” was the woman’s weak reply and she opened her mouth wide.

Jean watched in amazement as the succubus easily shoved her entire cock down the woman’s esophagus. The gorgeous demoness bent her knees as she fucked the girls throat, grabbing her head and shoving long deep thrusts into her. Jean couldn’t take her eyes off the girls bulging throat, she could actually see the giant cockhead travel through the girls neck, it was like watching someone get their stomach fucked.

The succubus pumped faster and faster until her cock bulged larger in the girl’s throat. The demon’s great black balls rested under the girl’s upturned chin as they began to retract, tightening and loosening as she fed her breeding slave. Tears ran down the girl’s cheeks and her body twitched as the girl ran out of breath, but the cock continued to pulse.

Jean found herself feeling jealous of the pregnant whore. She wanted the woman’s cock down her own throat. She wanted to be the one birthing her mistress’s offspring. She watched in excitement as the long feeding pipe pulled free of the breeder with a loud sucking pop.

The woman gasped for air. “Thank you Mistress,” she said, and her eyes fell back to the floor. 

The cock dripped with cum and Jean crawled over to the succubus, catching the long strand in her mouth before it could fall. The demoness looked down at her and smiled, “You will do well here, my pet.” She patted Jean on the head and the pet beamed with pride.

“Train my throat Mistress, I’m ready,” Jean said and opened her mouth wide, flopping her tongue down over her lower lip.

The succubus leaned down and stroked Jean’s cheek, then spit into her open mouth. Jean was confused but took in the saliva and swallowed it. “I’ve just fed one of my pets, it’s time to breed.” 

Jean’s pussy quivered at the last word. She had never seen a cock so large, let alone taken one. “Y-yes, Mistress.” Jean said, her heart hammering.

“Knees and elbows, pet.”

Jean somehow knew exactly what she meant. She turned away from her mistress and leaned down onto her hands, then lowered herself onto her elbows. There was a loud tearing of fabric as Jean’s pants were further ruined and then a smooth moan of delight. Jean could feel the demoness above her, savoring her exposed holes. She had never felt so small in the presence of another, her heart fluttered in excitement and fear. She wanted to feel the giant cock as it entered her. She remembered the bulging throat of the breeder and she wanted that for her dripping cunt.

Jean slowly opened her mouth and a shuddering exhale escaped her. The great cockhead shoved her smooth pussy lips apart, then her soft pink hole was force fed the bulging glans. The tip of the cock was semi-soft and her tight pussy devoured it whole, taking in the bulb with surprising ease. Then it pushed deeper and her quick breaths rang out in worried moans. 

She raised herself to her hands and tried to crawl away from the invading cock but the succubus held her firmly in place. “Knees and elbows, pet!” She accentuated the last word with a hard spank and Jean yelped in surprise. The cock pushed deeper, dragging its girth through her insides and she froze in pain and terror. “Elbows!” Another crack bounced around the room as Jean's ass cheek rippled with the impact and the imps fidgeted nervously. Jean’s ass flared hot and she slowly lowered herself down onto her elbows. It didn’t matter though, the succubus had found joy in spanking Jean and continued the hard slaps as she began thrusting the giant cock in and out of the stunned fighter.

Rizella had grown bored with the imps. She was starting to sober up and the little devils with big cocks couldn’t last long enough to please her. She let the imp in her ass finish, then stood and pulled her underwear back into place. The small triangle of fabric wasn’t enough to soak up the flood of dripping seed and the slime quickly seeped through, rolling down the insides of her thighs as she made her way to the portal.

The mist swirled around her and she found herself in the same room as before, this one darker and occupied. Her mouth quirked into a smirk as she waved the pink smoke out of her face. “Jean, you minx…” but her words fell short as she saw the pregnant woman lying in the center of the floor. 

“Don’t… listen…” The brunette begged. But she was drowned out by the sounds of regular slapping spanks and the sloshing and squishing of Jean’s hole with every stuffing thrust.

Jean was on all fours, her ass presented to Rizella, and a feminine form with horns was bearing down on her. One dark hand dug into Jean’s hip, the other spanked her rosy ass cheek mercilessly. A large obsidian cock glistened with the fighter's juices as it slid easily into her repeatedly. The experienced witch recognized the succubus for what it was, and shielded her mind from its enchanting magic. 

The demon hadn’t noticed the curvy elf yet, too preoccupied with her newest breeding hole. Rizella watched and listened as Jean was bred by the beautiful succubus. She had never heard her friend make such noises, the sort of sounds you make when you’ve given up all inhibitions. Jean moaned and groaned in loud guttural sighs like a bitch in heat and Rizella’s nipples hardened against the loose fabric of her open robe. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her soggy panties in slow circles.

Jean’s pussy gripped the cock in tight constricting pulses as she climaxed again and again. She was surprised at her bodies response to being forced open to such an extent, she hadn’t thought of herself as a size queen by any means, but her pussy felt differently. There was something about being stuffed so full that as soon as the monster cock pressed against her cervix, an explosion of pleasure rocked her entire body. She tightened on the cock which only caused the succubus to moan and spank harder. 

She was pleasing her mistress with her own pleasure and she reveled in the joy of her sexual obedience. She wanted her mistress to cum, to fill her womb and keep her as one of her breeders. She would convince Rizella and Fey to stay too. Together, they would make an army of imps, they would keep the portals open and flood the world with their offspring, cumming again at the very thought.

Her throat was hoarse from her heaving moans but she didn't care. Never had the fighter felt such pleasure, that is, until her mistress began filling her womb. She felt the hot liquid spray her interior walls. The cock inside her bulged with the force of the coming seed and Jean put her palms against the floor, gripping the stone as she prepared to be filled.

The cock was built to breed, it sealed the mouth of her cunt with its girth. Its enormous cockhead afforded no space for the fresh seed to escape and Jean soon felt her cervix give way to the surge of liquid heat now filling her womb. The demon’s hanging balls slapped her clit as the cock was planted fully inside her, pulsing new life into her quickly swelling belly. She opened her mouth but was too overwhelmed to moan. Her body didn’t even flex with her newest orgasm. Her cunt milked the cumming cock and she dropped down to her shoulder and cheek, pushing her ass further into her mistress’s groin. 

Jean’s eyes rolled around in her head as the pleasure of her cracked womb sent her away. She thought she saw Rizella for a second, then closed her eyes as another ripple of pleasure rolled through her exhausted muscles. She moved a hand to support her growing stomach as another heavy load dumped into her with a strong flex of the cock lodged in her. She would have been worried at the swell of her stomach but she now knew her purpose, she wasn't Jean, the fighter. She was Jean, the womb.

Rizella wanted it. She watched the cum pipe pulse into her friend and her mouth watered at the thought of it splitting her own chubby cunt. Jean’s body began to morph into that of a soon to be mother. Rezella held her own bulging stomach as she rubbed her soaked panties. The cock suddenly pulled free of Jean in one loud sucking flop, followed by a gout of fresh cum that spattered against the stone. 

The pink eyes of the gorgeous demoness turned to Rizella and the witch’s heart skipped a beat. The demon was in a frenzy, her face a mask of uncontrolled lust. She walked up to Rizella with loud echoing clops and looked down at the trembling elf. “Clean it,” she said with a voice like melted butter. 

Rizella fell to her knees. She grabbed the wet half hard cock in both hands and began slurping the thick mixture of Jean’s juices and gooey cum. She pulled the entire cockhead into her mouth and milked a mouthful from the long cock before swallowing and continuing her task. She ran her tongue and lips up and down the length, then took the sweaty black balls into her mouth and sucked them clean.

Once the cock was pristine, Rizella leaned back against the stone floor. She gripped a large breast in one hand and held her swollen stomach in the other. She opened her legs and the succubus growled in delight. She fell to her knees and the witch pulled her sticky panties to the side once more. The succubus wasted no time, she pushed her fat cockhead into the already sticky folds of Rizella’s fat, gripping cunt.

Rizella grabbed a handful of the demon’s huge breast and squeezed as the giant cock forced its way through her. The witch’s head drooped and she released the swollen sack of fat, squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples in cum drunk pleasure.

“Yes…” moaned the succubus, “You will do nicely.” 

Rizella could feel her asshole begin to twitch in anticipation as the horse cock began thrusting in and out in a measured rhythm. This is what she had wanted. The imp cum was loudly forced out of her and the floor beneath her soaked in the old creamy spend as it made room with every wet squelch. She looked up into the eyes of the succubus and the glowing pink orbs were just about to push her orgasm over the edge when they dimmed suddenly.

A spray of warmth covered Rizella’s face and as she blinked her eyes clear she saw the tip of an arrowhead protruding from the beautiful demon’s forehead. The succubus stayed upright for a moment, then slumped over Rizella. “Nooooo…” The witch said in annoyance, She tried to hump the cock shoved in her but the moment was lost. She shoved the succubus off her. The quickly softening cock left her with a quiet slurp and she glared up at her nude Blonde friend who smirked in the swirling smoke of the portal, bow in hand. 

“Mistress!” Jean screamed and charged the green booted archer.

Fey bent down and grabbed a sword at her feet. “Just in time, as always,” she beamed and tossed the sword to the fighter charging her. 

Jean caught the sword and pulled it back as if to decapitate the girl. Rizella whispered a disenchantment and Jean slowed just before reaching the archer. 

The imps screeched in unison and dove at the three companions, fangs and claws bared. Fey dropped two that were coming for the stunned Jean before the fighter shouldered Fey to the side, cleaving an imp in half that swirled through the smoke from behind the girl. 

Rizella summoned five magic missiles that snaked out from her hand, seeking targets in the swarm of imps that swirled in the high ceiling of the tower. “Jean, Grab that crystal and meet us on the other side,” the witch ordered. “Fey, cover us while I grab the witch!”

Few knocked an arrow and loosed, dropping another as Jean dashed toward the far crystal. “Witch?” Fey asked, and another limp body fell from the dive bombing swarm.

Rizella scooped up the brunette woman in the center of the room and ran toward the third portal. Jean grabbed the second crystal and rolled through the mist. “Fey take your crystal through!” Fey nodded and grabbed the crystal before dashing through her portal. 

The witch slammed against the threshold of the final portal, she grabbed the crystal and shoved it onto the pregnant woman’s hands before spinning and running them both through the mist.

On the other side Rizella shouted more orders, “Fey, Jean break both your crystals.” Fey tossed her crystal near the other and let an explosive arrow fly, shattering the gems. The light from behind the pink mist flickered and went dark. The thick smoke cleared and a stone archway stood inactive once again. Jean smashed one under her boot and crushed the other with the hilt of her sword. 

Rizella watched Jean’s portal close and smiled at her own brilliance. She set the woman down and threw both crystals into the portal.

“What are you doing?” Fey yelled.

But Rizella simply held out her hand. Her staff pulled itself free from under a dead imp and spun toward her before stopping solidly in her grip. She pointed the tip into the pink smoke and called upon her favorite spell.

A roaring sphere of flame erupted from her staff and launched through the portal. After a quiet moment, a blowback of flame geysered into the room before the crystals shattered under the heat and sealed the portal closed from the inside. 

Rizella leaned down and grabbed her hat, brushing it off before fitting it snugly onto her head. “Right then darlings, another job well done I would say.”

The light of the magical barrier faded away in front of the hafling rogue. “Eeh!” Ben said and the three companions nodded, then looked at the woman at Rizella’s feet. 

“I suppose we won’t get any treasure now that we found the missing witch,” Jean said.

Fey stepped up to the woman, scowling down at her. “We should at least get something for saving her.”

The witch looked up at her saviors, weary but conscious. “I can do better than a reward, how would the four of you like a job?”

Fey scrunched her nose, “We’ve all had jobs, Jean was a talented blacksmith, Rizzy was a world renown alchemist, I was a very successful tavern wench,” she arched her eyebrow seductively, “and Ben’s modeling made him so famous he has to hide his face wherever we go.” She shook her head, “been there, done that, just give us some gold and we’ll be on our way.”

The woman chuckled and reached a hand up to Rizella who helped her to her feet. “I’m not askin’ you to do menial chores for money, hon’.” The woman sighed and stretched her arms above her head rising onto her tiptoes, her breasts and stomach bounced as she settled back onto her feet. “Im offerin’ a place to stay with more food ‘an you could eat, more mead and wine ‘an you could drink, a pleasure room, an’ a library.”

Rizella and Jean answered in unison, “A pleasure room?” 

The woman smiled warmly, “I’ll find you quests that are appropriate for your obvious talents an’ in return, we will split the rewards five ways.”

The adventurers glanced at each other. 

Jean shrugged, “she had me at food.”

“I think we may be gettin’ a little ahead of ourselves. You mentioned your names, Jean, Fey, Rizzy, an’ Ben, right?”

“Rizella,” the elf corrected and the woman bowed her head.

“Right, I’m Alice, It’s a pleasure to meet ya,” she looked down at herself and then at each of the adventurers. “Whaddya say we get cleaned up, an’ talk about this in more detail over a meal an’ a drink?”

“Eeh!” Ben said in agreement, and the group left to familiarize themselves with their potential new home.