Chapter 2

Tesa walked into her nursery for the third time that morning. Even after taking her blankets and threatening violence, Lia still slept. How could Donny not see this girl was a lost cause? She always knew his faith in the goodness of others was bordering ignorance, but this was just stupidity.

Tesa knew her sister; she would always do whatever she thought she could get away with. She sighed with a resigned shake of her head and threw a cup of water on Lia’s naked body.

“Aah! What in the realms o’ hell, Tes!”

“Despite what you might think, Donny isn’t running a boarding house for beautiful elven women. Get up. Get dressed.” Tesa walked out of the room and slammed the small door.

Lia sat up, and the cold liquid ran down her chest and stomach, sending goose flesh creeping across her tan skin. She rubbed the crust from her eyes and stood as she stretched. The sun was coming through the open windows, and she walked to the one facing the rear of the house. The steady sound of clopping hooves on dirt came from around the corner, and she waited, letting the sun soak into her chest and face.

Eventually, the wagon rolled around the back of the house. Lia smiled brightly when she recognized the butcher and his son heading back into the forest for the day’s hunt. “Good luck, boys!” She said with morning cheer. Benny flushed, and his face turned away from her exposed torso, but his eyes didn’t. Ben’s rosy cheeks betrayed the smile behind his salt and pepper beard. Neither of them spoke. She leaned on the sill, closing her eyes and tilting her head back as the wagon passed, enjoying their attention and the sun's warmth.

When the cart was gone, she turned and looked at the dress Tesa had brought. Such an ugly, sad thing, she thought, as she held it up with a frown. She pulled the rough fabric over her head and laced the sandals around her feet. She ran a comb through her hair, and Tesa barged in again.

“Good, you’re finally presentable. The sun has already been up for an hour, Lia.”

Lia looked at her sister with a cocked eyebrow. "How would you even know that? Do you wake up before the sun, sis? That doesn't seem healthy."

Tesa rolled her eyes, “I can’t be your handmaid if you're going to stay with us. Tomorrow you will wake at a reasonable time for work.”

“Work?” Lia set down the comb. "What work?"

Tesa held out her hand, “Let’s go find out.” Lia hesitated, then took her hand, allowing herself to be led out of the house and into the city.

The city of Summerdale was much bigger than Lia had thought. What she had already seen was more akin to a rural village, it had its shops and a small church, but the wagon trails and paths between the buildings were still dirt. The cobbled roads of the inner city had nearly reached it, but there was still a small village feel to the quiet community surrounding Donny’s cottage.

The city, however, felt alive in a way Lia had not expected. “Look at them,” Lia sneered as they reached the busy streets of the inner city. Men and women were shouting and tripping over each other. Carriages and carts rolled quickly between the three-story stone buildings of the inner city.

Tesa clicked her tongue as they walked, “Pitiable creatures, how frightening it must be to know you will die before the end of the century.”

“Does it not exhaust you watching them? That man is running, Tesa!” Lia pointed in excitement. “Have they no shame?”

“You get used to it. But, I do miss the elven architecture, the streams, the trees, the hills, all one with the buildings. Human cities are…” Tesa trailed off.

“Barbaric and unimaginative?” Lia finished, and Tesa nodded. Lia clung to Tesa's hand as they strolled through the chaos.

“Want to see where Donny works?”

“If it's just a big church... then no,” Lia said flatly.

Tesa shrugged and chuckled at her sister's honesty, “He probably isn’t there anyway. He works all over the city, building for the church. All that will change when our son is born.”

“What? Why?” Lia was tentatively peeking into the street to see if she could cross.

“Let’s find you a job, shall we?” Tesa pulled her into the narrow lane, and Lia forgot her own questions as a row of horses trotted past them.

She sighed in annoyance and looked at the signs and shopfronts they passed.

“What do you like to do besides eating and sleeping?” Tesa asked.

Lia’s eyes brightened. “I like fucking! And Dancing!”

Tesa snapped her fingers. “You could be a dancing whore!”

Lia gently slapped her sister's face as they both burst into laughter. “You bitch.” Another carriage rolled by, and men shouted in the distance. Lia looked toward the commotion, worried, but Tesa seemed not to notice.

Music flowed into the street as a very drunk man left a tavern. “Maybe you could be a tavern maid, dance and drink, and only mate with the men you want.”

Lia scowled and looked at her sister. “What did I tell you about that? Don't say, mate!”

“What am I supposed to say?’

Lia touched her temples before spreading her hands. “Literally anything else! Fuck, bone, screw, bang, nail, make up a word if you want, but listening to my sister talk about how she ‘mates’ with her husband makes my fucking skin crawl.” She huffed a loud exhale.

Tesa raised her chin, “Well, I'm sorry I’m not like you, always ‘riding big cocks’ and having my ‘pussy pounded.’” She made air quotes as she spoke.

Lia stared at her in disbelief. “Gods, Tesa," she shook her head slowly. "it’s not the words; it's you. We need to fix this! Say cunt.”

Tesa's jaw dropped, and she bowed her head in embarrassment. “I will not,” she said and pulled her sister's hand, forcing them to walk again. “We are not here for me, little sister-”

“Oh, don’t do that! If anyone's a ‘little sister,’ it's the one that can’t say CUNT!” Lia practically screamed the word, raising a hand triumphantly.

“Tesa?” A woman in a black robe walked up behind the bickering elves.

“Mother Abigail,” Tesa spun, smiling and showing far too many teeth, “we were just discussing…" she blinked. "employment opportunities... for my sister.”

The nun looked between the two, “I didn’t know you had a sister, Tes.”

“She’s ashamed of me,” Lia said with a friendly smile.

Tesa’s happy eyes flashed a leer of warning at her sister. "Nonsense! Abigail, this is Lia. I should warn you, she has a rather wicked sense of humor.”

“Well, if you’re looking for work, Lia, we could always use more hands at the orphanage.”

Lia looked genuinely touched. “Oh goodness, mother Abigail, I couldn't. Really, I would rather hammer nails into my skull than clean the shit from the asses of human babes.” Tesa's smile vanished, and she squeezed Lia’s hand with all her strength. To both their surprise, Abigail laughed.

The nun looked side-eyed at Tesa, “I like her! Honestly, it does sometimes feel that way, but I’ve found the smallest rewards are often worth the most effort.” Lia cocked an eyebrow. “Come see me if you change your mind, dear. May the light shine upon you, even in the darkest places.”

“And may the light shine upon your darkest places,” Lia bowed in mock reverence, and the nun laughed again before continuing on. Lia nodded, a proud smile on her face. “That went well.”

Tesa hadn't moved. She watched the nun's back as she continued down the road, “That was the High Abbess, Lia.”

“So, like, an old nun?”

“You angel-faced idiot… She is married to the High Abbot, head of the church here in Summerdale. He answers directly to the emperor.”

Lia shrugged, “Okay, so she knows a guy who knows a guy. What’s the problem, Tes? She was laughing. I’d say you needed to loosen up if I didn't know you were wound tighter than 'High Abbess Abigail’s-'”

Tesa pointed at Lia. “Don’t… say it.”

“Fine, as long as you're thinking it. I’m not done exposing you to more appropriate language.”

Tesa ignored her. “What about this?” She stopped in front of a tavern, pointing at the sign.

Lia’s nose wrinkled as she read aloud. “The Bards and the Bees?”

“It’s a very respectable establishment, Lia. They have live music and specialize in honey mead. It’s a theme. You're going to love it.”

Lia was still staring at the sign when Tesa pushed her through the open door. Lia’s eyes took a moment to adjust, and then she stopped. Dingy golden light filtered through yellow stained glass windows cut into honeycomb patterns. Large wooden barrels made to look like the heads of honey dippers were lined behind the polished yellow pine bar, each one tapped with a spigot. The barmaids bustled between the closely clustered tables, wearing striped black and yellow low-cut shirts. Fake wings made of black lace and two long antennae made from painted sticks bounced as they walked.

Her eyes widened, and she grabbed the doorframe, resisting her sister's shoves. “Tes, no! There’s another way!" Panic crept into her voice. "Please, sis! I’ll get up on time! I’ll contribute! I don't want to be a bee!!” Her voice cracked, and tears welled her eyes. Tesa stopped pushing.

“Find something by the end of the day, or you can choose between cleaning human shit dressed as a nun or human puke dressed as a bee.”

Lia nodded one too many times, still staring in horror at the degradation of grown women wearing bee costumes. They left the tavern, and Tesa headed towards the city's center. “Now where are we going?” Lia asked.

“I’m going to the Cathedral of Light. I need to make sure you haven't done any permanent damage with the High Abess, and when Donny gets done working, I’d like to accompany him home. Continue your search, sister. I know you’ll find something.”

Lia stood watching her sister disappear into the crowd. She looked back at the sign and shuddered before walking down the road. The bustle of the city was easier to navigate at her own, slower pace. She took her time and stopped at shops, stalls, taverns, even a blacksmith. None of it seemed like fulfilling work.

She talked with owners and flirted with gentlemen. She even talked to a prostitute. Even considering how much Tesa would hate the idea of her twin available for a cheap fuck, she couldn't do it. She didn't feel she was above fucking for money; on the contrary, she knew she would excel as a gorgeous elf in a human city. But Lia loved fucking more than anything and was worried sex would start to feel like work.

Hours passed, and she wondered why she always found herself in these hopeless situations. It was easy for Tesa to judge but was she actually any different? She didn’t work. She didn't have skills other than cooking and sewing. How hard could those be to learn? Her feet eventually hit the dirt trail of the village again, and she wiped a tear from her cheek.

“Tesa? Is somethin' wrong?” Lia looked up. The older bearded man tilted his head, “or is it Lia?” It was Ben, the butcher, carrying a large box into town.

Lia looked into Ben’s kind face, and an idea struck. “Very funny, Ben, like I'd believe you don't recognize me after all these years," she said, wiping another tear and laughing. He frowned as she continued. "It’s my sister. I’m worried for her. She’s been looking for work, and none will hire her. I don’t understand why, though. She’s beautiful, smart, honest, kind... I wish there was some way Donny and I could help her, but,” Lia straightened her posture the way Tesa normally stood and adopted her air of easy superiority, “You can't help someone who won't help themselves.”

Ben’s brow smoothed. “She seems like a nice lass, Tes. She'll find somethin'.” he took a step closer but couldn't offer comfort with his arms full.

Lia brightened as if she had just thought of something. "Could you use her help?"

"Oh, I dunno Tes-"

"You and Benny are gone most days hunting; your shop is closed during that time, isn't it?"

The man adjusted the weight of the obviously heavy box, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have someone looking after things in the mornings. I'm worried about Benny, though, he's still young, and she seems so-."

"Well, you have nothing to worry about. My sister is only romantically interested in elves. If anything, it will be good for Benny to get used to being close to a beautiful woman, don't you think? They might even become friends."

He nodded slowly, "And you say she's trustworthy?"

"Lia has flaws, that's for sure, but she is the very picture of honesty, Ben." Lia stared into his eyes with a look of perfect sincerity.

"I'll talk to her, but I'm not promisin'."

Lia wanted to squeal with excitement but tried to think what Tesa would do. Instead, she curtsied, "Thank you, Ben. Donny and I owe you a great deal for your kindness." She dipped her head and turned, walking back to the house with a self-satisfied smile.

She opened the door to see Donny eating an apple and looking over a mess of blueprints on the table. He looked up. "Finally. Where have you been?"

His tone reminded Lia of being in trouble as a child, and she tripped over her words. "Uh, into town... we went." She pointed back toward the city.

"Where's your sister? Did she find work?"

"Oh, Donny, I'm-"

He moved in to grab her. "We don't have much time. I still have work to do." His arm snaked around her waist, and she put her hands on his chest.

She looked into his blue eyes, and she felt herself melting again, letting his strong arms fully lift her. He leaned in to kiss her, and just as she felt his breath on her lips, she blurted, "I'm Lia!" She clamped her eyes shut, and he quickly lowered her back onto her own feet. When she cracked her eyes open, His cheeks and forehead practically glowed red with embarrassment.

"I… Lia, I'm so sorry. I would never."

She rushed back to him "It's okay. I'm okay, you didn't know. Here… I have an idea." She grabbed a strip of cloth from Tesa's small sewing table and pulled her hair into a ponytail. "I'll wear my hair like this so you can easily tell us apart."

He nodded, his face still a shade of deep maroon. "I have to go."

"Wait!" She put her hand on his arm. "Please don't mention this to Tes, she already doesn't want me here, and nothing happened. It will only make her hate me more."

His tension seemed to wane, and his face took on a softness she hadn't seen from him. "Tesa does not hate you, Lia," she felt a spark of something deep inside her for an instant, "she pities you." Then her teeth clenched in anger. "She knows you've had a hard life and wants us to help you find your way."

Lies. Lia heard Tesa begging Donny to abandon her. She did believe that Tesa pitied her, though Tesa pitied everyone she thought beneath her. "Thank you, Donny. She's waiting for you at the Cathedral of Light."

Donny looked toward the cathedral, anger poorly hidden on his face. At himself, perhaps? Lia didn't know. "I won't say anything." He pulled his arm free of her and walked out of the house.

Lia was worried. She wouldn't have a chance if Donny told Tesa that he couldn't tell them apart. She didn't have time to think about that right now. She rolled up the sleeves of her dress, then unbuttoned the top button of her collar and folded it down over itself. She didn't think the butcher to be an observant man, but if he was, these changes, along with her hair being put up, would make her look different enough.

She walked down the road toward the powder blue door and stopped in front of the shop. She read the sign again, and a small smile pulled at her mouth. Ben and Benny's Butchery. It was unimaginative like all human things, but she actually appreciated it after what she'd seen today.

Lia pushed the blue door open, and the shop was still. Light came in through the front windows, and she could see the dust particles floating in the air. Then she looked closer and could see dust everywhere, and not just dust; the floors looked as if they had never been cleaned. The place desperately needed some love.

Benny walked in from a back room and blushed. "Oh, uh. Lia, how can I help you?"

Lia eyed him, "How do you know I'm not Tesa?"

"Um, I… don't know. I just do." He looked at his feet. "Are you looking for, um... my father isn't in right now. If you want to come back."

Lia rolled her eyes. "Okay, Benny, we need to have a talk." She sighed. "Look at me when I'm talking to you," she said flatly.

He looked up, and his eyes widened in fear. "Yessum. Sorry, Lia."

His white shirt was obviously made for a younger Benny, and it strained against his adult body. "What's your real name, your full name?"


"Right, from now on, that's what I'm calling you, and I want you to call yourself that. Not to other people, or you'll have to make a new sign, and it won't be as catchy. But in your own mind. Got it?"

He looked confused. "Uh, how come?"

She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down slightly. her cheek gently brushed his, and he tensed visibly. "Because I'm not going to spend the summer fucking Benny, the boy. Once I make you a man, you're not going back, understand? No more stuttering, no more blushing, no more looking at your ugly feet when there's beauty before you." She pulled away slightly and looked into his blue eyes. "Now, do you understand?"

He nodded slightly.

"Speak!" She yelled, and he flinched.

"Yes, I understand."

Her face melted into a loving visage, and she held his face in her hands, gently kissing him on the corner of his mouth. "Good man Benjamin. Now tell me in clear and complete sentences, how did you know I was Lia."

Benny took a deep breath. "I think it's… because you looked disgusted. Tesa hasn't ever made a face like the one you were making. Also," he pointed to her body, "if Tes wanted the collar lower and the sleeves shorter, she would have made the dress that way."

Lia bit the inside of her cheek. This wasn't a casual observation, and she didn't think Benny was actually all that smart. "Gods… you love her." He didn't respond, and she let go of his face. "Idiot human, she's married. Did you know they have sex like six times a day?" He nodded and then stopped himself. Leah gasped aloud. "You pervy little creep!"

He dropped to his knees, and Lia grinned in delight. "Please, I didn't look at anything, but sometimes I can hear them in the morning, and in the daytime, and at night…."

Another plan formed in her head, and she idly ran her fingers through his blonde hair as she thought. "Oh Benjamin, I'll tell you what; I won't tell anyone you look through your neighbor's windows if you promise me I'll have a job here this summer."

"Well, uh."

She grabbed a handful of his short hair and pulled his head back violently, "No stuttering! No muttering! Answer me straight."

"It's not my decision."

She smiled, letting go of his hair and reaching out a hand. "I know that, darling, but if you don't want the town knowing you're a peeping Ben, I'm going to need your help."

The small bell above the door chimed once as it opened and then again as it closed. Lia quickly pulled Benny to his feet as Ben walked in backward with an empty box in his hand. "That should hold the beast over for a time. I swear that damn church-" he stopped as he turned. He eyed Lia, trying to decide who she was. Then his eyes fell to Lia's hand, still holding Benny's. "Lia," he said with a slight nod. "What can we do for you?"

"Hello, Ben," she said with a small curtsy, releasing Benny's hand. I just spoke with my sister, who said you might have some work in the mornings available for me. I've been looking for something to help pay back Tes and Donny for their kindness."

He glanced at Benny and then at her, still holding the empty box. "Sorry, lass, we can't afford a daytime clerk. Our customers know to come in the evening."

"Oh, Ben, you misunderstand. I'm an elf. I was born with a bow in my hand. I've seen your cart return empty. Would you not be able to afford help if you suddenly doubled your production? Maybe it would help with your church problems?" Ben's face darkened, and she internally winced. Too far.

Ben wasn't looking at her, he was looking at Benny, and he slowly shook his head. "Sorry, dear. The answer's no."

She let out a long sigh and looked up at Benny. "That's a shame. Well, good luck to you both." She winked at Benny and then turned to leave.

"Wait!" Benny said.

She turned back, looking up at him. "Yes, Benjamin?" She said expectantly.

"I'll take her on the hunt tomorrow. If we come back empty, then we don't have any use for her. But if she's as useful as she says..."

Ben looked hard at Benny. "It's not your decision, son." He walked forward and put the box on the dirty counter.

"You're slowing me down on the hunts, pop."

"Careful boy…" Ben's words had an edge as hard as steel.

Benny took a step away from his glaring father, "It's not just that. Think of all you could get done in the mornings." As he spoke, he stood a little straighter. "Deliveries, packaging, preparing the meat, even if we were bringing in more game, we wouldn't have the time to process it all as just two men."

Ben folded his arm in front of him. He turned his eyes on Lia, and his mustache twitched. "I'll give you one day."

Lia squealed in glee and ran to Ben. She flung her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek three times. "Thank you, Ben! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won't regret it."

He smiled despite himself and patted her back uncomfortably.

She returned home and began preparing for the next morning. She found some actual shoes in an old wooden box that seemed to be her sister's but couldn't find any pants or practical clothing of any kind.

She closed the box and placed the shoes on top just as the door opened. "Oh, Lia," said Tesa, holding Donny's hand. "I thought you would be out looking for work." Donny ducked into the main room and gave her a tight-lipped smile.

Lia rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, I was just heading back out. I shouldn't be back until well after sundown."

Tesa's eyes sparkled, and she smiled, not trying to hide her excitement. "Good luck on the search! Don't give up!"

Lia laughed at her sister's obvious ploy to get the house alone with her husband. She walked past Donny and into the waning sunlight.

Her sister quickly shut the door behind her, and Lia walked quickly down the path toward the butcher's shop. She burst through the door and was greeted by Ben's surprised face. "Oh, Lia, we're just closin' up. I didn't expect you until the mornin'. Everythin' okay?"

"I need to talk to Benjamin, I mean Benny. Is he here?"

Ben slowly shook his head, a smile forming under his beard. "He's here. Benny! Come on out here."

Benny emerged from a back room. "Oh, Lia. I-"

"I need your help with something. Please come quick." Ben moved out from around the counter, but Lia raised her hand, "not… you, Ben. It's about tomorrow's hunt. I need Benny's help to prepare a few things."

He shrugged and went back to writing in a large ledger. Benny walked to the door, and Lia impatiently waited. The blue door closed behind him, and Lia snapped, "Can you walk any slower, gods Benjamin. I thought humans lived in a hurry." She took his hand and quickly walked back toward the house as the sun began dipping over the trees.

"Where are we going?" He whispered as they approached the house.

"Shut. Up." She turned and put a hand over his mouth. "Not another sound. I have a surprise for you." She led him around the side of Donny's house and pulled him to the ground beneath the bedroom window.

The pair sat leaning against the wall of the house. Benny looked at her in confusion, and then he heard it. The wet slobbering of mouth on cock coming from the window above them. His eyes went wide, and he stared at Lia in disbelief. She returned his look with a playful grin. "This is wrong," he hissed, barely loud enough for Lia to hear.

He moved to leave, but Lia mounted him, pinning him to the ground, "The only thing wrong about this is that it's not you getting your cock sucked by Tesa. Want to see what it would look like?" She reached down and grabbed the bulge of his groin hard enough for his balls to protrude between her fingers. He glanced back toward the road, hesitated, closed his eyes, then nodded dumbly.

Lia raised herself slightly, releasing his hardening cock as she peeked over the sill. Tesa was sprawled naked on the bed right in front of her. Her head was propped on pillows, and Donny was loudly fucking her face as she gently moaned.

Lia slowly climbed off Benny and motioned for him to join her. The sun had finally fallen behind the horizon, cloaking the land in darkness, but a single candle stood against the gloom in Tesa's room, bathing her tan body in a soft orange glow.

Benny peeked over the edge of the sill and then quickly dipped his head again. Lia looked down at him and pulled him back up beside her. Donny's back was to them, and his muscular frame was blocking her view of the window. They watched as Tesa moaned through a mouthful of Donnys thrusting cock, her slender fingers working to massage and tease her clit.

Lia reached over and slid her hand down Benny's flat stomach, the tips of her fingers prying their way past the waist of his trousers. Benny only watched as Lia wrapped her hand around his rock-hard cock. She slowly stroked, feeling a slippery dribble of precum coat her palm.

She pulled out her hand and slumped back against the house. He stayed kneeling, his eyes locked on the scene in front of him. Lia’s shoulders and head rested low against the wooden wall, and she grabbed Benny's hand, pulling him towards her. He looked down at her briefly and immediately understood.

He moved to the side, throwing a leg over Lia the way Donny was mounting Tesa. Straddling her torso, he could still watch Tesa's naked body over the sill. Lia pulled at the front laces of Benny's trousers until his bouncing cock sprung free. She delighted at the size of it and greedily shoved it into her mouth. The cock twitched and dripped another runny stream, this time onto her tongue.

The moaning and wet sloshing of Tesa's mouth grew louder, and Benny began fucking Lia's face faster. She tried to wrap her lips around his cock to keep the noise down, but it couldn't be helped. Drool began to run down her bottom lip and chin as she allowed Benny to have his way with her mouth.

Donny began to grunt with every thrust and Lia's cunt dripped at the sound of his deep voice. Benny stopped suddenly, and his legs shook on either side of her. Warm cum pooled on her tongue and around her bottom teeth as Benny blew his surprisingly large load. She noted that she would have to work on his stamina and pushed her soft lips and tongue around his cock-head as he finished cumming.

He eventually pulled his cock free of her mouth, but she held his cum, breathing in the night air as she savored his taste. Finally, she gathered his seed and pushed it to the back of her tongue, letting it slowly slide down her throat.

"That's enough." Donny's authoritative voice cut through the air, and Benny ducked his head, sitting against the wall next to Lia. They both sat very still.

"Please, daddy! Let me just have a taste." Tesa whined.

"We mustn't waste it, Tesa. Now, elbows and knees." Tesa sighed, and they heard her turn over on the bed.

Lia slowly lifted herself, so her back was flat against the house and spread her knees. She grabbed Benny's strong hand and put it between her legs. He put three meaty fingers on her exposed cunt and started pawing at it, pushing and poking, spreading and rubbing. He eventually pushed a finger into her, and she reached over to his lap, grabbing his still wet cock and slowly stroking it back to life.

"Fuck me, daddy, put a baby in me," Tesa begged from above them.

Benny's cock stiffened immediately, and he shoved a second finger into Lia's eager cunt. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the house, letting Benny explore his first pussy as she stroked. His clumsy inexperience made her pussy drool as he groped and poked.

"Oh, yeah, put your thumb in my ass, daddy."

Tesa and Benny stopped for a second, looking at each other, and then continued faster when Tesa moaned in delight. Benny's fingers curled up inside Lia, and she had to take in long, shaking breaths to keep herself quiet.

The bed began gently bumping the wall behind them, and Lia rested her head against Benny's shoulder. She squeezed his muscled arm with her free hand as he continued extending, and then curling his fingers inside her with a quiet squelching.

"Harder!" Tesa breathed, and everyone obeyed. The bed rocked loudly, and Lia pumped the hard girth in her hand as Benny shoved his fingers deeper into Lia's mess.

Tesa's flutey moans echoed what they were all feeling, then she screamed, "Harder!" Lia's cunt tightened, and her tight opening repeatedly snapped over Benny's knuckles as he curled his wrist, finger fucking her sopping hole. His cock flexed in her hand and she felt Benny's gooey cum drip down her knuckles, but she continued rolling her fingers over his slippery cockhead.

The wall shook behind them. Tesa screamed in pleasure at the same time Lia's cunt tightened suddenly, squeezing her soft wet lips around Benny's pumping fingers. She closed her legs on his solid arm and clenched her teeth as her neck tightened. She wanted to scream like her sister, but a slow, gyrating exhale would have to suffice as her legs shook violently. Benny was still pumping his fingers in and out of her, and she didn't stop him.

She looked up at the starry sky, listening to Donny's grunting orgasm. Her legs relaxed, and Benny's fingers continued to enter and leave her. She took long slow breaths, mindlessly fondling his softening cock as the knuckles of his fingers massaged the last few aftershocks out of her dripping cunt. It was going to be a very good summer, she thought.