Chapter 1

"No, Lia, I'm sorry, but we just don't have room. We're trying to start a family."

Lia fell to her knees outside the small cottage on the edge of town and sobbed loudly. "Please! I don't have anywhere else." Tears streamed down her cheeks and onto her clasped hands. "You're all I have left.”

Tesa looked down at her twin and breathed a sigh of annoyance. It irritated her that she shared a face with such a miserable leech. She was trying to count how many second chances she'd given her when Lia crawled forward, grabbing Tesa's dress.

"Just until you have the baby. I'll be gone by then," she begged.

Tesa laughed, "I'm not even pregnant yet, Lia. You'll be gone long before the baby arrives."

Lia's eyes brightened and darted up at her under a mane of dirty brown hair. "So I can stay?" Tesa took a deep breath and nodded her head as she always did, pulled her sister to her feet, as she always did. Lia hugged her and wiped her tears on the shoulder of her sister’s grey dress. "Thank you, Tes! I won't let you down."

Tesa sighed, already regretting her decision. "Do you have any clothes? Or…” She looked behind Lia and around the empty street in front of the house. “anything?"

Lia said nothing, just looked at her feet like she had done since they were children.

Tesa forced a reassuring smile, "At least we're the same size. You can wear my clothes until we can get you a proper wardrobe, but we have got to cut that hair and get you cleaned up before Lonny gets home."

Lia bathed in the small metal washing bin while Tesa laid clothes out on her large bed. "I know they're drab. We have to make due on a priest's earnings, so I've learned to tailor my own clothes. Everything I own is from the same bolt of linen," she held the exact grey dress she was wearing up next to her, and Lia laughed.

"I thought you just really liked grey!" They both laughed, and Tesa smoothed the dress onto the bed. "Well, I absolutely love the dress, can you teach me? To sew, I mean."

"Of course" Tesa's brow furrowed as she sat behind her sister, brushing her now clean hair. This was unlike Lia, wanting to learn a skill. Maybe this time would be different. She pushed the hope away and reminded herself how many times she had thought that 'maybe this time would be different.' "We can't afford a barber either, so I'll be grooming you. I'll cut yours the same way I cut mine. Hopefully, it will turn out better since I'm not doing it to myself."

Lia dried and sat on a chair, her skin bumping as the warm air kissed her naked body from the open window. The clipping of scissors in her ear was comforting. "Reminds me of mother, always cutting our hair."

Tesa stopped, "yeah." She said, her tone somber.

"So tell me about Donny!" Lia said, "I never saw you for a priest's wife."

"What's that supposed to mean? And remember, I'm holding scissors," Tesa joked.

Lia laughed. She hadn't felt this happy in a long time. She could feel the love of her sister warming her cold soul, but she pushed the hope away. She reminded herself how many times her sister would pretend to be supportive but judge her behind her back, never having the patience to let Lia do things her way. "I mean, now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. Goody two-shoes Tes, marrying a man of The Light. I hope this means you've at least gotten laid, or is there no sex allowed in the priest's house?"

"Lia Maria!" Tesa shouted her mother's admonishing catchphrase without even thinking, and they both burst out laughing.

"You sounded exactly like her!" Lia said between laughing breaths.

Tesa stood smirking with her hands on her hips, "I'll have you know we have lots of… you know."

Lia turned to look at her. "Say it!"

Tesa blushed and mouthed "sex."

They both laughed again. "Ok then, tell me. What does "lots of sex" mean to my prude sister?"

"Lately, we've been mating up to six times a day."

Lia rocked back and her face was a mix of confusion and disgust, "Ok, wait, what? First of all, don't call it mating, that's... I don't know, just... weird." Lia visibly shuddered "also, six times a day!?"

"Is that a lot?" Tesa rubbed her arm self consciously.

"No, sis, once a day is a lot, six is like, some kind of obsession. Do you really enjoy it that much?"

"I didn't like it at first, I was always sore and tired, but he kept telling me we were starting a family, that our child would be special. Now it's like... I crave it. I can't wait for him to get home, and…" her scissors had stopped snipping.

Lia laughed. "I always wondered what went on in a priest's house, now I know."

"Once the baby is born, things will go back to normal, I'm sure. It's really important for him to be a father; he always says that."

Tesa finished the haircut and circled Lia, looking over her work. "Do I look pretty?" Lia asked.

Tesa looked her naked sister up and down, and it was like looking in a mirror. Her breasts were full but not oversized. Lia's tan skin, dark lips, slightly swept eyes, and pointed ears reminded Tesa of home. She had been so used to being the only elf in town. "Of course you look pretty; I mean, look at me," Tesa said with a dramatic pose and a cheesy smile.

The front door opened and closed in the entry room, and Tesa hurried toward the sound. "Dress quickly. I'll talk to Donny about letting you stay."

Lia quickly slipped into her sister's dress and tied the sandals to her feet. She listened at the door and heard Tesa's angry whispers, "Tell her she can't stay." Lia's brow tightened, so that was her plan, to hide behind her husband while pretending to be the good sister, typical backstabbing Tes.

"She is your sister Tes. We cannot turn away someone in need. It is not our way."

"You don't understand Donny, she's-"

Lia loudly pushed open the door and was stunned to see her sister's husband. He wasn't some peevish pastor or dumpy friar; he was tall, strong, and stood proudly. His robes seemed slightly too small and pulled against his protruding muscles. She gaped at him openly until Tesa broke the silence.

"This is my sister Lia. Lia, this is Donny, my husband." She added the last word with a little too much force..

Donny's frame made the house feel much smaller as he approached her. He held out a massive hand, and she put hers atop it. He squeezed, and the hard calluses surprised her again.

"Strong hands for a priest," she said, her eyes pouring down his body's cliffs and ridges.

"Oh, I'm not a priest, well not yet. I am an acolyte studying at the temple, but carpentry is my trade. I build for the church, and in return, they teach me the ways of The Light."

"Thank you for letting me stay with you. I promise not to be a burden."

Tesa came around her hulking husband, a smile on her face that Lia could now see was strained and disingenuous. "Well, Donny built this house, so it's up to him who stays, and we are trying to build a family. Right, Donny?"

Donny pulled Lia's hand in and hugged her, "That we are! Welcome to the family, Lia." He released her and grabbed Tesa with one massive arm. "I'll set to building a guest room this very night. Until it's finished, you can stay in the baby's room." He stroked Tesa's stomach as if she were carrying a child.

Tesa's smile was now visibly pained. "Great."

Lia hugged them both, shouting her appreciation. Her face pressed against Tesa's, and they both feigned excited grins with secret hate behind their eyes.

"I'll go get familiar with the town, let you two have some alone time," Lia said with a quick wink. Then, before either could respond, she bolted out the door and closed it behind her.

She didn't go to town, though. Instead, she slipped around the back of the house. An empty wagon trail leading into town ran just behind her sister's home. Beyond that was the dense treeline of the endless wood. She crept up to the open bedroom window and crouched below the sill. She heard the rustling of clothes and the smacking of lips soon after.

She slowly peeked her eyes over the sill and saw her sister's back. She had wrapped her arms and legs around Donny's colossal frame and was being carried toward the bed directly beside the window.

Lia quickly ducked and leaned against the side of the house, her ass resting on the hard ground. She felt the wall vibrate as Tesa was dropped onto the bed and heard her giggle in delight. "I'm so glad you're home, Daddy! I've been waiting all day for you to fill me up." Lia could barely suppress her laughter, Daddy? She couldn't believe her sister even knew how to talk like that.

"Put it in me, Daddy, please! I need it! Give me that-" her begging was interrupted by a long breathy moan. Lia's nipples tightened against the fabric of her sister’s dress as she imagined the scene, and she slowly parted her knees.

She could hear the wet insertion of Donny's cock, and she longed to have her own pussy filled. Lia sucked her middle and ring finger of one hand while pinching her nipple with the other. The breeze gently kissed her now exposed pussy lips, and the cooling of her wet lips sent a shiver down her spine.

She could hear Donny breathing, could practically feel his hot breath, and her cheeks flushed with arousal. She pulled her fingers from her mouth and pushed them down on her plump clit, letting it slide between her fingers as she snaked her wet fingertips down to her eager opening.

Her sister was moaning louder. Tesa's obnoxious airy whimpers told Lia Donny was fucking her harder now. She shoved her fingers into herself at the same tempo and imagined Donny's solid arms wrapped around her.

Lia could now hear her own pussy being stuffed as her wet hole loudly slurped at her penetrating fingers. Donny's heavy breathing had turned to grunting thrusts, and the wall behind Lia shook with his forceful impacts. Her heart raced, and she covered her mouth with her free hand, exhaling in short bursts as her pussy convulsed. The soft inner walls of her pink hole spasmed around her fingers, gripping them tighter as she pushed them deeper. Her eyes rolled back, and her heels dug lines in the dirt as she straightened her shaking legs.

Donny moaned, and the bed groaned as he collapsed atop Tesa, who was now repeatedly whispering, "Thank you, Daddy. Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll grow your seed like a good wife."

Lia took a deep, slow inhale through her nose. She let her wet fingers rest atop her clit, slowly circling and pressing as her orgasm's aftershocks gently rocked her, stuttering her slow exhale.

She raised her knees again and let the summer sun warm and dry her drenched lady parts. She leaned her head against the side of the house and closed her eyes. A few minutes later, she heard the slow clopping of donkey hooves on packed dirt. She peeked through her eyelids and saw an older man with his teenage son, driving a wagon, not ten paces from her. Both openly stared at her indecent exposure.

She smiled to herself and closed her eyes again until they passed. She eventually heard her sister leave the house and supposed she should try to find her in the city.

She stood, brushing the dirt off her ass and smoothing the linen so she would look semi-presentable in her sister's ugly dress. As she walked toward the front of the house, Donny came around the corner and nearly bumped into her. "Oh, you're still here. I thought I'd start digging out where to add Lia's room. I doubt I'll get to any actual building, but it should make tomorrow's job easier."

He was shirtless, wearing only loose pants and Lia stared at his sculpted chest, stuttering over her response, "Oh, Donny, no, I'm not-"

He grabbed her by the waist and looked down at her with an expression of unyielding authority. "She's your sister Tes. She's family. I won't hear another word, understand?"

Lia trembled in his arms, her hand was pressed against his stomach, and she could feel the ridges of his solid abdomen. Her voice quivered, and she responded without even thinking, "Yes, Daddy."

"Good girl," he lifted her off the ground in his giant arms and kissed her. His kiss was sweet and tender. She returned it, feeling his tongue against hers. She melted against him, practically dripping through his embrace. She tried to keep kissing him, but he set her down, "now go find your sister." He squeezed her ass and pushed her out into the street.

She swallowed the remnants of their kiss and looked around wide-eyed. Had that really just happened? She glanced down the road in both directions to make sure nobody saw but then realized it wouldn't have mattered. With her new haircut and clothes, she looked exactly like Tesa, even to her own husband.

Lia walked on shaky legs into the city and eventually found her sister looking at bolts of linen. Tesa glanced up from the colored cloth and smirked, "There you are! Surprised you haven’t gotten yourself into any trouble yet.”

Lia puffed a single laugh through her nose and smiled weakly.

“I thought I would get you some cloth that wasn't so dull, get you your own color, so we aren't quite such a cliche; what do you think about this?" She held up a length of deep maroon-colored linen.

"I like the grey," Lia said quickly. Then collected herself, "You don't have to buy new cloth on my account, let me work for it, I'll find a job and then buy my own. Once I do, you can teach me how to sew it."

Tesa looked side-eyed at her. "Who are you, and what have you done with my lazy sister?" She said, laughing. "Ok, Lia, but take good care of my clothes; I take pride in how I look."

"As you should, we are rather stunning, if I do say so." They both laughed, and Tesa set the bolt down.

"Let's get some meat for dinner. Donny needs his strength if he's going to build you your own room."

Lia knew what her sister was trying to say. "He doesn't have to do that."

"No, he doesn't!" Tesa snapped, "and he shouldn't, but I didn't hear you say that when he offered it. He's a simple man, in the best ways, Lia. Don't take advantage of his kindness; for your own sake. This could be a whole new life for you."

Lia didn't say anything.

"Here we are," Tesa said cheerily as they walked up to a small storefront. A faded blue sign was carved above a faded blue door that read, "Ben and Benny's Butchery."

Lia looked up at the sign, squinting against the sun. "Cute." She followed Tesa inside, and smirked to herself. It was the father and son from the wagon.

"Ben, Benny, I'd like you to meet my sister, Lia. Isn't she just the cutest thing you ever saw?"

Ben, the older man, nodded his head once. "Yessum, I suppose she is." He smiled, but Lia wasn't looking at him.

She was staring at Benny. He was tall and broad. Lia guessed he was entering manhood this very summer. He wore a white shirt with short sleeves, and his hair was sun-kissed and cut short. She clasped her hands behind her back and leaned forward, catching his blue eyes, "You must be Benny then," she said with a wink.

"Uh… yes, ma'am." He said, his neck turning rose-colored. He was stirring a large brine bath near the door.

"We'll take whatever you have ready to go. We need to get back," Tesa said, addressing Ben, and they exchanged pleasant conversation as he grabbed her a salted cut of meat.

Lia walked up to Benny, his solid arms flexing as he steadily rotated the paddle. She leaned over the vat and whispered, "You know we look the same everywhere." she gestured to Tesa." If you fucked me, it would be like fucking her. Have you ever wanted to fuck her, Benny?" They looked over at Tesa, and she gave Benny a smile, too far to hear what Lia was saying. "I bet you have. Maybe I'll let you stuff your cock in me; call me Tesa while you do it. How does that sound?"

The young man looked absolutely terrified. He stuttered and stammered, not really saying anything but a dumb smile started to form on his nearly purple blushing face.

"Let's go," Tesa said as she grabbed Lia by the arm, "leave the poor boy alone," Lia blew Benny a kiss and allowed herself to be dragged from the butchery.

They arrived home just as the sun was setting, and Lia tried to help with dinner but felt like she was mostly in the way. She didn't really know how to cook, and it didn't help that she couldn't keep her eyes off Donny. What kind of holy man keeps his shirt off all day?

He was even half-naked during dinner. Lia sat across from him, staring as he said his prayer. "Oh, holy light of star and sun, please bless us with your chosen one. We've waited long, the year is nigh, send your champion from the sky."

He repeated the prayer four more times, each time faster and quieter until he was practically hissing his rhythmic rhyme. Lia felt a little awkward but assumed she'd get used to the weird ritual. They ate in silence mostly. Lia finished and washed her plate in a large rinsing bowl. "I'm going for a walk," she said to her hosts.

"At night?" Tesa asked. She looked genuinely afraid.

"Yeah, is that ok?"

"Sure, why not spend the night in the woods?" She said sarcastically.

Donny laid a hand on Tesa's "Just don't go too far out of town, or too far into town."

Lia smiled politely. It was her first day in town, not her first day in the world. Besides, she wasn't really planning on going anywhere. She closed the front door behind her and walked around the tiny house. She sat below her sister's window again, waiting patiently in the summer night.

She didn't have to wait long. She heard her sister's desperate begging as they entered the room, "Please Daddy, let me suck it."

He sighed, "be quick."

"Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy," Tesa said with supreme appreciation. Lia rolled her eyes in annoyance. Does she have to say Daddy after everything? It was starting to get a little weird.

There were no lanterns lit in their room, so Lia decided to risk a peek. She got to her knees and slowly looked over the window sill.

Donny was standing in the middle of the room, and Tesa had dropped to her knees in front of him. She was struggling with his pants. "Wait, wait, let me untie them," he said.

"Yes Daddy, sorry Daddy," Tesa said, putting her palms on the floor and swaying her narrow hips.

He untied his trousers, and they fell to the floor. Lia unconsciously licked her lips. His perfectly straight cock extended from his stony lower abdomen, and the rest of his chiseled naked body beamed in the moonlight. Lia felt white-hot envy as she watched Tesa begin slowly running her tongue and lips over the head of his beautiful cock. He closed his eyes and moaned, "good girl, Tes," and grabbed her hair with one hand.

Tesa's hand dipped under her dress, and Lia did the same. She felt the soft wet lips of her opening as Tesa loudly slurped the head of Donny's cock, taking more of him in with each push of his hand against the back of her head.

Lia rubbed her fingers against her mouth while gently probing her tender pussy. She pulled fresh slimy wetness from herself and spread it in slow circles around her hooded clit. Tesa's head moved faster now as she devoured Donny's shaft in loud wet strokes.

"That's enough." He said, pulling her head off his cock. A strand of silver saliva still connected Tesa's mouth to his glistening cock, and Lia began rhythmically rolling her fingers over her clit. "Knees and elbows," he commanded.

"Yes, daddy," she said and obediently swiveled on the floor. She put her elbows down, facing directly away from the window without even removing her dress.

Donny kicked off his pants and pulled up the skirt of Tesa's dress, revealing her holes to Lia. She had always wondered what her own asshole looked like, and she had to admit, she liked what she saw.

Donny stepped behind her and squatted. Lia couldn't help but admire his formed ass-cheeks. He pushed his cock downward as he lowered himself, and it penetrated Tessa's hairless lips with ease. Lia's pussy absolutely gushed as she watched the priest's hard cock push into her sister's perfect fuck hole. She could feel her wetness begin to slowly run down the inside of her thighs, and she scooped up more silky slime from her warm honeypot before rubbing her fingers rapidly over her clit.

Donny began pumping, and Tesa began moaning. He dipped low, grabbing her waist for support, and began driving his powerful hips forward, shoving his cock into her hard and fast. Lia put her hand on the sill for support as she watched his back muscles flex and bulge with his deep thrusting into Tesa's now glistening hole.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Breed me! Give me your seed, Daddy, please give it to me!" Lia's legs began to shake in pleasure as she heard her sister begging to get fucked. Before today, she couldn't imagine her sister having sex, let alone being someone's breeding bitch.

Her moans gyrated with his deep penetrating thrusts, and Lia couldn't take it. She could climax at any moment, but she held it, watching Donny dominate her sister. She wanted to cum with him. He thrust deeper and faster, his entire cock ramming into her as his balls slapped her pussy. Lia stroked faster, gritting her teeth and holding her breath. “Cum, damn you,” she hissed.

Tesa squealed. "Daddy, it hurts." Lia knew it hurt. His cock was far too big to be slamming into an elf that small, but he didn't care, and neither did Lia. She wanted her sister to hurt, she wanted to hear Tesa squeal in pain while she came. Lia's nails dug into the window sill, her hand had cramped and gone numb, but she twitched her unfeeling fingers across her clit. She refused to let her orgasm loose until she saw Donny fill her sister. His balls swung and slapped one final time before his taint throbbed, pumping cum deep into Tesa.

Thick white gobs of seed slowly fell from his bulging ballsack, lightly splattering between Tesa's knees. Lia shoved her fingers into herself, releasing her tension and melting to the ground outside the window. Her legs shook, and she covered her mouth as a muffled moan escaped her. She looked up at the stars in absolute ecstasy, and in that moment she knew one thing; she would have Donny.