Chapter 1

"How long, Devra?" The orc's brow settled into a scowl as he looked up from the parchment.

It was a scouting request I had drafted myself. It read: "Korthos, since you have decided all scouting requests require a generous amount of wasted ink and time, I have penned this official document for your eyes only. My mission, should you fail to physically stop me from leaving, will be dangerous, but if I'm right, it could be the key we have been looking for. I have decided to keep the details classified to protect Dulathil from your incompetence."

"Five days," I said, packing dried meat and waterskins into a leather bag.

"Take a brother with you," He commanded. The well-defined muscles of my arm tensed as my right hand slowly curled into a fist, ready to smash the scout master's face in.

"Does every mission require a swinging cock?" I asked, baring my upper fangs and short lower tusks. The comment was more forceful than I intended. I didn't want him to know he was under my skin but I couldn't hide my contempt. "Last time I took a brother with me the balls for brains tried to fuck me, almost blew the mission, and then you gave him credit for my success." I shook my head, laughing at the absurdity. "Not this time."

"At least tell me what direction you're going."

"Not a chance. I'm onto something big and when I report this, you'll have no choice but to advance me. Five days Korthos." I swung the pack over my shoulder and walked out of the large tent.

I had to move fast. He would send someone to tail me as soon as he could if there wasn't already an orc assigned to me. I headed toward the southern gate of Dulathir making a point to greet everyone I passed.

The orcs I didn't know looked at me in confusion. The orcs I did know looked at me in more confusion. I wasn't the type for small talk or polite gestures but I had to make a show.

Korthos would most definitely send someone and me loudly leaving through the south gate would tell him my destination was to the north. It wasn't, though. By the time my tail decided if I was bluffing or double bluffing, I would be miles down the east road.

I walked through the towering stone gatehouse of the stronghold and grabbed the outer guard by the back of his thick neck. He bristled and then relaxed when he recognized me. "Gods Dev, don't fuckin sneak up on me like that. I could have killed you," he said, embarrassed.

"You? Kill me..." a genuine laugh burst out of me but his glare told me he wasn't joking. "Oh, you're serious. Grunt, you couldn't kill me if you tried every day for a hundred years." I slapped his cheek gently.

"I'm not a grunt anymore," He said, tapping his spear against his round shield. "I'm a wall brother now."

"So no more tower duty?" I said, pouting my bottom lip.

His back stiffened, and I imagined it wasn't the only thing going rigid.

"Look grun- I mean… mighty Juhka, honored shield brother," I said sarcastically with a bow. "I don't have time for this right now. Tell my tail you saw me disappear over Kane's Bluff." I pointed to the south, but he didn't look. "Understand?"

"What do I get?" His eyes dipped to my mouth, and I smiled.

"You get to keep your cock, and next time I see you I might let you actually use it."

I turned to leave, but he held out his spear, blocking my way. He inspected me; I was barefoot with a loincloth and leather breast strap, my small satchel cord rested in my cleavage. "No orc leaves Dulathir without a weapon, Warchief's orders."

I put my hand on the back of his neck again and and moved closer, our short tusks almost touching. "Oh, you sweet pup, I am a weapon."

It was good to be back in the open. Dulathir was growing crowded with refugees, and the newcomers weren't exactly perfect guests. I found the best way to avoid the constant conflict was to stay on mission at all times. The next few days would be a good distraction from the infighting. I took a deep breath of the afternoon heat and felt the warm dirt under the soles of my calloused feet. This was where I belonged.

The open plains offered little shade or comfort, but the constant buzz of cicadas was the perfect white noise for me to think. I walked through the fields wondering if the war chief would give me Korthos's position. Or maybe the spymaster would hear of my great discovery and add me to his retinue of orcish infiltrators.

I continued my daydreams until the flatlands began to slope upward. The eastern watchtower loomed on the hill ahead, and a mild excitement grew as I wondered who would be on duty. The towers surrounded Dulathir in four directions, and each one was stationed with a recruit and a large war horn pointing back to the large stone walls of the stronghold. It was customary for tower duty to be an orc's first station after coming of age, and I made it a habit to always stop on my way out.

The grunts were easier to manipulate when they were young, and it paid to get them in my pocket before they could think for themselves. I reminisced about my first time with Juhka and couldn't help but grin.

The towers were simple log half-walls on stilts topped with hide tents. I didn't see any movement as I approached, and I shook my head in disappointment. I scooped a small rock from the dirt. It collided with the under-hatch with a loud thud, and I heard panicked movement from the wooden platform above.

The hatch opened, and I saw two wide eyes peek down over the edge before more shuffling, then a rope ladder was thrown down to me. The rope swung slightly as I awkwardly climbed the wooden rungs.

A dark green hand greeted me and I took it gratefully. It belonged to Turk, the dumbest and laziest peon to ever have joined the war chief's army. He was a strongholder, born and raised behind walls. Strongholders never needed their survival instincts so instead of them being sharpened as they came of age, they often dulled. Must be why humans were all so weak, I mused. Their fondness for walls probably stunts their growth.

"You were asleep, grunt!" I said with commanding authority. As a high-ranking scout, I really didn't have authority over the Warchief's recruits, but they didn't know that. To them, I was Devra, the short-tempered scout who didn't suffer idiocy from subordinates or superiors.

"No, I was…" his face was round for an orc. He wasn't overly fat, but he had a large frame that I could tell hadn't finished basic training.

I grabbed his jaw. Sinking my fingers into his flabby cheeks. "Lie to me, grunt. I fucking dare you." His eyes looked down in shame but fell on my barely covered chest and exposed abs. If his body was an unsculpted slab of clay, mine was the opposite. I forced myself not to smirk as he tried to pull his eyes away. "Pull the rope, close the hatch. You're officially on duty, grunt."

The orc looked confused and did as he was told. The hatch closed with a thud and a rattle. When he turned around, I had removed the leather strap that barely contained my breasts. "Kneel," I said, pointing to the floor of the small dark room. He obeyed, and I grabbed the back of his head, pulling it into my groin.

I lifted my loincloth over his head and sighed as I felt his tongue press between my lips. "You know sleeping on the job is a big problem, grunt." He tried to reply, but I shoved his face harder into my cunt. "Don't interrupt me. You're already in trouble." His tongue was trying desperately to reach my hole. He obviously had no idea what he was doing.

I pulled his head from under my leather loincloth and held the back of his hair. His dark lips were wet. I knelt down and straddled him. His hard cock jabbed at me from under his loincloth, and I let it settle against my opening.

I looked into his bewildered eyes. The dumb grunt probably thought he was dreaming. "The Warchief is looking for a reason to expel a fat moron like you, Turk." I sucked my juices from his lips and shoved my tongue into his mouth, moaning as I tasted myself. His cock pressed forcefully against my cunt through the leather, and I pulled my tongue from between his soft pudgy lips. "Don't make it so easy for him." Then I noticed something, Turk's lower tusks barely showed out his bottom lip.

I pushed hard against his shoulders, and he fell back with a dull thump. I leaned over him, my face just above his, "Put your tongue between your lips, like this," I said and demonstrated by sticking my tongue out slightly through pursed lips. He obeyed. "Great, now don't move." I hadn't been with a tuskless orc in years and my cunt gushed with anticipation. Most brothers thought less of orcs with small tusks, but smart sisters knew the truth; you couldn't ride the face of an orc with flashy tusks.

I crawled up his body and slowly lowered myself, nesting my clit atop his soft fleshy mouth. I let it rest there, subtly moving my hips in a small circle. I ran my hands through my wild mane of black hair and down the shaved sides of my head. Then traced the outer curves of my breasts before squeezing them as my hip circles began picking up speed.

His wet lips and tongue slipped across my hooded clit, and I breathed a sigh of relief. This was exactly what I needed. I leaned forward, putting my hands against the rough wall before grinding my crotch against his fat lips from tip to taint and back again. I started riding harder, dragging my clit across his wet mouth then rolling my hips back and forth.

It was hot in the little room atop the tower. Sweat dripped freely from my nose and nipples as I lost track of time, working my cunt against the grunt's soft mouth. A beam of sunshine peeked through the hide roof, the only light in the now muggy room. I grabbed the top of his head with one hand, and face fucked him hard, letting him breathe every couple minutes.

Moans escaped through my heavy breathing as the insides of my thighs slid against his now wet cheeks. I doubled over, slowing my thrusting hips as I climaxed with a final gasping moan. I squeezed Turk's head with my large shaking thighs and then dismounted him, lying face down on the floor.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Turk lay next to me, tense and unsure. "I'm leaving soon, grunt. If you're gonna fuck me do it now and make it quick."

I was curling and uncurling my toes as he scrambled to mount me. His weight forced me against the floor, and he shoved his cock between my ass cheeks. For some reason, his clumsy inexperience relaxed me. I sighed as his cock opened me. He waited for a long second and then pushed deeper.

My soft inner muscles squeezed his thickness tight as an aftershock threatened to bloom into another orgasm. The grunt stuffed the rest of his cock in me. I felt pleasantly full, and I took a mental note to learn Turk's guard schedule.

My toes continued flexing and relaxing as the last traces of my climax dissipated with the uneven rhythm of Turk's cock shoving into me. I decided it was time to go.

I considered throwing the grunt off of me and leaving him half-cocked but decided to give the peon one last chance at pleasure. He had been pulling his length entirely out of me and ramming it back in as deep as he could. It wasn't unpleasant, but I imagined he was trying to make it last.

I waited until he pulled out, and as I felt the hard knob of his cockhead slip inside past my opening, I clamped down hard on him and moaned, "Oh Turk, your big cock feels so fucking good, fuck me harder!" I could feel him struggling to push past my tightened cunt, but he muscled into me and then grabbed my hip with one hand and my toned ass with the other. He thrust deep and his cock filled me. "Gods Turk, you feel sooo goood," I purred in exaggeration but as his short thrusts slammed his cockhead into my depths I actually grunted in pleasure.

Most recruits lasted seconds and certainly didn't roughly fuck me, Turk was a shit soldier but I'd make sure his true talents weren't wasted.

I felt him grow harder, his cock bulged, and his cum streamed into my already full cunt. His cock continued pulsing, and the hot wetness flooded me. I couldn't help but smile as his pathetic moans reached my ears.

His wet cock slowly sliding in and out of me could have made me cum again, but I'd wasted enough time. "Breaks over grunt." He pushed into me one last time as deep as he could, trying to savor the moment. I arched my back, letting him go deeper, and felt his head press gently against my sensitive depths. I closed my eyes again, enjoying the stretch.

He pulled out of me, and I reached down to catch the glob of warm cum in my cupped fingers. I brought the sticky slime to my mouth and rubbed it between my lips, sucking the viscous liquid across my tongue, tasting the mix of my juices and his.

He stood, and I rolled over, licking my fingers. His cock was still hard, so I rose to my knees and squeezed his shaft, milking the final few drops from the tip and rubbing my tongue across his cockhead.

I held his shaft firmly in my hand and looked up at him, gently rolling my tongue around the ridge of his head between my short tusks. "If you tell anyone about this, I'll let the Warchief know I caught you sleeping, and then I'll kill you." He nodded, squirming as I teased his oversensitive cock.

I licked his length clean and stood, pulling my leather breast strap over my head and fixing it in place. My breasts bulged slightly above and below the strap, but the tension held it in place well enough.

"Stay alert, Turk." The floor hatch thumped against the floor as I opened it. I kicked the rope ladder down the hole and quickly climbed to the dirt below. I looked up, and he dropped my bag down to me. I stole one final glance up his loincloth and swung the bag over my shoulders.

He didn't say a word. The poor grunt was probably in shock. I continued down the road with a smile, dirt between my toes and fresh cum between my thighs, wondering if I was Turk's first.