Yoruichi Captured

Yoruichi awoke to the rancid smell of old, rotten meat. She had smelled the stench of long dead before and it wasn't the sort of thing one forgets. She took in her surroundings and sucked in a quiet gasp, pushing herself against the stone wall of an unfamiliar cavern. A single torch lit the cave and she covered her mouth and nose as the light revealed the source of the awful stench. A scattering of bloody bones covered the floor of the cavern and she pulled her knees to her chest. Her skin crawled at the implications of a cave littered with the bones of dismembered corpses.

Then she spotted a piece of dark cloth and crawled forward, unwrapping the fabric from a section of dried bone. It was the unmistakable fine cloth of a Shinigami haori. She looked around and spotted the white silk of an obi sash and her dark suspicions were confirmed. She had come to Hueco Mundo with Soifon to find the missing Shinigami, and she suspected she had just found them.

"Soifon…" She whispered aloud as she remembered her companion. They had been ambushed by a group of Hollow soon after entering Hueco Mundo. They fought valiantly but there were too many and their leader was too strong. Yoruichi sent Soifon to flee and bring reinforcements while she held off the host.

Yoruichi balled her fists around the obi sash. "There were too many…" she told herself but the rage at her own weakness was overwhelming. All she could do was hope Soifon had made it safely away. She pulled back her long violet hair and used the obi sash to tie a ponytail.

She heard movement from the dark entrance to her stony cell and her eyes narrowed. The rhythmic knocking of hoof against stone echoed from the darkness and grew closer. There was nowhere to hide in the empty cave so she pressed herself against a wall and waited with held breath.

She recognized the outline of the hulking brute immediately. The leader of the Hollow ambush party had an ivory mask of bone that resembled the skull of a great bull, with large horns sprouting from the crown of his head. His body was that of a man, his wide frame wrapped in thick corded muscle. The slabs of his thick chest were covered in a thick triangle of body hair. He was three feet taller than Yoruichi and his knobby torso sat atop thick furry legs that ended in wide cloven hooves.

Between his legs hung two enormous swaying testicles, his scrotum pulled taught by the weight of them. Above the heavy sack flopped the flared tip of bright pink cock, it lolled and swung, pendulous. The great cock was half sheathed, but she could see its length tucked against his taint and she shuddered, knowing in her heart she would be making its acquaintance if she didn't find a way out.

"I can see you, Shinigami." His voice was like a roll of distant thunder, deep and menacing.

She stepped away from the wall and stood confidently. He took three heavy steps toward her and she stepped a hesitant half pace backward. She could feel his power. It was like standing too close to a raging bonfire. She could feel his power licking at her like hungry flames, trying to devour everything that came too close.

She took a deep breath and centered herself in her own cocoon of reiryoku. She could feel the centaur's spiritual power buffeting her own, shearing off layers faster than she could replace them. She couldn't tell if she was still weak from her fight or if the Hollow in front of her was stronger than any foe she'd previously experienced, but for the first time in her life, her perfect confidence falterted.

She mustered what she hoped wasn't last of her strength and dashed across the room, striking palm first into the large minotaur. She crossed the cave faster than the single flap of a humming bird's wing but an instant later she was dangling from the end of the large Hollow’s outstretched arm. Her heavy chest bounced under her hoari and it opened against the momentum of her breasts as she came to a sudden halt. Her black leotard pressed tightly against the bouncing fat of her oversized chest but the motion brought the attention of the minotaur. A low growl of satisfaction drummed in his chest as his eyes flicked to her open robe.

His fist tightened around her neck and she clawed desperately at his hand. She burned her spirit energy, prying her tiny fingers underneath his for an instant, then fell limp.

He laughed a low rumbling laugh like boulders tumbling down a hill, then drove his other fist into her stomach. The wind would have been knocked from her lungs if her throat wasn't being squeezed shut and the sensation made her feel like she'd explode.

Then the giant dropped her and she coughed on hands and knees before a kick sent her sailing across the small den. A wide sheet of rock fell from the force of her impact. She stood quickly, not wanting to give the brute the satisfaction of seeing her weakness, but knowing her stamina was coming to an end. She untied her sash and her hoari opened further. She let it fall to the floor, revealing the flowing curves accentuated by her black leotard.

With one last act of defiance she gave her best cockshure grin. "Is that all you've got?" Her full chest heaved and she leaned forward slightly, her fists raised.

He gave a snort and charged, head lowered. She flexed her muscles to dash away but he was already grinding her into the slate wall. She felt a rib crack and slumped to the floor as he towered above her. She looked up at him in bewilderment. Nothing was faster than her. Nothing. She coughed, then winced at the pain. “What are you?” she whispered, more to herself than the Hollow.

His voice shook the cave again but she could barely make out his words as she focused on the flaring pain in her chest. Her thoughts whirled as she tried to think of a way to defeat this Hollow, or whatever he was. He knelt down and the stench of his hot breath made her stomach turn. "I'll ask you one time. Where is the other Shinigami?"

The flame of hope dared flicker in her breast. She smiled through her pain and wiped a drip of spit from her plump lower lip. "You'll never find her, Hollow. She's gone to bring reinforcements. Even your power will bend to the Shinigami."

He laughed a great and terrible belly laugh, gesturing around the cave. "How many dying Shinigami have said the same before you, I wonder. Honestly girl, I've lost count. Now, are you going to tell me where she is or will I have to beat it out of y-"

Yoruichi's fist collided with the Hollow's mask. A punch that could have stopped a train merely turned the great Hollow’s head. He slowly turned his grinning mask to look down at her. "You're tough, I'll give you that. Maybe too tough for a beating." His tongue flicked out between his pale teeth as he spoke, and Yoruichi felt sick at the allusion. Her knees nearly gave out under the weight of her own body. How could he possibly be this strong?

His eyes followed her leotard from her slender neck to her large chest. It struggled to hold her enormous bosom causing soft breast fat to pour from the sides of the stretched fabric. His fingers sunk into her round tits, cupping them as he squeezed. She straightened her back, looking into his face. She wouldn't give him the pleasure of struggling against the lecherous molestation. She averted her eyes, only to rest her gaze on the pink tip of his lurid cock as it steadily extended from its sheath, like a snake leaving its den for a meal.

"Tell me where she is." He pulled her tits free on either side of her leotard and they bounced as it bunched together in her cleavage. She looked away from the angering cock and set her jaw. He slapped a tit of her chubby chest hard, sending shallow waves rippling from one to the other before squeezing them roughly with both hands. Her ample flesh bulged between his fingers and she closed her eyes. He laughed and leaned closer, falling to his knees in front of her. Their eyes were level now and she met his gaze. His beady orbs twinkled with guileless delight.

She felt his sweltering, odious breath again and shivered in disgust as his large flat tongue ran against her cheek. He fondled her aggressively now, drool dripping from where his tongue caressed her face splattering on her naked chest. He slathered her tan tits with his own drool as he fondled her and gave a deep moan of satisfaction. "Mmm. Shinigami tears are a delicacy among the Hollow. Give in to your despair girl, for this is where you will die!" He emphasized the last word with another heavy slap across her rotund tits and she hissed a quick squeak of pain.

She blushed in rage at her own weakness, her resolve was faltering.

Then his tongue snaked under her chin and he leaned forward, licking her face with long, lascivious laps. His muscled arms wrapped her body and he took two generous handfuls of her thick ass meat. Yoruichi pursed her lips and tried to pull her head away from his lashing tongue but he was too close. She shuddered as the wet muscle slowly slipped across her cheeks, the bridge of her nose, her lips. A muscled finger slid beneath her leotard and prodded her asshole. She gasped in surprise and the tongue plunged between her soft lips.

She gagged as the smooth wet muscle filled her mouth and slid across her own tongue. The minotaur stood, pulling her up in his arms and forcing his finger past the tight rim of her ass. Her desperate squeal was muffled as the tongue pushed past her teeth and into her throat. She gagged again but her stomach was empty and the strong arms squeezed her retching body as she was roughly throat fucked by the minotaurs relentless tongue. The viscous slobber dripping off the tongue began to fill her mouth and she swallowed what she could, the rest running down her chin and dangling briefly, before slapping against her tits in noisy splats.

She felt her violated asshole snap over another knobby knuckle and she thrashed, trying to get oxygen between the thrusting squelches of his writhing tongue. She flailed her dangling legs and her vision began to darken as she desperately tried to get free of his strength. His finger curled in and out of her ass now but she didn't care. Her arms and legs struggled against his muscled form and then went limp. He held her useless body, penetrating her holes, then relented. Her throat created a suction around the thick tongue and a loud sucking slurp signaled its wet withdrawal. She coughed the slimy remnants from the back of her throat and took a deep, shuddering breath.

He had pulled his finger free of her ass but she wasn't sure when. At this point, she was just happy to fill her lungs. Her relief was short lived however, as the minotaur pulled the crotch of the leotard aside. He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, the fleshy fat overflowing between his strong fingers. Then he lifted her above his risen cock. He spread her cheeks and lowered her onto the wide tip of his flared cock. It pressed against her hole, but was much too big to enter. Tired and panting, she leaned her cheek against his wiry chest hair, her arms hung by her sides and her calves dangled from the ends of her cradled thighs. She had never felt so small, so weak.

He pulled her hips down, his cock bent slightly as her ass refused the intruder. She reached up and pushed herself off his chest, trying pathetically to get away from him as the pressure built against her puckered hole but she was truly at the end of her strength. He looked down at her exposed tits, his tongue flicking unconsciously.

She grit her teeth as she felt her sphincter begin to betray her. The smooth rim stretched, widening ever so slightly as the pressure continued to build. She thought through a thousand useless plans before her mouth began to speak, “You haven’t tasted my tits yet,” she hissed and her mouth went dry in disgust. His pulling ceased and sighed in relief, squeezing her hole closed and pushing back the advancing cock.

He considered her, his eyes narrowing suspiciously before the dripping tongue snaked out from behind the constant grin of his pearly mask. It inched closer to her bare chest, slowly, as if anticipating some kind of trap. Yoruichi wished she had some great plan, one last trick to sever the wicked tentacle, but she was simply buying time. Her only hope rested in the hands of her faithful student and she sent out a silent plea, “For the love of all the gods Soifon, make haste.”

She was pulled from her desperate prayer as the tongue slipped into the crack of her long cleavage and wrapped the underside of her breast, lifting and squeezing. She took another relieved breath. Her ass was safe, for now. The tip of the flat tongue rested on the pink nub of her nipple, flicking and teasing. She blushed hot, her chest, neck, and cheeks flared and her body shook as the minotaur began to laugh at the flushing of her supple skin. She seethed as her body began to react to the stimulation.

Thick trails of slime painted her tits as the tongue explored the curvaceous landscape of her well endowed chest. She knew the lapping of her tits wouldn’t last forever, she needed another plan, but she was suddenly falling. He had dropped her and she crumpled to the floor of the cave with a whimper of shock and confusion. He stood over her, a towering giant of raw, brutal strength. She hated how pathetic she must look beneath him, the satisfaction she knew he was getting looming over a helpless Shinigami. He flipped her over to her stomach as if she weighed nothing, then gripped her hips and pulled them up to his face. His moist breath on her exposed sex caused the skin of her ass and thighs to prickle as she waited on hands and knees. A shiver danced down her spine and she tensed, just as he stuffed his wet tongue deep into her puckered asshole.

Her weakened hole was no match for the strength of the thick muscled and she cried out as it easily forced its way past her opening. She groaned as the tongue surged into her. It forced her anus open, probing the tight inner muscles before filling her rectum with its slippery girth. He squeezed her corpulent cheeks on either side of his face as he tongue fucked her depths. She pleaded, her voice shaking with stifled sobs, "please… nooo… stop." He didn't stop though, if anything the broad tongue wormed its way deeper. She felt sick at the defilement of a hole she herself never even used for sex.

The tongue began writhing within her, pulsing and pumping in and out of her lower intestine. It filled her completely but was malleable enough to conform to her body, snaking through the fleshy tubes of her guts, stretching her insides around its thickness. She looked down at her stomach and could see the faint outline of the delving form and she gasped in horror. She heaved and puked an alarming amount of the minotaur drool she had swallowed previously. Long strands of crystalline saliva clung to her pretty lips as she gasped and panted, her heavy choking breaths filling the small cavern as the quiet squelching continued.

The tongue fucking until her arms gave out and she lay on the floor, rocking with the motion of her assault. Her eyes stared at the crater on the wall where she had been thrown and her thoughts drifted from the continuous sliding inside her. Then it stopped. The tongue wriggled and she felt it leave her body's natural drain pipe. She felt strangely empty and her conscious attention slipped back to her current predicament.

Hooves clopped against the stone behind her and she looked up to see his hulking form standing over her, eyes glowing, his immense cock standing at attention.

"No," she begged. His taunting laugh of victory broke her final shred of resolve and she began to sob. Loud wailing cries of despair were punctuated by desperate begging. "Please!" Her voice cracked and she felt the hands grab her hips roughly.

“Beg, Shinigami.” He raised her hips and her body lurched. “Beg and cry as I fuck you.” He didn’t laugh. It was a command, and she obeyed.

"Don't," she pleaded, but the flared tip of his cock settled between the spread cheeks of her plump ass. She kicked her legs twice then settled into her despair. Hatred burned away the last shred of her energy and she whispered, "I'll fucking kill y-" then groaned as his full weight fell behind his horse sized cock.

Her body went limp in his powerful hands. The fleshy ring of her ass pushed deep into her before the slick rim snapped over the wide tip of his gnarled cockhead. It was past her opening but the tight muscles of her rectum resisted painfully. She choked on a sob, "please… no more… it's too big" she blubbered, then huffed a string of quiet whining begs, “no no no no!” Then her lungs pushed out a whispy scream. He squeezed her doughy ass with both hands and thrust with the slow but inevitable force of a glacier, steadily stretching the depths of her virgin asshole around the thick meat of his minotaur cock.

A dull hatred burned within her like a ball of molten iron in her stomach. With every thrust his cock surged deeper into her and all she could do was sob and moan in despair. Drool began to spill out of his mouth as he labored, covering her ass with wet splashes of filmy slime.

The fur of his groin and legs dulled the impacts of his pumping hips but the sound of sliding meat and bemoaning whimpers soon filled the disgusting cavern. He leaned over her and grabbed her wide hips, pounding his cock down into her, rhythmically running the length through the rim of her tight hole again and again.

She felt it bulging against her stomach muscles and looked down to watch in numb acceptance as it distended her, stretching the skin and muscles with every heavy insertion. She clawed uselessly at the floor in front of her and he grabbed her ponytail, leaning over her. "You belong to me now, Shinigami," he said, then slammed her face into the rocky floor. Her nose exploded into pain and her eyes blurred with tears. Flashes of light flickered behind her eyelids as her consciousness dipped, before returning.

She wished he had knocked her out, at least the torment would be over already. He pushed the side of her face into the floor littered with the bones of her fallen comrades and roared above her. She felt the reverberations of his thunderous howl in her chest and tears flowed from her vacant eyes.

"Please hurry, Soifon."

The minotaur pulled his cock nearly free of her before burying it down to the base of his sheath, swelling her abdomen just under her ribcage. She briefly wondered how it was even possible and tried not to think about the damage his cock was doing but deep down she knew; he was ruining her. His pendulous balls slapped at her clit and the dull pleasure only brought her more shame.

The thrusting became fast and hard and her body jostled, her head knocking against the floor with every violent shove. Then the thrusts slowed and the beast doubled over her, grabbing her heavy tits and squeezing them hard enough to bruise. His tongue wrapped itself around her neck and he held her ponytail, pulling her head off the floor. “You feel that, girl?” he grunted, and pushed his cock deeper.

She took stock of the meat lodged in her shit pipe but didn't feel anything more obscene than that. Then her eyes widened and she felt her sore muscles giving way to a bulging sensation traveling up the length of his shaft. He groaned and his tongue slithered around her neck as the hot cum began to gush deep inside her.

The cock was so big it sealed her ass completely, spewing more and more molten seed into her. The warm fluid filled her colon and surged deeper, filling her insides. He pulled her up using only her ponytail and the strength of his embedded cock until he was standing and she dangled, impaled upon him as his balls continued their tireless work of cream filling his new Shinigami whore.

His cock began bulging and swelling in waves as more cum pumped into her intestines. She watched as the thick outline of his cum pump faded against her growing belly. The hot fluid rushed through her guts and began to bubble up into her stomach. “No.” she thought, “it’s not possible.” But still he dumped another load, then another. The gallons of fresh cum had nowhere to go. She burped and could smell the thick aroma. She gagged, and more cum erupted into her stomach from below. There was no stopping it. Her spine curled and she wretched, a flood of sultry seed filled her cheeks. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she tried to swallow it back down, but her body ejected more of the foul, sticky liquid and it bubbled up through her lips, running down her chin and painting her chest. She puked again and the cum washed over her protruding belly.

Pearly strands dripped from her thin upper lip and she looked down at herself. Her lower lip trembled and she moaned in utter despondency, not wanting to believe her eyes. She had spent her long life perfecting her body as a weapon against the Hollows and that body was now being ruined, fattened with cum and abused inside and out. She wouldn't die as some frail, overused cum dumpster. Would she? She couldn't bear the reality. The first quiet thoughts of death began to creep into her mind, and she didn't push them away.

Then she felt the slow pull of the minotaurs flared cockhead as he lifted her with his hands. It dragged against the tight walls of her worn out, soggy asshole until the minotaur grunted, and his cock flopped free of her with a wet slurp. Quiet spurts and bubbling followed as the air pockets freed themselves from her now gaping sphincter. The loud splatting of cum being poured on stone echoed through the cavern. He dropped her like a sack of bones and she fell to the ground in a quiet slap.

She lay as still as a corpse, refusing to accept the truth of what was happening. She just needed some time to rest. If she could recuperate her energy she might be able to at least escape. But she would get no rest from her captor. She felt a cold hoof against the crest of her warm bloated stomach before he began to press. She tried to scream as the terrible pressure and pain engulfed her body but only a thick foam of frothy cum escaped her lips. She could feel the stream pouring from her gaping ass as he pressed harder. She turned her head, trying not to choke on the flow of foul seed as her body continued to wretch under his heavy hoof.

The minotaur stood over her, looking down at his handy work. Satisfied, he grabbed her hair and dragged her limp body from the cavern, a trail of cum leaking from her ruined hole.

Eventually the scraping of her thighs against the jagged floor of the tunnel stopped and the minotaur dropped her to the ground.

"What's this?" An unfamiliar voice asked in a hissed whisper.

"Dinner." The deep voice of the minotaur responded.

Yoruichi's heart dropped, she rolled her head to the side. They were in another cavern, this one had bones too but there was no blood or viscera. They were all picked clean. In the back of the cave a large Hollow lounged on its back. A large cock drooped between his great thighs and his corpulent stomach hung over the base of his thick, humanlike cock. The fat Hollow’s skull mask was round and his eyes glistened as looked down at her.

The new Hollow clapped his chubby hands excitedly. "Excellent," he breathed, "I was just starting to get hungry." His voice was nasally and thin as if he were constantly out of breath.

The minotaur hauled Yoruichi halfway to her feet by her hair and grabbed her arm roughly. "I'll tear you off a piece. Arm? Or leg?"

The obese creature tapped his round fingers against his oversized breasts. His eyes practically licking Yoruichi's thick limbs. "Those legs..." he said, drooling over his chin and down his bare chest.

Yoruichi's mind raced and the grip on her tightened. "Wait," she said in a thin whisper. She didn't have a plan but the minotaur hesitated, probably surprised she was even still alive. She looked up at him and wheezed through trembling lips, "you haven't tried my pussy yet. I've been told it's…" she stopped, catching her breath and thinking about all the earnest compliments she had received from loving partners on the sacred flower she was now offering to a Hollow.

The minotaur cocked his head, grinning. "You’re tougher than most girl, so I’ll bite,” he emphasized the last word with gnashing teeth, “you’ve been told It's what?" He asked.

She broke eye contact and her head fell. "It's perfect," she whispered.

The minotaur laughed a horrible mocking laugh. "If you're going to beg, Shinigami, do it right." He released her arm and hair and she crumpled to the ground.

She sat shaking in rage and humiliation. Her entire bruised body slumped with fatigue but slowly, she got her knees under her and looked up at the grinning mask of the minotaur looming over her. "Please." She said quickly, then looked away.

"Please what?" He said, his tongue tracing the teeth of his mask.

"Please…" she hesitated, “Please… put your…” it was this or be eaten, she thought and then grit her teeth and started again. “Please fuck my pussy with you giant Hollow cock!” Her head fell in silent defeat. She wished she had more time to come up with a plan better than this but she was out of options.

A low rumble of laughter filled the cave and Yoruichi felt a hand pat the top of her head. "That's a good bitch." He said, then grabbed her by the hair and threw her atop the fat Hollow.

Her back clapped against the glutinous body of the other Hollow and he rasped a wicked hissing laugh in her ear. His hands came around her and grabbed handfuls of her exposed tits, pinching the nipples and kneading roughly.

The minotaur tore the fabric of her leotard with ease and her pussy was exposed in all its perfect glory. Its soft petals lay open, an invitation for her silky sex to be destroyed by the battering ram that was the minotaur’s cock. The fat Hollow released her flabby tit long enough to stuff his slightly smaller cock into the gaping cum gutter that had once been her asshole. The creature hissed a breathy moan and she felt the hot stench on her neck and ear before its long tongue snaked out against her cheek.

The cock pushed deeper into her ass as it fully hardened and she grit her teeth against the pain and disgust. She whimpered and squeaked as the tongue explored her neck and ear but fell silent as she felt the flared head of the minotaurs cock press against her sex.

Yoruichi tried to control her breathing. She knew it was going to hurt more than anything she had ever felt but not as much as having her leg ripped from her body. "Please Soifon, I beg you, hurry."

The Minotaur cock was still only half erect and he flopped it atop her pink lips with loud smacks. A large, runny spatter of spit landed on her pussy and the minotaur painted her opening with the slime before pushing the head of his flopping cock into her warm, wet hole. Her lips engulfed the head and squeezed its fleshy bulb. She breathed quick shallow breaths, the Hollow behind her had started squeezing her nipples hard and her ass was being fucked raw but the softened minotaur cock was a welcome break from her abuse.

He stuffed the cock deeper and she squeezed her eyes shut, it was still enormous but at least her little cunt could get used to the girth before he… she felt the flabby cock halfway inside her cunt begin to stiffen and grow. The minotaur put his hands on the backs of her knees and pinned them on either side of her. Her chin fell to her chest and she watched in resignation as the pudgy fingers squeezed her nipples and the minotaur cock planted firmly between her spread legs began stiffening into a rod of pure iron. Her puffy pussy lips stretched to wrap the shaft and her organs made way for the ballooning cock.

“How does it feel, Shinigami?” the minotaur asked. He looked down on her, keeping his cock half sheathed in her.

She looked up at him through half closed eyelids and her head bounced slightly with the rhythm of the other Hollow fucking her ass. Her breathing was ragged and slow. It felt like she was being beaten from the inside, but she wouldn’t tell him that. She grinned and sticky cum coated her teeth. “Feels good,” she said, and her head drooped again.

The minotaur grabbed her ponytail and wrenched her head back up, his Hollow mask grinned as always but his eyes showed a deep, seething rage. He wrapped his hand around her throat and squeezed as he thrust into her. A wet gurgle left her throat and a foamy froth of cum and spit bubbled out between her delicate lips. She felt the fat Hollow’s cock begin to blow cum into her ass but it wasn't big enough to seal her loosened hole so it oozed out around the still thrusting cock.

She didn’t mind the strangling hand. She had hoped she’d be unconscious when they finally decided to eat her. The cumming Hollow wheezed into her ear, squeezing and groping her tits as he climaxed. She tried to focus on the rough fondling as her vision began to darken. Soon she would be gone from this horrible place, the thought caused her to smile. An angry road pulled her from the darkness and she was suddenly dangling by her neck at the end of the minotaur’s outstretched arm. She looked into his face and even the pearly grin couldn't disguise his rage.

“You will not die with a smile on your face Shinigami, know this.”

Then she was airborne. She landed hard on a small pile of old bones and the clattering echoed through the cave. Her limp limbs tumbled and she finally stopped rolling when she slammed into the rocky wall.

The minotaur stalked over to her and grabbed her hair again, dragging her from the cave.

“Hey! What about dinner?” the fat Hollow called after them.

“It’s not ready yet.”

Yoruichi awoke with a splitting headache. Her entire body was covered in bruises. Her swollen belly had finally subsided and she looked down to see she was lying in a pool of cold cum.

Her muscles ached as she crawled to a dryer patch of cave and leaned against the rocky wall with a whine. She wasn't sure how long it had been, but the torch on the wall flickered low.

Her Leotard hung useless from her neck so she removed it, tossing the tattered rag into a pile next to her hoari. She thought about donning her robe but she knew the minotaur would be back and didn't see the point in ruining it.

She tried to stand but her legs shook violently and she fell to her hands and knees. She looked into the darkened hallway leading out of her cell, there wasn't a door or anything physically keeping her. She set her jaw and began to crawl. One bloody knee after the other.

It was slow and grueling. Her arms felt like boiled noodles underneath her and they gave out more than once. The third time she fell she hit her head against the floor and cried openly, not just at the pain, but the frustration and despair at her own weakness and stupidity. How could she have let this happen?

She sobbed in a pitiful pile for a long time until she heard the slow rumble of low laughter. She turned her head and the minotaur stepped out of a deep shadow in the dimly lit cave. "He's been here the entire time," Yoruichi thought, "watching me crawl, watching me cry." The thought was a defeat in itself and she let more sobs roll free of her heaving chest.

His hooves echoed as he walked over to her and knelt. "Where are your reinforcements? Shouldn’t they be here by now?" He asked with mock surprise, and she cried harder. He chuckled. "Why am I not bending to the might of the Shinigami armies?" He asked louder, and gripped the back of her head, forcing her to look up into his face. She looked up at him with the ugly visage of hopeless loss. "Pathetic." Tears flowed from her golden pools and her lips quivered uncontrollably.

He pulled her up by the back of her head and slowly licked the running tears from her cheeks before dragging her across the cave, still palming her skull. Her feet dragged and her limp body obeyed. He sat down on a large rock and leaned against the wall of the cave.

"You must be hungry," he said and pulled her head toward his hardening shaft. "Eat," he commanded and grabbed the sheathe of his flopping cock.

She sniffled and whimpered, then mindlessly obeyed. She had to work her lips around the flared tip of his cock’s mighty crown and her cheeks bulged slightly. He growled a low moan and tightened his grip on her head.

"Let's see how your throat feels," he said, and pulled her head closer to his groin.

"Rmph!" Yoruichi let out a worried grunt as the wide cockhead slid along her tongue toward the back of her throat. She didn't try to resist. She squeezed her eyes shut as her jaw was forced open by the giant cock, and more tears slid down her cheeks.

The cock pressed against the back of her throat and her stomach palpated in reflexive heaves but the slow advance of the minotaurs cock didn't slow. She sucked in a wet breath just before the cock settled into the tight warmth behind her tongue and still the flat head pushed forward.

The muscles of her throat stretched and popped around the girthy member and a stream of drool ran down her bottom lip. Then he stopped. The muscles of his arm bulged as he pulled on her head but her throat was just too small. Her eyes crossed slightly as she looked down the long pink shaft. She wasn't even halfway down the monster cock and he was still shoving, trying to loosen her stubborn throat.

The only sounds in the cavern were the wet gurgling of bubbling slobber and the pitiful slapping pats of her hands against his furry thighs as she ran out of breath. He pulled free of her and she gasped, trails of saliva connecting her tongue and lips to his hideous cock glimmered in the torchlight.

She felt his fingers behind her head tighten and she took another deep breath as he shoved his cock in again. This time he plunged into her slimy throat with force, pummeling the muscles with persistence. She felt the head push deeper and she started to worry.

"How far could it possibly go?" She wondered, and he shoved again, breaking through the upper muscles of her esophagus. She watched in horror and disbelief as the shaft continued to disappear from her view until more than half the cock was devoured.

Her tongue hung limply, dripping slobber onto her breasts, she didn't bother trying to close her lips or suck the giant cock, the minotaur wasn't interested in that. He wanted to use her throat as a cock sleeve. The painful stretching of her feeding tube could now be felt behind her rib-cage and the minotaur stood to get a better angle.

Her vision began to spot and flash as she ran out of air again and he pulled free of her just in time. She gasped and sputtered, spit and sobbed, but he grabbed the hair on top of her head, forcing her to look straight up as he guided his club of a cock back down into her.

He bent his knees as he thrust straight down, fucking the long fleshy corridor of her throat. Each time he would pull out of her just before she passed out and laugh as she desperately gasped and sputtered. This went on until her sore throat was well used and his cock fit snuggly to its base with relative ease.

Then he stuffed his meat back down into her, this time pumping her wet throat with a determined thrusting. The minotaur grabbed her bulging neck as he fucked, feeling his own shaft through her taught muscles. He pushed down to his base, then pulled half way out, moaning and grunting as he used her like a wet sock.

She was starting to feel light headed and a panic began to bloom in her chest. He had stayed in too long. She needed air but he kept fucking, grunting and sweating as he lowered his cock deep into her again and again. She knew she needed oxygen in the next few seconds but she could feel the bulging in his cock, the telltale sign he was going to cum.

She slapped against his legs but he held her by the hair and throat as his pulsating meat began to roil with the promise of fresh seed. He moaned, a deep booming roar as his cum pipe began to spew straight into her stomach. Her nose buried into is pubic mound and she began to shake, her body taking control of the situation. Her convulsing torso only enhanced his pleasure and he squeezed her head harder as she felt another heavy splurge of his cock’s sewage dump into her belly.

Her vision flickered and she felt her lungs begin to shrivel as her abdomen gave way to the growing cum balloon inside her. She closed her eyes and the seed continued to flow, bulging her stomach more and more. She was finally out of time, and she only blamed herself. Her body thrashed and kicked, flailed and flopped. The last thing she heard before passing out was the muffled grunting of the minotaur as he pumped her full of cum.

The End