Chapter 8

Viridian Forest was darker than I thought. The ancient trees were impossibly tall and it didn’t seem to matter where the sun was in the sky, their sheer height of the trees shaded the entire undergrowth. Calvin and I walked along a rough path that constantly spiderwebbed in different directions. It was strangely muggy in the dense forest, it made me feel all sticky and damp.

“I hate it here,” I finally said after hiking for hours in silence.

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” Calvin asked, looking around.

“No, I think it’s terrible.” The path branched again and I looked down at my compass. One path went east, one west. We needed to go north. I tapped the compass with a long fingernail as if it could reorient the world.

“I mean we’ve been walking all evening and haven’t seen a single bug. I thought the forest would be crawling with them, everywhere you look, you know?” I looked up at him and he shrugged “I just thought it’d be different I guess.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “You live in Viridian, you haven’t been through here?”

He stiffened a little and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m from Cinnabar. My family never really used their cabin on route 22, so they gave it to me. This is the furthest north I’ve ever been”

“You’re a rich kid?” I wrinkled my nose and tightened my lips.

Calvin laughed. “My parents have money, yes, but hey don’t believe in trust funds or coddling, though.”

I rolled my eyes. “Right so they just gave you a house.”

Calvin sighed and nodded. “Yeah… but to them an old cabin they don't use in Viridian City isn’t charity, it’s bare minimum. I actually resented them for it. Until i found my job, made some friends, caught Rattata and Pidgey, met you – ”

“We should camp,” I interrupted. I wasn’t in the mood for Calvin’s good heart.

He cleared his throat. “I brought a tent but it’s only made for one person.”

“I’m sure Champ and I can make it work.” I said, rummaging in my backpack for the firestarter. I watched his shoulders fall out of the corner of my eye and I snorted a laugh. “I’m kidding Cal, besides, I lost my sleeping bag,” I darted a glance at him. “So we’re gonna have to share,” I pretended to be sorry. “I hope that’s okay…”

He tried to suppress a grin but he was too god damn authentic for a poker face and it split across his stupid boyish face. “I’ll get the tent going, you get the fire set up,” he said, and practically threw his backpack off.

That night we sat by the fire and shared stories of our childhood. Calvin’s parents had both been scientists that worked on a top secret project at the Cinnabar Island pokemon lab, which I decided was the most interesting thing about Calvin. For having two scientists as parents, the guy was pretty simple minded. He liked pokemon, and the outdoors, and me. He was easy to talk to, had a warm smile, and I could tell he was falling in love. If I had known how to love him back, we could have really had something special.

I yawned in the middle of one of his stories, then shivered against the cool night air. “Well, I’m going to bed. We should get an early start tomorrow.”

Calvin nodded and threw dirt on the smoldering coals.

We stood in front of the tiny tent. To say it was cozy would be an understatement. It was basically a prism laid on its side big enough for one person to crawl into. “You should probably go first, I'm smaller so I’ll just slip in where I can fit,” I said.

Calvin took off his boots and unzipped the tent. “Wait,” I said with a hand on his shoulder. He was kneeling at the entrance to the tent and looked up at me, trying his hardest not to peek up my skirt. I hardened my eyes. “If you get any dirt in this tent, I’ll fucking kill you.”

He swallowed hard and checked himself, brushing off his travel pants and sitting his butt in the tent first, before swinging his legs in. I slipped off my flats and unbuttoned my Nurse Joy dress, letting it fall to the dirt. I wiped my bare feet on it and slipped into the sleeping bag in front of him, the back of my naked body sliding in front of his face. “Wait, are you…” He asked, panic in his voice.

I turned my head back toward him. He was still propped on one elbow and his face was directly above mine. “Zip the tent,” I said, and he did. It was dark, but my eyes adjusted and I could see the outline of his brow and lips. I kissed him, then kissed him again, deeper, slipping my tongue through his lips, past his teeth. I spun and pushed him to the hard ground, straddling him and pulling one of his hands to my tits. The tent smelled like dirt, and trees, and campfire. My pussy gushed and I ground it against the hard ridge of his groin, sliming his pants.

He squeezed my breast meat and breathed a soft moan of delight. I kissed his neck, sucking and licking before biting his ear as hard as I could. “Ow!” he said and his hand squeezed my tit hard in surprise.

I rubbed my wet lips down his hard shaft one more time and crawled off, facing my back to him. “Goodnight Calvin. You’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met.”

I could feel his grin, his frustration, and it only made me hornier to tease him. I ran my tongue over my teeth and fell asleep to the coppery taste of Calvin’s blood.

I awoke to Calvin’s bulge pressing between my asscheeks. It flexed and pressed and a smile pulled at my mouth. I adjusted my hips to give him access and rub the fleshy shaft. I’d been waiting for him to make a move and couldn’t be happier he’d chosen the morning. His thick cock pushed further between my cheeks and the curious tip probed my opening. “Finally,” I said, and ached my back, waiting for him to plunge inside me.

“Did you say something? I’ve got breakfast if you’re awake.” I blinked. Calvin’s voice came from in front of me, outside the tent. The bulge, now parting my wet lips, began to wriggle and goosebumps covered my entire body. I felt tiny legs worm up my inner thigh and I screamed, clawing my way out of the tent. I tumbled out of the open tent flap and grabbed the soft fleshy worm clinging between my legs before throwing its pudgy green body as far as I could.

Calvin turned from the fire and stared, dumbfounded at the sight of my naked body. “Turn away Calvin,” I practically branded him with his own name and he obeyed, eyes wide. “You left the fucking flap open!”

“I’m sorry Priss, It was hot this morning and I thought you might want to – ”

“Want to what? Sleep with a fucking caterpie?!” I pulled my dirty pink dress up over my body and angrily snapped my belt. “I have to piss, don’t follow me.” I rummaged through my backpack for a moment and left. I walked off the trail a ways, shuddering and cursing under my breath, brushing the back of my leg as the heebie-jeebies left my system. Squatting next to a tree, I pissed into the dirt. I flipped open the gold lighter and inhaled as I pressed a cigarette to my lips. Something moved in the brush and I instinctively clicked the button on Champ’s ball. He appeared in front of me, sniffing the air and glancing around. I stayed squatting as the last few drops of urine dripped slowly down my ass cheek.

“Thought I heard something,” I said, smoke slowly rolling out of my nose. It was quiet and still, I tucked the lighter into my front pocket. My nerves were still humming from the tent invader. “I need to cum,” I said and sat against the large tree beside my fresh puddle. Champ dutifully knelt between my open thighs and fucked me hard.

His cock spread me open and I breathed a long, smoking exhale of relief. My bare ass scraped against the rough roots of the tree and my cigarette ashed lightly between my lips with every heavy thrust. I tugged on my clit as he stretched me and moaned quietly into his chest as my pussy throbbed with a quick but much needed orgasm.

I pulled his small frame closer, stroking the back of his bald head and taking another long drag of my cigarette as he used my flexing cunt to finish himself. His body stiffened and his hot load began to fill me. “Good boy, Champ,” I whispered gently, then pushed his chest and his still squirting cock pulled out of me. I set down my cigarette and dropped to all fours in the dirt, then sucked the dripping tip of Champ’s cock, drinking the last few bubbling eruptions of creamy deliciousness as I pushed his cum out of my oozing cunt.

A twig snapped and I sat up, wiping the slime from my chin. Two beady eyes stared at me from the branches of a bush, but that wasn’t what caught my eye. From atop the shrub sprouted two large serrated bones, stained red with old blood. The creature leapt from the bushes and I stared in horror at the most hideous pokemon I’d ever seen. Its stout body was wrapped in thick, brown, overlapping plates. The hard carapace had two gaps for wild eyes below the vicious blades that pointed skyward. The armored plates narrowed near the center of its ovaloid body and my eyes were drawn to a lipless toothy maw that gnashed hungrily. Drool dripped from the razor sharp teeth and the pokemon reached its long spindly arms out towards me as it lumbered forward.

Champ reached up and grabbed the bone protrusions atop the massive body, stopping its charge. I scooted back against the tree and tried to stand but slipped in the mud of my own piss. Champ groaned above me and blood dripped from his hands, specking my face and neck. The pokemon hissed a wet warble through his gaping, razor sharp teeth and forced its pincers closed, cleanly severing Champ’s thumbs.

Blood squirted from the thumb stumps on each hand and he lost his grip on the pincers. The bone scissors fell down his arms and landed on each side of Champ’s neck. I kicked out, catching the back of Champ’s leg and he fell to one knee, just as the viscous blades closed above him. Champ balled his remaining fingers and landed a blow into the hard plates of the pokemon’s side, then the other, blood gushing from his fists with every heavy impact.

The monster took a step back then turned his body just as Champ fired a third hook. Champ froze but his body blocked my view. I rolled to the side and my breath left me. “No,” I said as my throat closed in a sob. Champ’s arm was elbow deep in the creature’s horrible mouth that worked like a woodchipper. I clicked his ball frantically and he returned, only to have the beady eyes rest once again on me. Fresh blood dripped down its chest and it chittered in excitement above me.

I fumbled at my waist and released my two remaining pokemon. Mankey sprang from the flash of light, a ball of fists and claws, he tackled the pokemon to its back.

“Princess go for the eyes!”

The bird dove from above, beak gleaming in the morning light. I heard a wet gouging and breathed in relief. “Now the other!” The creature hissed and squealed, chittered and clicked but my pokemon didn’t stop.

“Careful of its mouth, don’t get caught!” Mankey pounded and scratched atop the beast as Princess gouged out its other eye. The desperate opening and closing of its pincers began to slow and I reached for an empty PokeBall.

“Enough,” I said evenly, crawling forward. Princess swooped to my shoulder, beak dripping red. Mankey continued thrashing atop the dying pokemon and I crawled up to the frenzied ball of fur, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Easy there buddy, we need him alive.” Mankey turned and the rage in his eyes gave me pause, but he cooled as he saw me. I looked down to see the monster’s teeth had all been broken, bashed into its own mouth. I pet my cute fuzzy ball of death behind the ear and he climbed up onto my other shoulder.

The horrible pokemon wheezed wetly and lifted an arm, its eyes nothing but hollow bloody sockets, its mouth a mess of shattered bone. I grabbed its three-fingered hand and squeezed one of the giant claws. “Don’t worry. We’re gonna take good care of you.” A violet PokeBall hummed in my hand with anticipation. I pressed the whirring sphere against the hard shell and it glowed with warmth, then the light vacuumed into the PokeBall. The ball didn’t fidget or jerk, just dimmed, and clicked.

My heart rose with the rush of satisfaction, then plummeted. I grabbed Champ’s ball and called him out. He materialized on his knees, his wrist a stump of grey, bloody flesh tipped with a sharp protrusion of bone. Tears burst over my cheeks. “Campsite. Backpack.” I said to Mankey and pointed toward our camp. He leapt to the branch of a nearby tree and disappeared. “You did so good Champ,” I said and stroked his cheek. His jaw was a hard line but his eyes smiled at the compliment. “We caught him. Another strong pokemon for you to lead.”

The small simian pokemon was back in seconds, and I caught the backpack, tearing it open and spilling antidotes and PokeBalls across the bloody dirt. “Here!” I said, and pulled the trigger on the potion, coating the garish wound with a fine mist. The chipped bone began to lengthen and the muscle slowly climbed up the exposed ivory. I sprayed the stump where his thumb had been on his other hand and kissed his forehead. “You rest now.” I pressed his PokeBall and he vanished in the light as footsteps pounded up behind me.

I turned to see a stunned Calvin but he wasn’t alone. From behind him came a young boy, in shorts and a tank top. He wore a wide brimmed summer hat and held a large net.

I picked up my cigarette and leaned back against the tree, then closed my eyes and inhaled, petting the blood-soaked fur of the mankey in my lap.