Chapter 7

We both stared at the egg in Nurse Joy’s hands.

“Joy…” I said.

She looked at me but I was still focused on the large egg I had just pushed out of my body.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?” I asked. She walked to the side of my bed and tried to hand it to me but I pulled my hands away. “I don’t want it.”

She sighed, and placed a calming hand on my own. “Priss, whatever is growing in this egg is technically your child.” The thought made me sick.

Hesitantly, I took the egg and studied it. It was about the size of a small pineapple, but not as tall. It was white with brown spots and a few darker specks. I didn’t feel any sort of motherly love or affection for the object. “Can I leave it with you? I don’t have time to care for an egg.”

Joy shook her head and bit her lip, thinking. “I know someone that might be able to help. There’s a pokemon daycare on route 5, south of Celadon City. It’s run by an old man named Mr. Carter. If anyone knows anything about pokemon eggs, it’s him.”

“So what do I do with it until I get to him?”

“It should be safe in your backpack, chansey eggs are very hard to break but we have special tools to crack them.”

I grimaced, and looked at one of the round pink pokemon. It had a small pouch with a white egg resting just below its chest. “You break chansey eggs?”

She smiled, “They aren’t fertilized. Chansey ovulate eggs externally. The yokes from their eggs are able to heal fatal wounds, so we use them to make healing potions for trainers and their pokemon. We sell what we don’t use to PokeMarts.” She stroked one of the long fleshy flaps that hung from Chansey’s head, “Isn’t that right?”

“Chansey!” the pink pokemon said happily.

There was a quiet knock on the door and we both turned. Nurse Joy let out an annoyed sigh before grabbing the egg from me and stuffing it into my backpack. “I almost forgot,” she said, and plucked a pokeball from my belt. “Princess is good as new.” She pressed the button and Princess’s dark form flew to my shoulder.

I hugged the bird to my face and a tear of joy rolled down my cheek as I stroked her beautiful feathers. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered, but the bird seemed as happy to see me as I was to see her.

“How many times do I have to tell you Calvin, she’s resting and shouldn’t be bothered,” Nurse Joy said.

I heard Calvin’s boyish voice, “I know, I’m sorry Joy, I just want to-” she closed the door and their muffled voices trailed off down the hall.

I grabbed my mankey’s pokeball and released him onto my chest. “Hey, buddy,” I whispered and he curled up in my arms. I couldn’t believe I had three already. It had only been two days since I left Pallet but I felt like a new person. I scooted over in the bed and made room for Champ, who climbed next to me and wrapped an arm around my torso. The exhaustion of my ordeal washed over me like a wave and I was soon fast asleep.

I awoke to the quiet snoring of my mankey and the rumbling of my stomach. How long had it been since I’d eaten? I stretched and rubbed my eyes. Champ was drooling on my chest and Princess had nested above my head. Judging by the light from the window, it was well past noon. Joy had left another of her short pink dresses hanging next to my bed along with a pair of matching slip on shoes.

I sat up. Besides the ravenous hunger, I felt good. There wasn’t any soreness in my feet and the cuts seemed to have been healed. My back and groin didn’t feel any residual pain either and my stomach had returned to its normal toned state. I stood and stretched my legs before getting dressed, and heading out into the hall. I returned Princess and Mankey but left Champ out.

We found Joy and Calvin waiting in the reception area and Calvin practically bounced over to me. “Priss! Are you okay? Joy said you were attacked by a pack of mankey near my cabin. I'm so sorry I didn't warn you. I-”

I held up a hand, “It’s fine, Cal. I’m fine.”

He hugged me and my back straightened at the sudden gesture. “I’m glad you’re okay,” He said. It was a little rough, but it was warm. I returned the hug and Joy smiled over his shoulder with a quick wink.

“He’s been waiting all night and day to see you, I thought I would have to tie him to that chair.”

I released his hug, but didn’t really know what to say. “Thanks,” I said awkwardly and his face brightened into a smile.

I looked at joy, “I need to get back on the road to Pewter City, do you have any food I could take?”

Nurse Joy glanced at Calvin. His shoulders fell. “I’m sorry Priss, I brought the yogurt you left in my fridge but Joy and I got hungry waiting for you so we shared it.” He gestured to the empty container on the counter. The clear container still had the residue of Champs cum and I looked at them, stunned.

“You ate that?”

They both looked at the floor, “I'm sorry Priss,” Calvin said, “We planned on saving you some but it was so good, we couldn’t stop.”

“I ate most of it,” Joy said, her voice heavy with guilt.

“Where did you get it?” Calvin asked.

I froze, still processing that Joy and Calvin had shared a bowl of Champ’s cum. “Uh… it’s an old Pallet Town recipe, family secret.” I said, smiling nervously.

Nurse Joy went behind the counter and opened a small refrigerator. “You can take my lunch I packed. That yogurt was strangely filling.” She handed me a brown paper bag and I took it wordlessly.

“Thanks Joy.” I rubbed my neck in embarrassment, “Anyway, I should get going. I need to get through Viridian Forest before it gets too dark.”

“I’m coming with you.” Calvin said, his tone suddenly serious. He grabbed my hand and I took a half step back. “I vow to never let anything like that mankey attack happen ever again. I have good news,” He looked proud of himself, it was kind of cute, “Chin has given me a promotion. I’m officially a traveling salesman, free to wander Kanto, selling wares and representing PokeMart.” He pointed to his jacket before pulling out a small card. “I've even been given a corporate card for all my expenses.”

Nurse Joy clapped, “That’s incredible Calvin! I’m so proud of you, you deserve it!”

I forced a smile, unable to think of anything but Chin’s cock spasming his filthy cum into my mouth. “That’s great, Cal.” He looked a little deflated at my lack of enthusiasm but still beamed proudly. “Shall we?” I motioned toward the door and he walked ahead of me. I turned and bowed my head to Joy, “Thank you.”

“Wait outside Calvin,” Joy said, and grabbed my hand. The electronic doors slid closed behind him and she pulled me in close. “I told my sister’s about you, they’re all very excited to meet you.”

“I’ll be sure to show your sisters my weird egg,” I said, rolling my eyes. I didn’t really appreciate being the freak show from Pallet, but I supposed I owed her one.

“That isn’t what I told them about,” she said, and kissed me on the lips, holding my chin so I couldn’t pull away.

I walked out of the Pokemon Center, licking the candied gloss from my lips.

“Do you mind if we stop by my cabin? I need to grab a few things before we travel,” Calvin said.

I looked up at the sun. “Yeah that’s fine, I need to eat and take a shower anyway.”

I sat at the kitchen table in Calvin’s kitchen, eating the sandwich Joy had packed. I realized it was the first solid food I’d eaten in over a day and every bite coaxed a little moan out of me as I chewed. I pointed to the fridge and continued eating. Champ obediently walked to the fridge and brought me a beer, pulling the top off with a satisfying pop.

I let the refreshing beverage revitalize me as it washed down the delicious sandwich. “Holy shit,” I said with a sigh. “I think I want to marry Nurse Joy.”

“What’d you say?” Calvin asked, coming out of his room with a backpack.

I ignored him and closed my eyes, basking in the last bite of my sandwich. “I’m gonna take a shower, cmon Champ.” I stood, still holding my beer and walked toward the bathroom.

“He’s going with you?” Calvin asked.

I stopped, a smile tugging at my mouth. I had almost forgotten how much fun Calvin was. “He likes to watch me shower. Is that okay?”

Calvin flushed. “Yeah, of course,” he rubbed the back of his neck, “who wouldn’t.” he said laughing nervously.

“What about you?” I took a casual swig of my beer and leaned against the bathroom doorway looking Calvin up and down.

“What do you mean?”

I rolled my eyes and huffed an annoyed sigh before spelling it out slowly like I was talking to an idiot. I unbuttoned a button of the small dress with each word, “Do… you… want… to watch?”

“Oh! No…” his brain stopped then started again, probably trying to figure out if this was some kind of test or trap. “I still have some packing to do.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. The one person I actually offer my body to, and he’s too shy to take it. Figures. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. “C’mon Champ,” I said, and pushed him into the bathroom before closing the door.

I slipped off my shoes and the tile floor was cool against my bare feet. I considered taking a bath but we were short on time and the tub was much too low. In fact, I looked at Champ and then back to the low ridge of the tub. Butterflies of arousal began to dart around in my stomach and groin as a perverted thought took hold of me. I would have thought the recent events would make me less horny but the opposite was proving to be true, after everything that had happened, I couldn’t help but think about sex constantly. I thought back to the way Joy had kissed me, the smell and taste of her.

I turned on the shower and pulled the dress off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, then plopped my bare ass on the edge of the tub and kicked the dress into a corner. I looked into Champ’s eyes and slowly opened my legs. The water splashed my shoulders slightly and the cool wetness sent a shiver down my spine. Champ didn’t even need to be instructed. He waddled toward me excitedly, his solid cock perfectly aligned with my inviting pussy.

He pressed into me and I wrapped my arms around his head, burying his face in my breasts. He began to suck and slobber over my nipples as his bloated cock stretched my hole. I moaned quietly in his ear as his rhythmic thrusting began. I was glad to have his cock back inside me. It seemed to stretch me just right and didn’t slam against my cervix.

His balls began to thump against the side of the tub and I reached around him to hold them as he fucked me. They were heavy and full, and I couldn’t wait to empty them. I massaged the fleshy orbs as he massaged the sore walls of my pussy with his thick cock.

“Cum for me Champ,” I whispered in his ear. Thoughts of the egg came to mind, but rather than worry me, it excited me. “Fill my womb.”

Then I remembered the pain of the giant mankey as he pushed through my cervix. His seed was dumped in my actual womb. That must have been how I got pregnant. Something ignited in me then, a lust that far surpassed normal horniness. “Push deeper Champ, keep going” I said as his hips drove into my groin.

He slammed forward to the base of his shaft with every thrust, but he wasn’t even close to my inner opening. I can’t really explain my disappointment, I guess I just wanted to get pregnant on my own terms, with a pokemon I loved, rather than be an unwilling breeder for some wild beast.

I sighed and hugged Champs head. “Good boy Champ, fill me up,” I said with loving encouragement. His cock began to bulge. “That's it, let it out.”

“Ma,” he said quietly, and his warmth began to flood into me.

I kissed his forehead as more warmth surged into me, the excess loudly spilling on the floor between his feet. I closed my eyes and leaned against his sweaty forehead as his hot seed surged deeper into me, knowing it wouldn’t take root but loving the peaceful pleasure of his roiling cock. He reached around me, squeezing my ass cheeks that hung over the side of the tub as he finished and the gesture made me laugh. “Yeah?” I asked playfully, “you like that big ass you little pervert?”

“Ma,” he said, nodding and out of breath. He released me and took a step back. I cupped the side of the tub as he pulled out of me and a torrent of white goo filled my hand. I pulled it up to my mouth and sucked the pulpy fluid from my palm with a delighted sigh.

“I swear, Champ, we could sell this stuff,” I said, and pulled another half handful from his slick grey cock before licking my hands clean.

I showered quickly and we left with a few hours of daylight left.

“Route 2,” Calvin said as we left Pallet. He breathed in a loud inhale of mountain air and sighed dramatically. “I sure do love the outdoors.”

I didn’t answer. My brain had wandered and I was thinking about how much I could get Calvin to pay me for a bowl of Champ’s cum.

Calvin turned to me. “Are you okay?”

I hesitated. I thought back to the events of the last two days, the wild machop, the wild mankey, Gary, the PokeMart, losing battles, birthing an egg, and falling nearly in love with Nurse Joy. I looked into the sweet, innocent eyes of my new boyfriend and laced my fingers with his. Then kissed him the way Joy had kissed me, tender and loving but deep and passionate. I looked up at his stupid, shocked face. “Yeah, I think I am,” I said with a smile, and together we walked past the threshold of shaded brush and looming trees of Viridian Forest.