Chapter 6

My bloody feet slapped against the cool smooth floor of the Pokemon Center. The chansey behind the counter looked like it had seen a ghost before it ran into a back room. Nurse Joy emerged and the look of horror on her face told me I looked much worse than I felt. My holes were still dripping with mankey seed, my torso and arms were covered in blood and my stomach bulged like a woman six months pregnant.

“Priss…” she said in disbelief.

I collapsed in her arms, holding out the mankey's pokeball. She held me and called out to the chanseys. They loaded me onto a gurney and I watched the ceiling lights of the pokemon center as they wheeled me deeper into the building. I could feel Champ’s thick fingers interlaced with mine as he ran beside me.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a comfortable bed, two dark eyes looking down at me. The pink face lit up as I rubbed my eyes. The chansey waddled out of the room excitedly and the tell-tale clicking of Nurse Joy's heels soon echoed toward the open door.

The pink haired nurse entered the room and a small ball of tan fur leapt from her shoulder, landing gracefully in the blankets next to me before curling up in my arms.

Nurse Joy’s smile was quickly replaced by a hard look. “You’re lucky to be alive Priss, those Mankey on route 22 have killed trainers that wander too far from the road.”

My mankey was purring in my arms as it nuzzled into my chest. I was just glad he was okay. “You’re alive,” I said and hugged his soft tan body. “I’m sorry Joy, it all happened so fast.”

She walked up to the bed and pulled the blankets back, her face turning to concern. “We need to talk about this,” she said, and gestured to my bare stomach, still round and full. I tried to pull the blankets back up but she held them down. “Please tell me you didn’t willingly engage.”

I didn’t respond. I was thinking of the glade, of the multiple orgasms brought on by the primal animalistic pleasure. It wasn’t my choice, but looking back, I had enjoyed every second.

“Priss, it’s dangerous, our bodies aren't meant for it. Not to mention the moral questions and what it can do to your reputation, you could be banned from competing or thrown in jail for pokemon rape.”

“Rape?” The word pulled me from my thoughts and tears freely flowed down my cheeks. “You mean when a giant mankey pins your head to a rock so his pack can breed you for hours?”

Joy’s eyes softened and she sat on my bed. She touched my hand but it jerked it away, resting it on my belly.

“You mean when a man forces you to the floor of a PokeMart so he can use your mouth while his pokemon fucks you?” My face twisted into the ugly visage of a silent cry and I swallowed the lump in my throat before I began to bawl. She moved closer, holding my head in her arms as I cried.

“I should never have assumed Priss. I’m here for you, we’re gonna figure this out.”

I let myself weep openly in Joy’s arms, the confusion of the observatory, the PokeMart, and the glade pushed more and more tears out of me until I felt empty and tired. It felt good to get it out, to feel her tender touch as she lovingly rubbed my back the way my mother had. My mankey snuggled against me while I rested against nurse Joy’s chest and eventually I calmed, petting the soft fur in my lap.

“There’s something I have to tell you,” she said, stroking my hand. “I ran an ultrasound on you while you were asleep.”

My heart plummeted into my stomach.

“There’s an… object in your womb.”

I looked up at her face but she looked straight ahead, her cheeks were pale and her lips were tight. “What the fuck does that mean Joy?”

“I don’t know.” Her usually bubbly and happy demeanor was gone, replaced by fear. “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve called my sisters and they haven’t ever heard of interspecies impregnation. We don't even fully understand how pokemon breeding works, let alone this…”

“What do we do?” I asked, her fear infecting me.

“We need to get it out of you, whatever it is, it’s growing at an alarming rate.”

“Growing? What the fuck Joy? How do we get it out?”

“Well, I have a theory. If your body thinks you are pregnant, we may be able to induce labor, and push it from your womb.”

“Labor? You mean I’m going to give birth to this thing? Can’t we abort it or… I don’t know… cut it out of me?”

Nurse Joy looked down at me, mortified. “I’m not opening you up if I don’t have to, Priss, and I dont know if a standard abortion would work. I don't even know what it is yet and I don’t want to risk killing whatever's growing inside you. It looks to be about the size of a cantaloupe, if we birth it now-”

“Cut it out of me Joy, I’m not shitting a cantaloupe,” I yelled, and the mankey flinched at the outburst.

Joy turned and sat in front of me. She grabbed my hands and forced me to look at her. “It’s going to be okay. It’s not as large as a baby, and women give birth everyday. Yesterday’s… ordeal may have prepared your body better than you think. We just have to get the labor started and your body will do the rest.”

I stared into her pink eyes, my mouth was dry and my hands were shaking in hers. I had so many questions but if I was going to do this, I didn’t want to wait. If it was growing, I didn't have much time. “How do we induce labor?”

“Normally, I would use hormones to get your uterus contracting but I don't have access to that here, and the closest human hospital is in Pewter City.” She shook her head. “We don’t have that much time but there are natural ways to get the uterine walls to begin contracting.”

“Like what?” I imagined some horrible device prying open my cervix.

“Well, the most effective way is to engage in sexual intercourse, preferably bringing you to orgasm.”

“What?” I asked. Not exactly what I expected.

“I can call Calvin if you’d like.”

“Calvin?” It was my turn to be mortified.

“Oh- is he not?” She stumbled over her words. ”He's come by three times to check on you today. I refused to let him see you until we talked about...this. He said he was your-”

“He is…” I interrupted, not wanting to hear the word, “but we haven’t… I don’t want him to know about this.”

“Understood,” she said, wringing her hands. “I guess that leaves me.”

I looked at her sideways. “Are you saying, you’re going to…”

“There's no time to waste Priss. Don't worry, I’m a medical professional, and you are my patient, this is nothing more than a procedure.”

“Well, that’s not very sexy,” I said.

She sighed. “You’re right, I’m sorry. If we're going to bring you to orgasm, we need to set the mood. Chansey, lights!” She pulled out a purple pokeball from her pocket and my mankey disappeared with a quiet flash of light. Chansey closed the blinds, leaving a single sliver of sunlight free to cut through the room. Then the pink pokemon left the room, turning off the lights and closing the door behind it.

The dark silhouette of Nurse Joy stood next to my bed and began unbuttoning the front of her tight pink dress as my eyes adjusted. “Have you ever been with a woman, Priss?”

I shook my head dumbly, not fully able to process what was happening. I watched as her breasts fell a little more with every button she popped free. She pulled the pink fabric off her shoulders and held her bosom behind her forearms. She took a deep breath and released her dress, letting it fall to the floor and exposing her full breasts and the feminine curves of her waist and hips.

I had never really thought about other women sexually, Gary’s sister and I had practiced kissing once but it was strictly for science, and she had used what we learned to claim the one boy in Pallet that wasn’t Gary.

I had to admit though, even if merely out of admiration, Nurse Joy was something to behold. I swallowed.

She crawled into bed next to me and pulled the thin sheet up over us. Our faces were inches from each other in the dim glow of the single sunbeam. If she was nervous, she was hiding it well, my own heart pounded in my chest at the feel of her naked body against mine. “Don’t worry,” she said, and her fingers brushed the back of my neck, “just follow my lead.”

“Oka-” I started to say but she pressed her lips against mine. They were warm and gentle, like rose petals in the afternoon sun. It was a lover’s kiss, the first of its kind to grace my lips and my heart came alive. She closed her eyes and I watched her face as she caressed my lips with her own, her eyebrows scrunched like she was savoring the first bite of a delicious treat.

That kiss would influence all future kisses for me. Previous makeout sessions had been a game of "who can stuff their tongue furthest." This was nothing like that, and I knew from the first moment our lips locked that I wanted to kiss like Nurse Joy.

She teased my lips, coaxing kisses out of me that were too late to reach her. She flitted across my mouth, gentle as the wings of a butterfree. I was too scared to participate, this woman was obviously so far out of my league I was worried I would scare her away with my brutish technique.

She was a good leader though, her sweet smooches lasted longer and longer until my lips were able to return the warm embrace. My instincts took over and I returned the kiss, closing my eyes as I explored her soft mouth with my own.

My tongue flicked out and began to rub the thin layer of sweet pink gloss from her lips. I worked to suck the candied polish from the perfect petals of her mouth and my sore pussy began to drool. Her hand caressed the curve of my lower back and pulled my body into hers with a muffled moan. Our breasts pressed and rubbed together as our passion rose.

Our lips unlocked and she kissed my damp cheeks, she kissed my temple, my forehead, the bridge of my nose. She traced the curve of my jaw with her tongue and engulfed my earlobe before sucking and nibbling. Her hand found mine and our fingers laced.

Feelings began to flower in me, the intoxicating ardor that horny teens confuse with love was taking root. I wanted to please her. My free hand began to explore the tight space between our tangled breasts and she sighed as I filled my palm with her soft flesh. I squeezed and massaged before finding her nipple. I pinched it tenderly.

Her moan warmed my ear as her teeth bit down on my wet lobe. My skin prickled as her moist breath tickled the short hairs of my neck and she moved our hands to the base of my swollen belly. We untangled our fingers and I felt the most delicate touch of my life. Her fingers fondled the fleshy nub above my opening so elegantly, I couldn’t help but sigh. Not in pleasure, but in relief. Relief from my own constant rough flicking and rubbing of my womanhood.

Nurse Joy knew how to handle my pussy better than I did, and I drank in her lesson with a desperate thirst. Her fingers danced to my opening, teasing my dripping lips long enough to wet her fingers before returning to butter my fleshy bean. She began sucking my neck as she massaged my sensitive button and my breathy exhales quickly turned to breathy moans.

I reached out my own fingers for the soft petals of her flower. I clumsily tried to emulate the way she subtly stroked and lovingly nuzzled either side of my clit, stroking the length of it without touching the sensitive tip that ached for attention. If her fingers were dancers though, mine were boxers. I punched clumsily at her hole, glad to feel it was as wet as mine before jabbing at her clit, spreading her juices across her soft folds like the horny groping of a teenage boy, I grunted in frustration. I was embarrassing myself.

She pulled her sucking lips from my neck and whispered into my ear, “Shh… gently. Pretend you have all the time in the world. Breathe, darling.”

Nothing in my life had ever been so erotic as hearing Nurse Joy call me darling while teaching me how to tease her cunt properly. I blushed and took a long slow breath before slowly running my finger up the wet crevice of her slippery lips.

“Like this,” she said and strummed the tips of her fingers against my clit so slowly I could feel the ridges of her fingerprints rubbing across my exposed nerves. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I followed along, doing everything to her that she did to me. “Good…” she breathed.

It was getting hot under the blanket, our breath making our skin sticky and wet as we began to sweat and moan. Neither of us pulled off the suffocating blanket and we kissed as we cooked in the smell of hot breath, perspiration, and wet pussy.

We fondled each other, we fingered each other, I even got to taste her as we fucked for the next hour. My hair clung to my neck and face but I was determined to make her cum. Part of me wanted to make sure this beautiful creature got what she deserved, the other was terrified of what would accompany my own climax. It happened as we were sixty-nineing.

We laid on our sides and my nose was planted between the sopping lips of her opening. I was going through the alphabet, tracing every symbol with my tongue against her clit, as she had taught me. I decided to reach my hand around her thigh to prod my curious finger at her puckered pink asshole.

She gave a little groan, and poked my own tender asshole in the same way, it wasn't very pleasant. So, I buried my finger between her fleshy pussy lips and scooped a finger full of slime from her warm honeypot. She did the same and I moaned as her finger curled into me. I slathered her ass with fresh wetness and her pleasant purring vibrated through my clit.

I rubbed the rim of her puckered pink hole, gently applying pressure. She copied my every move, it was like I was fucking myself. I pressed into her and her ass resisted. She had been digging into my pussy with her tongue and I heard the wet suction break with a loud smack before she spoke, “push harder,” she said, “Fuck my asshole, Prissy.”

I hesitated, my thoughts conjured images of Gary’s stomach. The smell and taste of Joy’s juices mixed with the thoughts of Gary’s shirtless body standing over me was a cocktail of arousal I wasn’t ready for. I shoved my finger into her ass and latched onto her clit, sucking and fucking as she did the same. I could feel the numb sensation of my pussy gushing and Joy gulped as she fingered.

The thought of her drinking from me caused my stomach to tighten and my toes to curl. Her ass pulled my finger deeper into her and I forced another finger into her, next to the first, she stopped fingering and her thick thighs began to tremble on either side of my head. I slowly worked her ass, twisting my pumping fingers as I rhythmically lapped at her clit. She reached between us and grabbed my breast with one hand, squeezing and kneading. Her breathing increased and her hot moans puffed against my lips.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. I didn’t. “Fuck me harder!” I did. The sounds of wet sliding meat increased and her moans turned to high pitched breathy screams and she buried her face in my groin, licking and kissing as her asshole began to grip my finger in quick pulses. I licked faster and she plunged her tongue into me, humming and fucking my ass as she came.

My own legs began to wobble and my groin felt hot as more blood rushed to my cunt. She squeezed my head with her thighs writhed against me, humping my face as she pulled more pleasure from her orgasm. I moved from her clit to lap up the slime spewing from her lubricated folds of her velvety sex. Her savory flavor covered my kissing lips and I drank from her, pushing myself over the edge with an overload of slutty thoughts and salacious stimulation.

My mind melted and my body coiled around the nurse like a hungry snake. I couldn’t even moan, the pressure seemed to build and build, threatening to break but raising me higher still. My eyes unfocused and crossed briefly, I inhaled short pulls of air as I climbed to the peak of my greatest climax.

Then I fell, the pressure released and I was sent tumbling down the other side of my orgasm before plunging into the pool of passion that was Nurse Joy. My body convulsed and she caught my pleasure on practiced wings, gliding me over rolling hills of ecstasy. I had never felt tender love mixed with intense pleasure and the feeling overwhelmed me. I sobbed. My chest caught on jerking moans as tears of joy ran over my cheeks.

Then, as I rocked in the tremulant quakes of my mind cracking euphoria, something gripped my spine. It was a gentle tug at first, followed by a violent wrench, and I cried out in surprise. “Joy… something’s happening.”

She pulled herself from between my legs and flung the sheet off of us. The open air felt cold against my wet skin. She turned my hips so I was laying on my back and stood next to the bed. I winced as the muscles in my abdomen tightened and I gripped my stomach. It was as hard as a rock. “What are you feeling? Talk to me priss.”

I clenched my teeth. “My back, it hurts.”

She pushed her face close to mine, I could smell myself on her breath. “I need you to breathe for me darling, can you do that?” Then she sat up and yelled toward the door, “Chansey!”

I leaned my head back against the pillow and tried to inhale but the growing pain began forcing the air out of me. My insides were being wrung like a wet rag, I felt like I was going to shit the bed. There was pressure building everywhere with nowhere to go. Pink forms began bobbing at the edges of my vision and the sunlight shone across my glistening body as one of them opened the curtains. A chansey held a cool wet cloth to my head and I was able to take my first deep breath.

“Champ,” I said reflexively, “I want Champ.” Joy grabbed my belt from the pile of belongings next to my bed and a small grey form materialized next to me. His amber eyes saucered in panic as he took in the situation. I reached for his large hand and squeezed it as another contraction ripped through my body. I arched my back, trying to lessen the pain but it made it worse. “Gah!” My thoughts bucked like a wild flaming horse.

“Just keep breathing Priss, look at me. Priss!”

My eyes shot between my legs and I glared at the beautiful naked nurse. “Get. It. Out.”

“Do you feel it yet? Tell me when you feel it?”

“Feel wha…” I started to ask, but then I felt it. A pressure was building like I was about to have explosive diarrhea. “I think I have to shit.”

Her eyes softened. “You need to push now honey. Take a deep breath in and push as you breathe out.”

I tried to breathe but the pain was paralyzing. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I began to panic.

“Look at Champ, Priss,” I did. The look on his face would have been funny if I didn't feel like I was dying. He was absolutely terrified and his fear somehow lessened mine. I laughed, an exhausted, resigned, sarcastic laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. “That’s it, just relax, let your body do what it needs to do.”

I set my jaw and sucked in a lungful of air before pushing with everything I had.

“I see it,” she said, “breathe in and push!”

I took another deep breath and screamed through clenched teeth as my opening began to stretch. I stopped. It felt like I was going to tear my pussy. I shook my head but Joy’s face turned to anger.

“Push, Priss!”

I closed my eyes and squeezed Champ’s hand before mustering all my remaining strength and pushing with a savage scream. The pain climbed higher than what I had previously thought possible, I knew if I stopped I might have to do it again so I pushed through the agony. I heard a loud wet slopping of liquid and the stabbing pain turned to a dull ache as my body expelled whatever had been growing inside me. Sweat covered my entire trembling body. Nurse Joy looked between my legs with a face of astonishment.

“Priss,” she said, raising the oblong form up between my knees, “you laid an egg.”