Chapter 5

I paced in the waiting room of the Pokemon Center, my thoughts had worked my nerves hard and I had gone from berating myself to reassuring and back again. The hollow knocking of heels against hard linoleum echoed behind me and I turned, tears beginning to well in my eyes as if the bad news had already been delivered.

Nurse Joy turned the corner in her pink dress and white apron, both had dried specks of blood across the front. She sighed with a disappointed look on her face. "Joy…" I muttered, and my heart dropped.

"I told you, Priss, you can't smoke in here." She plucked the cigarette from my lips and I grabbed her by the shoulders, rougher than I had intended.

"Joy! Are they ok?"

"Champ is fine," she said, handing me his violet PokeBall.

I clicked the white button twice and fell to my knees, throwing my arms around him before he had even fully materialized. "And Princess?" Champ and I both looked up at her, our cheeks pressed together.

"She's still sleeping, but she's stable, it's lucky you got her into her ball when you did. I'd like to observe her through the night. She went without oxygen for quite some time, I'd like to make sure there isn't any permanent brain damage when she wakes up."

This time the welling tears broke down my cheeks. I hadn't even had her one day and had already almost caused her death. Nurse Joy put her hands on my shoulders and pressed her forehead against mine. Her breath was warm. "Don't beat yourself up," she said, "these things happen every single day. You should get some sleep, my chanseys will watch over her. Come back tomorrow afternoon, and Priss…" she pulled her face back and waited until I made eye contact, "try not to worry, she's in good hands."

How could I not worry? What if she didn't wake up? What if she did and wasn't the same? What if I had broken her? These thoughts tormented me all the way back to Calvin's cabin.

I stripped my clothes and climbed into bed, then held up the blankets and motioned for Champ to join me. He nestled his back against my chest and I wrapped my arms around him. I pushed my lips against the back of his smooth head and kissed him gently as my mind began to drift.

There was too much for my exhausted brain to process. This had been the best and worst day of my life and I just wanted it to end. I hugged Champ tight and cried myself to sleep.

In the morning I awoke on my back with my legs spread and a warm wetness in my crotch. I sat up in sudden panic, then closed my eyes and laid back as I heard and felt Champ's tongue gently lapping at my clit.

His tongue was clumsy but it was wide and wet, I'd have to train him how to use it someday soon. "Mmmm," I moaned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. My stomach growled and my mouth watered for his thick cock. "Climb up here Champ, mama's hungry."

I pulled back the covers, but it was Chin's bald head between my legs, he grinned and drool seeped between his yellow teeth above my mound.

I screamed myself awake and sat up, my bladder emptying as pure terror and panic wrapped me in a suffocating blanket. I closed my eyes tight and took quick shallow breaths, "just a nightmare," I said, trying to convince myself.

Then my eyes snapped open, "shit shit shit!" I jumped off the bed and ripped off the sheets before my piss could soak into the mattress. Urine dripped down my thighs and I stood holding an armful of soiled sheets. "Fuck."

I took a long hot shower, then put on the collared pink dress Joy had given me and looked in the mirror. It was short sleeved and hugged my figure down to my waist, where it draped down to the middle of my thighs. I had to admit, I cut quite the figure in the pretty dress.

I ate the last of my dried meat and nuts as I walked down the path toward the Pokemon Center. It was still early in the day but I was anxious to check on Princess. Joy had told me to wait until the afternoon but I didn't have anything to occupy my time.

Then I heard rustling in the trees above me. My hand shot to Champ's PokeBall. An instant later he was standing next to me, sniffing the air and looking around. "I heard something in the trees," I whispered and pointed up.

Machop puffed his chest and peered into the thick branches above. Another rustle of leaves sounded from deeper in the woods. "Come on," I said, "we've still got some time before midday, maybe we can find a strong Pokemon."

Champ followed me for a few minutes into the forest then stopped. It took me a second to realize he wasn't right behind me and when I turned around he was standing perfectly still, looking up at the higher branches of the surrounding trees.

I slowly looked up to see twenty or more tan balls of fur with stubby limbs. The same pokemon Gary had used to pummel Champ. I steadily pulled out my pokedex and flipped it open.

It began its monotone recitation, "Mankey, quick to anger and extremely dangerous in groups. If Mankey aren't given what they want, they will fly into an uncontrollable rage, often killing friend and foe alike."

I swallowed hard and moved my hand to Champ's PokeBall, recalling him in a silent flash of light. I knew even if Champ tried to save me, there were far too many for him to defeat. I didn't want a fight. I needed to stay calm and quiet. The Mankey began dropping to lower branches and I got a better look at them.

They weren't very big, only about two feet tall. It looked like their bodies had been scrunched, their armpits were just above their hips and their faces rested directly between their shoulders. Two large eyes rested above a wide pink nose and the line of their mouth was hidden by their tan fur. Their coats were fluffy but not long, and they had two cat-like ears atop their heads.

I took a slow step backward and the mankey began to rain from the trees, landing around me with quiet thumps. I turned around to find my escape had been blocked. I clutched at Champs ball, then closed my eyes briefly and fixed it into my belt. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my fluttering heart. I needed to keep them as calm as possible.

Between the closest Mankey's legs I noticed a bright red tip slowly extending from a furry sheath. I thought back to the machops in Oak's observatory then looked at the mankey surrounding me, each one sprouting a bright red cock.

They were smaller, and not nearly as muscled as the machops. If it was sex they wanted, I didn't think they would have the strength to accidentally crush my skull or pull off a limb. I began moving at a slow but deliberate speed. I removed my backpack, then unfastened the dress's clasp behind my neck. I removed my belt of pokeballs and let my dress fall to the forest floor around my feet.

The mankey began to hoot and scream excitedly as my full breasts came into view. At least I knew what they were after, I shuddered at the thought of being beaten to death by a tribe of feral mankey. So, I did what my Pokedex instructed, and tried to give them what they wanted.

I fell to my knees in the long grass, then bent over my backpack, using it to prop up my hips as I stretched my arms out in front of me. My face rested against the soft grass of the forest floor and I spread my knees apart, arching my back as much as I could.

The mankey howled and screamed as I presented my holes. I grabbed two fistfulls of grass as the first mankey mounted me, his claws dug into my hips and ass cheeks as he tried to balance atop my raised rump.

I grit my teeth, expecting a plunging cock any second. Then he was off me, his claws raked across my left ass cheek as he was violently thrown from me. A chorus of screaming mankey rang out in the clearing and another tried to mount me before falling victim to the thrashing fists and tearing claws of the group.

I curled up in a tight ball as the melee grew into a war. Shrieks of pain and rage cut through the air above me and I closed my eyes, hoping they wouldn't turn on me.

Then I felt a hard thump in front of my face and I opened my eyes, a mankey lay in front of me. His face was bloodied and bruised and open claw marks soaked his fur in blood. His eyes were deep wells of pain and my heart ached for him.

I reached out and plucked a pokeball from my belt, "It's ok," I said, and stroked his face, our locked gaze blocking out the chaos around us. "I can help you." I gestured to the pokeball in my hand but he only stared back, his breathing ragged.

I touched the PokeBall to his forehead and he glowed red before disappearing in a flash of brilliant light. Then all was silent. The mankey in the trees and in the grass around me had frozen in place. I could feel their eyes locked on my naked body. Most of them were in the center of the clearing now.

Then the ball in my hand clicked with the signal of capture. The wild mankey screamed and my body told me to run, so I did. I clutched Mankey's PokeBall and dashed into the woods. I could hear the mankey take to the trees above me.

The branches and leaves rustled over me and occasionally one would drop to the ground in front of me. I ran deeper into the forest. I ran until my legs ached and my lungs burned. At some point my flip flops were lost and the rough forest floor began to bruise and stab the soft soles of my feet. I kept running even though I knew I couldn't outrun them, my only hope was that they would calm and tire before they caught me.

Then it was quiet. I found myself in a clearing with large flat rocks surrounded by tall trees. I turned to look behind me and took a few steps backward, scanning the tree line for signs of movement. I must have lost them, I thought.

As I took a step backwards my foot stepped on something warm and soft and I bumped into a short figure. I spun with a startled squeak and looked down at a muscled form covered in tan fur. He looked like a mankey but was twice the size, standing at least four feet tall, though I wouldn't have called him small. His entire body was thick and muscled, he had iron rings around his ankles and wrists and his eyes showed an unnerving intelligence.

"Sorry," I said in a voice higher than I intended. "I just… got lost… and… I'll be going now." I tried to give the creature a confident look and turned to walk the way I had come but his three fingered hand grabbed my wrist.

I reached for Champ's ball instinctively but my belt was back with the rest of my belongings. I stood stark naked, my only possession was the newly caught mankey who was far too wounded to put up a fight.

I turned back to the giant mankey and his pointed red cock had unsheathed itself down to the ground. I took in a steadying breath and tried to lock eyes with him, but he was staring at my exposed chest. I struggled briefly but that only seemed to excite him as my breasts bounced in his face.

I sighed and dropped the PokeBall in my hand. "Let's get it over with then," I said, and fell to my knees. We were eye to eye then, and I leaned down, intending to take his cock in my mouth but he grabbed my hair and dragged me across the clearing.

"Hey," I started to protest, but remembered the hot temper of the mankey. So I crawled forward as he pulled me by my hair until he threw me on a low flat rock. He grabbed my ankles and maneuvered me onto my back.

I stared up at him. He held both my ankles out wide and his stiff cock slapped against my stomach. I looked down at the slick red tapered cock that looked more like a writhing worm as it fully hardened. My eyes widened in sudden fear. Veins snaked across the top of the throbbing member, its tip resting at the base of my ribcage. My eyes followed the long strange cock down to its sheath, where it bulged in a hideous, swollen knot twice as fat as the smooth shaft.

There was no way my pussy could take the length of that thing, let alone the giant knot at the end, but something in my gut told me the muscled beast would try. I had to admit, I was curious, and the feeling of his heavy cock dragging against my stomach made my body flush hot with arousal.

Then his cockhead pressed against my moistened hole. He held my legs wide apart and I shivered in anticipation. I was completely at this brute's mercy and the excitement in his wild eyes made me more than nervous.

He plunged into me and I half screamed, half moaned as his cock surged into my depths. I instinctively put my hands against his abdomen and could feel every rippling muscle of his chest and stomach under his soft fur. My body began to melt.

My legs went limp as wet noodles in his strong hands as my fingers traced the curves and ridges of his bulging muscles. Something about the animalistic power his furry corded muscles represented caused my overfull pussy to gush. Then my hands fell from his rippling physique and wrapped around the half of his cock that wasn't filling me.

To my own surprise I tried desperately to pull more of him inside me, stroking his cock toward me, desperately impaling myself further onto him. The tip of his long shaft pressed against my cervix and I stifled a whimper.

"Fuck." I panted. There was still enough cock outside of me for both my hands to wrap around it. He must have felt himself bottom out because he pulled back, sliding his hands from my ankles to the backs of my knees. He pressed his weight forward and I leaned back, releasing him.

Then he thrust into me again and my body flushed hot as he rammed the entrance to my womb. Sweat began to bead and drip, my hair clung to my forehead and neck and my body shook violently in pleasure and pain as he pushed forward again and again.

My first partner had been able to just reach my cervix and the gentle pressure used to push me over the edge. This was something different entirely.

"Gah!" Another thrust sent a jolt of lightning down my spine as he shoved my womb further inside me. He began to thrust faster and harder, bouncing my feet with every deep insertion. I tried to breathe through the pain but my heavy exhales soon sounded like a whore in heat as moans began pouring from my lips.

The long shaft hammered into me again and again. I didn't even recognize the animalistic howls that left my mouth. Pleasure and pain became one and all I could do was pant and moan and scream. I gave in to the savagery of the beast above me and some primal desire bloomed deep inside me.

I wanted his seed. But not just his cum. I wanted this feral beast to impregnate me. A pressure began to build and I grabbed my breasts with each hand, pinching my nipples as my body jostled atop the stone slab.

Then, he opened me from the inside. It was hot, like some great volcanic fissure. His pointed cock head began to force open the mouth of my virgin womb. He leaned over me in a frenzy and drool began to wag above me before dripping down onto my tits.

He growled as my tight cervix resisted and then my body tried to reject him. I began to convulse violently but his muscled arms pinned me to the rock. I could feel his knot press against the lips of my pussy and the sensation of my cunt and womb simultaneously stretching open was too much for my mind and body to take.

That's when the pressure released. The explosive force inside me gave way and my body began to vibrate. The mouth of my cunt relented to the bulbous knot and I felt my walls snap over it, locking the beast inside. When that happened, the lips of my womb had no choice but to stretch over the meaty tip of cock prying its way inside.

All the while my body quaked in an orgasm that I thought would raise me off the ground. With his knot buried in me he had nowhere to go but that didn't stop him from thrusting. The tug of my cunt and the violation of my womb sent wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through my body. I couldn't even moan.

My eyes rolled back and I released my tender breasts. I finally sucked in a breath as my stomach unclenched for a split second before my body tightened again so hard I thought my bones would snap, before releasing another obliterating wave of ecstasy.

Then he began to fill me. I felt the telltale sign of a pokemon cock about to cum. It undulated through the walls of my constricting cunt, still clamped down tight around it. I felt the first spray coat the walls of my womb as the second load pulsed through his cock.

He leaned back and roared, revealing two long fangs and a row of straight white teeth. I felt another surge of cum followed by another. I watched in worry as my stomach began to bulge as if I had just eaten a large meal. His cock was so tightly embedded in me that the cum had nowhere to go.

Then he leaned forward and began sucking on one of my puffy nipples. I stroked the top of his head, glad he was finally finished. I waited for a few minutes, catching my breath and letting him enjoy my breasts. Then he sat up and began humping me again.

His knot was still lodged in me so he didn't have much wiggle room but the feeling of his huge knot pushing deeper into my pussy ignited an aftershock into a full orgasm.

I grit my teeth and pushed my hands against his thick hairy chest as I came again. After a few frantic thrusts I felt his cock begin to ripple and swell once more and moaned helplessly.

Another load spewed into my womb and my stomach bulge raised a quarter inch, then another. His cock seemed to be pumping gallons of seed into me and my worry turned to panic as he impregnated me with more and more of his hot cum.

He hadn't stopped cumming when he began to thrust again, and I watched in horror as his face twisted in pleasure above me. "No," I protested, "no more! Please!"

My hands held my swollen stomach now and I watched as it continued to swell. Then he collapsed atop me, my belly button now as high as my perked nipples. I began to wonder if I actually could get pregnant and as the feral hunger began to fade, fear started to take root.

After a few minutes he sat up, and for a second I thought he would fill me until I burst with his seed. Instead, he braced his hands against my spread thighs and I let out a low worried moan as he began to pull his knot free of my hole. His cock head slipped free of my womb and my it closed tight behind it, sealing his seed deep within me.

There was a wet 'shlok' sound as his knot and softening cock left me in one smooth flopping motion. He released my legs and I let them rest on the grass below the short stone slab. I took a deep breath and looked up at the trees, trying not to worry if I could become pregnant from a pokemon's seed.

I was glad it was over, it was an incredible experience but my pussy was sore and I could still feel my agitated cervix. I lay on my back breathless and exhausted, I couldn't see my used cunt, but I imagined it gaped wide, spilling what cum wasn't trapped inside me.

Then he jumped up on the rock and stood over me, his wet cock dragging across my sweaty face. I looked up at his hairy taint. His cock had begun to recede into him. Then he let out a loud roar that reverberated through my body. He pounded his chest and stood proud over me.

The trees began to rustle and sway. Familiar hoots and screams filled my ears and I remembered the clan of mankey that had chased me here. The large simian brute jumped down from his rock and grabbed my hips, roughly flipping me over so I was face down.

My stomach was too large to lay comfortably so I scrambled to my hands and knees. I felt a pressure against my head and before I knew it my cheek was resting against the warm slab of stone. I could feel the large mankey's foot against my other cheek and I briefly tried to wriggle free but it was no use.

I heard the noisy pack of feral mankey draw closer and started to see shapes from the corners of my vision. The leader roared once more and all was still and quiet. I looked up at him from under his hairy foot and he gestured out toward the mankey.

One timidly approached behind me and he nodded with a bestial grunt. Then the small mankey leapt atop my raised ass. I was too tired to put up any form of protest. I closed my eyes and the mankey's cock probed at my already battered cunt. It actually felt good to have the smaller cock slide into me, like stretching a sore muscle.

He pumped into me three times before his knot pushed past my lips and I groaned. Even the smaller mankey's knot was big enough to hurt. Once he had trapped himself he began thrusting and pulling wildly, rocking my body with a frantic, irregular momentum until I felt his hairy body collapse, his embedded cock the only thing keeping him in place.

I felt the pulsing begin immediately but it was a few seconds before I felt the warm flood inside me. His cock was still pumping hot seed when the leader ripped him out of me. My legs shook and I grit my teeth, hissing in pain as the knot was torn from my cunt. I tried to breathe through the pain but another mankey was already on me.

Warm fluid oozed out of me as the new mankey filled my dripping hole. The seed rolled from my raised pussy down my pubic mound and then further down my protruding stomach before dripping onto the stone below.

This next mankey knotted me on the first thrust and then pulled it free of my weakening hole before shoving it back in. I surrendered to my fate and drooled mindlessly as my body quivered, teetering on the edge of pleasure and pain.

Neither of these cocks had even been half the size of their leader and I was glad my cervix was getting a rest. Then the mankey filled me before being pulled forcefully out of me again. More cum slid down my torso and thighs.

The next mankey pushed hard into my exposed asshole. I had never had my ass penetrated and I screamed. I dropped my body to the stone and felt the pool beneath me spread across my stomach. The mankey held tight to my hips, digging his claws deep enough to break the skin. I kicked my legs and tried to push him off but the big mankey's foot was still pinning my skull to the rock.

I thrust my hips forward and clenched my cheeks, trying everything I could to get the mankey out of the wrong hole and finally he slipped free. The pressure against my head began to build and another roar rang out, this one directed at me. I was breathing through the pain with long shaky breaths. I slowly got my knees under me and reached my hand between my legs.

The mankey regained his balance and I grabbed his thrusting cock before guiding it into my tender cunt. I took a deep breath of relief and let him finish, the exhausted entrance to my pussy not even bothering to grab his knot as it loudly slid in and out of me.

I lost count of how many mankey cocks I guided into my hole. There were enough of them that by the time they were all finished the first were ready to fuck me again. This continued for hours and hours. At some point I stopped guiding them in and surrendered my ass to them, just to give my abused cunt a break.

By the end of the day, my back and asscheeks were burned by the sun, my pussy was so raw I was afraid I would have scabs on the inside. My asshole that had started the day tight and intact, now gaped like a cum dripping drain pipe.

By the evening, the slab was too slick for me to do anything but lie on my stomach. The large mankey had left me at some point, probably realizing I was too exhausted to move.

I laid face dowm with one knee bent, giving my belly room to rest. My body rocked gently as a mankey quickly used me, before scampering off to a nearby rock. I opened my eyes to watch him go and he happily curled up on one of the flat rocks that littered the clearing, before falling asleep.

My own eyelids fell heavy over my eyes and I thought about how nice it would feel to just rest a while since I wasn't currently being fucked. I opened my eyes. I wasn't being fucked? I pushed myself up into a sitting position and peered into the darkness around me.

The quiet sounds of sleeping pokemon gently carried through the clearing and I scooted off the cum covered rock. My entire lower body was covered in a thick layer of cock slime but I didn't care. I walked on shaky legs back the way I had come until my foot brushed something cold and hard.

I dropped to my knees and clutched the pokeball I had used to catch the mankey.

The cool metal surface was smooth and gave off a soft blue glow from between the purple and white halves. I crept through the rocky beds of sleeping mankey until I was deep in the woods.

I pressed the button on the PokeBall and the trees illuminated for a brief moment before Mankey materialized in front of me. My eyes adjusted to the dark again and I saw the lump of fur laying at my feet. I could barely hear his rasping breath.

I picked him up and clutched his soft body against my chest. The forest was dark but occasional beams of moonlight lanced through the canopy. I took Mankey to a soft patch of grass and laid him down in the pale light, inspecting his wounds.

The swelling around his face had gone down but my arms were slick with blood. He had a deep wound somewhere on his back and he was losing blood. I leaned close and half-opened his eyes.

"Hey there, buddy," I said, trying to sound hopeful, "I need to get back to where you first saw me. If I carry you, can you point the way?"

He nodded weakly and I scooped him up. I held him against my chest again but this time facing forward. I picked my steps carefully but quickly. There was no telling if the mankey clan would awaken and drag me back to their glade.

My mankey pointed occasionally and we rushed through the dark forest, my round breasts and stomach now covered in warm blood. Then the pointing stopped, and Mankey grew very still.

"Hey, hey, hey!" I turned him around and gave him a shake. "C'mom buddy, wake up!" He didn't move. I held his chest to my ear and I could hear the faint whisper of a heartbeat. I recalled him and ran, praying it was the right direction.

After a few hundred yards I stopped running. Everything looked exactly the same. Black trunks under a black canopy. I sat down and began to weep. Even if I didn't die lost in these woods my mankey needed a Pokemon Center. I looked up at the oppressive cover of trees and yelled as loud as I could

"Help! Somebody!" I knew the risks. Calling for help could bring the mankey to me, or worse. Beedrill lived in these woods. But I wasn't yelling for me, I wouldn't let one of my pokemon die. "Calvin! Joy! Champ!"

Then I saw it. Like the flash of a camera far off into the woods. I raced to my feet and sprinted towards it. "Champ!" I screamed again. I heard running feet through the underbrush and fell to my knees as we collided.

I hugged his body so tight I would have killed a normal person. "My sweet champion, how many times…" I let the question fall as my throat choked on a sob and tears rolled down my face. Then I held him out at arms length. "We have to get to the Pokemon Center, now! Take me back to your PokeBall."

He guided me back to the small pile of things. I didn't bother getting dressed. I stuffed the dress and belt in my pack and ran toward the treeline. I looked down at the PokeBall in my hand and grit my teeth. "Hang in there, buddy. We've got you."