Chapter 4

Champ looked exhausted. His face was a swollen mass of dark purple lumps and his hands were caked in dried blood. I knelt in front of him. "Close your eyes," I whispered.

He reluctantly looked away from my bare chest and closed his eyes as I sprayed his face with the potion. The swelling went down and his normal color returned. I took his wrist and pulled his hand out in front of him. His fingers were cut to the bone and I winced.

I traced each of his large fingers with the misting spray of the nozzle, then coated his other hand and looked him over. He had various scrapes covering his body so I showered him with the last of the potion.

His wounds healed but he still looked hurt, and wouldn't meet my eye. I ran a hand down his cheek. "You're disappointed."

"Ma," he answered and nodded, pulling his face away from my hand.

I cupped his cheek and kissed the corner of his wide mouth. "Listen to me." He looked at me. "It isn't about winning, it's about learning. Gary beat us because he had a team. So far, you've been on your own but that's going to change. We'll build an unbeatable team of strong Pokémon and you will lead it." I put my hand on his chest.

"But right now," I gave him an urgent look, "I need you fuck me." He cocked his head and his eyes went wide. I caressed his balls before slowly tracing my painted fingernails up his hardening shaft. "Can you do that for me?"

"Ma," he said, nodding eagerly before I had finished the question.

His cock hardened fully and I was reminded of Gary's throbbing rod. Images of his chiseled body flashed through my mind and I turned away from Champ, getting down on my knees and elbows on the cabin floor.

He didn't hesitate. Champ stepped between my calves behind me and pushed his cock against the mouth of my hungry hole. He grabbed my hips and thrust forward. My ears delighted in the sound of a dry cock sliding into a dripping wet pussy.

I had never taken a cock with so much girth and my pussy tried to resist. I let out a small worried sigh of pain as Champ confidently sank his cock to the base of his shaft. My legs shook. The walls of my cunt reluctantly stretched to accommodate its oversized guest and I inhaled a few quick shallow breaths.

"Maaaa," he moaned and my lips pulled back in a devilish grin. I dropped down lower, resting my face against the hard wood of the floor and reached between my legs, gently wrapping my fingers around his balls.

We stayed like this for a full minute, his cock buried to its hilt while I fondled and massaged his smooth sack. Then he began to rhythmically thrust.

I dropped my hand to the floor. My mouth opened and my eyes glazed over. The only thing I could focus on was his cock splitting me open and the steady slapping of his hips against my ass cheeks.

I began to moan. Quiet at first, but then I remembered I was in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I gasped louder until trashy, whorish wails filled my boyfriend's cabin as my pokémon filled my cunt.

Champ leaned forward and began humping my round ass like a dog. I tilted my hips, arching my back so I could feel his cock deeper. He wasn't long enough to hit the special button deep inside me but my still pussy ached in pleasure as he stuffed his short, fat cock deeper with every wild thrust.

Every insertion sent another shiver of bliss through my body and I let my muscles relax. I melted into a pile of perfect fuck meat for my machop, his strong hands keeping my hips held upright. My body jostled as he fucked me and I felt sweat drip down onto my back as he labored over me.

"Ma…ma… ma…" his chanting grew quicker and I could feel his cock pulsing. Human cocks didn't swell the way pokemon cocks seemed to and the sensation was indescribable. I could actually feel the cum surging through his bulging meat pipe and it stretched my tender walls even wider.

He leaned forward and wrapped his strong arms around my waist as his body shook in ecstasy. Then his first load of cum flooded me. I suddenly remembered just how much cum Champ could produce. His cock pulsed again and my eyes focused on the bowl Calvin had given me.

I sat up and grabbed it, ripping the lid off before sliding it down between my legs just as the first splat of cum landed. Champ moaned and more thick cream dripped past his cock as he thrust one final time.

His cock bulged and pulsed wildly as a torrent of cum filled my pussy, forcing the soft walls of my warm womb to give way to his milky seed. Cum began running down the insides of my thighs as more flowed out of me, splashing thick drops everywhere as more spattered into the bowl.

I closed my eyes and smiled as I let my machop dump his load deep inside me. I didn't count how many spurts this time but when he finally pulled free of my sucking cunt a river of cum followed.

I raised my head and looked down between my legs. Long strands connected my thighs like milky webbing that slowly dripped like white molasses. The bowl was overfull and tethered to the ground by thick globs of thick, sticky cum.

I scooped my palm against my thigh from my knee to my crotch and my hand filled with Champs heavy cream. I pushed my pursed lips into my cupped hand and slurped loudly. The taste of Champs cum spread across my tongue and I pushed my face into my hand, spreading the warm wetness across my lips and cheeks as I drank.

I gave a relieved sigh and sat on the floor. I leaned my back against the front of Calvin's couch. The last globs of seed seeped out of me and I pulled the backpack over to me by one if it's straps. My hand closed around the pack of cigarettes and I flipped open the top.

One left.

The match flared as I cherried the tip with a few quick inhales. I gripped the white stick of tobacco between my index and ring finger and took a long drag before spreading my arms out in a wide stretch. I leaned my head back against the couch. My eyes closed and I exhaled a cloud of smoke through my nose.

Gary's cum had started to dry on my face and my mouth was sticky. "Hey Champ…"

He was lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling. He raised his head.

I pointed to the fridge in the kitchen. "Will you go look in that big white box for a small brown bottle and bring it to me?"

"Ma," he said, still catching his breath. He got to his feet and walked over to the fridge. He rummaged around and produced an ice cold beer, showing it to me.

"Good boy! Bring it here."

He brought me the beer, not bothering to close the fridge.

"Pull off the metal top please."

He easily pried off the bottle cap with a satisfying hollow pop and handed it to me. I pulled half of the refreshing liquid down my throat and gave the most sincere, satisfied sigh of my life. A girl could get used to this.

I gestured to the resealable lid on the floor. "Put that lid on the bowl and put it in the white box. I'll save it for later. Close the door when you're done." He obeyed and I wondered how I'd gone this long without having a pokemon in my life.

I finished my beer and cigarette in silence, thinking about Gary, Champ, and all the events of the day. Then I got to my feet and walked over to the fridge. There wasn't anymore alcohol and I was out of smokes. There wasn't anything of substance in the fridge either and my stomach growled. I should probably eat some solid food at some point, I thought.

So I packed up my bag, put on my top, and led Champ back out into the sun. It was late afternoon and I walked back toward the small cluster of buildings that made up Viridian proper.

I decided to let Champ rest after his workout and let Princess fly above me. I crunched on the nuts Oak had packed and fed Princess some more dried meat when she finally perched on my shoulder. She cooed happily as the town came into view.

I walked past the Pokémon Center and approached the cluttered storefront of the PokeMart. It stood alone surrounded by shrubbery, the dirt of the main road branched off slightly leading up to the building.

I walked through the doors and a small bell dinged twice. Chin sat behind the counter of the muggy store and jumped down from his chair when he saw me, gaining only a few inches of height. He didn't say anything but his eyes followed me like a hungry snake.

I reached into my bag and grabbed a few bills from the roll of money before throwing them on the counter. "Cigarettes, a yogurt, and as many potions as this can buy."

He grabbed the pack of cigarettes from a glass case behind him and rummaged in a small fridge before placing them both on the counter.

Most men I encounter look me in the eyes with the occasional glance at my chest or legs, Chin was the opposite. I cleared my throat and he looked up at me with the annoyed face of a child whose toy had been taken away. Princess shifted nervously on my shoulder.

"How many potions?" I asked.

"None." He said glaring at me under his broad forehead.

He reached for the money but I slapped his hand hard. "That's bullshit!"

He rubbed his hand and a lecherous smile crossed his face. "Tell you what, bitch. You show me your goods and I'll give you a discount."

I pursed my lips and spit down into his face. He turned his head as if he'd been struck and I heard a faint hissing sound from behind the counter.

"That's how it's gonna be, huh?" He said with a sinister grin. A smooth purple mass moved up beside him. It rose up to my height and unfurled, revealing a giant hooded snake with glowing red eyes.

I tried to reach for Champ's ball but my body wouldn't respond. A cold sweat broke over me and fear gripped my pounding heart.

"It's called glare," he said, showing me his yellow teeth. "It paralyzes all who look into the eyes of its user." He came around the counter and caught me as I began to fall forward, one of his hands grabbing a generous handful of my soft breast.

I tried to scream, tried to blink even. Nothing. What was worse, I could feel everything, his pudgy, groping hands, his hot breath on my neck. He wrapped his arms around me and dragged me back behind the counter.

He laid me down on my back and looked down at me, laughing and taunting. "Not so tough now are you bitch?" He let a glob of saliva fall down and smack against my upper lip. I felt his disgusting spit drip down into my mouth and if I had control of my body I would have vomited as it slipped between my lips.

Then my heart stopped and rage welled inside me. He was holding my spearow above me. She was stiff as a board, also a victim of the snake's glare. And then the snake came into view above me, its head danced from side to side before it struck, wrapping its maw around Princess's helpless body.

Tears blurred the image and I tried to scream again. I tried to will my body to move but the most I could manage was a slight twitch of my finger. I watched in absolute horror as the great snake devoured my pokemon, before turning its evil gaze back to me and my finger twitching stopped.

Chin laughed like he had just heard a joke at dinner. My blood began to boil in my veins. I would kill this sick fat fuck. His stained sweatpants fell to the floor beside my head and his flopping cock looked down at me.

Then he straddled my stomach and I felt his sweaty, hairy ass slide against my stomach. He pulled out a large knife and slid it between my tits, cutting my favorite tank top open with the sound of tearing fabric.

He slapped his cock between my tits and began dragging his balls across my lower sternum, pushing the meat of my large tits together. He engulfed his shaft and slowly fucked the flesh of my natural round tits.

I couldn't even furrow my eyebrows as the disgusting creature raped my chest. "I'm gonna fuck you in every way possible," he promised and a knot formed in my stomach.

I tried to think of a way out, a plan, anything, but he pinched my nipples hard and pulled them together as he began titty fucking me harder. I laid against the cold floor in shame and anger as he began to sweat, his body odor filling my nostrils. His gold chain slapped against his sweat stained wife beater and he began to pant.

After a few minutes of him riding me, he stopped and slapped my tits around before speaking again, "I think it's time for my apology," he said, drenched in sweat and out of breath.

He grabbed the top of my hair and pulled my head off the floor before jabbing his short cock toward my mouth. He pushed his filthy cock through my lips and past my tonsils. I had never tasted such a disgusting dirty cock in my life. It was like he had only ever bathed in a bathtub of his own sweat.

Then he began to skull fuck me. I don't know how many minutes I listened to the wet squelching of my own gullet being raped by the fat dirty man but eventually he stiffened and grunted.

He pulled his cock free of my wet lips and slapped me so hard across the face I saw stars. Then he forced me to look up at him and began to cum. His first squirt sprayed across my face but he quickly shoved his cockhead between my lips and dumped the rest of his load in my slackjaw mouth.

It dripped down the back of my tongue and my body swallowed for me, pushing his disgusting slime down into my stomach. I felt sick. Then a bell rang as the front door opened and Chin hurried to his feet. "Wrap," he whispered and the snake slithered its body around me, pinning my arms and legs in place.

My skirt raised as Arbok wrapped my hips and I felt the smoothe underbelly of his lithe body slide against my exposed sex. Then a pressure began to build.

Chin was still naked from the waist down with a foot on either side of my head. I could see his taint still twitching and his cock dripped long strands of cum down onto my face, covering my left eye and cheek.

"Gary Oak," Chin said in a welcoming tone. "I thought you'd be on the other side of the forest by now."

I felt something hot begin to probe my opening. Then, as if giving birth to an appendage, Arbok pushed his smooth, fleshy cock past the relaxed muscles of my pussy.

"Yeah me too," Gary said, "got caught up with a girl, then ran into some more trouble than I expected. I'll need to buy some antidotes if I'm making it to Pewter by morning."

There was a monitor flickering on the shelf above my head. I could see my useless body, now being used by Arbok behind the counter and Gary standing in front of it. I could still breathe so I tried to exhale loudly. I heard a quiet rasp escape my lips and the men stopped talking.

I was ashamed at how easily my cunt had swallowed the snake's bulbous cock. What was worse, my pussy began to wetten and I could feel my arousal growing as Arbok's cock nestled fully inside me. This fucking monster had just eaten my Pokemon and now…

I exhaled again and Chin faked a cough to cover my sounds. His arbok slithered its way up my torso and covered my mouth with its muscled body. Chin reached down into a plastic bin. "On the house," he said, pushing three green vials toward Gary.

The snake's cock was thinnest at the base and tip, fattening in the middle. I could tell the shape when he began retracting it back into himself and my cunts mouth had trouble releasing it. Then he shoved it in again and the quick resistance was followed by a release of pressure. Chin's cum stung my exposed eyeball but it was nothing compared to the pain of these two fucks taking what they wanted from my body.

"You sure?" Gary asked skeptically.

As Arbok adjusted to cover my face, he left my arm free from the elbow down. I took a deep breath through my nose and focused. My finger wiggled. Arbok hadn't used glare on me since before Chin had his way with my chest and mouth. I bent my index and middle finger fully as I watched another glob of cum fall before splatting quietly on my face.

The snake was pumping his plump cock in and out of me now and my cunt quivered in pleasure. Something about the bulb of his cock snapping past my relaxed hole and the way his soft under-scales caressed my clit made my entire body flush involuntarily.

"For an Oak, it's the least I can do."

Gary shrugged and scooped up the vials. I tried to engage my vocal cords and a small, muffled moan left my throat.

Gary craned his neck curiously. "You have a pokemon back there?"

Chin stiffened. "Yes."

The rhythmic pumping grew faster and my pussy convulsed. The inner walls of my cunt tried to push Arbok out of me but he continued his relentless assault, heightening my climax. Having an orgasm while entirely paralyzed was the most torturous pleasure I'd experienced. I couldn't moan or tighten my muscles. I just had to lay there and take the waves of pleasure.

"Can I see it?" Gary asked with childlike excitement in his voice.

I unfurled my fist as my orgasm began to wane and twisted my wrist. My hand wasn't far from Champ's ball. If I could just… then I felt it, the cum hose that was Arboks cock began to writhe and jerk.

Chin snapped his fingers and Arbok slithered his coils up just enough for Gary to see his diamond shaped face, lifting my hips a few inches off the ground as his cock began to spew his thick seed inside me.

"Wow…" Gary said, "It's beautiful. Wanna battle?"

Chin laughed uncomfortably, "It's getting late, I'll have to lock up soon and if you don't leave now, you'll never make Pewter."

Molten cum gushed past the thin base of his cock and dripped down my ass cheeks as another torrent of hot seed filled the space around his undulating cock.

Gary sighed, "You're right, next time," he said.

I jerked my arm with all my strength and my hand landed on one of my pokeballs. I pressed the button and it grew to full size. I pressed the button again and the bell rang through the quiet shop as Gary left. Shit.

Arbok continued filling me. I felt my womb begin to swell and then my ass splashed into the pool of cum as he dropped me.

Chin looked down at me, "Arbok, glare!"

But my eyes were already closed. My hand felt like it weighed fifty pounds but I lifted it and set it on the next pokeball.

"Wrap!" He said in frantic desperation.

I clicked the ball twice and light flashed on the other side of my eyelids. "Champ! Close your eyes," I would have yelled if my tongue and lips weren't ignoring my brain's commands. Instead I let out a muffled whimper.

I flexed my other hand and began to move my arms as the shop exploded into a wild commotion. I heard a loud hissing followed by a pained, "ma!" But I couldn't open my eyes. I didn't know where the snake would be and couldn't risk being paralyzed again.

I grabbed a low shelf and pulled myself to a sitting position, sliding my ass through the slick pool as glass shattered and rained down atop me. I flexed my back and rolled my shoulders as I heard Chin yell, "bite him again, then wrap!"

I pulled my backpack in front of me and shoved my hand down into it, quickly feeling the cold steel of Oak's present. The commotion stopped as I held it out in front of me. I peeled back my eyelids looking only at the floor in front of me. My left eye was painted closed by the remnants of Chin's cum so I quickly wiped it, then found Chin's bare feet.

I still couldn't get my legs to move but tried my luck with speaking, "if… you… move…" It was like my tongue had doubled in size. I pulled back the hammer to emphasize my threat.

I didn't know what to do. My hands shook in rage and fear. I was pointing a gun at another human who had just assaulted me, and used his pokemon to do it. "Listen girl, you don't want to-"

"Shut… the fuck… up."

I could see my machop's feet and the purple coils of Arbok running up his leg and torso. "Champ, cover Arbok's eyes," I said.

"Ma." He said and I looked up. He was covered in puncture wounds and deep cuts and dripping with his own blood but his eyes were closed. I had no idea how he had understood me but I had more pressing issues.

Chins flaccid cock wiggled as he quaked in fear. His face was that of a chubby little boy about to cry. "Slide your knife to my Machop."

He nodded and slowly set his bloody knife on the ground before sliding it over. Machop had one hand wrapped around Arbok's narrow face. He looked at me confused. "Cut it open," I said, gesturing to the arbok with my gun.

"No!" Chin yelled but I leveled the barrel at his face.

Champ bent and picked up the large knife. He stepped on Arboks body and stretched his arm above his head, pulling the snake taught. Then plunged the knife into the snake's soft scales. Blood flowed over the handle of the knife in thick spurting gouts followed by the sound of slicing meat.

Arbok's tail thrashed and flailed but Champ continued his grim business, showering himself and the floor of the shop with dark red blood. The still body of my spearow splashed onto the floor with a wet slap and my blood ran cold.

I fumbled for her PokeBall with my free hand and pointed it at her, pressing the button. A wave of relief washed over me as her body glowed red and vanished.

The Arbok's tail had gone limp and Champ dropped it in the growing puddle of its own blood. "Arbok!" Chin yelled, tears pushing over the rim of his eyes. "Let me recall him!"

My tongue finally felt like my own and I spoke, my voice shaking with rage, "Pokemon don't have to obey their masters Chin. Your arbok was as evil as you. I was going to kill you after Champ castrated you, but forcing you to watch Arbok die should be a good lesson for you."

His face went dark. "I'll fucking kill you for this, you dumb cunt, you fucking whore."

"No. You won't." I stood on shaky legs before the spreading blood reached my white skirt. "In fact," I smiled, "you work for me now."

"The fuck are you talkin about?"

I knelt in front of the monitor and pressed the small eject button below the screen. A tape popped out and I held it up. "Imagine what would happen if I showed this to the authorities, Chin. I don't think they be too happy about you raping young women behind your counter."

He swallowed hard.

"Here's what's going to happen. Tonight, I'm gonna take what I want from here. Tomorrow, Calvin's gonna come back and you're going to promote him to a traveling PokeMart salesman with free reign to go wherever he wants. You'll double his pay and give him your PokeMart corporate credit card for all his traveling expenses. You'll explain that it's a reward for all the great work he's done for you."

He stared at me in silent rage, but didn't respond.

"Nod your fucking head Chin, or you'll have to explain to Calvin how you broke both your arms."

His head tilted forward slowly.

"If that card ever stops working, if Calvin doesn't have his paycheck deposited into his account, or if I ever see you…" I shook the tape, rattling it. "Now don't fuckin move."

I opened my pack and removed my sleeping bag. Then I began to load my backpack. I took an entire rack of PokeBalls, five potions, then dumped the bin of antidotes on top. I grabbed three packs of cigarettes, the yogurt for Calvin, and a six pack of beer on my way out.

Champ and I walked down the dirt road and I stopped in front of the Pokémon Center. The sun had set and the lights within the pokemon center glowed out onto the street.

I looked at Champ.

He was covered from head to toe in Arbok's sticky blood. I was topless, my face and inner thighs were covered in cum, and I was holding a gun in one hand and a case of beer in the other. "We probably shouldn't walk in there like this," I said.

"Ma," He grunted, and glowed red before disappearing back into his PokeBall. I tucked the gun into the front pocket of my backpack and walked into the warm light of the Pokemon Center.