Chapter 3

Champ twisted the head of another Rattata as I tried to get our bearings. The purple rat screamed in pain and panic, but fell limp after the crunch and pop of bone. The vermin were territorial and seemed to have nests everywhere in the hills north of pallet.

The Pidgeys on the other hand, were so docile you could almost pet them. I thought about catching one, but I didn't really see the point in catching pokemon just for the sake of adding them to your pokedex. The Pidgeys seemed dumb and harmless, not exactly what I'm looking for in my Pokémon.

Blood seeped from bite marks and a large gash across Champ's shoulder where one of the rats had clawed. We sat in the shade of a small alcove carved out of a cliff face. "You need to rest," I said to him.

"Ma." He shook his head and wiped his brow.

"Just a few minutes, I'll be ok." I kissed his salty forehead and clicked the button on his PokeBall. A cool breeze blew through the cave and I shivered despite the midday heat. I didn't know how long he needed to recuperate so I leaned against a rock and lit a cigarette.

I took off my pack and looked to see what Oak had sent me out with. The sleeping bag took up most of the space but below that was a firestarter, a canteen, a sack of nuts, some dried meat, a small spray bottle that I was pretty sure was a potion, and more money than I'd ever seen in one place. It was rolled into a tight wad bigger than my fist and fastened with a rubber band.

There was a note stuffed under the band. I unfolded the paper and read, 'Priss, this money was given to me by your father. He told me if you ever decided to leave Pallet, I should give it to you. He was a great man, a Pokémon master that made some unfortunate decisions. The weapon is from me. It's dangerous for a woman traveling alone. It's loaded, don't hesitate.'

"Weapon?" I reached into the bottom of the bag and my fingers closed around something cold, hard, and heavy. I slowly lifted a matte black handgun out of the bag. "Fucking hell, old man," I muttered, the cigarette between my lips. I deftly removed the magazine and pulled back the slide to make sure it wasn't loaded. Then returned the magazine and got a feel for the weight of it. Oak had always been adamant I learn how to use one, and now I understood why.

The pistol wasn't the most surprising thing he packed; Oak had known my father. Neither he nor my mother had ever spoken a word of him. So many questions.

I sat watching the cigarette smoke dance with the occasional breeze as I thought about the money, my father, and the gun. Then tucked the items back into the pack, put out my smoke, and took a long drink from the canteen.

"Hey there, miss"

I choked and sputtered, spinning toward the voice, PokeBall raised.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." A scrawny young man in glasses and a red and white PokeMart jacket stood awkwardly on the slope leading into my cove. He looked about my age, maybe a little older.

"What do you want? I have strong Pokémon and will defend myself."

"Oh no need for that miss, I'm just here to eat my lunch." He sat down and opened a lunchbox. "Haven't seen you before, didn't think anybody knew about this spot."

I looked him over again, he wasn't that much bigger than me, but he might have strong Pokémon and Champ was in no condition for a fight.

"Want some? I've got yogurt," he said with a smile.

I thought about the gun in the bottom of my bag but my stomach growled. I hadn't eaten since Champ filled my belly that morning and my hunger gave way to caution. "Fine." I kept Champ's ball in my hand but shrunk it down and took a seat against a rock.

"I'm Calvin by the way." He gave a little wave with one hand. I didn't respond. "You have any food?"

"No," I lied, getting a better look at him. He wasn't bad looking, his glasses had black frames and his hair was roughly brushed over the top of his head. Not much of a jawline but he hadn't stopped smiling since I first saw him and it was kind of cute.

"Here, it's vanilla." He handed me a small plastic container and a pink disposable spoon. I popped off the resealable lid and took a spoonful of white creamy yogurt. Its consistency reminded me of my breakfast and I smirked to myself. He took out some crackers and loudly crunched them while I sucked down the delicious treat.

"You usually eat alone, huh." I said, not really asking.

"Yeah," he said through a mouthful of crackers. "You know, you're really pretty. Like, unbelievably gorgeous actually."

I managed a weak smile and swirled the pink spoon around the silky yogurt. I never knew how to respond to men being forward.

"I mean, I'm not flirting with you or anything I just wanted to let you know, in case nobody ever told you."

I couldn't tell if he was lying but it was a very sweet thing to say. I decided to fuck with him a little. "It's a shame you weren't flirting," I took a slow bite of the yogurt, purposely leaving some on my lip. "I've been looking for a boyfriend, but nobody ever flirts with me." I locked eyes with him and slowly scooped the errant white cream into my mouth. "I think most men are too intimidated to approach me." I pouted my bottom lip.

Bits of cracker fell out of his open mouth. He swallowed and tried to speak. "I…" he brushed the crumbs from his jacket and tried again. "I could… um…"

"You could what?" I asked, smiling. Calvin was turning out to be a lot of fun.

He opened his mouth again and it clicked with dryness. He cleared his throat and I took another slow bite. "I could be your boyfriend," he said quickly, then looked at his feet.

"Okay." I said with a smile.

He looked up at me with an expression of someone who was just told they won the lottery. "Really?" His shocked face was priceless, and I laughed. His eyes dropped, ever so slightly to my mouth. Time to really mess with him.

I put my long fingernail to my lip and pretended to think. "Or…" I dropped my eyelids and raised an eyebrow, "we could be friends with benefits."

He looked confused. "What's the difference?"

"Well," I said, opening my legs ever so slightly, "friends with benefits get to fuck all the time, but you don't get to call me your girlfriend."

His eyes glanced down to my parted knees. "If you were my girlfriend would we get to… um… you know…"


His eyes widened and he nodded.

I shrugged, "Eventually."

He thought for a long time. "I think I'd like you to be my girlfriend," he said, and nodded his head to himself.

I snapped my legs shut. Why the fuck are men so stupid? They only want one thing until it's served on a silver platter, and then it's, 'oh no thank you miss, I'm a gentleman.' Why do I always want to punch men in the face minutes after meeting them?

"Let's get one thing straight Calvin, I told you I was looking for a boyfriend, not looking to be someone's girlfriend. You can tell people we're together, you can call me your girlfriend, but you don't fucking own me, I do whatever I want. Understand?"

He fucking smiled. How many red flags do I have to throw? "Whatever you say boss," he said and crunched another cracker.

I huffed a sigh and stared at him. Men are impossible to understand. "And don't call me boss, my name is Priscilla, you can call me Priss if you want but Calvin…" I stared him dead in the eyes.

"Yeah?" He held a cracker in front of his face.

"Never call me Prissy."

He nodded his head. "It's very nice to meet you Priscilla."

I clicked the button on Champ's ball and he appeared in the small alcove after a quick pulse of blue light. "This is Champ, he's my best friend. You ever try anything I don't like and he'll break your fucking legs."

Champ sniffed Calvin's hair. "Ma," he said and looked up at me.

I shrugged.

Two flashes of light burst in the shade of our little cave and a small purple rat sat in Calvin's lap, accompanied by a Pidgey on his shoulder. "These are my Pokémon!" He said excitedly.

I took a long inhale and closed my eyes. "Of course they are."

Machop backed away from the newcomers a few steps and Calvin regarded him. "He looks hurt, and tired. Do you have any money?"

"No." I wasn't sure why I was lying to Calvin, I had no reason to distrust him, I just really liked keeping things from him. Kinda fucked up, I know.

Calvin bit his lip and looked unsure.

"What is it," I asked.

"Well, I have a potion I could give him but I'm really not supposed to let others use it."

"Says who?"

"My boss, he wants me to carry one at all times in case somebody needs one in the field."

"Okay, well my Machop needs one and he's in the field, I think."

He fidgeted, "I'm supposed to sell it to you for twice as much, for the convenience." He looked down and I could tell he didn't feel great about it.

I stood up and towered over him, I wasn't sure if he could see up my skirt but I didn't much care. "Calvin, you're my boyfriend now, my Pokemon's hurt and I don't have any food or money," I knelt down and put my face an inch from his. "If you help me, I'd be very grateful, I might even owe you something in return."

He fumbled for his backpack and his pidgey flapped to a rock in the sun. He produced the same strange spray bottle Oak had packed and my suspicions were confirmed.

"So how does this work," I asked after he handed it to me.

"Pretty much just point and shoot," he said. "Spray him where he's wounded and he should recover quickly."

Champ stood in front of me and I pulled the trigger of the potion bottle, a fine mist sprayed across his skin and before it all settled his wounds began to close. "Wow." I said.

"That's the PokeMart potion guarantee in action," Calvin said, a little too enthusiastically.

My eyebrow raised, "did you rehearse that?"

"Yeah, we have to say it." He shrugged, "I'm not really even sure what we're guaranteeing, I think it's just catchy."

"It's really not even that catchy Calvin, are you going to say it every time I use a potion?"

He shrugged.

"You are, aren't you…"

He nodded slowly.

I finished with Champ's wounds and held the bottle out to Calvin. "Thanks, here's your potion."

"It's kind of a one time use thing," he said, without taking the bottle.

"Oh," I looked down at the useless spray bottle. "In that case, I definitely don't want it." I pushed the bottle against his chest and let go. "Thanks for the yogurt too," I said, and held the plastic bowl out to him.

"Oh, you can keep the container, maybe you can bring me yogurt next time."

I rolled my eyes and stuffed it in my bag before walking out into the sun.

"Wait. Where are you going?" Calvin asked.

"I'm headed to Viridian City," I said, stretching my back and arms. The sun felt good on my skin.

"I work at the Viridian City PokeMart, it's not far, I'll show you the way."

I started walking as he packed up his bag and hurried to catch up.

"If you stay close to me, we won't be bothered," he said as we walked.

"Oh yeah, why's that?" I looked at him doubtfully.

"My Pokémon," he said as if it were obvious. "When a wild pidgeotto sees a pidgey on my shoulder, it knows I'm not a threat. Same with rattata," he laughed and kept talking, "It's kind of funny, I keep them with me for protection, but having them means I won't be attacked."

I looked at him and chuckled. "That's actually very smart, Calvin."

My new boyfriend led me through the winding paths and switchbacks of the backcountry for about fifteen minutes before the trail opened to the small mountain community nestled in the trees of Viridian Forest.

I had been to Viridian before with Mother and once with Oak. I never really understood why it wasn't called Viridian Town, or Viridian Shit Hole. There was a PokeMart and a Pokémon Center but I wasn't even sure if there was a hospital or a police station. Viridian was more of a community of cabins spread throughout the forest and foothills than anything I would ever consider a 'city.' There was a Pokémon Gym but it had been boarded up and abandoned for who knows how long.

Calvin led me to the PokeMart and we walked in together. "You're late Cal," a voice said from behind a row of shelves. "How many times I gotta say, you get forty five minutes for lunch. Not an hour, and definitely not an hour and a half."

A short, fat little man waddled out from the aisle and stopped when he saw me. He wore a gold chain and a sweat stained white tank top with filthy yellow-brown sweatpants. His bald head glistened and a few strands of wispy hair danced from the wind of a ceiling fan.

"Chin, this is Priscilla, I found her on the road from Pallet. Priscilla, this is Mr. Chin, my boss."

The man was almost a head shorter than me and his eyes lingered on my legs before slowly making their way up my body to my face. "You're from Pallet?" he asked.

I glared down at him but stayed quiet. I didn't like the fat man's beady eyes undressing me.

"I have a delivery for Oak. I need you to take it to him." He hurried around his counter and grabbed a wrapped parcel before bringing the bound package up to me.

"No thanks." I turned away from the man and looked at calvin. "I'm gonna go explore town, come find me after your shift."

"No thanks?" The man spoke quietly but with a steady edge that made me uneasy. I put a calming hand on the back of Champ's neck but I could feel his muscles tightening. "It wasn't a request girl, take my package to Oak or-"

"Or what?" I interrupted. "I'm not your fucking delivery girl."

His face reddened and the box bent beneath his angry grip. "Listen to me you fucking-"

"I'll take it to Oak!" Calvin stepped between us and scooped the package out of Chin's hands. "I know the way, and I can come in tomorrow to make up for what I miss."

Chin glared at me so I showed him the painted fingernail of my middle finger. Calvin grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the cramped shop before Chin could respond.

"You shouldn't make Mr. Chin angry," his hands were shaking and I was seriously considering revoking my new boyfriend's title. "He isn't a good person."

"You think I'm afraid of that slimy fat fuck?" For the first time since we met, Calvin wasn't smiling.

"Just give him some time to cool off, I'll head down to Pallet, I should be back by tomorrow afternoon. See that road there? That's Route 22. My cabin's half-way down the path on the right, you can't miss it. Here's my key."

I stared at him in disbelief. This guy was actually going to go all the way to Pallet Town for that fatass and trusting a stranger with the key to his house while he did it. "Calvin, you sweet little idiot." I pulled him in and kissed him on the cheek.

His face bloomed pink and he practically skipped down the road back toward Pallet Town. I just shook my head and watched him go.

Route 22 was a nice wide path through the trees, a welcome change from the dense bushes and rocky crags of Route 1. Something wasn't quite right though, I had the uneasy feeling I was being watched.

I scanned the trees but didn't see anything. Occasionally, a dark form would catch the corner of my eye as I walked and eventually I caught a glimpse of something brown and feathered. I looked into the thick brush again and met a pair of dark eyes set above a sharp beak. Goosebumps spread across my forearms. "Now that's a bird," I said under my breath.

I needed a way to coax him down if I was going to catch him. I pulled some of the dried meat from my bag and waved it up at him. He seemed unimpressed. I put some on the ground and backed away. Still no movement.

I tried putting some on a low branch and he still didn't move. I looked at the short hulking form next to me and laughed. "Sorry Champ, you might be scaring him away."

I clicked the PokeBall and Champ vanished. The bird hopped down a branch. "That's it," I whispered. "Now just a little further to the nice tasty meat." I readied one of my PokeBalls and took a step closer to the meat.

The bird darted to the low branch and snatched the meat with lightning speed before ascending up to the higher canopy of the trees. "Hmm…" I scratched my head.

Then an idea came to me. I placed my pokeball on the ground and delicately balanced a piece of meat atop it. I stepped back twenty paces and waited. The bird landed on the lower branch. His red wings gleamed in the sunlight and his beak curved to a point.

He darted for the meat but when he grabbed the dried scrap, his beak pecked the PokeBall underneath. A flash of light erupted and the bird vanished. The ball began to roll around in the dirt. I sprinted up to the PokeBall and pulled out another, holding it directly above the lavender sphere.

As I suspected, light flashed and the bird flew straight up into my second waiting PokeBall and another light strobed. The ball in my hand vibrated and shook. I grabbed it with two hands and my forearms trembled as I tried to hold onto it.

Then the center button clicked and the PokeBall was still. I held it up and cheered! I pressed the button and the beautiful bird flew out in a flash of light.

He flew to another branch, still eating the scrap of meat. I pulled out my pokedex and flipped it open. The PokeDex began to speak in a rhythmic robotic voice, "Spearow… loud and fast, these proud birds of prey hunt bug pokemon. They are best known for their speed, their sharp beak, and their short temper."

The bird looked down at me from his perch. "Here boy," I said, and held up my arm.

The Spearow turned his head away from me.

The bird shrieked so loud I had to cover my ears. It dove down toward my head and I ducked just in time for its sharp beak to miss.

"What the fuck?" I pointed the ball at my new Spearow and recalled it. "What an asshole."


My heart sank and I turned, already glaring at my arrogant ass of a rival. My nostrils flared at the childish nickname and it took all my strength not to correct him.

"What do you want, Gary?"

He smirked, and I knew he was about to say something he thought was clever. "Oh, it is you, I didn't recognize you with your shirt on."

He laughed at his own joke and I rolled my eyes.

"I went to go challenge the elite four but they were afraid I'd embarrass them," he said with his hands on his hips. "Told me I needed gym badges before they would fight me. They're probably just buying time to prepare."

"Right…" I said, not wanting to argue with his stupidity.

"I've caught some more pokemon, let's battle." He threw his fists at the air like a boxer and pulled a pokeball from his belt.

"What's the wager?" I asked.

He stopped and thought, "I dunno Prissy, do you still want to punch me in the face?"

I narrowed my eyes and then tapped my chin thoughtfully. "If I win, I get to kick you in the balls."

He closed his knees reflexively, "Yeesh, why are you so violent? In that case, if I win, you have to kiss me… on the balls." He smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah, you have to suck them until I cum."

I hesitated. This was the type of wager I had expected from the start but I had never heard Gary talk that way to me and I blushed slightly.

"Deal." I said, and took a few steps back. I felt confident, Champ was still fresh from Calvin's potion and I had my new spearow.

He brought his charmander out first. I pressed the button on Champ's ball and he appeared beside me. Champ's fists clenched and he took a step toward the red lizard but I stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

I knelt in front of him and whispered, "stay out of range of his fire until he tries to engage in physical combat, then pummel him." I thought for a quick second, then added, "I believe in you."

Champ nodded and walked confidently toward Charmander, his large fists raised.

"Use ember, Char! Go for the face," Gary shouted, and Charmander's tail ignited, sending hot flames toward Champ.

Champ took two athletic steps away from the lizard and began slowly walking it in a circle as the attacks fell short.

Champ glanced at me after a few minutes of this, I could tell he wanted to rush in but I held my hands up toward him, urging him to be patient.

"I think your machop forgot how to fight," Gary said with a mocking laugh.

Champ growled a low, "Ma," and took a step forward.

"Now!" Gary exploded with commands pointing at Champ, "ember high, tailwhip low, tackle, then bite!"

I suddenly remembered our first battle, Gary and Charmander had been perfecting what worked. "Watch the… tail." I was too late. Champ raised his arm to shield his face from the flames and didn't see the low sweeping tail behind his foot.

Charmander shouldered into his taller opponent and Champ tripped to his back. The razor teeth dove in at Champ's throat again but this time, Champ caught the lizard by the upper and lower jaw.

Blood rained down onto his face as Charmander's serrated teeth sawed into the muscled flesh of Champ's fingers but he held firm. A knee came up into Charmanders stomach and Champ wrenched the wicked maw away from his face.

Charmander tried to scurry away but Champ grabbed the lizard by the ankle and rose to his knees. "Ma!" He grunted and raised Charmander over his head, slamming him in the dirt like a club.

He stood and wrapped his other hand around the same ankle, lifting the helpless lizard again before pounding him into the ground so hard I felt the vibrations under my feet. Charmander let out a pitiful squeak this time and as Champ lifted him a third time the Charmander's body glowed briefly before disappearing back into Gary's pokeball.

Champ stood panting in a frenzy, blood dripping from the open wounds in his hands.

Gary sighed and brought out another pokeball. "That thing is freakishly strong," he said and tossed a pokeball high into the air.

"P'jaaaaw!" A loud call rang out from the sky and a pidgey descended down onto my machop.

I had never seen a pidgey engaged in battle and had no idea what to expect. Machop reached up for the swooping bird but it didn't fly close enough for him to reach. Behind it, an impossibly heavy gust of wind followed, and Champ was picked up before being dropped with a strained grunt.

Pidgey landed with the grace of a dancer and Champ bounced back to his feet, sprinting at the bird. Another gust of wind burst from the bird's small wings and I marveled at the power the little pidgey could produce. Champ fought for every step, his body leaned heavily forward. Then the wind stopped and Champ toppled, face first into the ground.

"Blind him Pidge," Gary yelled and for a brief, horrible second I imagined the bird gouging out Champ's eyes.

Champ was on his hands and knees now and the pidgey flapped its wings together once sending a spray of sand and debri into his face. He crawled forward groping and grasping for the pidgey but it took to the skies again. Gary laughed at Champ and my blood boiled.

"Again!" Gary yelled and again the pidgey swooped, sending a concentrated gust of whipping wind at my machop. Then it was gone. "Rattata, tackle!" He yelled as a burst of light illuminated in the cloud of dust and a furry purple sphere shot into Champ's stomach like a cannonball.

As the dirt began to clear I saw Gary's cocky grin. Then it faltered and he fumbled for his pokeball as loud cracks were punctuated by the frantic screaming of a dying rat.

Champ stood in the dust with his arms outstretched, both strong hands wrapped around Gary's rattata. His eyes were closed but he didn't need to see to squeeze the life from the small furry creature.

His hands twitched as another of Rattata's ribs gave way to Champ's relentless crushing strength.

Gary pointed the PokeBall at them and the rattata vanished. Champ tried to rub the grit from his eyes but another flash of light signaled another combatant. I wondered how Gary had caught so many pokemon in such a short amount of time.

This one was also a ball of fur but it was tan with four limbs and a tail. It sprinted at machop swinging its limbs wildly. "Low kick," Gary commanded and the wild little monkey spun, bringing its foot around fast and hard into Champ's ankle.

Again, my pokemon fell and the furry beast was atop my pokemon, punching wildly with a flurry of tiny brown fists. Machop tried to fend off the blows and even caught the thing square in the face with a lucky punch but too many strikes landed true and I couldn't bear to watch any longer.

I raised Champ's ball and recalled him. Then grabbed Spearows PokeBall and threw it high in the air. There was a flash of light and my spearow was gliding on the gentle afternoon breeze. It gave a sharp cry and landed on the branch of a tree above our temporary arena.

"Spearow, attack!" I pointed at Gary's pokemon but Spearow looked away, disinterested. "Come on man, what is your deal?"

Gary laughed. "Are those your only two pokemon?"

"No!" I said a little too forcefully. I looked up at the spearow. "Please, I'm begging you." The thought of having to lick Gary's balls caused more than a little panic. I looked at Gary, desperation in my voice, "Why won't he listen to me?"

Then Spearow plummeted down directly above me, its razor sharp beak glinting in the sunlight as I narrowly ducked out of the way. It perched again on a branch and turned away from me.

"Do you forfeit?" Garry asked. I could hear the excitement in his voice.

I stared at the spearows back for a long time, my mind racing, trying to think of some way to salvage the situation. Ever so slowly, my shoulders fell in defeat. "Fine. You win. Again." I practically spit the last word through.

"Wow, Prissy," he said, "you really are clueless."

I closed my eyes and imagined the day I would get to smash that pretty face of his.

He whistled and held out a small stick of dried meat. Spearow darted to his upheld arm and perched. He whispered something into its ear and to my horror my spearow nuzzled his fucking face.

"What… how… Gary, what did you say to my spearow?"

He smirked and I knew I wasn't going to like what he was about to say. "Same thing I'm going to tell you when you're sucking my balls…I told her what a good girl she was."

So many thoughts and emotions bloomed all at once, anger, disgust, arousal? My mouth made a tight line as I tried to sort it all. "You're a laaady." I said, looking at my spearow. I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand.

She tilted her head and flapped twice before perching on my shoulder. I turned my head and my face was inches from her hooked beak. "I'm sorry," I said, locking eyes with her. "I should have known just looking at you, you're pretty as a princess."

She nuzzled the soft crown of her head into my cheek and I laughed as it tickled me. "You like that? Princess?" She chirped happily and I laughed again.

"Her wings aren't as bright as a males, but she's a beautiful bird, her feathers practically shine, and that beak… Gary trailed off and I thought I heard a tinge of envy."

I was surprised at Gary. He really was admiring her, and I had to admit he knew his stuff. Maybe there was more to Gary than I gave him credit for.

"Ready to suck my balls?" He asked, undoing his belt.

I made a disgusted noise and rolled my eyes. "Not here. I've got a place." I led him further down the path and stopped in front of a quaint cabin, pulling the key from my pocket.

"You own a cabin on route 22?"

"It belongs to a friend of mine."

Gary looked down the road in both directions. "You don't think they'll mind if we use it?"

I looked over my shoulder and shrugged as the door swung open. "He said I could stay here tonight. He didn't say anything about me not sucking balls while he was gone." I grabbed Gary's shirt and pulled him inside. "Let's get this over with."

The door closed behind us and I flipped on a light switch. A single lamp turned on and the dim cabin came into view. It was clean but obviously decorated twenty years ago. Probably a family cabin Calvin was using while he worked in Viridian. There was a main living room connected to a kitchen and two doors, most likely a bathroom and bedroom.

I pulled Princess's PokeBall off my belt and returned her. "You aren't gonna wanna see this," I said, gently caressing her PokeBall. Then I removed my belt and pack and set them on the wooden coffee table.

Gary started removing his boots and I knelt in front of him, refusing to look him in the face. I wondered how long he had been waiting for something like this.

"I've been imagining this moment for a long time," he said as he unfastened his belt. I glowered up at him as his pants fell to the floor, then I looked straight ahead and couldn't help but raise my eyebrows.

The only word I can think of to describe Gary's cock is pretty. It's long and straight, thick, and circumcised. If the penises of the world had a poster child, it would be his. At this point I wasn't even surprised, Gary had won some kind of genetic golden ticket, this was just the beautiful cock on top of the muscled and handsome cake that was Gary Oak.

His cock-head hung below the hem of his shirt. It was the size of Champs but had to be twice as long. "Take off your shirt," I said, suddenly wanting to see the entirety of his pretty cock.

"You first…Prissy."

The name sent a shiver of rage through my body and I snapped at him, "that wasn't the deal!"

He shrugged, or I think he did, I couldn't take my eyes off the bottom half of his cock as it twisted and stiffened. "If I have to get naked, you at least have to take your shirt off, I've already seen your tits, what's it matter?"

He wasn't wrong, I didn't really even care about people seeing my tits, I just didn't want him to get what he wanted. On the other hand, I did want to see his body and the rest of his cock. Why was Gary so fucking confusing to be around? And why was the smell of his cock making my mouth water? I swear to God if he calls me prissy one fore fucking time.

"Prissy," he said and I snapped out of my thoughts. My eyes narrowed and I opened my mouth to chew him out but he pulled his shirt up over his head. I followed the bottom of his shirt, taking in the sight of his full, healthy cock. My eyes poured over the rolling hills of his abs and my cheeks flushed as my gaze climbed the cliffs of his chest. He looked down at me, "take off your shirt."

I closed my mouth, swallowed hard, and obeyed. My tits bounced as I threw the tanktop onto the floor. I suddenly felt afraid. Not of Gary, but of myself. I couldn't let him know that with me on my knees, and him calling me Prissy, his wish was my command. I steadied my breathing and tried to glare at him but my voice trembled slightly. "Happy now?" I asked.

"Not yet," he said, and his hand cupped the back of my head. Saliva pooled in my mouth as he drew me closer to his cock. I opened my lips, ready to take it as deep as he could shove it. At the last second he lifted it out of reach and pushed my mouth into his soft scrotum.

The anger left me. My confusion was cleared and my purpose was clear. I pulled one of his balls into my mouth and gently sucked, coating it in slobber. I opened wider and pulled the other smooth testicle into my mouth with my tongue before wrapping my cheeks around them. I closed my eyes, fully concentrating on the feeling of his smooth scrotum against my tongue.

"Good girl, Prissy," he said, and began to stroke his cock.

My pussy gushed and I opened my eyes. I looked up his fully erect shaft, then past it to his muscled torso and my hands unconsciously rubbed the insides of my thighs.

He slowly stroked his shaft in front of my eyes as I slithered my tongue between his heavy balls. I let one plop out of my mouth and sucked his scrotum tight around the fleshy egg still in my mouth. He moaned and the sound of his voice lost in pleasure sent fresh blood to my clit.

I reached a hand under my skirt and cupped my puffy cunt. My middle finger slid against my soaking slit and I started to moan, then stopped. I didn't want him to know how much I was enjoying this.

I felt myself blush and I looked up at him. He was staring down at me with his signature grin, arrogant but charming. "You like that, Prissy?"

The skin of my neck, cheeks and ears burned. How fucking humiliating. My own body betrayed me to my rival. He pulled his balls from my sucking lips and I looked at the floor. The heat from my neck spread half way down my back, my nipples and chest had also flushed rose red. I pulled my hand from under my skirt and placed them both palm down on the floor between my knees.

"I asked you a question Prissy." He grabbed a handful of my hair and slowly forced me to look up at him.

His eyes gleamed in salacious victory, he knew he had me. He had cracked my hard exterior, and now looked down upon his prize. I couldn't hide the lust in my eyes any more than I could hide my blood gorged puffy nipples.

I pushed my hands into the floor to keep them from shaking, and to keep myself from grabbing his great cock and impaling myself on it. I felt my lips open, my tongue move and heard my voice, "Yes."

A wild delight ignited in his eyes. "I knew it," he said, and shoved my face back into his crotch. My nose and lips pushed into his ball sack and I inhaled his thick scent before kissing and licking his scrotum as if I were just reunited with a long lost lover.

He jerked his cock, leaning down over me as I passionately made out with his balls. I couldn't stop looking at his cock and body as he stroked faster. A dribble of pussy juice rolled down my ass cheek but I kept my hands firmly pressed to the floor.

I needed desperately to be fucked hard in that moment but I couldn't let him or I'd forever be his trophy. Or would he be mine? The confusing thoughts began again so I focused on the loud slurping of my sucking mouth. I lifted his balls with my nose and began rubbing my wet lips across his salty taint, licking and blowing bubbles of spit while his balls rested across my nose and eyes.

"Oh fuck Prissy…" he moaned and his hand gripped the back of my head as his body began to tense. He pulled away from me and I pushed my hips forward and my shoulders back, my hands still glued to the floor. His muscles tensed and bulged and my hungry cunt dripped.

He pointed his cock at my face and I watched as his grip tightened and he grunted a growling moan. I opened my mouth and felt the first spray of Gary's hot cum across my face. Then another warm stream streaked across my open mouth.

I closed my eyes and felt the tip of his cock head rest against my lower lip as his cum pipe spewed more sticky seed into my hungry mouth. He squirted about half a mouthful before relaxing.

I reached my tongue out from the pool of his cum and licked the sensitive head of his cock once before forcing his thick slime down my throat with a single loud gulp.

I sat with my hands still firm against the floor, my face covered in cum and Gary pulled his shirt over his head before pulling on his pants. "Thanks!" He said, and I looked at him confused.

"You're not staying?"

"It's gettin' late in the day and I gotta get through Viridian Forest before tomorrow morning if I can. If I leave now I might not have to sleep in the woods."

"Okay," I said. Truthfully I was happy he was leaving. I had plans.

He pulled on his boots and walked to the door, then looked over his shoulder, "smell ya later!"

The door hadn't even closed and I was dumping the contents of my backpack on the floor. I grabbed the spray bottle in one hand and Champ's Pokeball in the other.

The dim cabin illuminated for an instant. "Looks like it's your lucky day, Champ," I said, and my skirt fell to the floor.