Chapter 2

I slipped on my sandals and took one more look at the still pool of water before turning away and scooping up the remaining PokeBalls. My vape pen had snapped in two during the encounter so I left it.

As we walked back toward the large steel door Machop grabbed my shaking hand. I laced my fingers into his, still dripping with thick blood.

I took a seat in the observatory in front of a large desk and rummaged through a few drawers until I found what I was looking for. The sulfur of the match wafted around the room as I took a long drag on one of Oak's cigarettes. Machop stood next to me, sniffing the air as my trembling hands calmed.

"Can you understand me?" I asked.

His red orange eyes locked on me and he responded, "ma."

Long curling trails of smoke snaked out of my nostrils. "Stand on one leg." He did and I cocked an eyebrow.

That didn't make any sense. Oak said these pokemon had never interacted with humans, how would he understand language? I put out the cigarette and tucked the matches into the paper packaging with the remaining sticks of tobacco.

I led the machop down the tunnel and up the other side. Oak and Gary were talking but stopped when I entered the room. "The hell happened to you?" Gary asked.

I hadn't considered my appearance until then. My white skirt was now filthy and dotted with specks of blood. My face had been rubbed in the dirt and one of my hands was caked in dried blood. "I caught a pokemon," I said, already feeling like I needed a nap. "Meet Champ." I stepped aside and spread my arms as my machop walked into the room.

"Ma," he said, but tried to get behind me.

"Ah, a machop," Oak said, "I hope they didn't give you too much trouble. I haven't been able to locate a female for them and I worry they grow restless." I laughed at the understatement.

"He looks tough," Gary said, "he suits you."

I looked at Gary side-eyed, was that a compliment?

"Now, I have one final present for you two." He turned and grabbed two handheld devices from the small table behind his desk. "This is called a PokeDex, it has data and information about every known pokemon I've been able to track down and personally research. Think of it as a high tech encyclopedia. It was my dream to fill this PokeDex and catch every living pokemon but my life took me in another direction. I'd like the two of you to finish my dream."

That seemed like an extremely daunting task. Pokemon were everywhere and there were so many different kinds.

"Sounds easy," Gary said.

Oak handed us both a device and brought out two backpacks from behind his desk. "Here are some travel supplies, food, and money for your journey."

I grabbed the pack closest and tucked Oak's cigarettes into a side pocket. "Thanks professor, I'll get started right away."

"There's a new outdoor shower around the side of the facility here, my researchers and I use it to hose off our pokemon when things get messy, it's private."

I nodded and left. The outdoor shower had three walls and a drain but no curtain. "So much for privacy," I muttered as I turned on the hot water. I set the backpack aside and let the jet of steaming water pound my forehead. Images of the machops pinning me down flashed in my head. I could still feel his cock pressing against my ass.

I removed my sopping tank top and took the shower head in my hand. I hung my shirt on a hook and hosed it down. Champ was standing beside me, trying to lift my skirt. I slapped his hand away. "Hold still you little pervert," I said with a giggle.

I sprayed the blood from his arms and hands and his short thick cock stiffened as he stared at my swaying tits. Then he perked up as if listening to something and ran out of the shower.

"Hey, woah easy there, Champ!" I rolled my eyes and peeked my head around the edge of the wall.

"The fuck are you doing, creep?" Champ stood a few feet from Gary in a battle ready stance.

"Why is he out of his PokeBall?" Gary had his own PokeBall in hand.

"Protection from losers who like to spy on girls in the shower."

"That's not… why I'm here." I believed him, Gary was a lot of annoying things but he was too sure of himself to be a liar.

"Oh really?" I stepped out from behind the wall topless and put a hand on Champ's shoulder. "Then why are you here?"

His eyes widened in delight and shock and he swallowed hard. "I wanted to battle." He was trying desperately to hold eye contact.

"Okay," I said. "But if I win I get to punch you in the face."

"Geez Prissy, that's harsh."

My fists clenched. "How many times do I have to fucking tell you-"

"Right, sorry… Priss. Okay then, if I win…" his eyes fell to my exposed nipples and my stomach turned. "I get to call you Prissy," he said with a smirk.

I have to admit, I was taken aback and I'm sure my expression betrayed my feelings. I'm standing here topless and he would risk getting his face getting smashed to call me a stupid nickname? "Why can't you just be fucking normal?" This is why I hated Gary, he was a fucking enigma and he knew it. "Champ! I choose you."

"Ma," Champ said and raised his fists.

Gary looked concerned. "He might need to rest after…"

My eyes blazed as more memories of my encounter strobed through my mind. "Do you want to fight or not?" I walked back three steps and turned toward the space between us.

Gary tossed his pokeball in front of Champ and the scaled red lizard rose up in front of him. My machop was almost a full foot taller than Charmander and I felt confident.

Champ moved first, charging in at the lizard. Charmander spun and his tail ignited, throwing embers at Champ’s face. He raised his arms but Charmander continued his spin, whipping his tail out to catch Champ’s charging feet. Champ tumbled forward and Charmander pounced, tackling him to the ground.

"Don't get too close." Gary tried to warn, but it was too late.

Champ grabbed Charmander's wrist with one hand and chopped down hard with the other. Charmander hissed in pain as his arm snapped but Champ wasn't done. He hooked his arm under Charmander's armpit and hurled him back toward me.

Charmander curled into a tight ball, rolling to his feet in front of me. His tail flared again and he sent more embers into Champ’s face. His grey skin sizzled and smoldered but he took another step forward.

"Nice work Char! Again!" Gary yelled, and the lizard's tail flared brighter and sent more embers into Champ's face.

The air distorted around Champ's face and his eyes closed against the heat.

"Finish him!" Gary pointed to the back of my pokemon’s head and I watched helplessly as Charmander slithered up to Champ. I wanted to warn him, to give some command, but I didn't know what to say.

The lizard flicked his tail behind Champ's foot, sprawling him on his back before bearing his fanged maw down into Champ's exposed throat.

Champ tried to pull the lizard off but his desperate clawing went unnoticed against the tough scales. The sounds of wet tearing flesh brought me back to the grove by the pond. But now it was my own pokemon's bloody meat I could hear.

"Pull him out Priss," Gary insisted.

I raised Champ's purple ball and pressed the front button. A flare of light later and Charmander stood alone, lapping at the pool of blood left in the dirt.

"Good fight." Gary said, visibly shaken by the sheer brutality of the creatures.

I held the Pokeball to my forehead and sighed. "You can go ahead and say it."

"I'll wait, you've been through enough today." He recalled his charmander and turned to leave. Then he glanced back and stole one final look at my exposed tits. "Smell ya later!"

I sulked back to the shower and turned the knob to cold. My nipples hardened and my skin bristled with goosebumps but I forced myself to hold still under the frigid stream.

Confusing thoughts and emotions were pushed away by my body's response to the icy water. I shivered and my lips turned blue but at least I was free for a few minutes while my brain tried to focus on base survival.

I turned off the water and stood dripping and shaking. Eventually I pulled the wet tank top over my head and grabbed the small backpack.

Oak looked up from his desk in surprise. "Oh good, you found the shower," he said as he watched water drip from my skirt onto his floor.

"Gary beat me in a fight. Can you heal Champ?"

"Let's get you a towel first," he walked to a cupboard on the wall and produced a clean white towel. He traded my pokeball for the soft linen and I removed my clothes. He set Champ's ball on a small device. "Shouldn't take too-" he cleared his throat as he turned back to my nude body, "long."

"Dry these for me?" I handed him my wet clothes and he hurried out of the room.

I toweled dry and wrapped myself, tucking the edge just above my nipples. I didn't care if Oak saw me naked. It might do the old man some good, but I knew it made him uncomfortable so I tried to cover myself as best I could with the towel. The bottom of my ass and top of my cleavage were still very much exposed though and his expression when he returned made me think he'd get me another towel. He didn't.

He sat in one of his visitor's chairs, lighting a cigarette before handing it to me. "Don't tell your mother or we're both dead." He winked and lit his own then his face grew serious. "You wanna talk about what happened out there?" He pointed to the wall with the secret entrance.

I sat across from him and crossed one leg over the other. My hands started shaking again and I took a few long draws of the cigarette before speaking. "The machops tried to rape me. One of them… violated me."

"Fascinating…" Oak was staring off into space.

"Fascinating? I could have fucking died!" My hands shook in anger now.

"I told you that before you entered Priss. I'm glad you told me but I'm a scientist, not a psychologist. I suggest you talk to a professional about what happened."

I stared at my foot, bouncing it in confused anger. "I'm sorry, I'm not mad at you."

He leaned forward and put a hand on my knee. I stopped shaking. "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have left you alone."

I swallowed and looked at the ceiling, trying to keep the tears in.

"Tell me about the battle with Gary." He said, and flicked his cigarette into the ashtray between us.

I made a disgusted sound and grimaced. "Not much to tell. We fought, I lost."

"If you truly believe that, you won't make a very good trainer. Why did you lose?"

"I don't know," I said stubbornly, refusing to think about it.

"Did your machop fight to defend you? In the sanctuary?"

I nodded.

"Did you put him back in his ball?"

I shook my head.

"Why not?"

I swallowed again and a tear broke down my cheek. "I didn't feel… safe… without him."

"You can keep your pokemon out but you have to put them away after a fight or you're putting yourself in more danger." Oak sighed. "You would have won the fight, had you given him time to rest. That charmander had never seen battle, he was no match for a wild machop with experience."

"It wasn't just that," I said through an exhalation of smoke. I wrung my hands in frustration, I really didn't want to say it.

"Wha-" Oak started to ask, but I was already blurting out a response.

"He's a good trainer! He gave Charmander a strategy, was encouraging, and stayed calm after Champ broke his pokemon's arm. I didn't say anything. I froze and Champ took a beating alone because of me. He saved my life and I couldn't even cheer him on." I hadn't even articulated the thoughts in my head until I spoke them but I let another tear fall as my shame engulfed me.

Oak sat back. "Fascinating," he said again.

I shot to my feet and my towel fell. "Say fascinating one more fucking time Oak, I dare you." I stood in naked fury before the professor but he simply laughed.

"My dear girl," his eyes shone with pride and delight. "Most trainers never understand what you've figured out on day one."

I deflated and my balled fists loosened. "What do you mean? Gary obviously understands."

"Gary?" He laughed harder. "Listen to yourself." He stood and limped down the hall beckoning for me to follow. I left the towel on the floor. "My grandson might have a knack for training but that's a far cry from understanding, he picked his pokemon based on how 'cool' it looked. Champ saved you from certain rape and most likely death. Which bond is stronger, do you think?"

I didn't bother answering.

He pushed a button on the dryer and it stopped its rhythmic hum. He pulled my clothes and looked them over. "Still damp, but if this shirt shrinks any smaller…" he stole a glance at my bare chest to make his point.

I put out my cigarette, dressed, and re-tied my ponytail. When I finished, he held out Champ's lavender ball. "You have what keeps the great trainers from ever becoming pokemon masters."

"A vagina?" My mouth curled at my own joke.

He laughed and put his hands on my shoulders, holding me at arms length. "Love."

My smile faded. "It's getting late in the day, I'd like to make Veridian by nightfall."

He said nothing more, just watched me go with that knowing glint in his eyes.

Before the door closed behind me I called Champ out of his ball. He glanced around and then up at me. I stroked the side of his bald head and pulled him into my hip. "Guess it's just you and me, Champ."

"Ma." He grunted. His shoulders sagged and he looked away from me.

I knelt down in front of him. "It was my fault you- we… lost. I'm going to be better for you. I touched his neck where Charmander had bitten him. "Does it still hurt?"

He shook his head and grunted again, "ma."

"Good. We should get going, we've a ways to go before sundown."

I fingered the empty slot in my belt as we walked, I regretted not jumping into the pond for my sixth pokeball. An old sign stood before the winding road to Viridian. "Route 1," I read aloud to Champ.

We made our way through the rocky ledges and rough brush until a pack of rattata chased us away from their den. Luckily the PokeDex had a compass and we realigned north, but not before nightfall.

I pulled a firestarter out of my backpack and clicked it above some dry brush and leaves. Champ dropped an armful of heavy logs next to our small campsite and I fed the small flame until the fire came to life.

The backpack had a small sleeping bag inside. I unfurled it and crawled in. Champ looked down at me and I patted the dirt in front of me. He laid down and I spooned him, wrapping my arms around his muscled shoulders.

When I awoke, the first rays of light were cresting the hills. The fire was out and Champ was out of sight. I panicked, sitting up and grabbing his pokeball. I clicked the button and he appeared, his legs on either side of my hips, his cock and balls almost touching my face.

I stared at the drooping cock and his sagging balls for a second, the smell of sweaty taint filling my nostrils. I looked up at Champ and smirked. "You mind getting your cock out my face?"

His cock began to straighten but he didn't move. I laid back and looked up at him. "Fine, maybe you can be inspiration for my morning ritual."

I unzipped half of my sleeping bag and pulled my tank-top up, flopping my round tits out one at a time. Champ’s thick cock stiffened fully and I put my hand down the front of my skirt.

I pushed my fingers against my clit. It was sticky from a day of walking and a night of sweating. I pulled my fingers up to my mouth but stopped. "Do you have to do whatever I say?"

"Ma," he grunted with a shrug.

A smile came to my lips and I unzipped the rest of my sleeping bag. "My pussy's dry, lick it for me."

I spread my legs and bent my knees, letting my skirt fall down my thighs. He took two steps back and fell to his knees. He laid his head down between my legs and his tongue slithered between the soft folds of my sweaty cunt.

"Oh fuck…" I had never thought about using pokemon as sex toys but Champ's tongue was already feeling better than anything I'd previously felt between my legs.

I thought back to the clearing, when the machop had shoved his fingers into me and my cunt quivered at the memory. "Lick me clean then put a finger in me." It felt good to be in charge.

I wasn't a virgin. A pokemon breeder had come to Pallet the previous summer and his son was a few years older than me. I spent the few weeks of their visit being instructed in the ways of sex and while it was incredible, I never really got to have my say.

Then I had a thought. "Shove your tongue in me!" He did, and my mouth opened wide but my lips curled back in a smile. "Holy fuuuuck" his tongue was bigger than my two fingers and the fleshy meat stretched my hole as it surged deeper.

I spread his slimy slobber across my clit and strummed my sensitive nub as he tongue fucked my hole. "Keep doing that," I tried to say but it came out as a breathy whispering moan.

My fingers worked my clit slower but my climax surged higher as his tongue explored my depths. "Fuuuuuuuck!" Birds flew from the trees around the campsite and I lifted my hips and grabbed the back of his neck as my pussy gripped his tongue, pulsing and throbbing in ecstacy.

"Okay… just lick my pussy. Nice and slow now," I said through deep, quaking breaths. My toes went numb and my mind went blank as he massaged my sensitive clit for the next ten minutes. "Okay," I said eventually and he stopped. He looked up at me with his large hands still on my thighs.

"Your turn." I mean, I had to. This machop had saved my life, but more importantly, had given me the best orgasm I'd ever had. He positioned his cock between my open thighs and postured to thrust into me. "No… nice try, guy. Maybe someday. Come stand above me again, like you were."

He did and I reached up, wrapping my hand around his solid girth. My fingers almost touched my thumb and I raised my eyebrows. "Damn, Champ, you've got a nice cock." I stroked it slowly and he closed his eyes.

I sat up again and the smell of ball sweat washed over me. "Well, you licked me clean I guess…" I said to myself more than to him. Then I took one of his smooth hanging balls into my watering mouth.

I could feel the thick slimy coating of sweat and the filth of the road but I sucked and swallowed, I licked and polished until both balls gleamed in the morning sun. I sat up a little straighter and held his turgid cock in front of my face.

I could smell his unwashed cock and a line of drool fell down my lips before I could catch it. The grey skin was soft and smooth and his foreskin covered about half his pink cockhead. I pulled it back and wrapped my mouth around his head like a lollipop, twisting my lips and sliding my tongue over his crown between gentle slurps.

He stood motionless and I looked at his big hands on either side of my head. "I want you to grab my head and fuck my face until you cum. If I tap your leg, that means st-"

He grabbed my head with his enormous hands and forced my mouth open with his short fat cock. I closed my eyes and moaned. It barely fit past my teeth but he didn't seem to mind. He did exactly what he was told, and fucked my face like a sex toy.

Drool ran freely down my chin as he forced himself deeper into my squelching gullet. I had never been face fucked before but my cunt was ready for another round with his tongue.

He hammered into my face for a long time. I had hoped he would be more rough with me but his thrusts were steady and measured. His strong hands gave my head nowhere to go and I realized I was completely at his mercy until he finished. Slobber rained down onto my tits and I grabbed my nipples, pinching them hard as he slogged away, shoving his cock between my slobbering lips.

He straightened and I felt his cock bulge and pulse as a splurge of cum overflowed the back of my throat.

I coughed with his cock still I'm my mouth and cum filled the space around my tongue and teeth before dripping over my lips and running down my chin. His cock bulged again and I swallowed, making room for the next load. It spewed just as much as the first and another rolling bulge passed my lips as I desperately drank four full swallows of warm cum. Then a fifth, then a sixth as his cock continued spilling loads of thick milky cum. Finally he pulled his cock from my mouth, releasing my head and I took a deep gasping breath.

I grabbed the base of his shaft and milked one final stream of cum, adding to the half mouthful still around my tongue before swallowing. I scooped the spilled seed off my tits and chin and swallowed that too.

I got to my knees and looked him in his amber eyes. "Thanks for saving me, Champ." I kissed him on the cheek and his grey skin blushed a dark blue.


I stood and pulled my tank-top down over my breasts. My bare stomach bulged slightly above my new belt. I felt full. "At least I won't need breakfast," I said with a satisfied smile.

I sat on a log and pulled Champ down into my lap. I hugged him and pressed my cheek against the side of his smooth head. I sat like that for a long time, watching the sunrise with my new best friend.