Chapter 10

“You Can’t,” Ben screamed. The boy looked up at me from the dirt, his face a mess of snot and tears.

“I did,” I said, “let's go Calvin.”

The beedrill hovered for a moment in the campsite, testing his mended wing. He looked at me then chittered quietly and flew into the trees above.

Ben muttered something under his breath, wiped his face, and sulked off down the path. 

Calvin packed his tent and sleeping bag, then swung his pack over his shoulder without saying anything. Something was up.

“It was a kindness,” I said, not sure if I was trying to convince him or myself. “That boy was terrible, and I don’t have any love for giant flying bugs, better Yellowjacket be free in his home than locked away in a pokeball without getting any use.” Calvin walked ahead of me without responding. “If you wanted the beedrill I would have given it to you,” I said, taking a wild guess.

Calvin stopped ahead of me. “I didn’t want the beedrill Priss."

"Then what?"

He half turned, his silhouette looking down at the trail, "We both cheated in an illegal pokemon battle. A boy lost his best friend.” He turned, his eyes glistening. “Do you feel nothing?”

My eyes blazed and my jaw clenched. “I feel things Calvin,” I said, and shouldered past him.

“That isn’t what I…” He let his words fall into a heavy sigh, he reached out for me but I slapped his hand away as I passed. As he took a step after me, his ankle twisted awkwardly and he fell to one knee. “Priss, wait.”

I didn’t wait. Tears leaked down my cheeks and onto my pink dress. I walked ahead of him and kept walking. The truth was, I didn’t feel bad about cheating, or betting my pokemon, or releasing the beedrill. I did feel things, but shame had to be locked away, if it wasn’t, it would consume me. I walked, and muttered, and took random forks in the path while my mind chewed through my anger. 

As I walked, the breeze carried some horrible rancid smell and I covered my nose and mouth. I turned back but Calvin wasn’t behind me. I suddenly pictured him hurt and alone, his ankle too injured to walk on and I practically skipped back down the trail. Then I heard the humming. Three giant beedrill dropped in front of me, blocking the path. I reached for Champ’s ball but remembered he was still hurt, I hadn’t healed any of my pokemon after the battle with Ben.

The beedrill moved toward me, the tips of their bone spears glinted in the rays of lancing light. I took a hesitant step back, then turned and bolted toward the stench. I ran through the trees as the buzzing of wings grew closer. My heart soared as I rounded a bend in the trail, a small cabin sat nestled in the long grass. 

The trees on either side of the trail came alive, the vibrations of what sounded like a hundred wings hummed in my chest. I lowered my head and sprinted as forms began dive-bombing toward my head. I slammed my shoulder into the wooden door and I rolled headlong into the cabin. I scrambled to my knees and slammed the door closed, pressing my back against the solid wood. A single window shed dim light into the one room cabin and my eyes widened as I looked up toward the ceiling. The light from the small window was enough to reflect off countless yellow cocoons that hung from the ceiling. Each one was covered in the writhing bodies of hundreds of weedle. The walls of the wooden hut were draped in white sticky strands and the stench was thick and chalky, it coated my tongue and I nearly gagged as I pulled in a musky breath. 

“Looks like your luck ran out.” My eyes snapped to the dark corner of the cabin, as they adjusted, the form of a boy came into view, hugging a round object in his arms.

“Ben?” I squinted in the darkness and as my eyes adjusted I could just make out the striped form of a giant beedrill, its distended abdomen writhing against his chest. “What the fuck is this?”

“This is my home. I told you, I breed beedrill.” He pet his strange beedrill and spoke calmly, “I know you cheated. I can’t prove it but I know your boyfriend let you use one of his pokemon. I could see it on your face. I’m not an idiot, you know.”

“Fuck this, this is weird.” I stood and put my hand on the door handle.

“They are ordered to kill you if you try to leave,” he said. His voice was melancholy, and he continued stroking the mass in his arms lovingly.

“Ben, we made a deal. You knew the risks.”

“And you knew the risks of entering my forest,” He finally looked up at me, then glanced at the ceiling, “poison sting, don’t kill her.”

Small forms rained from the ceiling, their sharp pointed bone stingers punctured my skin and I ripped the door open, only to fall face first into the dirt outside. My heart pounded like it was going to explode. My limbs burned and went slightly numb. I tried to crawl. I cried out at the pain as more and more of the small worms repeatedly stung my back, my legs, my arms. A weak whimper left my lips, then nothing.

I awoke propped against my own backpack. My eyelids weighed a thousand pounds but I managed to slowly lift them. I burst out a huff of mortified surprise at the sight in front of me. I was in a small clearing, the canopy opened enough for sunlight to shine on the dreadful scene in front of me. 

There were forms encased in the white strands of hardened string shot like paper mache casts of humans and pokemon alike. I could make out legs, bent at the knees and held apart, arms and breasts preserved in their white tombs but the lower torsos were uncovered, hollow cavities left behind on the strange, headless bodies like unfinished dolls. I could see the bottoms of bleached ribs, still intact spinal columns ran down the back of the empty, gaping carapaces.

I looked down and my own body was similarly held. My chest was fastened to the back wall of Ben’s cabin. My legs were pulled apart and held to the ground below by solid strands that ran from my feet to my knees. My pink dress was exposed from the bottom of my breast bone and I could feel the air on my exposed sex. It was wet, and oozing a warm liquid. I closed my eyes in anger. I tried my bindings weakly but I couldn’t move a single inch.

I understood the stench now, half of the bodies still had rotting meat attached to the bones and I tried to hold my breath so I couldn't smell the decomposing women. One of them still had their head attached and it hung behind her, blonde hair swaying in the fetid breeze.  

I heard footsteps coming and I pressed my head against the cabin wall.

“Oh good,” Ben said, “Wasn’t sure the antidote would save you. I told them not to kill you but they get hungry. I have a lot of mouths to feed, you know.”

I began to shake and my lip quivered uncontrollably as I realized my situation. “Ben… you killed these people.”

Ben cocked his head. “I didn’t kill anyone. These women died of dehydration because they refused to drink. Here,” He said and held out a bottle of water, I hesitated, then opened my mouth to drink. He walked back around his cabin and I stared at the ground in shock. When he returned he was holding a large black and yellow mass, its legs and gossamer wings dangled uselessly.

“What the fuck is that?”

Ben glared at me. “This…” he said, petting the hideous creature, “is a beedrill queen. Do you know how rare it is to have one of these?”

I stared at the bulging abdomen, trying to figure out if I pitied the creature or was disgusted by it.

Ben continued, “I had to catch and train strong enough beedrill in the wild to exterminate her warriors. I fed their weedle to my beedrill and burned their kakuna just to be sure none but my own were loyal to the queen. The only problem is that her larvae need a living host, something warm and safe while they grow, or the process is very slow.

I looked up at him and face twisted into a hideous mix of hatred and despair. “Please Ben, I’ll give you the pinsir! I’ll give you anything you want!”

“Oh, I’ll get the pinsir, when a pokemon trainer dies, other people can call their pokemon from their PokeBalls, they are considered wild again.” 

I noticed my belt around his waist and my stomach tightened.

Ben set the bloated beedrill between my legs. “The pinsir is already weakened, so once you are gone I’ll just release your pokemon, like you released mine, and catch the ones I want to keep, and use the others as vessels for my queen.” I couldn’t tell what scared me more, his gruesome plan, or the calm nonchalance in his voice as he described it.

“Ben, you have to know this is wrong.”

“Is it?” beedrill do the same to metapods in the wild, they bring them to their queen and relieve her of her incubation so she can begin a new brood.” he looked around, “and we are in the wild. He checked my fastenings and nodded with approval. “Don’t worry, the birthing process has been quite pleasurable for the previous incubators, not like other insects,” he leaned down and whispered in my face, “I’ve heard spinarak young eat their host from the inside.” His face was one of pure fascination, then he scooped up his queen and stood over me. “Weedle stingers don't even sprout until after they’re born so you don’t have to worry about that. I’ll feed you to them once you’ve served your purpose and given up.”

I needed a different approach. “What if I let you fuck me whenever you want?”

He was massaging the base of the beedrill’s massive abdomen. Without looking up he said, “I already did that, and can do it again if I want.”

“I could help you,” I said desperately, “Lure other incubators!” 

“I can already do that too,” his voice and demeanor changed instantly and he continued in a scared voice, “please miss, my mother fell and hurt her leg, you have to come help us! I’m scared!”

Holy shit, this kid was a true monster.

“What if – umph.” Ben shoved a wet fleshy rod into my mouth and my eyes widened in disgust as I followed the dripping phallic member to the base of the giant beedrill’s swollen abdomen. The squishy pipe was rigid like a cock, but with a thin layer of slimy blubber covered in tiny hairs. I gagged as he shoved the horrid appendage across my tongue, then deeper into my throat.

My body flexed against its bindings but I may as well have been encased in cement. He cradled the corpulent insect in his arms and the small legs began to straighten and bend. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I watched in horror as a large bulge moved through the disgusting tube toward my face, then my jaw was forced open wider and it passed through my lips, past my teeth and tongue, then dumped into the back of my throat. My stomach turned and heaved, bile launched up my esophagus, burning my throat as another lump began moving toward me.

“If you don’t swallow, you’ll suffocate and die. It happened once.”

I believed him. To my own shame, I squeezed my throat muscles and swallowed the slimy egg-like larva with a choking gulp.

“Try to breathe through your nose between the eggs.”

I did. I inhaled a breath through the slime in my throat just as another mass was delivered into my gullet. I swallowed, breathed, and swallowed again, and again, and again. I gulped down the larvae until my stomach felt full and bloated, then swallowed twice that amount. 

After what felt like thirty of the eggs had been stuffed into me Ben pulled out the fleshy tube with a sucking shlock and I tried to catch my breath. Tears streaked my face and I looked down at the dirt between my legs in disbelief. Is this how I was going to die? Fed to a brood of hungry weedle I birthed myself?”

Ben knelt and placed the form on the ground between my legs. It still looked just as full as when we started. He grabbed the ovipositor in his hand and I shook my head. “You can’t,” I said with a sob but Ben ignored my plea.

He pressed the ugly tip of the erect ovipositor between my legs and the fleshy girth pushed against my sex, spreading my lips with a wet slipping sound. He grunted and shoved the hairy meat pipe deeper into my soft opening. My head continued to shake as inch after inch slid into me. He didn’t stop until the base of the beedrill’s abdomen parted my lips and the tip of the egg spitter pressed firmly against my womb. I thought back to the primeape, his cock forcing its way into my depths as he impregnated me and my body began to tremble in fear.

The beedrill’s legs began to straighten and bend and I soon felt the lumps stretching the mouth of my pussy, the walls of my cunt, and finally, the sphincter of my womb. I panted with the insertion of the first, groaned with the dumping of the second and third, then moaned in pleasure as the next fifty larvae were stuffed into my womb. I lost count of the eggs after that. 

Orgasms began to rock me and Ben laughed. He called me a whore and jeered at what a slut I was. I didn’t care. If I was going to be an incubator for a brood of writhing insects, I wasn’t going to fight my body's natural reactions of pleasure. The buttons on Nurse Joy’s dress snapped off and my bulging stomach broke into the clearing as the pink fabric fell to my sides.

My stomach continued to grow until it kissed the insides of my thighs. I could feel them. They wriggled and writhed, my stomach undulated in jiggling waves and pulsing quakes of my new children. My eyes snapped open. What was I thinking? I was being violated to my core, these weren’t my children, they were invaders.

I cried a wailing sob of despair as my body shuddered with the movement of the brood inside me, then I moaned as Ben pulled the ovipositor from my depths. “Almost full he said, and I screamed as he shoved it past the rim of my asshole in one rough motion. I began breathing in heavy screaming heaves as he forced it deeper, past my sphincter, into the soft flesh of my anus.

I shook in pain and anger and anguish. My head slumped forward and sweat poured from me. The eggs opened me wider as they entered my lower guts. I could feel them collecting in my colon, building up, then pushing deeper. My entire body felt alive with the wriggling of the unborn weedle.

My throat was raw from stretching and screaming, my womb burned from its violation and my asshole stung from the thousand tiny tears in my anal membrane. “There we go,” Ben said and painfully removed the ovipositor from my ass. The entire ordeal had taken less than an hour but it felt like I had been stuffed with eggs for an entire day. My body was spent from the many orgasms and a line of drool flowed freely from my mouth. Ben grabbed my head and forced me to look up at him. My eyes crossed and uncrossed, focused and unfocused. “Still alive? Good. I have to tend the kakuna, feed the weedle, I’ll be back later tonight. Don’t worry about food, some of the larvae won’t survive your stomach, that should keep you going.”

I couldn’t respond. He released my head and I let it fall. My eyes looked over my new body as an incubator and tears fell freely from my eyes. My stomach was twice the size it had been with the primeape egg and I could feel them constantly, in my stomach, my womb, my intestines. They were always there. I fell into a fitful sleep, waking every few minutes to the indescribable sensation of my entire body moving and growing.

I heard a buzzing and instinctively closed my eyes and bowed my head even lower. Then I felt the grip of crawling legs on my distended belly. I lifted my head and squealed through tight lips. A beedrill rested on my stomach, his face only six inches from mine. He tilted his head, his bone spears resting beside my pregnant stomach on either side.

I pulled in quick breaths as my heart fluttered. Then I relaxed slightly. “Yellowjacket?” The pokemon chittered excitedly then hugged my belly nuzzling it lovingly. “You have to get me out of here,” I whispered. He tilted his head in the other direction then bolted into the trees.

“It’s getting late,” Ben said as he came around the side of the cabin. “I’m turning in, you should give birth tomorrow, your body heat is warmer than the queen so they will grow quickly. She’s already reproduced nearly half her eggs,” He said excitedly. “Once they are fertilized and you give birth, we should be able to get another brood in you.”

“If I do that for you, will you let me go?” I asked on the verge of tears. 

Ben looked at me like I was crazy. “Then what would they eat?”

My tears broke and as the sun set, I cried myself to the worst sleep of my life. I had dreams that weedle were under my skin, crawling through my insides, then I would wake in a cold sweat to a living nightmare where that was true. My stomach was bigger, I could feel them hatching from their membranes and unfurling inside me, looking for a way out.

My eyes were drawn to a dark figure standing in the clearing. “Ben?” I called out but the silhouette didn’t move. I could tell it wasn’t Ben, it was much shorter and hunched slightly with wide hips and a large head. 

It took a few steps toward me and I could make out a small trunk that dangled from its face in the moonlight. Its upper half appeared to be covered in yellow fur, its lower half was much darker, but I could clearly make out an erect pink cock against the darker fur between the things squat legs.

It waddled up to me, its tip already dripping with precum. It must have learned it could fuck Ben’s helpless victims in the night. I sighed. “Go ahead,” I said, not really in a position to argue. I guessed this was my life now, to be bred by men, and boys, and pokemon, at their leisure. The pokemon’s wide mouth opened in a stupid smile as it hugged my undulating belly with its arms. It shoved into me and my pussy accepted it easily.

I sighed in pleasure as the strange pokemon fucked me. It reminded me of Machop, its cock thick but not long. I leaned my head back against the cabin and soaked in the familiar pleasure of a cock stuffing me full. His pace quickened and his eyes began to glow a dull purple, that slowly brightened into a beautiful, bright violet.

He drooled down on my stomach as the wet squelching of my cunt grew louder and louder but I couldn’t look away from his eyes. I felt his cock bulge and spew as his body flexed but he didn’t break eye contact. My pussy gripped his cock as it continued to pump into me and I felt my eyelids grow impossibly heavy. The last thing I remember is the pokemon’s thick knot stretching me open as he pushed to the base of his strange cock, then darkness. 

I awoke in the morning to a horror I’d never known. My entire body jostled and twitched with the mass of hatched insects stuffed inside me. I could feel them tangled in my womb, crawling through my guts. I couldn’t believe I was able to sleep at all, then I remembered the purple eyed pokemon.

I would have thought the previous night a dream if my pussy weren’t so wet and sore. I wondered how long the pokemon had used me after I passed out, I could still feel the pool beneath my ass crack. My stomach was even bigger in the morning light and I felt like I needed to shit as my body quaked with the brood inside me. Something was pushing against the inside of my rectum. 

Not pushing, though, it slithered and crawled, looking for a way out. “Oh fuck,” I said aloud. I flexed the muscles of my rectum and it moved closer to my opening. My eyelids fluttered and I took a deep breath before pushing, then stopped. It was too big. The huge worm crawled through my rectum and my asshole began to pulse from the inside. I clenched my teeth and pushed again as the head pressed through my tight rim. I hissed a quick breath as my asshole slid over the thickest part of the weedle’s head. I knew the first segment would be the hardest but the thing was now lodged in me like a string of beads. 

My skin crawled as I felt its tiny legs working against the soft membrane of my anus, another segment popped out of me and it began pulling itself free of me, one smooth bulging orb at a time. It fell between my legs with a wet plop and I moaned in relief.

Hurried footsteps came around the corner and I looked up to see Ben looking down at me with an excited grin, “Has it started?” He dropped to his knees between my legs and scooped up the freshly birthed weedle. Its head was thicker than a soda can and its segmented body was as long as my forearm. I looked down at my stomach and watched the bodies press against my skin from the inside. They were growing restless.

Ben looked at the weedle in his hands, amazed. “They’re twice the size of the last batch, Priss! I’ve never seen a larva this size!”

I began to hyperventilate, I couldn’t birth one more of these things, let alone an entire “batch.” My hair clung to my forehead and face, my lips trembled. I thought about asking Ben to kill me but I was too afraid he would actually do it.

“The faster you do it, the faster it’ll be over,” Ben said, and my eyes flashed hatred up at him.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I took a deep breath and focused on the breeze against my moist skin. My head shook slightly with the vibrations of my body. I imagined Ben’s head exploding under the strength of Champ’s giant hands. I imagined him severed in half by my new Pinsir. I decided I would survive this encounter, and that Ben would not. I didn’t know how, but Ben would – my fantasy was broken as something inside me gave way. 

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I slammed my head against the wooden wall behind me. My feet flexed and I felt like I would break my restraints as every muscle in my body tightened to the point of snapping. The seal of my womb had been broken, the first of my brood had managed to press his head through my inner depths. My body shook with the pain of the weedle forcing his own birth. I felt a quick relief as the head broke free, then more pain as its body followed.

It worked its way through me, its tiny claws pulling and pinching as it thrashed through my soft walls. My pussy parted for the fleshy head and my opening strained against its girth. I opened my mouth and a single guttural note cut through the quiet clearing. Another wet plop and two had been born successfully. My stomach gurgled loudly as the brood came alive.

I felt more pressure in my ass and another head forced its way from my womb. I began to pant, every exhale another groan of pain, I sounded like a bitch in heat. My asshole stretched over another wet bulb and snapped around its neck. My womb’s sphincter trembled as the entire body slithered into my vaginal canal with a rhythmic vibration. I pushed out another disgusting ass baby and began to sob as a weedle crawled through me. My pussy stretched and I moaned as tears splattered down onto my bloated abdomen.

I stopped pushing after the tenth weedle splashed between my legs. The continued pain of my stretching holes lulled me into a stupor. I sat with my chin against my chest, wheezing out whining whimpers with every new swollen mass that crawled out of me.

Then something began to take root between my asshole and my swollen sex. A flower of pleasure began to bloom and the thought sickened me. A revulsion covered me like a wet blanket, but I was helpless to my body’s disgusting response. I could suddenly feel every crawling limb against my insides, every stretch and tug of my inner walls, and I each pinch and prod sent another streak of pleasure through my overworked nervous system.

A drop of sweat dangled from my nose and my hot breath sent it spraying across my stomach. I could still smell the reeking meat of my predecessors, how was I possibly finding pleasure? Another broodling slid out of me and my body trembled, shivers of delight surged up and down my spine and my pussy blushed as hot blood rushed to my groin.

There was a literal child watching me give birth to a litter of crawling bugs, how could I possibly orgasm? My asshole loosened as the last few segments of another weedle rippled through my abused sphincter. A line of drool spilled over my bottom lip but I didn’t bother slurping it. My mind was focused on the now constant stream of large beaded segments feeding through my cervix. I lifted my head and Ben laughed as one of the weedle nuzzled under his chin. I looked past him and my gaze settled on the black and yellow form clinging to a tree across the clearing.

My eyes crossed then rolled back as another skittered clumsily through my dripping pussy. The sounds of my wet holes pumping out worms was like nothing I’d ever heard, the squishing and squelching just as the tension released was enough to push me over the edge. I huffed a single girlish moan of delight and a flood of pleasure burst from my pelvic floor, it warmed my groin and I pulled against my restraints.

That was only the beginning. Somehow my revulsion pushed my orgasm further, the thought of my young nubile body being used to pump out a brood of insects sent another orgasm rippling through my shaking body before the first was even finished. More worms poured from me and my climaxes began to stack in a way I didn’t know was possible. I became a puddle of useless flesh, moaning and crying tears of confused joy as more and more bugs crawled free of me. 

This continued for hours. I lost track of myself, I lost track of my pleasure and time. By the time the last weedle crawled free of Ben’s new incubator it was late afternoon. There wasn’t much left of me at that point. The pleasure had twisted back to pain as it reached new heights I didn’t know possible, then straightened out to a dull ache that I found preferable to the constant forced orgasms. I moaned and cried and laughed. I sobbed and cursed and at some point even thanked Ben. To say I was a mess was vastly understating things, I knew my mind was bending the box of sanity.

But now I looked up at Ben with a new confusion. He had been telling me what a good breeder I had been, how he had hope that I would serve him for two, maybe even three more broods. He was unbuttoning his pants as he taunted me but stopped mid sentence. A spray of warmth splattered across my face and the loose deflated skin of my stomach. A bone spear protruded from his open mouth, another from his chest. 

I looked up at him dumbly, and a single burst of laughter huffed out of me, then another. I was dreaming, surely. I had slipped into some new waking insanity brought on by trauma and shock to protect my brain from the truth. Maybe I had died?

The bone spear pulled free of the boy and he fell to his knees. His head slumped forward and Yellow Jacket hovered above him, his other spear still embedded in Ben’s back. The beautiful beedrill gripped the back of the boy’s shirt and wrenched the tip free, sending his body sprawling between my legs.

Ben coughed and inhaled a wet wheeze as his esophagus filled with his own blood. Yellowjacket moved with swift efficiency, he used his serrated spear tips to easily cut my bindings free. My arms fell to my sides and my legs straightened out in front of me. Ben looked up at me, clawing my inner thigh with one hand, his eyes wide in fright. My arms and legs were numb and tingled in pain as the blood flow returned to them. 

I stared down at the dying boy and my laughter turned to a wild cackle, I couldn’t help it. There was something funny about this boy’s prized creation being the cause of his death. My mind wasn’t exactly intact but I knew one thing, I was happy to watch him die. He pulled more fluid into his lungs and his body jerked and twisted as he tried to get oxygen. Yellowjacket landed on Ben’s head and aimed his stinger at the boy’s neck.

“Wait,” I said.

The pokemon stopped and tilted his head at me.

I motion to the corpses surrounding us, “Let him die slowly.” 

The beedrill gave a slow nod of his triangular head and together, we waited for Ben’s wet death rattle.

Once Ben was dead, Yellowjacket buzzed excitedly and chittered in my face. My eyes tried to focus on his darting figure. I flexed my hands and stretched my arms out wide. He landed on the wall above me and tapped frantically at the wood. “I don’t know what you want, but thanks for saving me.” I crawled forward and unhooked my PokeBall belt from Ben’s body. 

I called Champ out of his ball and his chest was still a gaping hole of gore. I swung my bag around and pulled out a potion, closing his many wounds. He opened his amber eyes and embraced me with his strong arms. I kissed his neck and the side of his face. 

“Ma,” he said and held me at arms length, looking over my drooping stomach. I sprayed my abdomen with the potion and my skin began to tighten and heal back to my usual flat toned self.

“Don’t worry about me Champ, let’s get the others.”

I called my other pokemon and healed them all back to full, antidoting those poisoned. 

Yellowjacket continued his constant tapping on the wall of the cabin, then it dawned on me. “You want your queen,” I said. Yellowjacket’s head turned and he chittered again. I stood on exhausted legs, I closed my open dress and clasped my belt around my waste, holding the ruined pink fabric closed. I remembered what Ben said and reached into my bag pulling out the matte black handgun. “If you want her, we're going to have to kill Ben’s beedrill. We need to exterminate the entire hive so you can start your own.” 

Yellowjacket nodded once. Princess flapped up onto my shoulder, Mankey had climbed up atop Pinsir’s head and the bone-plated pokemon grunted in excitement. I pulled back the slide of my pistol to make sure a bullet was chambered, then released it with a loud metallic impact. I looked down at Champ and smiled. “Let’s do this.”