Chapter 1

I let my fingers slide between my pussy lips as more drool seeped from my soft fleshy flower. I squeezed my breast over my tank top and scrunched my face in pleasure.

"Priss!" Mother yelled from downstairs.

I sighed in annoyance and shoved two fingers into the soft hole between my legs. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the wet sounds of my hungry cunt getting its breakfast.

"Priscilla!" She yelled again, louder this time.

She would not ruin my morning ritual, I moved my hand from my breast and pressed my clit flat, before rapidly rocking my fingers back and forth. The walls of my cunt began to squeeze and I opened my mouth in a silent moan, then grit my teeth and arched my back as I came.

"Fuck," I said with an exhale, then took two deep breaths before my bedroom door burst open.

"You're going to be late!"

I swallowed hard and pulled the covers from my waist up over my head.

Mother clicked her tongue and pulled the blankets off my bed in one swift motion. "You can't hide from me, Miss Priss. It's time to get dressed, this is your big day!"

The cool air touched my wet lips and ass cheeks sending goose bumps crawling down my legs. Mother rummaged in my clothes drawer and threw me a pair of pants and some underwear.

"Skirt." I said, propping myself up.

"You're going out into the wilderness, you need-"

"Skiiiiirt!" I said, throwing the pants and underwear at her.

She sighed, and after the clacking of hangers, pulled a pleated white skirt with a violet trim out of my closet. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and walked over to my vanity bottomless.

She hung the skirt on the corner of my mirror as I lazily reapplied mascara. "What about this?" She asked, holding a collared blouse up in front of her.

I rubbed a light smear of purple eyeshadow across my eyelid with my thumb and glanced in the mirror. "I'm just gonna wear this."

"The tank top you slept in." She asked the question as an incredulous statement before going back to my drawers. "You'll need this then," she said, holding out a folded wad of straps.

I took a long draw from my vape pen and laughed a cloud of lavender smelling smoke. "I'm not wearing that." I said bluntly, my voice deep through the thick fog.

"I can see your nipples Priss!" She waved the smoke away from her and thrust the bra toward me again.

I turned my back to her, pulling the skirt up over my ass cheeks. I actually like this skirt, the bottom of the hem rested well above my knee and the waist rode low, giving me some midriff. I slipped on some flip-flops before looking myself over in the mirror.

You couldn't actually see my nipples through the fabric, but you could tell they were there at the right angles. The purple tank top was maybe a size too small for me but I liked the way it hugged my body. It showed off my flat stomach and made my boobs look full and round, without pushing them up in a ridiculous way.

"Bras are for sweaty old women, Mother. I'm not ashamed of the tits you gave me." I smirked, knowing the word made her uncomfortable and tied my dark hair in a ponytail. Then I pulled a thick strand down to hang beside my temple and cheek before blowing myself a kiss.

Mother shook her head and laughed, "I'm only trying to 'support' you," she said, holding the bra up in front of her.

We both laughed and I hugged her tight, "I'm going to miss you," I said. We held each other in silence for a long time.

Then she held me at arms length with tears misting her eyes. "You should get going, you're already late."

I wiped a tear from her cheek as it fell and my own eyes began to glisten. "I'm coming back, you know." She nodded and grabbed my hand, leading me downstairs.

We hugged one final time, and I left.

I walked past Gary's house and my face reflexively curled in a grimace. I fucking hated Gary, he was cocky, loud, and worst of all, gorgeous. He fucking knew it too, always smiling at me with that cocksure grin.

Half of my morning routines ended with his face or shirtless body lodged in my brain as I imagined him fucking me, but that would never happen. I wouldn't let him have the satisfaction of mounting me. God, I'd never hear the end of it.

I pushed open the doors of Oak's facility and speak of the devil, Gary lounged in the small waiting area with his hands resting comfortably above his head.

"Heya Prissy, late as usual I see. You seen gramps?" He wore a black collared shirt. The top half of the shirt's buttons were left open, revealing the curves of his toned chest.

I didn't respond. This douche thought he was so special because his grandpa was Professor Oak. I walked past him toward Oak's personal lab and Gary jumped up to walk beside me.

"He's not here Prissy-"

"Dont fucking call me that! It's Priscilla or Priss, understand?" I opened the lab door and was annoyed that Gary was right, as usual. The lab was empty besides three shining pokeballs sitting atop the professor's desk.

"Jeez, what's got your panties in a bunch?"

"I don't wear panties gary." I said, not giving a fuck what he thought. I was too distracted by the gleaming white and red balls atop the desk to notice if he responded. "It's not like him to be late, he must have forgotten."

"He may have forgotten about you, but I'm Gary Oak." He smiled and hooked two thumbs at himself. "He probably just lost track of time working on some incredible invention. We don't have to just sit here while we wait, you know…" he let the statement hang in case I missed the obvious proposal for something sexual.

I tilted my head up, looked him in the eyes. Raising an eyebrow, I traced a line on his chest with the tip of my long fingernail. I leaned into him and whispered, "I'd rather be fucked by a hairless Raticate," then turned to leave.

He made a sound of disgust and shuddered. "Hey, where are you going, we should wait!"

I was already across the sitting room and opening the door to Pallet Town. I had said my goodbyes, I wasn't going to sit around and wait for the old man while his second generation tried to get in my pants.

My loose plan was to head north, to Viridian City, buy some PokeBalls and start my journey without anybody's help. My only possessions were my clothes and my vape. I stopped at the edge of town. A field of tall grass stretched out in front of me with the faintest trail of a winding road.

That was always the problem living in a far removed backwater like Pallet. No safe roads in or out meant I was trapped here until I got a pokemon of my own. I didn't care anymore, I had to get out. I took a deep breath and as I took my first step I heard the metallic clink of someone closing a zippo lighter.

"I have to admit, you've got balls, kid. Maybe not the right kind, but I can change that."

I turned to see the old man confidently limping toward me, a cane in one hand, a shining golden lighter in the other. He held a lit cigarette in the corner of his mouth. The stubble on his upper lip and chin told me he hadn't bathed or slept in days.

The thick smell of burning tobacco wrapped me in a strong hug of comfort. I had grown up in and around the professor's lab and he was the only person in the village with the habit, I had even sneaked a couple before I started vaping.

"You're late." I said glaring at him.

"So were you." He said, returning the harsh look.

The hard lines of our mouths slowly trembled and then cracked in laughter as I closed the last remaining steps. I fell into his warm embrace and the smell of his old lab coat doubled my previous security. Oak was the closest thing I'd ever had to a real father.

"Come on, I've got a present for you." He put his hand on my shoulder and walked me back to his lab.

"Finally!" Gary said when we walked back into Oak's office.

"Oh shut up," Oak said, waving his hand. He squeezed my shoulder affectionately then walked to the other side of his desk.

Oak picked up the three PokeBalls in one hand. "Before you, are three choices. These pokemon are very rare and powerful." He ashed his cigarette and pushed the small button on one of the three balls in his hand. It grew to fit snugly in his palm and he let it fall to the floor.

The lines between the two sections of the ball glowed with white light and a mechanical hum filled the small office. A flash of light blinded me, and as I blinked the stars out of my eyes a small blue turtle stood in front of me on two legs. "Squirtle!" It said with its hands on its hips.

I laughed, "Squirtle? Really?" The pokemon's pose faltered slightly and I dropped to my knees in instant regret. "I wasn't laughing at you little guy, it's just a funny name." The round bald head seemed to lift a little but I could tell I'd hurt its pride.

Oak pressed the center button on the pokeball and returned the pokemon to its tiny home. "You shouldn't laugh at your pokemon unless they are trying to be funny Priss, an unconfident pokemon doesn't perform when you need it to."

"Could you at least tell me their names before you bring them out?" I did feel bad, but come on, squirtle?

Oak snorted a puff of smoke out his nostrils in annoyance or amusement, I wasn't sure. "Up next is bulbasaur." Another flash of light blazed but I closed my eyes this time. When I opened them a stout, green, frog-like pokemon with a large leafy bulb on its back stood on all fours atop the professor's desk.

"Bulb," the thing croaked out. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Gary who also seemed unimpressed.

"You know, kids used to be really excited to get a rare pokemon for free." The obvious anger in Oak's voice caused Gary and I to both blurt assurances.

"No, I'm excited, professor, and grateful." I said, trying to sound earnest.

Gary nodded in agreement. "Me too, gramps, I was just hoping for something cool." I elbowed him hard in the ribs "I mean cooler, they just both look like turtles so far and I'm… not… really into turtles."

Oak put out his cigarette and held the final ball in front of his face as it glowed and whirred quietly. "Charmander," he said as the light flashed and a small bipedal lizard unfurled and stood a couple feet tall atop the desk.

"Cool!" Gary said.

"Priss, you can pick first."

"Oh that’s so not fair, she's gonna take the good one!" Gary whined.

"Shut the fuck up Gary," Oak and I said in unison.

I thought about taking charmander just to make Gary miserable but it wasn't really my vibe. In fact, none of these pokomon really spoke to me. "Honestly professor, I'm not really interested in any of these choices."

Oak shook his head and covered his forehead with one hand. "Spoiled rotten," he muttered. "I suppose there's no helping it now, follow me. Gary, you can have the charmander, wait here." He walked to the wall of his office that was bare and unobstructed. He put his hand against the wall and a hidden panel pressed inward, opening a secret door.

"Woah," Gary and I said.

I followed him down a flight of stairs and through a dark hallway in silence until we came to a stairway leading up. "This is a small pokemon sanctuary I've put together in order to study them in their natural habitat without the interference of humans,” he said as his cane clicked along the hard floor.

We crested the stairs into a small observatory, there were large glass windows looking out into a small forested area. He pulled a folded leather belt from his lab coat pocket with six round slots, each one filled with a purple and white PokeBall. "These are designed to catch low level pokemon at full health. You can have them, this button shrinks them for storage and grows them for use. The big button in the middle calls and recalls the pokemon."

He looked down his nose at me with a serious expression, "Remember, these pokemon have never seen a human before and wild pokemon will kill you if you aren't careful." I nodded and took the professor's special balls in my hand. "I have something for you back at my lab," he said, "come find me when you've found one you like."

"Thank you, Oak," I really meant it. I kissed him on his stubbled cheek and he smiled before he turned and hobbled down the stairs.

I looked out into the small clearing but didn't see any movement. The fresh mountain air surged into the room as I swung open the sturdy metal door.

I didn't really like the idea of being alone with wild pokemon, hopefully he isn't keeping anything too dangerous in here, I thought to myself. I clasped the belt around my waist and it hung low on my hips, just below the top of my skirt, then walked out into the sun.

The grass crunched beneath my feet and I heard movement in the small cluster of trees ahead of me. My heart began to beat faster and I could feel unseen eyes on me. I took a drag of my vape to calm my nerves and the door slammed behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath. "This is what you wanted," I said to myself and walked toward the trees.

A small yellow patch of fur popped up in the grass between me and the treeline. It jumped forward curiously and sniffed the air with its mouse-like nose. It had black dagger-tipped ears and a black tail with one red circle on each cheek. I had heard of these filthy lightning rats. I picked up a rock and threw it toward the little beast with a shout, "shoo!"

It scampered off and I continued heading toward the grove. I still felt like I was being watched but I didn't care. I was there to catch a pokemon and that's what I was going to do.

I pushed past the thick line of trees and was surprised to see a small pond in the center of the copse. I took a seat on the mossy rock beside the pool and removed my sandals before plopping my feet in the cool water. I thought maybe I could just wait for a pokemon to come to me.

I didn't have to wait long. Something slithered against the soles of my feet and I jerked them out of the water. A white nose and purple eyes peeked up at me and I smiled. "What are you?" I asked, and a pale blue head and body snaked out of the pond around my leg.

It slithered up my body and locked eyes with me, its face inches from my own. I slowly reached for a PokeBall at my waist. As my fingers closed around the smooth sphere, the snake-like head turned toward the trees and it darted back into the water. I threw a ball as fast as I could but it splashed before bobbing on the rippling surface of the pond.

Snapping twigs and rustling bushes pulled my attention from the pond and I scrambled back as three short forms broke into the clearing. They had grey skin, red eyes and three protruding ridges down each of their heads. They weren't scrawny but they were small, almost like children but their forearms and hands were bulging.

They sprinted at me with surprising speed and I turned to crawl away from them on my hands and knees. A massive hand gripped my ankle and pulled me back toward them. I thrashed and screamed as another set of hands grabbed my neck and held my face to the ground.

"Ma," one of them grunted.

"Chop," another finished as my skirt flew up and strong hands gripped my ass cheeks, spreading them wide apart.

"What the fuck!" I crawled to my knees but my head was held fast against the ground by impossibly strong fingers. One of the short creatures was behind me now, his cock pressing against my thigh as he jabbed a fat digit at my exposed holes.

I writhed and screamed but he forced his thick fingers into my cunt, curiously probing into me while his hard cock slapped between my legs. "Noooo," I moaned and tried to gather my wits. My thoughts flailed in panic, this couldn't be happening, what the fuck do I do?

I fumbled with my belt and pokeballs thudded onto the ground. The fingers pushed deeper into me, violating my sacred flower. I grabbed one of the balls and smashed it into the hand holding my neck.

A flash of light lit the shaded grove and I lifted my head trying to crawl away. The fingers pulled out of me and the strong hands grabbed my hips. The third pokemon replaced the one holding my head and I was back where I started.

The pressure on my head made my eyes feel like they were bulging out of their sockets. I could feel the cock pressing against my asshole now, trying to enter me. I stared at the glowing ball inches from my face as it slowly jerked and wobbled for what seemed like a lifetime. Then a satisfying click confirmed my catch.

I twisted my hips, bruising them against the iron grip of my attacker and grabbed the pokeball, pushing the button and rolling it beside me. The pokemon behind me shoved my hips into the ground and mounted me, putting his weight behind his throbbing rod.

Another flash of light burst and the pokemon holding me down hesitated. I felt the tip of the cock pushing past my tight rim and my eyes widened in horror. I put the words I heard together and screamed through a mouth full of dirt. "Machop! Fucking help me!"

I could only see his feet as he sprinted towards me but the unmistakable sounds of snapping bone and the release of the pressure against my head and hole told me my plan was working.

I rolled to my back and crawled out from under the machop, backing myself against a tree. One of them lay dead beside me, his skull caved and neck broken, the other looked confused, he backed away from my savior but not fast enough. My machop swept out my attacker's legs and mounted its torso, slamming his great fists into the other's face again and again. The helpless machop tried to protect itself, he tried to fight back but my machop slapped the pitiful attempts away until all I could hear was the relentless impact of hard fists against wet meat and the occasional gurgle of blood.

When the deed was finished my pokemon stood and walked over to me, blood covering his fists and forearms. He bowed his head with a single, "Ma."

"Holy shit." Was the only thing I could say. I couldn't even start to comprehend what had just happened. I crawled a pace toward him on my knees and wrapped my arms around his neck cradling the back of his head in my hands. He smelled like body odor and blood but I didn't care, he was my hero, my champion. His short cock stiffened against my waist and I felt like laughing and crying at the same time, so I did.

I looked into his amber eyes and he didn't blink. "Come on, Champ. We gotta get outa here."