Chapter 1

My eyelids cracked open as if they had been sealed. I rolled my head to one side and my neck popped three times. Pre-war music danced into the room from somewhere out of sight. "Hell's bells," I mumbled, pressing the palm of my hand to my temple. My head felt like it had been split open and put back together again. I tried to sit up but the room spun, my vision fractured, and I thought I would be sick.

"Woah there," I saw a shape move towards me and my eyes focused on the kindly, mustached face of an old man. "Wasn't sure if you were gonna make it."

I tried to speak but my mouth and throat clicked with dryness.

The bald man held a bottle of water up to my cracked lips and I swallowed once, twice, then my hand gripped the bottle and I began to gulp the water until the man pulled it away from me. "Easy there, girl." His voice was quiet and calm, like he was trying to soothe a wild animal.

"Where?" I started to ask but I found myself utterly exhausted.

"I'm Doc Mitchell. Yer in my house. Victor pulled you from a shallow grave and brought you here. Lucky he did or you'd have been a goner. Do you remember anything?"

I closed my eyes and flashes of incoherent memories strobed through my mind. A poker chip, a checkered suit jacket, a friendly cowboy.

I wiped the crust from my eyes and tried again to sit up. The dirty blanket fell down my chest and I looked down at my bare breasts. I blinked. They were… full. Not huge, but round and heavy. I squeezed one gently and milk dribbled down from my nipple. "What in the…"

"I may have made some modifications while I was puttin' you back together," Doc said, staring at the pink nub of my dripping nipple.

I covered myself. "Whadya mean?" I asked.

"Well, your head was dang near exploded. Lucky for you I had an old synth chip I'd been savin' for a rainy day." He laughed as if he had told a joke, then his face turned serious, "now don't go tellin' nobody your brain's half synth or they'll go all feral ghoul on yer sweet ass, y'hear?"

I didn't have the slightest clue what he was talking about but I nodded.

"Now," he continued. "Since I put you back together, I took some liberties with the programming," he chuckled. "Nothing crazy, just turned a few knobs." His eyes glittered and he smirked.

I stared at him. "What exactly did you do to me?"

He beamed proudly. "Well for starters, I replaced most of your skull with an alloy I pulled off a protectotron's outer chassi. Should help with future trauma to the head." My eyes went wide and I looked around the room. "Don't worry," he said, holding up a hand mirror, "you were already cute as a button so I didn't change your face."

Not that I would know if he did, I looked into the mirror and a complete stranger stared back at me. She was pretty with a small nose and big blue eyes. Shoulder length blonde hair framed her face and neck. There didn't seem to be any scars or signs of my injuries at all.

He tapped my forehead with two fingers and I pulled my head away from his hand. "Under the hood I installed the chip. Never seen anything like it, Chet gave it to me after some drifter claimed it was synth tech from out east. Folks around the Mojave tend to be a little superstitious, but I consider myself a man o' science." He held a polished tobacco pipe to his mouth and lit a match, puffing twice. "As for yer programming, don't worry, you're not a synth. I was able to save most of your brain tissue. The chip just… holds everything together and fills in the gaps, it also allowed me to make a few personal changes."

I knew I probably wouldn't like the answer, but I asked anyway. "Like what?"

He shrugged, "Not much. I turned up your sex drive as high as it would go. This means your body is probably producing more hormones. That would explain the swelling of your breasts and production of milk. Your body probably thinks you were recently pregnant. I'm not complainin' though. You'll make a fine sex toy."


"Well now, you didn't think I saved you outta the kindness of my heart didja? Synth chips ain't exactly falling from the sky, and the medical procedure alone would cost more caps than you were buried with, which was none, by the by.

Tears gushed down my cheeks. I didn't even recognize my own face and now I'm supposed to just accept I belong to this old stranger?

"Oh, don't take it so bad. I'm an old man. Once I'm gone you're free to wander the wastes, though I think you'll find my dusty old balls preferable to the irradiated sands of the Mojave and its current inhabitants." He laughed again.

I started to hyperventilate. My heart felt like it was blocking my airway and sweat began to bead on my prickled flesh.

"Easy, easy. Don'tchu worry girl, we'll take it nice and slow. I ain't gonna fuck ya until you want me to, I'm not a bad guy, but I do have needs." He smiled and somehow, his grandfatherly face calmed my panic. "Now, let's get a couple things straight, what's yer name?"

I sat up and slowly pulled my knees up to my chest. My mind was entirely vacant. I couldn't even try to recall a shred of my memories. "I…" Tears ran like rivers now and I hissed a ragged inhale, leaning into his open arms. "I don't know," I said, through loud sobs.

He held me for a few minutes while I cried. "There there," he said, "I've been callin' you Kitty, on account of yer cute face and the fact you seem to have nine lives."

I nodded but I wasn't really listening, I had caught a hint of his body odor. At first whiff, the smell of the man's old sweat and musk repulsed me, but as I leaned into him it began to intrigue me. My mouth watered and I pulled away from him. Suddenly afraid of my own mind.

"Change me back," I said, horrified at the sexual thoughts that slithered into my consciousness like a curious snake.

"I'd need a gun to do that, when you came here you'd had a bullet through yer brain, girl."

"I mean… make me normal!" I was beginning to panic again and he laid a hand on my shoulder.

"It's a miracle this even worked in the first place girly, to change yer programming I'd have to remove the chip, and I don't think you'd survive a second operation." He thumped my forehead lightly to make his point. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it, and who knows, maybe someday you'll even thank me for savin' yer life." He winked and released me.

I glared at the old man. "You said yourself, you didn't do it out of the kindness of your heart."

His eyes softened and he nodded. "Fair enough. Either way," he ran a hand down my head and cupped my cheek, "them's the breaks, kid." He stood and left me alone in the small room. I turned over and stared at the filthy wall of the old pre-war house before falling into a fitful sleep.

I awoke to the smell of something cooking and my appetite ignited. I felt like I hadn't eaten in weeks and the scent of fresh warm food pulled me to my feet. I stood on shaky legs for half a second then found my balance and stood straight. I felt… strange.

I slowly flexed my toes and fingers. I could feel every muscle in my body and I shivered, suddenly aware I was completely naked. I wrapped the dirty blanket around my shoulders and walked toward the promise of food.

The filthy pre-war kitchen made me wrinkle my nose. It was as if Doc had moved into this house and never cleaned it once. The windows were all boarded up from the inside so the room was dark save for a single light bulb that hung above the dining table.

Doc stood in front of the stove, humming along with the radio that sang an old tune from the counter. He wore dress pants held up by suspenders lashed over a dark jacket.

"Well, there she is," Doc said with a pleasant smile. "I knew you'd feel better after a nap. you gotta be starvin, been on fluids for two weeks."

I was starving. My stomach growled and I walked over to see what he was cooking.

"Have a seat," he said, and motioned to the dining table.

He scooped a slab of meat from the frying pan and set it onto the dirty plate in front of me. "What is it?" I asked.

"Gecko." He said, and put a small steak on his own plate before sitting down across from me.

I grabbed the steak in both hands and pressed the warm meat to my lips. It wasn't seasoned but when my teeth sunk into the juicy meat I couldn't help but moan.

"Don't eat too fast, Kitty, you're stomachs probably shrunk to half its size."

I didn't hear him. I chewed and swallowed as fast as I could. The greasy meat slicked my cheeks and hands but I shoved it into my mouth like a hungry animal.

He watched me with a curious smile, not eating his own meal.

I finished and closed my eyes, taking a few deep breaths. My heart was beating out of my chest and I felt suddenly hot, too hot. I threw the blanket off my shoulders and my skin glistened in the dim light. Doc's eyes fell to my exposed breasts and before I knew what I was doing I walked around the table.

Doc turned his chair to the side and I fell to my knees in front of him. He unclipped his suspenders and unbuttoned his pants. As I began frantically tugging them down to his ankles.

Shoving that greasy meat into my mouth had awakened a desire in me that couldn't be ignored. I grabbed the base of Doc's hardening cock and shoved it into my wet mouth.

He grunted and grabbed the back of my head, gently pushing me further onto his rigid rod. I coughed as his cock filled the back of my throat but I didn't gag. I wondered if Doc had removed my reflex all together and took his cock deeper, removing my hand as my lips wrapped the base of his shaft.

My other grease-slick hand moved to the lips of my pussy. I drug them slowly over my clit and pressed my fingers against my soft fleshy cunt, moaning on his cock.

I wanted more. I pushed my head against his crotch as if I could stuff more of him into my throat. I couldn't breathe but my need for cock seemed to come before all else. I shoved my middle and ring finger into my eager pussy and it gripped them tight as I began to pull his cock-head from the throat and shove it back in.

Then he grabbed my head and began to fuck my throat with wild thrusts. He bucked three times and I drank from him, loudly gulping his cum as he moaned and groaned above me.

He pulled my head off his cock and I gasped, only then realizing how close I was to passing out. Then he rubbed his cock against my bottom lips and tongue before sliding it down my throat again and resting it, comfortably lodged behind my tongue.

I massaged his cockhead with my throat muscles and he purred, "that's a good Kitty," before sliding his softening meat from my sucking mouth.

I pulled my fingers free of my dripping cunt and stood in front of him. He looked my body up and down and I held out my fingers, a strand of slime dripped from them. He opened his mouth and I ran them across his tongue. He closed his lips and eyes as he sucked them clean.

Then, as if waking from a dream, I pulled my fingers from his mouth. I looked down at my naked body and around the filthy kitchen. Doc's cock lay flaccid in his lap and I could taste the remnants of his unwashed cock on my tongue.

I had just sucked this stranger's cock, and I'd loved it. I grabbed the blanket from the back of my chair and covered myself again, suddenly feeling inexplicable shame. Doc turned and ate his dinner.

"Tomorrow morning I'll see if I can't get you some clothes from Chet," he said casually through a bite of steak.

His flippant tone worried me, as if sudden vulgar sex with his new toy was going to be a regular thing.