Chapter 1

The two figures peered down into the darkness, a tall woman with a cowboy hat and a curvy brunette in a tight jumpsuit. Bones littered the gradual slope that led into the dismal den. The cowgirl pulled the flask from her back pocket and unscrewed the cap.

"Really, Cass?" Kim asked.

"Not gonna die sober, that's for damn sure."

Cass tilted the flask and Kim watched as the redhead gulped once, twice, then a third time before finally lowering it. She offered the flask to Kim as she puffed a quick breath through puckered lips.

Kim giggled and took the flask. "Think it's a male or female?" she asked before taking a swig. She took one swallow and coughed, spitting Cass's special moonshine down her chin.

Cass shook her head and laughed. "Some folks just can't handle the shine."

"What happened to the whiskey?" Kim asked ruefully.

The redhead shrugged. "Ran out. It's a female by the by."

"What?" Kim asked, squinting up at her and wiping her chin with her sleeve.

She gestured to the black cave entrance. "Deathclaw, it's a she."

"How are you so sure?" Kim held the flask out to her and she took it.

"Males roam in packs, they travel from den to den, breeding the females, then moving on."

Kim looked thoughtful. "That's why we've never seen a deathclaw cock."

Cass burst out laughing, "what?"

"Every time we've killed a deathclaw I've checked for a cock, I've always wanted to see one."

Cass shook her head. “It’s ‘cocks,’ by the way.”

Kim arched an eyebrow.

“Cocks,” Cass continued, “deathclaw females have two cunts, which means…” She opened her mouth and made the motion of stroking two cocks while flicking her tongue from cheek to cheek..

Kim’s eyes went wide as the possibilities went through her head.

Cass snorted. "Such a pervert."

The brunette stepped closer to her. The top three buttons of Cass's red plaid shirt were undone, revealing a generous amount of cleavage. The shirt was slightly too small for Cass and the fabric stretched over her breasts before hugging her athletic body. Kim ran a finger down the row of buttons below Cass's half exposed chest. "I haven't heard any complaints."

Cass's cheeks flushed and she took a half step closer, she was a few inches taller than Kim and she looked down into her round face. She reached an arm around the plump brunette and gripped a handful of her heavy ass cheek.

Cass's body was lean and fit. She had average breasts, and her ass was toned, but she was a wandering trader; her body reflected that. Kim's body reflected the success the two of them had had over the past year. They could afford to splurge on meals, sometimes three times a day and the brunette's thighs, ass, and chest were a testament.

"Whiskey Rose…" Kim whispered in mock admonishment. Cass was known to knock the teeth from wastelanders that used the mocking moniker, but it was Kim's pet name for her when she was drunk and ready to fuck.

Cass's pink lips were inches away from Kim's and she could smell the mutfruit of the moonshine on her warm breath. Kim knew that look, if she didn't change the subject Cass would be three knuckles deep within the minute.

She grabbed Cass by the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. The brunette's full lips engulfed their prey and her tongue teased and prodded. Then she pulled away and began walking down the slope as if nothing happened, stifling a giggle.

Cass stood, a scowl scrunching her face. "You'll pay for that, girl. When we get back to Sloan, I'm sending four miners to your room," she stomped down after Kim's wide swinging hips, "tell’em you have a rape fantasy and not to take no for an answer."

Kim looked over her shoulder, batting her eyelashes, "don't threaten me with a good time," she giggled, then stopped.

The air was cool in the darkness of the cave entrance. Cass pulled her caravan shotgun off her back and propped it on her shoulder. Kim dropped her backpack and unzipped it. She strapped a belt of 40mm grenades across her chest before hoisting up her heavy grenade launcher, also shouldering the weapon.

"I'll cripple her legs, you get around behind her," Kim said, her voice taking on the air of absolute authority. “She’ll crawl for me, that’s your moment.”

Cass felt the sudden heat of arousal, this was why she'd fallen in love with Kim. The curvy brunette was charming, and her tongue knew its way around a clit, but when it was time to act, Kim became some otherworldly goddess of war.

It wasn't only that though, any other wastelander with half her talent for killing would have started a faction, or used their power for themselves. Not Kim though. Kim did stupid shit for the good of the Mojave, like walkin into a deathclaw den with no chems and a boomstick. The real kicker though, was how eager Cass was to follow.

Cass tipped her cowgirl hat and activated the Stealth Boy on her watch, fading into the rocks and bones.

Kim walked deeper down the wide tunnel, her steady gait measured and sure. She didn't shake or tremble. She thought back to her life before Cass and shook her head. She had been a chem junkie, her combat prowess fueled by jet and psycho.

Now that she was almost a year clean, she felt even stronger, like she was in full control of a weapon forged in the fires of the Mojave. She owed it all to Cass. After their assault on the Silver Rush, Kim had burned through the last of her chems and was in a bad way, rock bottom some would say. Cass could have left her to die, her vengeance complete, but she didn't.

She stayed by Kim through the worst of it, filled the hole left by chem addiction with sex and whiskey. She loved Cass, which was surprising, she never thought…

The dragging of scale on stone pulled her from her reverie and she readied her weapon. She had affixed a flashlight above the barrel and fingered the switch, illuminating the tunnel ahead. It opened into a wide chamber and as she passed the threshold a low growl began to reverberate off the cavern walls.

Kim pointed the beam of light on a black mound of unfurling scaled limbs, and the beast's great horned head raised, then tilted in disbelief. A great bellowing roar of rage erupted from the many fanged maw and the great scaled beast was suddenly bounding across the cavern.

Kim fired her first shell with a hollow “thum” before a flash of light and smoke filled the cave. The scent of seared flesh told her she had struck true, but she loaded another shell with practiced efficiency. The grenade launcher thumped again and a ferocious scream reached Kim's ears.

The great horned beast continued its gallop out of the smoke toward Kim but staggered and fell to a crawl, its left leg nothing but useless meat. Its eyes bulged in pain, confusion, and anger but its second roar was cut short.

Cass appeared next to the deathclaw, the barrel of her shotgun pressed against its enormous head. The metallic clap of the shell silenced the creature. Its head swung away with the impact, an explosion of blood and scale erupted from the side of its head, but the skull beneath held. It reached for Cass with its large talons but she ducked the swipe and buried her hunting knife in between the scales of its neck.

She held its great head in her arms, looking into its bewildered eyes as it died.

She dropped her gun and walked straight at Kim. She pushed the heavy launcher out of Kim's hands and shoved her against the side of the cave. Kim slid down the rocky wall and Cass straddled her. They locked lips and Cass began unzipping the front of Kim's vault 22 jumpsuit.

"Why do you insist on wearing these stupid things?" Cass asked as she flopped Kim's tits free of the constraining fabric. She grabbed a handful of Kim's breast with one hand and shoved the other down her own pants, closing her eyes as she rubbed her clit.

Kim giggled and freed Cass's tits from the struggling buttons of her shirt. "They accentuate my curves, and stretch to accommodate. Nothing fits like a vault jumpsuit. Now, you just gonna jack off holding my tit, or do I get to-'' she stopped, "somethings coming!" Cass leaned over her and activated the Stealth Boy, engulfing them both in perfect camouflage.

Kim's grenade launcher sat in the center of the cave, its light illuminating the entrance to the cavern. The girls watched as the hulking form of a deathclaw lumbered into the light, two giant cocks swaying between its legs, the slumped meat was stacked atop one another. Then a second, bigger deathclaw pushed past the first, sniffing and grunting.

The males were smaller than the female, only about two feet taller than the two girls, but they continued until four male deathclaw were visible. Kim knew they stood no chance of surviving a fight with this many, two maybe, but four? "We stay quiet, we might survive," she whispered to Cass.

"We have to do something," Cass said, "those deathclaw are here to mate, when they find the matriarch dead, they aren't gonna be happy. Sloan isn't half a mile from here. They take their energy that way and they'll wipe it off the map."

"We can't fight this many, you know that." Kim said matter of factly.

"Who said anything about fighting?"

Kim thought she heard a smile in Cass's voice and she stared at her in the darkness. "You can't mean to…"

"Said you wanted to see a deathclaw cock."

"They will tear us to pieces, Cass."

"Deathclaw males are as dumb as dumb gets, hun. They're just like anything else with a swingin cock, one hole's good as another. You can’t tell me you aren’t curious." Then she nodded to herself. Kim had seen that nod, it meant she'd made up her mind.

Kim looked past Cass and her eyes focused on the flopping, half-sheathed cocks of the males. She had to admit, they were everything she had hoped for. But she wondered if they would even fit. She sighed in resignation, she had entered this cave ready to die for the people of Sloan, at least this way there was a chance.

Cass smiled and removed her hat, setting it next to them. "Follow my lead."

It took Kim a second to accept what they were actually about to attempt. She had heard rumors of deathclaw males raping women and leaving them alive but she always assumed them to be urban legends. Cass began pushing her jeans down her slender hips. "This is so stupid," Kim said, and began pulling her arms free of the jumpsuit.

Cass stood, kicking the jeans off her foot and unbuttoning the last button of her shirt. She walked into the middle of the room and dropped to her hands and knees. The group of deathclaw hunched in the light of the flashlight, not sure what to make of the display. Most of them paced back and forth like nervous dogs but the biggest one stood upright and stared at the holes presented.

Kim stood and peeled her jumpsuit over the soft peachy cheeks of her ass before walking over to Cass. She glanced back at the pack of scaled killing machines and her eyes flicked to her weapon. This went against every survival instinct that had kept her alive in the Mojave, but she trusted Cass. The caravanner had an uncanny knack for understanding the creatures of the wasteland, and it had saved their lives more than once. Cass grabbed her hand and pulled her down to her knees.

“You have to present,” Cass said, wiggling her raised hips.

Kim sighed again and dropped to her hands and knees, arching her back. Of all the asinine things the duo had tried to pull over the last year, this one took the sweetroll.

There was another beat of silence before the deathclaw roared and sounds of combat erupted. Kim almost made a move for her grenade launcher but Cass grabbed her arm. “They're determining an order,” she whispered excitedly, and leaned over to kiss Kim on the lips. She didn’t even have time to kiss her back before Cass was lifted off the ground by two large black claws.

Kim watched Cass's bare foot dangle in the light. Then she froze. She heard wet sniffing and the rough snout of a deathclaw pushed against her exposed sex and ass. Her arms trembled, and the reality of her situation fell atop her like a pile of bricks. She was naked, weaponless, with her back turned to the most dangerous predator in the Mojave. She dropped to her elbows, squeezing her eyes shut and holding her face in her hands, muttering a desperate prayer.

The dragging of wet, silk-smooth flesh against her clit caused her cheeks to burn in sudden embarrassment and arousal. The effect was immediate, her mouth watered, her skin prickled, and she gasped as the beast's tongue slithered between the plump lips of her soft, puffy cunt. Her own voice was loud and deep in her ears, “oooh shit,” she moaned. The serpentine member thoroughly explored her upraised pussy and she tilted her hips, arching her back and lowering her face and shoulder to the ground.

Her cheeks burned hot. Her worry withered and a sultry arousal began to bloom as the curious tongue left dripping trails of warm slime across her wide cheeks and asshole. She could tell as it slipped between her labia that it was bigger than any cock she’d ever had and her dripping sex began to ache for it. She didn’t have to wait long. It continued its full investigation of her doughy posterior, then plunged into the slit between her thick thighs. Her lips parted, then stretched, then desperately resisted the surprising girth of the huge tongue.

“Oh fuck yes,” she groaned. The naturally lubricated muscle slid into her with no resistance, stretching her as the tapered tip pushed deeper. Her mouth opened in a silent moan as she arched her back further, stretching her arms in front of her. Her nipples hardened as her heavy tits flattened against the cold floor of the cave. She arched the muscles of her back and hips until her asshole pointed at the ceiling.

The sound of sopping meat echoed through the cave as the drooling tentacle began scooping out her fluids with loud puckered sucking. She could feel it writhe and flex as it lapped her milky gruel from the inside. It was such a basic act, an animal trying to get something tasty with its tongue from a hard to reach place. Kim couldn’t help but appreciate being the source of its animalistic fascination, the thought began to awaken something in her, something primal.

Its lower lip and teeth gently brushed her clit as it pushed into her depths and her eyelids drooped. She panted with every flick and rub of her clit, "fuck… fuck… fuck… yes… oh god…" her cunt squeezed, but the tongue muscled through, deeper. Her heart thumped against the floor of the cave. "Wait… oh… fuck… ooh…" her moaning words began to whine as her throat tightened and her jaw clenched.

"Uuhhhn…" she hissed through her teeth as the tension finally released. Her legs shook and her ass cheeks jiggled as they clenched and released with the pulsing rhythm of her orgasm. She curled her toes and the shaking climax sent quakes of ecstacy up her spine, "uuhng," she squeaked and her jaw finally relaxed.

Quiet, high pitched breaths left her as the incessant plunging continued and she rocked slightly with its rhythm. Her oversensitive clit continued to be slapped and rubbed but she laid with her eyes half open, trying to catch her breath. She shivered with an aftershock and another orgasm began to build. "No…" she protested, "wait…"

Cass grunted, trying to struggle against the strong grip of the largest male. He held her by the waist in one hand and stared at her naked body. His obsidian clawed hand pulled at her skin and squeezed her organs. She grabbed one of his horns to try to ease the pinching pain. He snorted as her weight tugged his horn and her caravanner instincts kicked in, "easy… easy." She looked him in the eye like he was a fussy brahmin then laughed to herself at the absurdity, but held his gaze.

To her surprise, the wildness in his beady eyes seemed to calm. She hesitated, then grabbed his other horn and his grip loosened slightly. "That's better. Okay big guy, let's just take it slow…" She could feel his fully erect cocks on either side of her, one sliding against the crack of her athletic ass cheeks, the other dragging across her clit. She swallowed the pleasure and tried to get more comfortable, raising herself slightly with one arm as she spit a glob of saliva into her hand and moved to wetten her hole.

She pushed the cock aside but stopped, she couldn’t help but run her wet palm along the shaft. She wrapped her hand full of spit around most of its girth and marveled. “Woah,” she whispered. The pink flesh was smooth but impossibly hard, like a thin layer of delicate skin had been stretched over a phallic rock. She couldn't help but stroke it, she had never felt a cock so big, so strong, her pussy gushed and the need for moistening her lips was no more. She spread the spit across the entire surface, rubbing and stroking, mesmerized but its beauty until the deathclaw growled its impatience.

"Okay…" she said, snapping out of her fascination, "here we go." She pulled herself up with her new handles and his cocks pointed straight up between her dangling legs. She lowered herself and the horse-like cock pushed between her outer lips. It felt like she was trying to stuff an orange into her cunt, she could feel her lips being dragged inside her as it tried to loosen her entrance. “Wait… wait…” The deathclaw began pulling her down slowly. “Aaah,” she gasped in a vibrating exhale.

The cockhead was so hard and the deathclaw so strong, her inner walls had no choice but to expand over the swollen bulb of his glans. Her dangling legs raised and lowered as she bent her knees. Her mouth silently opened and closed. Her eyes bulged and rolled back, her biceps flexed as she tried to pull herself up, away from the protrusive penis. Then her legs went limp as the inner walls of her opening slowly slid over the prodigious bulb of his cockhead. It nestled into her depths and she felt pleasantly full.

The beast grunted in what she imagined was deathclaw pleasure and she laughed a quick worried puff of air between sharp breaths. "Yeah? Like that human cunt?" He pulled her down further and the smooth shaft easily slid into the soft folds of her. She felt a sudden strange sensation and looked to her stomach to see the bulging outline of his cock. “Holy shit,” she breathed, and put a hand on her stomach, feeling it grow and distend.

He growled and thrust his hips in frustration. His eyes narrowed and he pulled her back up the length of his cock. She felt the cockhead threaten to stretch her opening again and a cold sweat glistened on her skin, “wait… what’s wrong?” She put a hand gently on his snout and he stopped pulling. He thrust his hips and his lower shaft loudly slapped against the crack of her ass. She laughed nervously as she understood what he wanted. "No, I don't think I can-'' his chest rumbled an ominous growl. "Fuck.” She took a deep breath and spit another glob of slobber into her fingers, this time slapping it onto her asshole before grabbing the flailing cockhead behind her.

Kim was slowly rocking her ass back and forth in a daze, she had accepted that she was to be a treat for this deathclaw. Her clit was swollen and angry at the constant rubbing and a third painful ogasm threatened to rattle her. “Wait...” she begged for the hundredth time. Her eyes rolled into her head and she stopped rocking as the familiar jerks of pleasure shook her body. Each orgasm seemed to strip away another layer of her resistance to the growing primal hunger that slowly boiled within her. “I can’t…” she scooped her hips and the tongue finally pulled free of her sopping cunt. The deathclaw growled and grabbed her hips, forcing her ass cheeks open.

Kim reached between her legs and clapped her hand over her gaping cunt. She gasped at how much slimy saliva dripped from her open hole and down her thighs. The tongue prodded again but she pressed her fingers together hard, cupping her pussy. The tongue pried into the only hole available and Kim’s hand relaxed. The wet tip wormed its way into her asshole and the deathclaw’s hot breath painted her broad cheeks in a sticky mist. It surged into her bowels and she gasped in surprise.

She had tried anal once with Cass, they had stopped at a farm for the night and learned the farmer’s wife had passed a year prior. They decided to give him the night of his life and his cock was small enough for Cass to convince her. Even his small cock had required some fingering and a ton of lube before he could fuck her. This tongue was three times thicker than the lone farmer, and many times longer.

The sudden stretching of her rim caused her to clench her hand, shoving her two middle fingers into her soppy cunt. “Gah!” she cried and fingered her pussy, focusing on the sensation of her fingers as the giant tongue stretched the pink sock of her rectum. Her voice rumbled in her head as she hummed through the pain. She pulled her fingers from her sticky lips and ran furious circles around her slimy clit.

She came instantly and as the soft lips of her mouth parted, her hum turned to a sharp note that rang out through the cave. She wailed in pain and pleasure as her asshole relented to the plunging tongue. She continued to rub at her quivering folds as her eyes rolled up in her head. She drooled stupidly as her body began to rock again with the thrusting of the hungry tongue.

Cass took a deep breath and closed her eyes before aiming the pink tip at her puckered asshole. He pulled her down again and she tilted her hips as if trying to sit on his cock. She hissed quick breathes through her nose as she felt her rim begin to stretch. He pulled her down and the cock slipped off her hole and flopped behind her. He growled and this time Cass's eyes narrowed.

"Hold on you dumb lizard," she put her wet hand on his snout and ran it up the bridge of his face. "Let me do it," she said gently and grabbed his cock again. It reminded her of the baseball bat she kept in her wagon and wondered if something that big would ever fit in her ass.

She pressed the tip to her hole again and pushed down on the cock. Her rim began to give way to the flared tip but it was much too big to enter her inner sanctum. She took three deep breaths and looked into the golden eyes of the deathclaw, then released her grip on his horns, letting the weight of her body and the strength of the deathclaw force the cock into her tight asshole.

She grimaced and screamed through tight lips, gripping the muscled biceps of the deathclaw as her asshole was forcefully stretched to fit. She changed her mind, grabbing the horns again in a desperate attempt to pull herself up, but it was too late. Her eyes rolled with the pain as more and more of his rod slid past her broken hole. Her arms drooped but she loosely held the obsidian horns.

The sensation of her holes stretched around two cocks at the same time made her dizzy. She rested her forehead against his chest and her steadying breaths began to sound more and more like quiet moans.

She never would have imagined two cocks in her would feel so good, even through the pain of her sphincter there was an undeniable satisfaction of feeling stuffed full. She looked up into his amber eyes. She felt proud to be chosen by the biggest deathclaw, the alpha.

She knew she was his property, and the thought caused the squelching of her wet pussy to grow louder as her lips gushed with more of her slimy lubricant. Trails of it ran down her thighs and dripped off her trembling toes as her breathing increased. "I'm gonna…" she breathed.

The deathclaw tightened his grip and fucked her harder, using her body like sex toy. Her moans echoed through the cave as the thick shafts surged through her fleshy holes. Her toes clenched and she squeezed the horns above her head as she flailed her hips, roughly riding the cocks. She clenched her body and a sudden flood of pleasure swept her away.

Her body went limp, she dropped her hands to her sides and his cockheads forged a path through her virgin depths. Cass hugged the deathclaw's square head and pressed her lips against his snout, kissing her new scaled God as he fucked her like only an animal could.

Her toes twitched at the ends of her useless legs and she moaned a low, bestial groan as the deathclaw's front cock pressed firmly against her cervix. She opened her mouth to moan and the deathclaw shoved his tongue between her sighing lips. She accepted it with a quiet, surprised gag, then began to suck.

The thick muscle bulged her cheeks as it filled her mouth and pushed a thick gob of slobber down her gulping throat. Her jaw stretched and she fought against the intruder briefly before it forced its way down her throat. Her head was thrown back by the assault and her back arched as all her holes were stuffed full.

She rolled her hips atop the cocks, alternating their penetration as she sucked the slobber from his long tongue. Her throat vibrated with her low moans as he fucked it with the thick tentacle and she felt her orgasm resurge.

She surrendered her body, her arms and legs bounced uselessly and her muffled moans grew as her holes tightened around the pumping cocks.

She felt another hard knock on the door of her womb and a bolt of pain jolted through the muscles hugging the long shaft planted in her. Again it hammered, and she focused on sucking the tongue that plunged and pulled, licking the inside of her cheeks and throat. By the fifth insistent ramming of her cervix she was grunting in masochistic pleasure.

From beneath her she heard the pitiful protests of Kim and she knew the sound too well. It meant she was being forced into another orgasm. She herself loved torturing the curvy brunette with overstimulation. The moans also set her at ease, her plan might actually work. She was pulled from her thoughts by a low growl, this one menacing and dangerous.

The beast pulled his sinuous tongue from her and his growl grew to a threatening snarl. Cass gasped for breath, thick saliva dripping down her chin and chest. She turned her head to see another deathclaw on all fours sniffing her impaled crotch and ass. He stood to his full height, pushing up behind her and the huge hand squeezed her torso tighter. She grabbed his horns again and put her face against his, their eyes level. “Hey…” she said gently, “Don’t worry about him…” she pushed his hand down her waist and the growling deathclaw cupped her ass with one rough hand, then the other.

She raised herself up slightly, and then dropped herself down hard, slamming his burrowing cocks deeper, trying to get him back in his previous rhythm. His growl subsided and he closed his eyes. The thrill of taming the giant killing machine made her skin prickle but she had to admit, the hot breath on the back of her neck made her more than a little nervous.

Kim had lost count of her bone-bending orgasms. She was a slumped jibbering mess beneath the unending torment of the deathclaw’s relentless tongue fucking.

She felt the heavy footsteps of a deathclaw in front of her and looked up to see the glowing eyes of another hulking brute. Two clawed hands grabbed her torso, and the tongue finally pulled free of her sopping cunt with a loud sucking squelch. The tongue-fucker grabbed her hips and she was pulled into the air between the two standing deathclaw, her arms and legs hanging. The beast behind her pushed his cocks into her drool-dripping holes.

"Oh fuck. Oh my God," she whimpered, and her eyes went wide. Then she was cumming, her holes resisted, the soft walls of her cunt and ass flexed against the giant rods but the monsters tunneled deeper, one settling into her bowels, the other resting gently against her womb. She thrashed in their strong claws, her hanging tits were the only thing to grab onto so she squeezed her small hands into them as she squealed in surprised ecstacy.

The deathclaw in front of her raised her level with his flopping horse cocks. Her breaths gyrated with her orgasm and she tried to focus on the semi flaccid cocks. The large slabs of meat slapped at her lips and she grabbed one with her hands, steadying herself as the pair held her aloft. She looked down at the throbbing pink rod and sighed in exhausted pleasure. The deathclaw behind her had begun pumping into her and the dual sensations were causing her eyes to cross and unfocus as her body began to fatigue.

She worked her lips around the lower flared tip and the deathclaw thrusted along her tongue. The rough motion caused his upper cock to slap her face and she took hold of it in both hands as the other surged past her tongue. She arched her back and looked up at the giant pink pillar in her hands, stroking it along her face, taking in the sight of it with slightly crossed eyes. She smelled the musk of the cocks as she stroked one and sucked the other. All civilized thoughts had left her head and the odor wafting from the deathclaw’s swaying balls was intoxicating.

Kim had always thought of herself as a bigger woman, with thick thighs, wide hips, and large breasts, but impaled between the two hulking deathclaw made her feel smaller than a child, lighter than a feather. She reveled in the weightlessness, squeezing the cock in her hands, running her palms down its thick shaft as she sucked and fucked.

The deathclaw skull fucking her adjusted his grip and grabbed her by the head, trying to shove his cock further down her throat. The deathclaw behind her sank his claws into her ass and her heavy hanging tits began to sway and slap with the rhythm of being pulled back and forth.

She closed her eyes and let the deathclaw pummel her insides as she moaned helplessly on their cocks. She had been with two men once before but this was different. The deathclaw weren’t considerate or careful. They thrust into her like the wild animals that they were, thin lines of blood dripped from where the claws had pierced her ass cheeks and her throat was being forced open by the unstoppable horse sized cock without remorse or hesitation.

Something about the savage animalistic fucking ignighted a primal thirst in Kim. With her final thread of decency severed, she began adding her own bestial grunts to the chamber already echoing with slaps, slurps and moans from her best friend and lover.

Cass mindlessly stroked the snout of the deathclaw who was still trying to enter her womb. She knew she needed to keep him calm while the new deathclaw approached behind her. Her current mate didn't seem like he was even close to being done with her but the wet breathing on her neck was starting to become more persistent.

Scaled muscles pushed against her back and she felt the curious probing of hard fleshy bulbs against her ass cheeks. The first deathclaw began his low rumbling growl again and Cass began to worry. She knew the creatures would tear her in half if they had to. She looked up over her shoulder to see the gleam of teeth as the newcomer began his own hissing snarl.

"It's okay…" she said, but she knew it was not okay. She could feel the hands tightening on her ass cheeks like a dog protecting its bone.

She reached behind her in desperation, sliding her arm down between the rocky stomach and her back. She grabbed the engorged lower glans of the deathclaw and lined it up with the edge of her already full pussy.

Any other cock wouldn't have the strength to pry her tight lips from around its current meal, but a deathclaw cock had to push through the armored muscle of an unwilling matriarch, Cass's tender labia never stood a chance. Her body dripped with sweat, her weakened cervix began to cave in just as the new deathclaw forced himself into the impossibly tight channel. She dug her fingers into the sides of the larger cock as it fought to stretch her hole open enough to fill her.

A violent shudder coursed through her body as the sphincter of her womb relented. Her body went slack like a puppet with its strings suddenly cut.

The great cockhead popped through her cervix in a sudden release of pressure. Cass screamed and bucked wildly between the two deathclaw as a sudden orgasm struck like lightning. “No no no…” she moaned, she couldn’t orgasm now. Her cunt tightened around the new cock just as it sheathed itself next to the first, doubling the pain and tripling the pleasure. It felt like she had been lit on fire, her skin flushed molten hot and she leaned into the deathclaw. Pleasure blazed through her body and she made a noise she had never made, a low vibrating growl like a cat in heat escaped her throat as the cock behind her shoved deeper still. She leaned back against the new deathclaw, arching her back and squeezing her nipples. She whimpered as the mouth of her womb stretched further and her body continued to shake in violent pleasure, her legs swayed as the impaling cocks pushed deeper still.

She tried not to think about the iron rod of a cock running up and down the crack of her ass.

Kim sucked in a breath through her nose as her airway cleared of the giant cockhead before it continued stretching her throat around its massive girth. Her tits swayed and lightly slapped together as the pair fucked her. The air was thick with the smell of sex and sweat, punctuated only by the occasional moan of ecstasy from Cass. Kim allowed herself to fall into the motion, sucking and fucking and stroking with abandon.

She rocked her hips hard against the deathclaw with every thrust and opened her throat as the beasts began roughly rocking her body back and forth. There was no gentleness, no tenderness, just raw animal lust, and she couldn't help but fall into the vicious rhythm. Her whole body trembled with the force of the pounding cocks as they filled her and stretched her to new limits.

The two deathclaw held her tightly between them as they thrust into her repeatedly, each time pushing another inch deeper. Her pussy clamped down on the invading shaft and she moaned as it began to pulse and bulge. She knew what was coming. She grabbed the thick shaft in her mouth with one hand and spread the dripping wet slobber across the pink muscle, she wanted them to fill her at the same time.

She desperately stroked both cocks, slapping one across her face with each pump. She felt the hot fluid begin to fill her ass and pussy and the cock lodged in her throat began to throb in her hand. She moaned as the deathclaw pushed together, folding her slightly. Then they began filling her. Her eyes rolled into her head as she gripped the pulsing meat that pumped her stomach full, she heard the wet splats of cum on stone as her pussy overflowed with the seed of the beast behind her. Hot streams of fluid began surging through her colon. The cock in her ass sealing her tight.

Cass heard the wet dripping as if it were far away. She was in another realm of ecstacy, intoxicated on her own pain and pleasure as she felt the two deathclaw fucking her pick up their rhythm. Her pussy squelched loudly as the cocks fought for control. She mumbled something unintelligible, not even sure what she was saying, then mumbled again louder this time, before looking up at the deathclaw. Her face was flushed and her eyebrows bowed as she desperately begged, “fuck me harder!”

The beast couldn't understand her but her eyes conveyed a message that transcended language and he tightened his grip on her thighs. Her back arched further as the huge cocks in her slammed home again and again, she felt the bulging of her stomach and she put her hands on her distended abdomen, feeling the thick cocks writhe in her like a belly full of large snakes. She breathed hard through smiling lips as she watched her body stretch around the cocks. The brutes fucked her like a whore in a back alley, the brutish thrusts were so strong it felt like they would rip her apart.

She closed her eyes and leaned against the deathclaw behind her as the two beasts pounded into her tender holes. Without thinking, she grabbed the cock sliding against her ass and aimed it at her asshole, tilting her hips until it pushed against the sealed entrance. It didn’t make sense, but she was possessed by something stronger than lust. She wanted more. She released the cock as her asshole slowly engulfed the head and she wailed in pleasure, pinching her slippery nipples as another orgasm rumbled through her like rolling thunder.

She grabbed her breasts and moaned louder with every bouncing thrust of the laboring monsters. She felt a hot swell from within. The glans trapped in her womb shoved one final thrust and the front deathclaw held her still while the thrusting assault from the other continued. She groaned as molten seed began filling her womb and ass. The cocks flexed inside her, stretching her cervix with every heavy load dumped deep inside her. "Oh fuuck..." she moaned and began to worry as the athletic lines of her stomach slowly disappeared, then the thick phallic outlines also disappeared. "Wait... that's... too much!" More cum pumped into her and her eyes widened. She remembered how big the matriarch had been, and her worry doubled.

Kim was having a similar revelation as her stomach began to sag. The cock buried in her gulping throat was still pulsing torrents of fresh seed. She squeezed the shaft and tried to pull her head free of the spraying cock but the hand on her head was too strong and pushed the cock even deeper. The muscles in her throat stretched painfully and another load of cum bulged down her esophagus. She pounded a weak fist against the deathclaw as she began running out of oxygen and another surge of cum stretched her belly.

The splattering of cum beneath her continued and she could feel her stomach being pumped from both sides. The cock twitched and more globs of thick slime filled her before her body convulsed and she shoved against the stupid animal. She thought she would die with a cock in her throat but just as the darkness threatened to claim her, the knotted head of the cock dragged back up her throat.

Her full belly hung pregnant and plump and she cupped it with one hand as it continued to be filled from her ass. Long glowing strands of irradiated deathclaw cum dripped from her tongue and chin as she gasped for breath. Then she felt a warm wet spurt against her forehead as the other cock bulged and flexed. “No…” she said as the deathclaw grabbed her head and forced his second cock down her throat.

The cocks in her ass and pussy finally flopped free of her with wet bubbling squirts of thick foamy cum and her knees hit the ground hard as the deathclaw dropped her. The other held her head in both hands, roughly fucking her throat as more cum pumped into her growing belly. She accepted her fate, gulping and drinking deeply from the enormous cockhead that pulsed load after thick load of milky cum. Her stomach bulged well past the bust of her chest and sagged down onto her thighs before he finally pulled free of her sucking mouth.

She leaned forward, gasping desperately through her slime coated lips. More glowing globs of seed clung to her teeth and lips and her body wretched, puking up a mouthful of the glowing gloop. She looked down and her stomach was round and full. Then her eyes widened in horror as she looked up to see Cass, nested between the two biggest deathclaw.

The normally fit woman hung between the two beasts, her feet dangled and her belly had swollen to fill the space between her and the brute in front of her. Her labored breathing sounded like a panting dog as the deathclaw continued filling their new breeder. Both of her holes had two cocks pumping and pulsing and her stomach was almost twice the size of Kim’s. An irregular flow of cum squirted out of her holes as the cocks alternated their thrusting.

Kim watched the gurgling holes with morbid fascination. Then, as if possessed, she crawled underneath her friend, letting the streams of warm cum rain down onto her face as she opened her mouth, catching what she could and drinking with an unexplainable thirst. She sucked the dripping slime from Cass’s toes and rubbed the errand cum across her chest and belly as it continued to flow in a thick shower of slimy ooze. When the deathclaw behind her finally pulled out of her, a torrent of iridescent slime covered Kim’s forehead, hair, and face.

Cass looked down at her ruined body in detached dismay. Her stomach extended well past her breasts now, she felt fat and swollen but the cum wouldn’t stop filling her. She burped and the taste made her gag and heave. A sticky mess of glowing white sludge boiled over her lower lip and dripped down onto her breasts and pregnant belly. The thick cum coated her tongue and she gagged again, this time burping up more than a mouthful. It flowed over her chin and painted her torso as the deathclaw behind her retreated from her womb and bowels. The alpha continued, shoving his tongue down her throat as if to plug his seed from spilling out of his breeder. She accepted his tongue with quiet moans, foaming and bubbling the cum around the thick tongue.

When the deathclaw was done, he dropped her. She landed on something wet and soft. When Cass opened her eyes she saw Kim holding her head against her own pregnant stomach. She smiled and weakly wretched again. Kim leaned down and kissed her, sucking the sticky sludge from her lips and tongue.

Cass returned the loving gesture, kissing Kim’s puffy lips. The flashlight flickered and extinguished as the deathclaw left the cave in search of their next matriarch, leaving the girls in darkness as they kissed. Their swollen bellies glowed through their distended skin and the candescent puddles of cum lit the cavern, revealing the transformation of their bodies.

Kim looked nine months pregnant but her belly seemed to fit the rest of her rotund body. Cass though, had an even larger stomach on a thinner frame, it pushed up against her breasts and hung around her sides as she lay against Kim. She held it lovingly, stroking her abdomen with the pride of an expecting mother.

“We did it Kim.”

The brunette pushed a strand of red hair out of Cass’s face. She was having trouble finding words after the ordeal, her mind was still tuned to being a cum hungry broodmare. “Yeah…” she said and stroked the side of her own belly. She knew what Cass was thinking without even asking. How were they supposed to go back to the life they had before this? She knew they would both forever crave this feeling. Human men couldn’t stretch their holes, they couldn’t fuck them like savage beasts, and they certainly couldnt pump their bellies and wombs full of virile seed.

A new purpose had been bestowed upon them, they would scour the Mojave and beyond, searching for exotic, mutated, and irradiated beasts to open them up, fuck them sensless, and fill them to the brim.