Chapter 1

"Be hearin' from me tomorrow." The door to Lucy's flat slid closed behind the cyberpunks.

Real cyberpunks. The thought hit me like a train. "So that's the type you roll with huh?" I watched the flickering monitors of her holo-screens, too pissed to face her. I'd never felt so used.

"Mm-hm" I heard her breathe in before exhaling the smoke through her nose.

"Could've given me a heads up or somethin'. Clued me in before some chrome jock threatened to tear my spine out."

"Maine agreed not to murder you. He's a lot of things but he stands by his word. Besides, not my fault you fused a sandy that wasn't yours. It's all Maine's been talkin' about, then you show up with a fresh one, some kid who can't afford his own rent? Hu-uh not a coincidence."

My shoulders sagged with a defeated breath. "So you just lied then? Played pretty while cyberpunks came to collect?"

"You're alive aren't you?" Her voice took a hard edge. "What's there to cry about?"

I turned on her, my own voice raising slightly. "You think I care about that? My mother's gone. He can have the chrome and my spine with it." Tears welled but I wiped them before they could fall. "I've got nothin'. I thought I'd met a friend but you're just… just like everyone else." I took a step toward her door but she grabbed my hand with her slender fingers, turning me.

Her face was inches from my own, framed with platinum hair that reflected the light of the holo-screens. Her rainbow eyes glowed behind a thin trail of smoke from her cherried cig. She let it fall from her small round lips and stamped without looking.

"Such a baby," she said, wiping the wetness from my cheek. She pulled me closer and I felt her lithe body against my own. "I suppose I owe you one," she whispered into my ear.

She pushed against my chest, rubbing her hands across my torso as she guided me backward across her small apartment. My legs bumped the edge of a chair and I fell back into it.

She leaned over me and teased my lips with her own, gently brushing them before pulling away and kneeling in front of me. My heart raced. I had never been with a woman, I wasn't even sure women and men still had sex outside of BDs.

The button on my pants snapped open and she pulled them down to my thighs. I blushed as my cock bounced free and she giggled, her normally hard eyes turning playful.

She traced a gentle line around the crown of my cock-head and it danced at her touch. She leaned forward, her multicolored eyes locked with mine as she flicked the tip of my cock with her pink tongue.

It was warm and wet and then cool as the air dried it. She reached out her tongue again and encircled the ridge of my crown with it. A shudder of pleasure bolted down my cock from tip to taint and I breathed a shuddering moan.

She laughed and planted her tongue at the base of my shaft before slowly running it up its length. She then engulfed half my cock with her mouth, making a wet 'mmph' sound.

She rocked her head in short rhythmic nods and the wet slurping squelches of her soft lips and tongue sent my brain spinning. I opened my mouth dumbly but stared into her mesmerizing eyes as she loudly sucked my cock-head.

She closed her eyes slowly then opened them again, flapping her eyelashes in slow motion as she sucked and slobbered, slurped and drooled. I was swimming, lost in a sea of pleasure until she moaned. The sweet sound of her soft voice vibrating through my cock and the thought of her enjoying my cock sent me tumbling over the edge.

I gripped the arms of the chair and her eyes smiled knowingly. I tried to fight the building pressure in my balls and taint but my cock began to throb and flex. I wanted her to suck my cock forever but I couldn't take the warm wet sucking and slurping of her round lips and smooth tongue.

I held my breath and she continued her rhythmic bobbing. I watched her platinum hair bounce as I exhaled and a flood of warmth spurted from my twitching cock. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue up my shaft before pressing the wet warmth against the underside of my twitching cock.

Dripping white cum ran down her tongue and chin before another spurt sprayed straight up and landed on her nose and upper lip. She flinched slightly as another geyser of cum painted across her face then giggled.

Her tongue writhed against the underside of my oversensitive cock-head and another glob bubbled out of me. She lapped it up and swallowed it before smiling at me. Her face was a mess of sticky cum but she didn't move to wipe it.

"I'd say we're square choom, wouldn't you?" A strand of sticky white fluid slowly dripped from her chin to my softening cock. She waited for a response but I was in shock. "Whatyda say? Still friends?"

I blinked then nodded with a weak laugh. I watched in awe as she scooped the cum from her cheeks and chin and slurped every last drop from her fingers. Then she lifted my floppy cock and licked it clean before giving it a quick, smooching kiss.

She stood and walked to her front door, it slid open with a quiet hiss. I pulled up my pants and walked on shaky legs into the hall outside. "Try not to flatline before I see you again," she said with her usual seriousness, then kissed me quickly on the cheek.

I smiled and walked into the night.